How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need? Is It More Than 10? Important Things to Know!

    Many mothers, particularly first-time mothers, may wonder, “How many burp cloths do I need?” Mothers’ answers may range, but they all agree that having more is preferable to not having enough.

    Feeling frightened and enthusiastic during the first several months of pregnancy is normal. Making a baby registry is an excellent manner to cross something off your to-do list and feel more fulfilled.

    As you browse your favorite apps and websites for the best brands, you’ll notice that popular baby needs like newborn outfits, diapers, and burp cloths require registration.

    Burp cloths are one of the most ignored items on a pregnant woman’s to-do list. Most first-time mothers underestimate how many they will require, especially during the first year of a baby’s life.

    Any mother will tell you things may get messy when you have a newborn. This is especially true about feedings. Your infant will want aid in getting rid of excess gas in their body throughout the first few months of life. This is why babies require burping. Burping frequently results in spitting up, resulting in small messes unless you have a burp cloth available.

    Because feedings are common with a baby, you may be wondering how many burp cloths you’ll need and what to look for in a burp cloth. We’ll answer all your questions and more, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

    Even as simple as a square of fabric can have you wondering what type of burp cloth is best Or, how many burp cloths do I need? 

    Mama, we’ve got you covered. Let’s start with the basics.

    What is a burp cloth?

    When you have a baby, burp cloths or spit-up rags come in handy. They can be used to clean up drool, capture spit up, and more. But how many burp towels would you need? You’ll need at least 8-14 burp cloths on average. This number may alter depending on how much your baby spits up and how frequently you do laundry, but it is a reasonable starting point until you know exactly what your baby needs.

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    Babies are often unpredictable. They have blowouts, fill their diapers immediately after changing them, and spit up like it’s their job. Spitting up can ruin your day, especially if you’re already late and need to change your clothes. Fortunately, a burp cloth can help you keep spit-up off your clothes.

    When they are burped, a lot of babies throw up. Infant acid reflux causes a lot of healthy babies to throw up. The lower esophageal sphincter keeps stomach contents in the stomach most of the time. Spitting up can be a problem, especially if your baby has a full stomach until this muscle is fully developed and mature.

    Burp cloths are used to keep spit-up from getting on your clothes. They drape over your shoulder or lap, depending on how you burp your baby. They have different colors, designs, sizes, and textures. They are also useful for more than just catching spit-up. They can be used to wipe food off a baby’s face at that age and to wipe a runny nose.

    As the baby ages, the receiving blanket can be used for tummy time, as a cover for the changing table, and to keep the baby warm and comfortable after a bath. When the baby is old enough to need it no longer, you can use the receiving blankets for something else. You can use them as rags, make a quilt out of them, or fold them up and save them for the next baby if you plan to have more kids.

    Are Burp Cloths Necessary?

    They aren’t necessary if you want to smell like regurgitated breast milk or formula. However, a burp cloth may be necessary to avoid the sour milk scent on your clothes.

    How many burp cloths do you need for a newborn?

    Two things decide how many burp cloths you need:

    How often your baby throws up?

    How often do you do laundry?

    Most of the time, you’ll need between 8 to 14 burp cloths to ensure you don’t run out.

    Many moms like to have a clean burp cloth for every feeding and an extra one just in case.

    Most babies eat 8-12 times a day when they are first born.

    Even if they don’t throw up every time, that’s a lot of burp cloths.

    And for twins, how many burp cloths do I need?

    Most parents of multiples don’t need twice or three times as many clothes because their kids can share, but you might want to add another pack or two to your baby registry.

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    If you still don’t think you’ll need that many burp cloths, think about this: Burp cloths are one of the most essential things you can have for your baby. They’re wonderful:

    • To wipe your baby’s drool when they are teething
    • When they start eating solids, wash their hands.
    • As a makeshift when you’re out and about
    • As a light blanket for summer
    • For peek-a-boo games

    So, even though a dozen clothes might seem like a lot now, you’ll probably find more ways to use them than you think.

    What size should a Burp Cloth be?

    how many burp cloths do i need
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    Most burp cloths are rectangles with one side that is much longer than the other. Usually, a burp cloth should be between 10 and 15 inches wide and 15 and 22 inches long. The reason it’s so long is so that you can drape it over your shoulder without it falling off.

