Hasty Generalizations – How To Avoid And 10 Ways To Develop Critical Thinking

    hasty generalizations

    Hasty generalizations are logical conclusions you make in any situation without sufficient evidence. In casual conversations, we make biased statements without a lot of thought. This could be damaging in situations where groupies are involved.

    It is not a healthy way to understand people or analyze situations because withholding judgment before you have sufficient evidence of the perception you make is a sine qua none to building healthy relations and perceptions.

    When you love someone and are heartbroken, it is easier to make hasty generalizations such as, ‘all men are cheats,’ or ‘all women are irrational, and lack individuality.’ Maybe not everyone is looking for individualistic women, but generalizations are roadblocks in the boardrooms where women are still breaking the glass ceiling, there are a lot of grey areas to be worked on because changing perceptions is quite a task.

    Wisdom, gumption that seems idealistic but is dysfunctional in reality. This is because perceptions are also a matter of mental conditioning, assumptions, and convenience. It is convenient to think women are weak because it automatically gives a mental edge to the stereotypical misogynism set deeply in the roots of patriarchal roles.

    Did we forget how convenient is hypocrisy as a side dish? It is relished on guilt-free because it is a good cover-up and support to stand by when you do not wish to look at possibilities because you are set in your closed walls and comfort zone and it has worked for you for years, so change can be a real challenge, a liability, a burden you are better off doing away with. That’s when you comfortably settle with hasty generalizations.

    Deep thinking is not a prerogative of human nature. Unless you feel deeply or you are a truth seeker, hasty generalizations are convenient because you are consciously not willing to look deeper, it might be redundant to you probably you are laid-back and accepting of what is and what is not.

    Maybe hasty generalizations do not affect your life for you to work on them deeply to want to change your perceptions, you probably don’t need it. Like Joey Tribiani of F.R.I.E.N.D.S nonchalance, not worried a stitch about being biased or unbiased. It does not affect the life of this character. Most of us are sunk dealing with day-to-day activities and being unbiased is not an essential commodity in our routine life.

    What Are Hasty Generalizations?

    hasty generalizations

    Hasty generalizations in simple terms are jumping to conclusions in any given situation. Most of us do that without looking at various aspects, gaining complete knowledge and information about the situation.

    Why Do We Jump To Conclusions?

    hasty generalization

    We do that because of previous painful experiences of dealing with similar situations. It is the case most of the time. The pain, the disappointment, we feel from inside is a roadblock to deriving an unbiased conclusion. When we experience pain, disappointment, failures, we develop bias because it is easy to brush off possibilities or have the will to look into the reality or truth of any situation we deal with.

    Lack Of Patience

    We are impatient not because of painful experiences because it is probably not on the priority list to not have generalizations. You might have other responsibilities or things to do which take your mind away from philosophical thoughts about finding the deeper meaning in every situation presented to you. Most of us do not have time.


    It is also convenient to avoid wanting to have an unbiased look probably because you are happy with what you have. For instance, a group of friends cornering an individual lacks perspective, gumption, or an insight into their group bias that exists to outcast someone they think is a threat to their potential or exposes their drawbacks and deficiencies through unique personality traits. This usually happens in teen life dealing with peer pressures and identity crises.


    Most of the time we jump to conclusions because we have not developed free-thinking or critical thinking. We are not accustomed to or conditioned to looking at various aspects of any predicament presented to us. We move on with biased conclusions and sometimes miss a good thing waiting to happen. A chance to find true love because of hasty conclusions, or an opportunity because of bad past experiences, etc.

    How To Avoid Hasty Generalizations

    hasty generalizations

    How badly do you want to know the truth or vie for something? Do you want to know if the person you loved is good enough? Or the employee you recruited is the right one? Responsible positions of leadership are best avoided with this fallacy.

    When you are dealing with people at large and working towards a common goal, fallacies, generalizations, and bias can be unproductive and hampering morale as well. Teamwork is about bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and experiences and getting the best of them.

    In scenarios such as these, where growth, time management, reaching targets is essential, generalizations are better when they are sidelined. In a leadership role, it is best to have a broader picture instead of looking at petty drawbacks and generalize. Bottom line, generalizations backfire productivity and morale when you have to bring out the best in people.

