How To Clean A Dog’s Ear In 8 Simple Steps!

    How To Clean A Dog’s Ear- Do It Right!

    Dog owners must know how to clean a dog’s ear properly as they need grooming to stay healthy and happy. Some dogs rarely need to have their ears cleaned thoroughly. For others, the external ear canal may have accumulated debris and wax, so they might benefit from cleaning the ears regularly at home. This also depends upon the breed’s shape and the presence of hair in the ear canal.

    For example, dachshunds have long hound ears; therefore, they have a longer ear canal where debris accumulates. Daschund dog owners need to clean the dogs once a week for good hygiene.

    HeHere’sll you need to know how to clean a dog’s ear and why dog owners must clean it.

    Why is it important to clean?

    The construction of your dog’s ear canal makes it challenging for debris trapped deep inside the horizontal ear canal to be discharged without the help of cleanings. This debris may lead to ear infections and itchiness if not terminated.

    Do you require an ear cleaner to clean the ears?

    how to clean a dog's ear
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    It is notably suggested to practice a good variety of ear cleaners. Cleaners having hydrogen peroxide and alcohol-like materials may lead to irritation inside the ear canal, mainly if the ear canal is swollen or ulcerated. A few ear cleaners possess antibacterial and antifungal elements to help limit ear infections. Several cleaners are more reliable at eliminating wax build-up. Your vet can help you determine which ear cleansing solution is most suitable for your dog.

    While it is crucial to learn how to clean a dog’s ear when required, over-cleaning might lead to irritation within the ear canal, which may further lead to germs. A few dogs that have good, clean ears might never require to have the ears wiped.

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    However, cleaning a dog’s ears is suggested if you mark secretion or a foul smell when inspecting the ear. The veterinarian will help you determine how to clean a dog’s ear and how often the owner should lean the ears. If your dog’s ears appear painful, inflamed, or red, discuss with your vet before cleaning. Your canine might have a ruptured eardrum or an ear infection that requires treatment, not cleaning.

    How to clean a dog’s ear

    how to clean a dog's ear

    Here is a step-by-step guide you can use to learn properly how to clean a dog’s ear.

    Gather the needed tools

    If the dog does not like being groomed and held, this may get hard. Be ready beforehand with sheets and the appropriate clothing. Keep gauze pads or cotton balls and ear cleaning solution ready. You might also require tweezers if the dog possesses very hairy interiors of the ear flap.

    Never apply cotton swabs to wash the dog’s ears. They might cause severe trauma to the dog’s ear canal and makes wax and dirt even more obstinate to eliminate.

    Equipment needed

    Before you begin with cleaning the dog’s ears, make sure you have the mentioned things:

    • Moist cotton wool pads or cotton wool.
    • Ear cleanser(should be dog-specific, do not use products meant for human use).
    • A sanitary towel.
    • Another pair of hands (particularly necessary if the dog does not like having the ears handled)
    • Plenty of surprises during and after the cleaning of the ear.

    It is also significant that you do not use cotton buds to wash your dog’s ears as they can be too far within the ear canal and possibly lead to damage.

    Step by step guide

    1. Make sure your dog is relaxed, then raise their ear, keeping it in between the thumb and forefinger to obtain a clear look within the ear.
    2. Check the ear and monitor for redness, bad smell, or discharge. It is normal to see a small quantity of light-colored wax. However, if you see a very generous amount, the ears have turned red, or there seems to be fluid or a malodourous odor, it is a symptom of an issue and will need the vet’s attention.
    3. Gently wipe throughout the ear’s opening using a ball of damp cotton wool – this will eliminate wax or excess dirt.
    4. Enter the tip of the chosen dog-friendly cleaner into their ear canal – make sure not to inject it too far – then press the bottle to deliver the ear cleaner inside the ear.
    5. Caress the base of their ear to assist the cleaner in flowing inside the ear canal.
    6. Clear away excess cleanser using damp cotton wool.
    7. Redo the same process for the opposite ear.
    8. If the vet has given ear drops to apply, it is best to implement them within the given period once you’ve finished cleaning the ears. This will ensure that the medication will enter the ear entirely and be absorbed without being stuck on excessive wax.
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    Signs your dog has an ear infection

    how to clean a dog's ear

    This was a quick guide on how to clean a dog’s ear. Sometimes, while removing wax, you must check if there is an infection in your dog’s ear. If your dog has an infection, its ears will be sensitive to touch and become inflamed and red. They also try and scratch their ears and shake their head regularly as if they feel incredibly irritated.

    You might also see discharge arising from the ear, which may have a foul smell or an odd color.

    Ear mites may also be the reason for ear infections in the dog. If you sense the presence of mites, they might have coffee ground-like appearing clumps, thick brown, black, or red crusts, marks, and cuts in and around the ears.

    If you suspect your dog of having an infection, make sure to bring them to the vet quickly, and they will prescribe certain antibiotics, and ear drops to clean up any bacterial and yeast infections. Further, if the contamination is due to any parasite, they will grant you proper medicine to eliminate them.

    So now you have learned how to clean a dog’s ear! Make sure to monitor their ears constantly and continually be on the lookout for unusual symptoms.

    If your doctor suggests medication to apply onto the dog’s ear, here’s how to clean a dog’s ear with the prescription:

    What to do when you have a prescription to apply

    1. Gently but securely, seize the tip of their ear and draw the ear flap straight up to display and straighten out the dog’s ear canal.
    2. Determine the number of drops of medicine that your vet has ordered to apply. Never put the top of the container into their ear. If the top of the container or bottle touches the dog’s ear, clean the tip-off using a clean cotton ball dipped in alcohol to avoid the spread of yeast or bacteria.
    3. Proceed to hold their ear flap upright vertically and tenderly massage the base of their ear beneath the ear opening for approximately 30 seconds. This provides the medicine to cover the complete ear canal. You must again discover a squishing sound inside the ear as the medicine coats the horizontal portion of their ear canal.
    4. If the central part of their ear flap is included with the contamination, place the ordered amount of medicine on the infected region of the dog’s ear flap. Apply for the treatment around using your finger (preferably when you are wearing a glove).
    5. Redo this procedure on the other ear, as required.
    6. If medication or debris gathers on the flap portion of the ear, it could be wiped away using a cotton ball dipped in ear cleaning liquid.
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    The internet is overflowing with homemade ear-cleaning extracts for dogs. But, vet-approved ear-cleaning extracts are the most protected choice. A few homemade ear-cleaning solutions have toxic or irritating components. Others do not do a great job.

    Most vet offices provide ear cleaner for dogs. You can ask the veterinarian what products they would suggest for your dog’s ear, as a few solutions might be more beneficial for your pup’s particular needs compared to others.


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