    Long burp cloths can also protect your whole back better than short ones, so you don’t want anything too short. People who know how to use burp cloths also know that you don’t want a cloth that’s too long because it could get tangled or caught on other things as you walk around with your baby.

    You should look for a burp cloth that fits snugly on your shoulder and tapers off a bit at your arm. A burp cloth doesn’t have to be a simple rectangle. There are a variety of shapes you can choose from. Most mothers like those with a cut-off part at the neck because they don’t tickle or irritate the skin.

    But many moms like to wear bigger sizes because they are easier to throw over the shoulder. If they aren’t used to being covered in spit-up, they like to use the bigger ones to stop the spit-up explosion that comes from their small mouths. They protect better and can be used in many different ways.

    Why babies have gas

    There are many reasons why babies have gas:

    1. As bacteria in the stomach break down certain foods, gas will naturally be made. This involves what the mother eats if the mother is feeding the baby. If the mother eats foods that give her gas, the baby will get gas too.
    2. Let’s say that the baby can’t eat what the mom is eating, either because of an allergy or because it doesn’t agree with them. This could make the body do something. This reaction makes gas. The most common thing a baby can’t eat is dairy. Along with gas, this intolerance can cause diarrhea, cramps, and feeling full.
    3. If the mom is breastfeeding, the baby’s gas problems are often caused by what the mom eats. The National Institutes of Health reports that foods high in carbs and dairy are more likely than anything else to make you have gas.
    4. If your baby drinks formula from a bottle, too much air in the bottle can give them gas. If you shake the bottle too much, air will get into the liquid. This will cause the baby to have more gas and spit up. If this happens, you should let the bottle settle for a while before letting them drink from it.

    Why babies need to be burped

    How many burp cloths do i need

    You see, after babies eat, they have to be burped. It’s a must. As they eat, they swallow air. This air gets stuck in their bellies, making them fussy and hard to calm down. The only way for them to eliminate this gas is to burp.

    According to the Westchester Health Pediatrics group, burping a baby during and after the feeding will help keep those unbearable gas pains at bay. If breastfeeding, it’s best to let your baby burp before you switch breasts. If you are using a formula, burp between every 2-3 ounces until they are at least 6 months old.

    How to burp a baby and what cloth to use

    As a new mom, you may be unaware of other ways to burp your infant. Here are a few methods for relieving their gas:

    • Hold the baby over your shoulder and pat their back with one hand while supporting their head and back with the other. For this, a larger burp cloth is preferable. If they spit up, it simply drapes over your shoulder and down your back.
    • Sit them on your lap: This is not the typical method of burping a baby. In this position, you will support your baby’s chest and head with one hand. You should take their chin in your palm and lay the heel of your hand on their chest. Pat their back with your other hand. This method works well with both little and large cloth. The tiny cloth will not fall off your lap as easily as it will from your shoulder.
    • Facedown: Place your baby on your lap and gently pat their back while supporting their head. You can use the tiny cloth beneath their head instead of the larger one because it will not bunch up.

    What’s the best material for burp cloths?

    Burp cloths need to work well and be easy to clean. You would also want your burp cloth to be made of a fabric that lets air in and keeps you and your baby from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

    Terry and cotton knit burp cloths are great for the summer because they let air in and are easy to clean. You can use a flannel during the colder times of the year. All these materials are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t irritate your baby’s skin or make it hard for him or her to breathe.

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    No matter what material you pick, remember that quality is more important than anything else because these burp cloths need to be washed all the time. So, they should be strong enough to go through the washing machine and not fray easily.

    How To Use Burp Cloths

    Parents have their own ways of using burp cloths unless you’re a macho dad who says he doesn’t need one.

    If you want to use one, it’s easy to put it over your shoulder before putting the baby down to burp. You should do this ahead of time because just picking up the baby can make it throw up. You’ll lay it down horizontally to cover your shoulder’s front and back. If you are using the lap method, put the cloth over your lap so it can catch anything your baby might spit out.

    As a parent, you should adapt to how your baby burps best.

    How Long do Babies Use Burp Cloths?

