How Does Cancer Kill You And 7 Easy Home Remedies To Fight It

    how does cancer kill you

    A healthy life is a blessing. When you binge on excess, avoid taking care of your mental, physical, and emotional well being it could lead to deadly chronic illness such as cancer. Know how does cancer kill you and how to prevent it using home remedies. There are trillions of cells inside the human body.

    In vernacular terms, cancer is related to growth of abnormal cells and how they are processed inside the body. It can happen in any part of the body and spread to other parts. In a healthy body cells grow and divides as and when needed.

    Old cells die and new cells grow which help in healthy the development of the body. When cancer happens the old cells do not die. The cells keep multiplying affecting the normal cells making a cluster of cells.

    Lifestyle, habits, diet are mostly the reasons for cancer to start. Sometimes the reasons are unknown and is not detected unless it reaches the third stage. When cancer affects essential organs such as liver, stomach, lungs, brain etc and stops them from functioning normally; early detection of cancer and treatment can prevent death.

    How Does Cancer Kill You During Treatment

    how does cancer kill you

    Though early detection and treatment can be a life savior, many a times treatments fail as the abnormal cells spread quickly to other organs affecting its functioning. This can be fatal and cause death.

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    Tumors which are malignant and cancerous clog organs such as stomach, liver, and pancreas and prevent food or waste from passing through them. It can cause nausea and vomiting. Cancer related to digestive system is life-threating as it leads to dehydration and malnourishment. IV fluids are given to maintain the liquid levels in the body because dehydration is the universal side effect of those who have reached the advanced stage of cancer.

    Respiratory Dysfunction

    When the cancer cells originate in lungs they can affect healthy tissues of lungs and surrounding organs and damage them. Due to this it becomes difficult to inhale or exhale. Those who have reached advanced levels of cancer find it difficult to maintain healthy oxygen levels in the body. Cancer cells infect the fluids inside the lungs preventing oxygen from reaching the lungs.

    Brain Cancer

    How does cancer kill you if it affects the brain? Since brain is contained inside the skull, any tumor or swelling has no room to grow and this can be fatal. If the pressure is high, the brain go downs from the skull and slips. Brain tumor or cancer can lead to bleeding and is difficult to treat because this is the most sensitive part of the body that affects the functioning of other parts of the body.

    Bone Cancer – How Does Cancer Kill You

    When cancer affects the bones, it affects the creation of red blood cells and the blood does not receive enough oxygen. This can be fatal. It affects the bone marrow and prevents it from creating platelets that are responsible for blood clotting hence the bleeding does not stop leading to death. Chemotherapy can lead to infections such as sepsis and lowers the functioning of body’s immunity system.

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    Liver Cancer

    Liver is one of the most important organs that multitasks and does a lot of work to keep the body healthy. Cancer that starts inside the liver leads to failure of the organ. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal swelling, and weight loss are some of the symptoms of Liver cancer. There are many factors that cause liver cancer. One of them is excessive alcohol consumption.

    Home Remedies To Prevent And Treat Cancer

    how cancer kills you

    As the popular saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure;” it is easy to use these home remedies and make it a part of your diet to prevent cancer and umpteen chronic ailments waiting to happen.

    Natural home remedies are effective and have no side effects. When you understand how does cancer kill you, use these remedies to boost your immune system and flush toxins. These antioxidant rich foods help in killing tumors and cancerous cells and halt their growth.

    Turmeric – The Magical Elixir

    how cancer kills you

    Turmeric has numerous health benefits that not only prevents and cures cancer but also other chronic ailments and infections. It prevents free radical damage which are responsible for starting cancer inside the body. Free radicals cause damage to healthy cells and its membrane. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevents chronic inflammation. It kills cancer cells and prevents tumors from forming again or spreading to other parts of the body.

    Red Grapes

    how cancer kills you

    It has polyphenols and resveratrol that stops free radicals and spread of cancer cells. Drinking a glass of red grape juice or red wine prevents the start of cancer. It is antioxidant rich and strengthens the immunity system.

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    Herbal Green Tea

    how cancer kills you

    The polyphenols or catechins in green tea prevent the growth and spreading of cancer cells. Drinking herbal green tea daily can prevent cancer or growth of malignant tumors. It also boosts the immunity and enhances metabolism.


    how cancer kills you

    They are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants. The lycopene in tomatoes protects cells from damage. They also kill cancerous cells and come with multiple health benefits. It also prevents skin cancer. Tomato soup, juice, paste, etc in diet is an effective remedy to prevent and fight cancer.


    how cancer kills you

    Consumption of garlic expels metal toxins and protects the cells from further damage. Allicin and quercetin in garlic help in fighting cancer. It is effective in fighting various cancers and strengthens the stomach tissue.


    how cancer kills you

    Flaxseeds contain lignans which help fight cancer and boost immunity. It is rich in Omega-3-fatty acids and prevents cancer cells from affecting healthy cells. It also stops growth of tumors by stopping them as well as cancer cells getting the nutrients they need. Its important to know how does cancer kill you and inculcate a healthy diet to prevent this fatal disease.


    how cancer kills you

    Raw honey has healing properties. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, and anti-cancerous properties. However, it might not be effecting in healing all types of cancer. It regulates the cell cycle and is effective in preventing and healing most types of cancers. Now you know how does cancer kill you and how effective this home remedy is.


    Including green leafy vegetables, fruits rich in Vitamin C, and spices that are antioxidant rich prevents cancer and helps in treating it. How does cancer kill you is an essential information to note to be informed and make a changes in your lifestyle and habits to prevent it and stay healthy.








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