How to Clean Vinyl Records: 5 Important Questions Answered

    All You Need to Know about How to Clean Vinyl Records

    how to clean vinyl records
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    Despite the online music streaming apps, vinyl records still steam the show. Listening to the music through vinyl records is what music lovers are passionate about most. From the old ’90s to the modern Jazz’s- you can enjoy anything here. But, here is a factor to be concerned about.

    Dust and dirt may disturb the sound of the record. You may not get a clear sound out of it if it is not clean enough. Therefore, passionate music lovers often bumped into the internet searching for – how to clean vinyl records.

    Keeping the vinyl clean and dust-free is a vital aspect of its ownership. Buying vinyl may have been a passion for you since you grow your love for music. But, do you plan for a normal cleaning process for it? It is essential, after all, to learn how to clean vinyl records.

    Here, we will discuss it. Indeed, it will help you understand the cleaning process details. Also, we will share several methods of cleaning the records. You can choose any of them at your convenience.

    how to clean vinyl records
    Sound Matters

    So, let’s get into how to clean vinyl records without any further delay.

    How to Clean Vinyl Records: By Hand:

    What else do you need when you have two strong hands? They are more than enough to clean your vinyl records if you use them properly. Let’s know here how to clean vinyl records manually.

    Ingredients you Need:

    • A microfiber cloth
    • carbon fiber brush
    • record cleaning arm
    • sticky roller
    • static gun
    • record cleaning solution
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    Step 1: Take a microfiber cloth and rub the record gently to remove dust and dirt.

    Step 2: Swirl the carbon fiber brush all over the record. It will deep clean the dust on it.

    Step 3: Start the record slowly and let the brush run through the grooves.

    Step 4: Next, apply a static gun and remove static from the record.

    Step 5: Finally, use a sticky roller to clean the dust, dirt, and static finally.

    All of the items mentioned above are available at regular music stores. Now, coming next to the deeper cleaning, you must prepare a cleaning solution. You can take expert help who know how to clean vinyl records efficiently.

    We use distilled water, isopropyl alcohol in a 3:1 ratio, and a few drops of home cleaning detergent solutions. Also, you can use any pre-packaged cleaning solution bought from the market.

    Once you get the right cleaning solution, it is time to apply the liquid to the records. Make sure that the records are not vulnerable to it. You can check the labels on the records for it. Also, you can consult with the vinyl records cleaning experts.

    how to clean vinyl records
    The Family Handyman

    Ok, so it was how to clean vinyl records by hand. Now, let’s move forward with the following process: how to clean it with a vacuum cleaner.

    How to Clean Vinyl Records with Vacuum Cleaner:

    As many cleaning experts say, it is the best method to clean the records since it cleans the vinyl from the core. Each part of the grooves is cleaned efficiently and quickly when applying the methods.

    The process is simple. Go to any online store and search for it. You will find many vacuum cleaners specifically recommended to clean vinyl records. Check the reviews and features mentioned on it. Buy as per your preferences. Once you get them, clean the records gently with the vacuum cleaner.

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    One of the reasons why cleaning experts recommend vacuum cleaners is that it reduces the chances of touching the record itself. You can clean it from a distance without directly touching them.

    How to Clean Vinyl Records with Record Washer:

    Well, it is more like manual washing by hand. The only difference is that the items you buy separately while manual cleaning is bought here in a package. Ranging from the microfiber cloth to the sticky roller, everything is available.

    You can insert the record into the cleaner and let it be cleaned without any effort. Make sure to rotate it occasionally to get it cleaned from every aspect. As the experts say, it is helpful to clean the too dirty vinyl records.

    how to clean vinyl records
    Colored Vinyl Records

    So, these are the three different ways to clean vinyl records. You can try any of the methods. However, whatever method you are using, make sure you do it properly. Use the right items and follow the steps as per the instruction.

    Now, as you know how to clean vinyl records, let’s learn about other aspects of it. Let’s answer a few commonly asked questions on this topic. If you have any doubt regarding how to clean vinyl records, you will surely get your answer here.

    How to Clean Vinyl Records: Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

    1. What household items can you use to clean vinyl records?

    You can use a lint-free soft cloth, mild dish wash soap, warm water, and so on. Also, you can use homemade record cleaning solutions or store-bought solutions.

    how to clean vinyl records

    2. Is it OK to clean vinyl records with alcohol?

    Well, we suggest you avoid using alcohol. It may clean the records deeply, but it may damage the coating on the records. However, if you use isopropyl alcohol solution for an extremely dirty record, use it occasionally.

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    3. Can you clean records with eyeglass cleaners?

    It may sound vague. But, yes, it is possible. You can clean it with some good quality spectacle lens cleaner.

    4. How do you get mold off a record cover?

    Take a clean toothbrush and rub the moldy surfaces. Remove them gently. Then, blow off the loose debris. Finally, use a microfiber cloth and wipe the record cover well.

    5. How do you deep clean a vinyl record?

    The process is simple yet asks for close attention. Take a record brush and remove the debris and dust along with the static. Then, apply a cleaning solution, either homemade or store-bought. Wipe through the grooves gently to get a clean vinyl surface.

    Tips to Maintain the Vinyl Records

    When you come here to learn how to clean vinyl records, you must know how to maintain them. Otherwise, you have to undergo the process of cleaning again and again. So, here it goes. How to maintain the records? Let’s know.

    how to clean vinyl records
    The Spruce
    • Keep it dry. Do not allow moisture to sit on it. It may lead to mold and damp issues.
    • Handle them carefully. They are vulnerable. So, when you touch them or lift them, do it gently.
    • When it is not in use, keep the record safely into an anti-static interior sleeve.
    • Keep them standing vertically one after another. It reduces the risks of bending or breaking.
    • Newly-brought records should also be cleaned as they often hold dust and dirt from the process of manufacturing.

    The Takeaway

    Vinyl records bring back the old nostalgia. However, to maintain your passion for it, clean the records regularly. We hope after reading the article you don’t have any doubt regarding how to clean vinyl records.

    We have discussed everything from various cleaning processes to maintaining them here. Let us know in the comment boxes if you have any more doubts. We will be happy to help.

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