    In reality, a burp cloth can be used for as long as you want. You can re-use them, wipe your baby’s face with them, and do other things. However, for about 6 to 9 months, you can use one to help the baby burp and catch spit-up. Once your baby can sit up and move around, you don’t have to burp them because the gas will come out on its own as they move.

    Tips for Buying Burp Cloths

    Burp Cloth Size

    There are many different sizes of burp cloths. Most of the time, they are rectangular, which makes them easier to throw over your shoulder. Most of the time, the spit-up rag is at least 10-15 inches wide and 15-22 inches long. If your baby only spits up small amounts, a bigger burp cloth will be more useful because you can utilize it more than once.

    Laundry Frequency

    After your baby is born, you’ll spend a lot of time doing laundry. But after the baby is born, you’ll be busy taking care of it and yourself, so it may be hard to get chores done for a while. If you have a lot of burp cloths, you won’t have to wash them as often. This is an excellent idea for new parents who may be tired, especially if their partner returns to work after the baby is born. 

    It’s also the best choice for people who don’t have a washing machine at home, especially if they have to wait to get their laundry done outside or at a relative’s house.

    Frequency of Use

    You should also think about how often your child throws up. It’s perfectly normal to throw up. Most babies start spitting up soon after they are born. Most of the time, it means your child is full. But some babies may also throw up too often. You can do things if your baby spits up a lot, but most of the time, you don’t need to worry as long as they are gaining weight normally. If your baby seems to go through burp cloths quickly, you will need to stock up on more burp cloths.

    How to Make Burp Cloths Yourself

    Make sure you have the right materials before making your burp cloths. Here are some of the best fabrics for burp cloths:

    • Chenille – Chenille is made of 10-ounce cotton, a great choice for burp cloths. It’s not only thick but also strong and soft. They are great at keeping water in, and if you put terry cloth on the back, it will soak up even more water. Chenille is easy to care for. It can be washed in chill water and dried on low heat. It lasts long and doesn’t bother people with allergies because it’s 100% cotton.
    • Terry cloth – Terry cloth is very absorbent and quickly soaks up water. It is made of 100% cotton, which makes it safe for people with allergies. It’s very soft and can be used in many ways.
    • Flannel –  Flannel is strong, soft, and absorbent and gets softer the more you wash it. It’s made of 100% cotton so that it won’t bother people with allergies. Choose cute animal patterns to make it more fun.
    • Bamboo – You might not think bamboo is a fabric, but it makes a great burp cloth. Bamboo is soft, kills germs, and lets air through. Plus, it is good for the environment.
    • Minky – Minky is a very popular fabric because it is soft, comes in many colors, and can be washed in a machine. Add flannel to it to make it even more absorbent.

    What you need

    To make burp cloths, you’ll need fabric scissors, the fabric you want to use, fabric pins, a pen or pencil, regular scissors, thread, a ruler, and a brown paper bag to make the pattern. You can sew them by your hand if you have enough time. It’s best if you have a sewing machine.


    Make your own burp cloth by following these steps:

    1. Your fabric should be washed. This will prevent them from shrinking after you’ve finished them.
    2. Create your design. Make a pattern with your brown bag. Cloth is typically 19.5 x 7.5 x 10.5 inches in size.
    3. Cut your fabric. Because you will cut two sides at a time, fold the fabric in half. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut it out.
    4. If you want, pair your fabric. You can use two of the same cloth or a pair of fabrics. For more absorbency, try chenille and terry cloth.
    5. Finally, stitch your fabric together. Turn the right sides out and sew along the edge using your preferred thread color. When you’re finished, you can keep them for yourself or give them as gifts to your soon-to-be-parent pals.
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    Are Burp Cloths and Receiving Blankets the Same?

    People who just had a baby often wonder if burp cloths and receiving blankets are the same. In a way, yes, they kind of are.

    You could think of a receiving blanket as a bigger version of a burp cloth. On the other hand, the burp cloth is smaller than the blanket. But sometimes this makes a problem. Since the burp cloth is so small, it could easily fall off while you’re trying to burp the baby. You can easily throw the receiving blanket over your shoulder without it falling.

    Towels Vs. Burp Cloths

    You might wonder if you could use a towel instead of a burp cloth. While this isn’t a problem, you will have to give up a lot of towels to meet your baby’s needs. Most towels aren’t as absorbent as burp cloths so that they won’t save you or your clothes.

