The Easy Guide For How To Stream Nintendo Switch

    Streaming your most favorite game online is a special feature to share your experience while playing the game with your friends and family. Unlike the models like PS4 or Xbox One, Stream Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with a dedicated option for the streaming of games. Therefore, you have to know about the process of how to stream Nintendo switch.

    With the process of Streaming Nintendo Switch, your Mario kart or Zelda gameplay is mostly restricted to your console or your TV. However, there’s an answer for every problem or question on the internet. By the use of a video or game capture card device, you can easily stream your favorite game on Facebook, Twitch, and of course, YouTube. So, for this special experience, first of all, you have to know about how to stream Nintendo switch.

    About Nintendo switch

    how to stream nintendo switch

    Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed in March 2017 by Nintendo in many parts of the world. The console is a tablet, which you can use as a home console or as a portable device. Today we will discuss the steps of how to stream Nintendo switch:

    Things you need to know and have before starting the process

    • Nintendo Switch: First of all, you need the gaming console to get started with the process of how to stream Nintendo switch.
    • Computer: This is the main brain of all the processes. A PC or a Laptop will be needed.
    • Microphone: If you want to speak while streaming, you should have a Microphone.
    • Headset: For a flawless sound experience, it’s a must.
    • Webcam: For the live reaction, you need this.
    • Capture Card: This device helps you to stream console videos on the internet.
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    You will need a capture card

    The main investment you have to do is on the Capture card, excluding the computer. The best options for the capture card can be Razer Ripsaw HD and Elagoto Game Capture HD60 S.

    All models of the capture card have a specific streaming functionality, video quality, and of course, software compatibility. At the end of the day, the streaming process of how to stream Nintendo switch is pretty much the same.

    Here’s an overview of the steps to start the process of how to stream Nintendo switch


    First of all, you have to dock your Switch console to the charging area.

    1. Next, you should connect the HDMI cable with the Capture Card Input HDMI Cable.
    2. After that, connect the Nintendo Switch dock HDMI cable to the Laptop or PC HDMI port.
    3. Next step is that you have to download the relevant software that comes with the capture card.
    4. Lastly, your computer will connect both devices automatically.

    Additional Information on how to stream Nintendo switch

    Though you can be able to directly stream from your capture card integrated software, we’re using here third-party software. For this process, you have to download OBS on your computer. It is free streaming software preferred by a large number of streamers around the world.

    • Install the software on your computer
    • After that, open the Program and under the Source section, then just right-click and select ‘Add Video Capture Device’
    • Next, you have to select ‘Create New’ and enter the name of your device
    • Under the ‘Device’ drop-down menu, you have to select the name of the capture device
    • After that, scroll down and Select ‘Resolution/FPS Type‘ to Custom
    • Choose Resolution: 1920×1080 and FPS: 60
    • Lastly, just click OK
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    Now you can see the device on the screen. Start and adjust the frame on the Canvas. Here, you can also add a watermark or other texts in the following window.

    These are near about all the steps that are required for the process of how to stream Nintendo switch. Now you just have to select the Platform and click the button showing ‘Start Stream’. For this, you will get only the three most popular platforms out there.

    • Facebook
    • Twitch and
    • YouTube


    1. The process of how to stream Nintendo Switch on Facebook:


    • Firstly, go to and Log in/ Sign up with your account
    • Then go to your Channel / Page > Publication tools>Videos, and after that choose Live Streaming
    • In the Live Stream Setup tab, just copy the Stream Key
    • Next, go back to the OBS program
    • Click on the File > Settings > Streaming and just select Facebook Live and the service tab
    • Now choose the Default Server
    • Lastly, Paste the Stream Key in the box and select OK

    2. The method of how to stream Nintendo Switch on Twitch:

    • First, you need to go to and sign up or log in to your account
    • Next, just click on your name on the top right corner and then select Dashboard
    • After that, you have to switch to the Settings tab and press the button displaying ‘ShowKey‘(This key is private).
    • Now go back to the OBS program
    • Next, click on the option, File > Settings > Streaming and select Twitch in the service tab
    • Now chose the Server which is closest to your home
    • You can do a search on the internet about which Twitch server is closest to you
    • At last, paste the Stream Key in the box and select OK.

    A preview will show on your Stream channel, where you can check about the things like how your stream looks. If you want to customize some extra settings, do it from there.

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    3. The steps for how to stream Nintendo Switch on YouTube:




    • For the first step, you have to go to and Log in/ Sign up with your account
    • Next, you need to create a Channel, Then go to Dashboard, and on the left panel, choose the option ‘Live Streaming’
    • Fill in the information like Basic Info, Stream Options, Monetization, and of course Cards, if any.
    • After that, add the Title and Description, the Privacy settings and the Category
    • In the Encoder Setup, you just have to click Reveal to showcase your Stream-name/key
    • Next, you need to go back to the OBS program
    • Click the option showing File > Settings > Streaming and then select YouTube / YouTube Gaming in the service tab
    • Now select Primary Youtube Input Server
    • Lastly, Paste the Stream Key in the box and select OK. (If Youtube does not allow previewing the streaming, you have to put the video to check its look.


    How to Stream on Nintendo Switch if you don’t have the Capture Card

    Nintendo Switch doesn’t come with an in-built option for Streaming video. Unless you use a Capture card, there’s no other way by which you can stream the videos. However, you can record your screen while playing the game. In this case, you have to just angle your camera on the screen and start the process of streaming.


    About Nintendo partner program

    Unlike other consoles, which allow you to stream on a different platform, Nintendo seems to be more private for its games. Especially for Zelda, a lot of players complain that their videos were taken down by Nintendo.

    So to remain on the safe side, you can sign up for the Nintendo Partner Program, as this allows you to share the revenue you make with Nintendo through those streaming.


    The bottom line

    This is the process of how to stream Nintendo switch. Now you can easily stream your game on your favorite streaming platform. You can also follow the same process to stream on other platforms like PS4 and Xbox One.


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