How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? Precise Information To Find Out

    If you are a woman, you might be wondering how long do hemorrhoids last? The answer to this question is not that simple as you need to understand a lot of things related to hemorrhoids to understand better its causes, treatment measures, and how you can prevent it further.

    Let’s see what are these and how long do hemorrhoids last to help you get better and free of pain.

    What Are Hemorrhoids?

    how long do hemorrhoids last
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    Hemorrhoids are veins that get swollen around your lower rectum or anus. These might be internal or external. As indicated, internal hemorrhoids are present inside the anus while external is located outside on the opening of the anus.

    They can sometimes be really itchy and painful and they can even bleed if you have bowel syndrome. Also, you must know that these are really common, nearly 75% of people will have these at some point in time. Most common ages that are at higher risk of hemorrhoids include ages between 45 years to 65 years of age.

    Now, there are many symptoms of hemorrhoids that you can pay attention to in order to find out how long do hemorrhoids last.

    Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

    When you acquire internal hemorrhoids, you might not notice any symptoms as it is not visible as compared to external. Sometimes, a simple bowel movement can also trigger hemorrhoids and it starts bleeding. If the hemorrhoids are present internally, and due to some reasons they are pushed towards the opening or outside, you might see severe bleeding and some other symptoms including swelling, formation of lumps, burning sensation, itching, discomfort, and pain.

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    All these symptoms are common if you have external hemorrhoids.

    Let’s see how long these symptoms last if you have such conditions.

    How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last? Find Out

    If you have hemorrhoids of small size, you will notice that all the symptoms that you are facing will clearly vanish within some days without going for various treatments. You must take a good and simple diet and make certain changes in your lifestyle for hemorrhoids to stay for less time.

    Sometimes, in some cases, the hemorrhoids present internally may become enlarged and start pushing out through the anus. This condition of hemorrhoids is referred to as prolapsed hemorrhoids. These take a longer time to heal and you might require to visit regularly to a healthcare provider in order to get good treatments.

    Some women might acquire hemorrhoids during their pregnancy months. This is usually seen or caused due to increased pressure on the area in your abdomen, especially once you reach the third trimester. This will make the veins larger in your rectum or anus causing pain.

    Also, in pregnant women, the hormones released during pregnancy might make the veins swell even more. For those who develop hemorrhoids during their pregnancy months, these symptoms give above might last until the baby is born.

    You must take utmost care ad precautions to avoid hemorrhoids during your special time of pregnancy as hormonal changes can also trigger larger veins.

    Once you acquire this condition, it is very crucial to know possible treatments and certain things that you could do to get relief.

    Relief Measures To Know

    How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last
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    If you have developed hemorrhoids, you can make certain changes in your lifestyle in order to heal these faster. One major cause of this particular condition too much straining during bowel syndrome. You can get better by adding food items that are large in fiber such as fruits, veggies, and whole grains. These items will help soften the stool and make it a bit easier to pass causing less pain.

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    You must consume enough water to help get relief from constipation and lessen the strain during bowel movements. Below given are some additional practices you can follow in order to get relief faster.

    • You have to minimize the time for which you sit on the toilet seat.
    • If you feel the need to move and adjust your bowel, make sure you go as soon as you can.
    • Put the feet on tiny or small stools during bowel movement for changing the position of the rectum.
    • For pregnant women, you have to sleep on your side as this might be helpful in relieving some pressure near your anus.
    • Have conversations with your healthcare experts about using a stool softener or any fiber supplements like Citrucel or Metamucil. When you add a tablespoon of mineral oil to the food you prepare, it can soften stools.
    • Make sure you follow all the hygiene practices in order to keep your anus clean and avoid infection from spreading. To follow this step, you must take showers regularly, use moist wipes for cleaning the area after you pass a movement.
    • You can use either a sitz bath or use a warm tub for some time to bathe the anal area.

    You can also try some over-the-counter medications after they are prescribed by your healthcare experts to ease discomfort. Some topical medications include phenylephrine hemorrhoidal gel. Usually, these products are given when the hemorrhoids become inflamed and bulge outwards.

    You have to limit the products that have any sort of steroids for the long term as they will lead to thinning of the skin near your anus. If you use OTC medications that are not helping, you must talk to your doctors in order to know the possible causes behind this and knowing about additional treatments that will help.

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    Once you know how long does hemorrhoids last, you can go for possible treatments to help you relieve this even faster.

    Treatment For Hemorrhoids

    If you have small hemorrhoids you can easily clear those by making certain changes in your lifestyle or eating healthy food. If the symptoms like excessive bleeding still continue, you must visit a doctor for consultation.

    Your doctor will rule out different causes of bleeding such as anal cancer or colon. If these symptoms become more severe, they might recommend some medical procedures to shrink or remove the hemorrhoids.

    Some treatment options are given below for reference and a brief idea.

    • One of the most common treatments used is rubber band ligation, this involves your doctor tying a tight band all around the base of hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. Nearly 80% of people receive this treatment if they develop hemorrhoids that do not vanish on their own.
    • During coagulation, the doctors will use infrared light, extreme cold, or heat to shrink the hemorrhoids present.
    • Another treatment is sclerotherapy. During this, the doctors will inject a special type of chemical to shrink the hemorrhoids.

    If you are having severe conditions of hemorrhoids that do not respond to any of the medical treatments, your doctors will also suggest some surgeries to remove them.

    This is all you needed to know about hemorrhoids and how long do hemorrhoids last.


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