    A towel isn’t as soft as a burp cloth, so it’s always better to use the material that was made for wiping your baby down.

    How often should you wash burp cloths?

    burp cloth can get stained by anything from your baby’s stomach.

    So, how frequently should you wash your burp cloths to keep them clean and fresh?

    In general, the clothes should be washed every time they are used.

    If you want to remove the stains, rub a product into the dirty area and wash the cloths.

    Then dry them outside or in a dryer with a low heat setting.

    Remember that your baby’s face will be touching the burp cloth.

    Many parents prefer to use a mild detergent that is safe for babies’ sensitive skin.

    Final words

    So, you know everything you need to know about burp cloths/muslins. You may have forgotten about these useful clothes before, but now that you know how important they are, you won’t forget them again.

    It’s always a good idea to plan when getting ready for a new baby or shopping for your child. In short, if you’re having a baby, you’ll need 8–14 burp cloths, and if you’re having twins, you’ll need 20–30 burp cloths.

    There are many different brands of burp cloths, but the most important thing is to choose one that is easy to use, clean, and comfortable for your baby.


    How many burp cloths do I need?

    Generally, you’ll need between 8 to 14 burp cloths so you don’t get caught short. Many mamas like to have a clean burp cloth for every feed and even a spare just in case. Newborn babies usually feed between 8 to 12 times a day. Even if they don’t spit up every time, that’s a lot of burp cloths.

    How many burp cloths do you go through in a day?

    You should expect to use at least one cloth daily, if not more. It’s also a good idea to keep extras in your car or diaper bag.

    How many layers of fabric do I need for a burp cloth?

    You will use two flannel pieces to make one burp cloth. You can, of course, use the same pattern for both sides of the burp cloth, but I like to mix mine up! You get 2 flannel sides out of ⅓ of fabric.

    Is a burp cloth necessary?

    How many burp cloths do i need
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    This baby essential is so important; it sticks with you even when you’re not with the baby. During the newborn months and beyond, you’ll want burp cloths on hand 24/7. Not only do burp cloths take the brunt of spit-up, but you can use them to wipe milk dribbles, sneezes, or whatever comes your way.

    What’s the average size of a burp cloth?

    A typical burp cloth is 10 inches by 15 inches or 25 cm by 37 cm. This is about the same size as a regular washcloth but much smaller and tighter. Since these clothes are often used to clean up babies’ messes, they need to be absorbent and easy to wash after each use.

    What can you use burp cloths for? 

    The best baby burp cloths are absorbent materials that will come in handy once your baby is born. Most people think burp rags are things you use to clean up spit-up. When you need to burp your baby, you can drape the cloth over your shoulder to protect your skin and clothes. You can use them more than once because they are big and don’t get too dirty.

    Burp cloths are great for getting rid of drool and catching spit-up. This will come in handy when your baby is teething since the extra moisture on their chin and neck can lead to irritation and even rashes. If your baby has a diaper rash or boogers that won’t come out, you might also find it helpful to clean them with a damp baby burp cloth, which won’t hurt their skin as much.

    Even after your baby has outgrown the burp cloths, you can still use them for other things. They are great for cleaning, dusting, and putting under pet water bowls to keep water from spilling.

    Why do babies spit up? 

    At least half of all babies are thought to spit up in their first three months of life. This happens when the contents of your baby’s stomach move up into their esophagus, causing them to spit up. Most of the time, this is caused by infant acid reflux, also called gastroesophageal reflux.

    This happens a lot because your baby’s body is still making changes. At the bottom of the esophagus, there is a muscle called a sphincter. Once strong enough, it closes the esophagus and stops acid from returning.

    On the other hand, most babies don’t have this muscle quite yet. Most babies outgrow reflux as their digestive system develops, but in the meantime, you’ll need burp cloths to catch spit-up. When your baby is full, they are most likely to throw up.

    Can I make my own burp cloths? 

    Yes, making your burp clothes at home is very easy. It’s a cheaper option for many parents, especially for babies who go through many burp cloths. Even more so, if you can find fabric on sale here, you can learn more about how to make burp cloths for babies, such as how big they should be, what kind of fabric to use, and how to cut and sew them.


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