    Hasty Generalizations In Real Life

    hasty generalizations

    The most common generalizations in real life we live by and stop working towards our full potential include superstitions and myths. For instance, you need a formal education to be successful is a fallacy. There are numerous examples of dropouts like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Albert Einstein who defied the fallacy of having formal education to be successful.

    Experiencing life is more than getting a job. While that is true for everyone making a living, it is also the basis of numerous generalizations that put a leash on your true potential reaching greatness and achieving a significant goal for the greater good.

    Superstitions And Myths

    This is the most common form of generalization because it is deeply rooted in cultures and ethnicities. What is ancient has a potent effect on our minds and questioning it needs amassed knowledge, curious mind, and insights based on reasoning and not fallacies.

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    When you let them frail in your subconscious mind, it slowly and steadily becomes a mental block. For instance, many believe in the superstition of the black cat crossing brings bad luck. Keeping this in mind you are also ruining the rest of the day. This generalization is a mix of fear and myth that has been existent for ages, the truth surrounding this superstition is the faulty fallacy we live by.

    What if the black cat crossed your path and something good happens to you? Will you start believing black cats could be lucky? It is essential to understand the nature of how everything originates and what drives it to originate in the first place. A thought, gumption, and how you perceive situations regardless of their complexities.

    Personal Relations

    This is a common ground for misunderstandings leading to the ‘it’s complicated’ syndrome. Haven’t we all been there at some point of time in life. If you care deeply about the person you love, you dig deeper to see what troubles the person you love and love them some more with the understanding they need.

    The family dynamics become less dysfunctional when we tone down the hasty generalizations. That’s our inner circle, the place where the good, the bad, and the ugly is comfortable to frail through.

    Maybe not the case with everyone. But the point is, we do end up making generalizations, especially, during an argument because our emotions are so stirred up, we fail to see beyond fallacies.

    For instance, if parents develop a better understanding of teen life and are more of a coach, a friend, a confidant, instead of role playing the martyr or the dictator, the family dynamics have a deeper connection to experience.

    Those who have families to connect with are blessed. A lone wolf hardly evolves as an individual. Now, that could be a fallacy too because mystics have proved it wrong already.

    The flip side of knowing too much could also lead to generalizations. We loved to be informed. We could read a good deal about personalities, analyze, judge, at the drop of the hat because we assume we know enough to do that. We feel like we have expertise on the complex subject of human nature, but we don’t.

    So, it’s a good idea to put a leash on harsh generalizations and look at the brighter side and see good in people you meet in every walk of life. It tones down the negative noise of being judgmental giving a chance to have cordial human relations.

    This is because most of us do not know what someone is being through. Compassion comes a long way practicing it like a good habit turfing out the habit of generalizing. If you want to be candid, it is not challenging to practice compassion, which is the core human value and the foundation of human relations at large.

    Did you lose your precious friend over a misunderstanding because you jumped to a conclusion too soon? If you analyze situations you deal with, generalization is pretty much the social evil not letting you see beyond a conditioned perception. Toning down this aspect can salvage many valuable relations that add meaning to your life.


    We make hasty conclusions about ourselves because we are not self-aware and do not understand how our emotions drive us in taking decisions. It’s not the subconscious mind, it is the emotions that have registered memories, feelings, thoughts, and perceptions in the subconscious mind.

    Why do you feel a certain way? Are your feelings and perceptions right and in sync with the reality or what is presented to you? The most common logical fallacy that stops most people from reaching their potential is, “Nobody likes me, therefore I am bad,” “I failed, I will never succeed again,” “I am too old to get started,” “Too old to learn something new,” and so forth.

    You are telling these lies to yourself over and over without exploring reality. How many times have you done that to yourself, especially, in growing years when you were criticized or cast down by your peers? You made it your reality. Did you know if you had an understanding of the subconscious mind, it could help prevent suicides and a lot of complex situations from happening?

    That is because your deep understanding of the subconscious mind and human nature makes you naturally compassionate not to ‘judge’ but get an unbiased perspective. Not only will you be a good listener, you will make someone feel understood when the world is darted against them.

    Sometimes, this could be a loved one, and your understanding of the mental and emotional states of their subconscious mind can only make them stronger and sail through the most challenging situations of life like a winner; and not just a winner but a compassionate one. It gives you the mental and emotional strength and scope to understand where the other stands in their mental states.

