How to Cancel Amazon Music – A Thorough Panacea

    With numerous streaming options available, for instance, Apple Music and Spotify, quite possibly, you may cut down your month-long music streaming allowance by calling off your Amazon Music subscription. The method for signing up to avail this service is quick, straightforward, and easy. However, the deprecatory part is to avail this you may give a little bit of extra effort. Don’t worry as in this article you will get to know how to cancel Amazon Music subscription from different devices.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music

    The most direct way to cancel your Amazon Music subscription is to use your computer’s web browser. No matter if you’re using Windows or Mac computer, or a Chrome book, the process is almost the same. Here’s how to perform it:

    1. Open the web browser of your choice.
    How To cancel amazon music through browser

    2. Go to directly.

    How To cancel Amazon music

    3. Drive to the right side of the Amazon home page.

    4. Click on Accounts and Lists.

    5. From the drop-down menu select Memberships & Subscriptions.

    6. At the bottom of the screen, click Music Subscriptions. Later, on the very next screen, stop by the Amazon Music Unlimited segment.

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    7. Under the subscription renewal details portion tap on Cancel subscription. After that, finalize it by thumping Cancel.

    After you cancel your current subscription, you will be able to access Amazon Music content until the subscription expiration date (prior to your monthly subscription date for payment). This enacts the method on how to cancel Amazon Music subscription.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music on Android

    If you are working on an Android or other non-iOS device, you can annul your Amazon Music subscription using the respective phone or tablet application.

    1. Open up the Amazon Music app.
    how to cancel amazon music
    1. Take the gear icon.
    Steps to cancel Amazon Music

    2. Click Amazon Music Unlimited.

    3. In your plan info screen, direct to the Subscription Renewal part and click on Cancel subscription.

    4. Lastly just confirm cancellation.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music On iOS

    Whether you are an iPad or iPhone user, you’ll find the Amazon Music app in both application store. The app works finely on a very similar principle as Android phone. Nevertheless, you will not be able to rescind your subscription utilizing the Amazon Music iOS app. You must use a web browser to unsubscribe.

    1. Open up the web browser of your preference.
    2. Go straight to
    3. Sign in to your account through the hamburger menu (i.e., three horizontal lines) in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    Amazon Music cancellation guide

    4. Circumnavigate to the Account settings portion in the account menu.

    5. Move to Your Memberships & Subscriptions.

    How to cancel amazon music

    6. Pinpoint the Amazon Music Unlimited login and strike it.

    7. Turn up and pick Amazon Music Unlimited settings.

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    8. Select Unsubscribe.

    9. Select a reason for the cancellation. Tap Cancel Confirmation to confirm.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music On iTunes

    You can register for several services by utilizing Apple’s iTunes. Payment is processed through your Apple Pull account, which many Apple Pull users prefer directly to the Amazon Music subscription. To cancel an iTunes-based Amazon Music subscription, you are using the settings of your browser or your tablet or phone.


    1. Go to the
    How to cancel Amazon music subscription on Apple

    2. Scroll through to the Billing and Subscriptions entry and tap on it.

    Amazon music cancellation on Apple

    3. Choose See or cancel subscriptions.

    4. Your browser will ask you to open your iTunes application (in case if installed). If not, instantly download the iTunes application using the ‘Download for free’ link on the page above.

    5. Choose Account on top of the screen in the iTunes application. After that, click View My Account.

    6. Under the Settings section, you’ll find subscriptions. After that, click Manage next to the Subscriptions entry.

    7. Find and select your Amazon Music subscription.

    8. Cancel the subscription and click confirm.

    iPhone / iPad

    1. Open up the Settings app.
    Amazon Music cancellation on iPhone

    2. At the top most part of the page enter “subscriptions” in the search menu.

    Cancel amazon music on iPad
    1. Click on the Subscriptions search result.
    2. Search and select Amazon Music subscriptions and choose Cancel subscription.
    3. Confirm it.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music HD

    The Amazon Music HD subscription, with the option to listen in CD-quality mode, allows you to access all content on Amazon Music. After learning how to cancel Amazon Music, it works just in the same way as any other Amazon Music subscription. But, if you want to cancel Amazon Music HD and want to continue using a regular subscription, you have to do so through Amazon’s website.

    1. Visit the Amazon Music Settings page.
    2. Pick Remove HD from my subscription.
    3. Make confirmation.
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    You will be able to handle HD content up to the last date of your subscription.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music after Free Trial

    After the Amazon Music trial’s 0-day free trial is over, you will be automatically charged for the next month. If you wish to ignore this, set a date in your reminder to make sure you cancel your subscription. Once the trial is over, you will be unable to get any refund for this. You can continue to cancel any Amazon Music subscription at any point by following the guidelines above.

    Steps on how to cancel Amazon Music Free Trial on Alexa

    Any subscription you want to activate your subscription on Amazon Music-compatible Alexa device is built very directly. Devices like the Amazon Echo come with a special and affordable plan that puts you behind 3.99 US dollars per month. Activating Amazon Music on devices that are based on Alexa is as simple as declaring, “Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited”.Definitely, you will have access to a 90-day trial here.

    To unsubscribe from Amazon Music on Alexa devices, navigate to your Amazon Music page and follow the steps on how to cancel Amazon Music outlined earlier.

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