How To Clean Blinds Using 7 Super Easy Ways!

    How To Clean Blinds- Follow The Steps

    Looking for an easy way to learn how to clean blinds? Forget about the extraordinarily costly cleaning tools and try the cheaper home remedies instead. Yes, you can purchase a lambswool duster to clean blinds, but that is another cleaning tool you will require to keep and clean after use. Instead, a few cleaning hacks use things you already have in the pantry and closet, like socks and vinegar.

    You can try vinegar to cleanse blinds thoroughly in your house, but it can be instrumental in your kitchen, where you might have greasy fingerprints or grease buildup on the blinds. Vinegar is an affordable method to clean away light layers of grease, though it might not work as great on caked-on grease.

    Below mentioned are a few ways you can count on to learn How to clean blinds as if they were new.

    Before You Start

    While apple cider vinegar will also work pretty well, it might leave pigments after the work is done. It is best to utilize white vinegar or cleaning vinegar for this task.

    If you have a pair of athletic socks made of polyester or acrylic, those are created with microfiber, usually suggested for cleaning. But nicely-worn cotton socks and gloves will work too. Leaving the information behind, let’s see how to clean blinds.

    How To Clean Blinds

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    1. Use a feather duster

    If the blinds have only a thin coating of dust, using a feather duster will be enough to clean them. Spread the blinds and operate a feather duster in the midst of each blind to gather the dust on either side.

    2. Use an old sock or glove

    If you are searching for a way that will allow you to clean in difficult-to-reach corners, search for an old sock or glove and wear it on your hands. Gush out Windex on a segment of the blinds and drive your covered hand for picking the dust-up. Repeat the same on every blind.

    Windex is secure to spray on most blinds, but if you wish to use a natural and affordable substance, try a blend of half water and half vinegar instead.

    Open the blinds and operate your sock or glove-covered thumb and forefinger to squeeze the blind at its border for a speedier cleanup. Run the fingers along the length of that blind to gather up the dust from either side at the exact time. Repeat the same for each blind.

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    3. Vacuum blinds with the brush or hose attachment

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    In most cases, vacuuming your blinds with be enough to clean them and make them look new. Furthermore, it is a great way to condition more dusty blinds for the following stage of cleaning. Begin with sealed blinds. Attach the vacuum’s hose extension to its base.

    Turn your vacuum cleaner on and run its hose attachment over every blind from one side to another or up and down, based on the kind of blinds you own. Follow the process again with those blinds turned opposite to wipe the other side down.

    4. How to clean blinds using a damp sponge

    Beginning with sealed blinds, moisten a sponge using warm water and run it along with the measurement of each blind. Repeat the same with the blinds hung in the opposing direction to sweep the different sides.

    If the blinds are filthy, flush the sponge and squeeze it out occasionally to make sure you are not trying to wash the blinds with more additional dirt.

    You may use soapy water on most of the blinds, and it is especially useful if your blinds are encrusted in the dust. Fill one bucket using soapy, warm water, carry it to the window where the blinds are swinging, and utilize an excellent sponge to wash the blinds. Wag it around in a bucket of soapy water and squeeze it out often as you work through each blind.

    5. How to clean blinds using the “S” hooks technique

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    Obtain two “S” hooks and hinge them on the innards of the shower curtain pole. Make sure your shower curtain is dragged to one side. Separate the set of blinds from beyond the window and get them into your bathroom. Suspend the blinds on the base of the “S” hooks by twisting them via the thin metal pole at the canopy of the blinds. Ensure that it is protected. Turn the faucet on and let the water grow warm. Sprinkle some soap on a smooth scrub brush and soak it in the water. Clean the blinds entirely. Here’s more information on how to clean blinds:

    • Begin from the shelter of blinds and scrub from one side to another. If you own vertical blinds, clean them up and down.
    • Flush the scrub brush and mix more soap as required
    • Reverse the blinds to the opposing position and clean each blind on the different side
    • Open the water lid through your showerhead and employ it to wash the blinds once you’re done scrubbing.

    6. How to clean blinds outside

    Dirty blinds can be cleaned outside using a hose. Take the blinds outdoors and spread them on a mat or carpet. Load a bucket using soapy, warm water. Try a scrub brush or sponger to clean the blinds on either side. Utilize a garden hose to rinse the blinds on either side. Towel the blinds off and hang them again.