    We often forget we have brutality ingrained in human nature. Being compassionate only enlightens our journey and brings along others too. Being ‘brutality honest,’ without consideration for others feeling and emotions, ‘do what is being told to do,’ strict parenting, and various life experiences provide insights of how brutality and harshness are ingrained in human nature and unfortunately has become a part of the value system of various ethnic groups.

    How many of you will raise your hands about your parents stopping you from pursuing your true calling because taking up a job is the safest route? It’s a common fallacy. The root of all evil and ignorance is rationalizing our insecurities of the unknown and settling. Do you dare? Then, don’t settle! Defy this fallacy, which has become a common ground for many to reach their greatest potential and find their true calling.

    Most Common Fallacies Of Human Life
    • “Nobody loves me”
    • “Am not good enough”
    • “Getting settled is being married with kids”
    • “Salaried income provides security”
    • “Parents are always right”
    • “Questioning old rules is lack of respect”
    • “I told you so”


    “Sweet-natured people have good intentions”

    This fallacy usually leads to heartbreaks and disappointments. In adult life, which has surpassed William Blake’s songs of innocence, sweetness is no more a virtue but a tool to deceive and cover-up hidden motives. Nope, ain’t describing a layered plot of a mystery or thriller flick, but there are situations in life that give you the moment of epiphany or awakening.

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    There are genuine people, no doubt, but you need intuition that looks beyond fallacies to see the truth hidden underneath the sweet demeanor because sometimes, what seems too good to be truth has a lot of sinister to hide. If you develop the habit of being unbiased, it is easier to gauge hidden motives without coming across as being suspicious all the time.

    Blind faith, blind trust, are truly blinding and a fallacy leading to making wrong decisions and giving away sound judgment. There is no such thing as blind faith, especially, when dealing with mortals because human nature is still evolving and is the most unpredictable.

    People change, it’s a given, it’s life. This is not a fallacy but a fact. You expect the person who you knew for years before tying the knot is going to be the same. This is mostly a fallacy, leading to disappointments and breakups.

    The foundations of relationships are not logical fallacies but asserting yourself and being subtly detached from the truth because when you are attached to something and your fallacies collapse, there is pain.

    Hasty Generalizations In Movies

    hasty generalizations

    Movies are full of fallacies and hasty generalizations. Especially, in the plot where the hidden motives of the antagonist are not apparent in the beginning and viewers make a hasty generalization until the climax where the real nature is known.

    Fallacies in Disney And Hollywood Movies

    hasty generalizations

    Loki is portrayed as a villain in the Thor movie. But, you see a different side of him in the Loki series. There is more to this character than his dark side. Negative traits were highlighted in the movie and you get to see a lighter side of the character in the series. Likewise, there is a positive side to those who we consider villainous and vilify without looking at any positive aspect.

    The Beast

    The Beast is considered to be villainous who traps the father of Belle but turns out to be a good-hearted man trapped in his cursed past. Once a charming prince turned beast due to curse only ridden when he finds true love.


    Gaston is the hero who everybody loves but nobody is aware of his hidden agendas and dark plans. He vilifies the beast and turns everyone in the town against the beast with the agenda of getting Bella. He also hurts her father but everyone is not aware of his evil antics and considers him a hero.

    We make hasty generalizations in our real-life taking into account what appears in front of us without giving a thought about the true intentions or the nature of what is presented to us.


    Dori is an absent-minded fish who could only be a liability in a miles journey to find Nemo. But, turns out without Dori’s dedicated help, despite her absent-mindedness it would have been impossible to find Nemo.


    Soul defies the idea of how Karma works. Most of us have been thought that karma is a mathematical equation without a sign of compassion. Joe gets another chance instead of being part of the Great Beyond to fulfill his dreams. The movie depicts compassion in the higher realms and defies the entire concept of rebirth and reincarnation teaching values and the importance of life purpose and individuality.

    Frankie And Johnny

    It’s hard to believe in love or find true love again, especially, if you have been abused in the name of a relationship. Frankie and Johnny defy the generalization of ‘happily ever after’ and that ‘true love’ happens just once. With a bruised past, no matter how unwilling you are to accept love, when it’s there around to embrace you, along with your wounds, there’s no shying away from it.


