8 Innovative Brain Games for Children

    The brain is an organ responsible for all the activities in our body, including those that require attention, focus, and memory. These skills are needed to be developed at a very early age. Since childhood is considered the most crucial time in human development, parents must try to provide opportunities that will help their children develop both physically and mentally.

    Several games, including playing cards, board games, and even electronic or computer-based brain games, can help your child improve their mental abilities by stimulating specific areas of their brain. Here is the list of 8 innovative brain games to help sharpen their memory.

    1. The Number Game

    This is one of the games which ranks high on this list. It also has a lot of positive reviews from parents who have used it with their kids. This game helps improve their memory ability by keeping their minds on speed, including their focus and attention. In this game, children match numbers with pictures. As they play, they learn to identify numbers and count up to ten.

    2. The Puzzle Game

    This puzzle game helps children practice addition by matching two sets of numbers together. It includes three difficulty levels so children can play at their own pace. These puzzles will allow your kid to exercise their cognitive skills by matching the two corresponding numbers in the game. In this way, they’ll learn problem-solving skills while mastering existing ones at the same time!  If you’re looking for a game or an activity that will make your kid smarter and focused, this page has many printable puzzle games.

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    3. The Memory Game

    In this game, you are provided with a set of three cards that have outlines depicting animals. These matches and flashcards are held by animal-shaped pawns. As soon as you place your pawn on the card, he will hide the matching card. The excitement is all in finding out how many animals in the set can be matched simultaneously. This makes use of memory and also improves concentration skills in children. It also helps sharpen their focus and attention to detail.

    4. The Word Game

    There are many games in the market that can be used by young children who are at an age where they are just starting to learn new words. These games help children practice vocabulary development by matching words with images. It also improves memory retention and concentration. Children will enjoy playing this game because it requires them to use their imagination. Learning new words takes more time and effort than it did when they were younger. A child’s cognitive skills undergo so many changes during this period that it is important that they develop good routines and techniques to tackle them.

    5. The Math Game

    As a parent, you are likely very concerned about your child’s brain development. But what can you do to ensure they get all the brain-building benefits they need? Math games for children could be an effective way of doing just that. Children learn how to add numbers while having fun in this math game. They must match the number of dots on each side of the screen with the corresponding number on the top of the screen. They will learn important concepts such as memory and attention, problem-solving, and comprehension.

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    6. Board Game

    Among other exciting brain games for children, there is one that seems to have been around since the dawn of time. It’s called crosswords and it’s the oldest board game in existence. The object is to fill a grid by finding words that fit into the boxes. Each letter adds up to more than one word, so you can make letters too. However, it shouldn’t be used as an ‘extreme’ brain teaser. A child should only do 3-4 puzzles daily, and rest at least 30 minutes in between. Kids over seven years old may find this game very dull simply because they know all the answers by now.

    7. Sudoku

    Sudoku, a popular puzzle, is now being played worldwide. It is a crossword-like game with numbers in place of letters and can be solved by applying logic, reasoning, and pattern recognition.

    Sudoku keeps your child’s brain activated and trains his/her ability to use logical thinking skills, which are often neglected in many schools these days. With this brain exercise game, children get an opportunity to improve their analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills (among others).

    Sudoku has been around for quite some time and is a popular puzzle game. But it is also unique in that it requires the player to have a good concentration level. It is a brain-stimulating game that helps improve memory and concentration, making it ideal for developing intellectual skills.

    8. Language Game

    One of the most important things is to ensure that your kids get exposure to another regional language apart from their mother tongue. It is a great way to improve their cognitive skills and help them develop a sense of belonging. You can engage in activities like watching a Japanese movie together or listening to Japanese songs, etc. According to research, it has been shown that exposure to diverse cultures helps stimulate the prefrontal cortex, which is also linked with improved memory.

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    Brain games are an effective way of improving your child’s cognitive functions with minimal effort. From memory to concentration and problem-solving skills, brain games for children help increase their ability to focus on challenging tasks by making them aware of the process involved in its execution. These brain games for kids can help stimulate their minds and improve their cognitive abilities. It is important to train your kids with innovative games that will help your child develop their memory, concentration, problem-solving skills, and creativity to all the things necessary to thrive in today’s world.


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