    • You may carry fabric blinds to the dry cleaner.
    • If you are using a cleaning mix on your blinds first, try a spot check first in any hidden corner to ensure it would not leave a mark.
    • You might find it most manageable to take the blinds down for cleaning rather than cleaning them while they are still hanging.
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    7. How to clean blinds if they are heavily soiled

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    Grease, dirt, pet hair, and particles flowing in the air can mix to make your blinds dusty, particularly when we talk about blinds used in the kitchen. To clear them, begin by dusting them using a microfiber cloth. Do not utilize water on blinds made of wood. Here’s How to clean blinds when they are heavily soiled:

    • If your blinds are of plastic or metal material, and you wish to keep them in place to cleanse them, prepare a 50/50 solution using white vinegar and warm water in a bowl or small bucket. Blend in a bit of dishwashing soap. Immerse a sponge in the solution and dab down each row. Finish by dabbing every slat again using a sponge soaked in fresh, sanitary water. Allow the blinds to air-dry or pat them dry using a clean cloth.
    • To scrub mini-blinds, try mixing 50/50 solution and place a neat sock over one of your hands. Submerge that sock in the mix and wipe all the slats. Wash the sock under tap water as required. Allow your kids to have fun by utilizing one of their socks to assist you in cleaning.
    • If your blinds seem extremely dirty to clean in their spot, lift them as high as they may go and drag them from the attached window. Fill the bathtub using a squirt or two of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water and a gallon of white vinegar. A few people like to fill the bucket or tub using warm water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, and 1/2 cup of vinegar instead. NOTE: View carefully any cleaning guidelines that come with the blinds. A few manufacturers advise against placing them in water, which might lead to rusting in their headrails. Keeping them under the water might void your warranty.
    • Carry the blinds to a tub, drop them to expand them fully, and spread them flat. If they are excessively long to accommodate in your tub, spread them as far as they may go.
    • Ensure that the water wraps the blinds and allow them to soak for approximately an hour. Wash any dirty spots using a sponge.
    • Next, empty the tub and wash the blinds using a shower wand or run clean water over them. Gather them and carry them over the tub to allow extra water to drain away.
    • Place the blinds again in the window and dry them using a towel, or hang them outdoors to air dry.
    • If your heavily soiled blinds are prepared from wooden material, dust them using a brush attachment or microfiber cloth. Then scrub them using a wood cleaner or furniture polish on a soft cloth. After cleaning a side of your blinds, slant them and clean the remaining side.

    Benefits of Cleaning Using Vinegar

    • Dust sticks to the glove or sock rather than discharged into the air.
    • Vinegar is highly inexpensive.
    • You are not utilizing any rough chemicals, and vinegar is safe for many surfaces, including metal, plastic, and wood.
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      How to re-whiten and brighten yellow blinds

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      Sunlight is known to take a toll on white blinds (which you might have as they are increasingly popular), turning their color yellow over time. Once you have brushed and cleaned your blinds, you might be able to whiten the blinds once again. Here’s how to clean blinds if they have turned yellow over time.

      • Fill the bathtub for aluminum and plastic blinds using 2 cups of liquid bleach and cold water. Remove your window blinds and allow them to soak in the bleach solution for approximately 10 minutes. Stay secure by flaring the windows and running a fan to make sure there is adequate air circulation in the work area. NOTE: View the cleaning guidelines that come with your blinds. Some manufacturers recommend against submerging them in water, which may lead to rusting. Putting them underwater may void your warranty. Do not utilize water on wood blinds.
      • Put on gloves made of rubber and purchase a sponge to brush off the slats with the bleach mixture. Empty the tub, wash the blinds and allow any excess water to leak off while you carry them over the bucket or tub.
      • Hang your blinds outdoors to allow them to air dry or dry them using an old towel. Be cautious not to let the bleach mixture touch your clothes, skin, or anything else. It is always a good idea to place some used towels under your blinds once you hang them up if they still drip.
      • If you like, take your blinds outdoors and spray them using a bleach solution. Wash them on either side using a pressure washer or garden hose and suspend them to air dry before you carry them indoors.
      • To illuminate yellow or dusty wooden blinds, wipe them and keep them in the same position if you have just a few spots to operate on. Utilize a wood polish or a wood cleaner to get rid of the spots.
      • If your blinds are poorly discolored, remove them and paint them outside.

      When to get new blinds for your windows

      Window blinds may remain in fine condition for 5 to 10 years or even more. If you see indications like these, it is time to get new blinds for your house:

      • The slats are bent or broken or do not close tightly like they used to.
      • The blinds have become difficult to raise or lower, which implies the pulling mechanisms of blinds are broken or failing.
      • The cords are frayed and worn, which might lead the blinds to come apart.
      • The blinds appear obsolete or do not possess safety features that help safeguard children and pets.
      • You are inaugurating new windows, and the old blinds do not fit them correctly.

      Now that you have learned how to clean blinds, you might be ready to change or paint them. Here are additional tips and warnings you could use to have a thorough idea of blinds.

      Tips and Warnings

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      • Prevent over-saturating wooden blinds—slightly is acceptable, but wet is not.
      • Confer the manufacturer’s manual that came with the blinds to determine if there are any particular care instructions.
      • As with other cleaners, you must evade all contact with your eyes and extended contact with your skin.
      • Keep vinegar away from the reach of pets or children.

      Here’s a simple guide to learn how to clean glass stovetops if you are confused and do not understand where to start.


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