    A Casanova taking care of a naïve woman is a generalization that defied that Casanovas are bad men and not capable of loving someone truly. You could find this in numerous movies where the Casanova is finally in love with a woman he won’t let go of.

    The Good Girl

    A twisted end to a drama movie. Jennifer Aniston(don’t we love her!!!) plays the Good Girl nobody doubts could have a love affair and secretly kills her boyfriend fearing her husband could find out. It speaks of generalizations of how marriage is ‘meant’ to work.

    As Good As It Gets

    Melvin (Jack Nicholson), a obsessive, compulsive, successful writer of romantic novels is a pain in the but in his real life and finds it difficult to communicate his love for Carol (Helen Hunt) and be there in the toughest times of his gay neighbor. Traits and a warm, compassionate side of him nobody would expect looking at his mean and spiteful demeanor.

    Hasty Generalizations – Real Life Characters

    Frida Kahlo

    Frida Kahlo’s life is painful and defies the fact that people who create beauty might have splendorous life. She created beauty through her paintings regardless of how painful her life was. She was operated 30 times and created 200 paintings depicting nature, gender, and other philosophies through her folk art.

    Ashton Kutcher

    Ashton Kutcher is known for playing the role of Casanova in numerous movies but he is a philanthropist at heart. He enjoys investing in startups and building lives by encouraging ideas and enterprises through his investments. There are numerous celebrities who you wouldn’t expect have invested in a Nobel cause given their on-screen persona and tidbits from their personal lives.


    This is the best example of hasty generalizations and logical fallacies. A celebrated musician with an abusive past, sullen temper, numerous affairs, and physical disabilities created the most dulcet symphonies. He was known to have a bad temper. None of his personality traits matched the symphonies he created which are a gift to the ears even today.

    The fallacies most people live by generalizing based on what appears does not make life easy for those who have a lot of pain and suffering on the inside. You could as well suffice that generalization is a social evil on which people base their analyses, expectations, and make a wrong choice.

    Hasty Generalizations in Business Leadership

    hasty generalizations

    Decision-making is crucial to business leadership or in any role that has the responsibility to play dealing with a team and people at large on a day-to-day basis. If you narrow down your analysis and have a closed mind, it becomes a mental block to condition to diverse thinking and accepting people for what they are instead of judging.

    It hampers bringing out the best in people. It is essential to look through the true nature of what is presented instead of making hasty decisions because they are usually wrong and regrettable decisions.

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    Hasty Generalizations In Media And Politics

    Given the tough times and world crisis, especially, because of the pandemic, it is essential for the hoi polloi to develop critical thinking and not form opinions and notions based on the facts and theories showcased in media in any format. Take political propagandas with a pinch of salt, because it is you who chooses your leader, so make a wise choice developing critical thinking to make decision for the greater good.

    Most of what is shown on the television is scripted. Therefore, it is wise to give it a thought instead of blindly believing whatever is showcased because media stands on one of the pillars is to ‘sensationalize’ therefore not everything that is presented is absolute truth.

    The Free Thinker Paradigm

    hasty generalizations

    What is free-thinking? As we grow we are conditioned to following numerous ideologies which might also be the reason why we are not evolving and experiencing life differently. For instance, those who have been brought up in orthodox families, find it challenging to think out of the box to come up with creative solutions because their mind is accustomed to thinking within limitations.

    Your hidden potential is not explored when you do not learn to break away from these ‘set’ thinking patterns. We confuse spirituality with religion. Both have significance, spirituality goes beyond religious norms. It is a universal feeling of oneness, treating your fellow humans with respect and equality regardless of where they come from.

    We have limited thinking about relations and pretty much live in the life of ‘if and buts.’ We think happy marriages happen only once, we feel like there is no other choice when things go wrong. This is because our mind is not free. When you develop free-thinking, you will be satisfied to know every problem has a solution, you did not think. You will find tranquility in chaos.

    10 Ways To Develop Critical Thinking

    hasty generalizations

    How do you analyze facts present to you to come to a consensus? When you have to analyze a situation, a group, or a personality, what are the factors you consider when you analyze the facts presented to you? Critical thinking is to develop logical reasoning, reflection, observation, unbiased analysis, consider various aspects, without adding your personal beliefs or fallacies to analysis.

    Be A Good Listener

    The crux of developing good communication is to be a good listener. It helps you gather crucial information such as states of mind, emotions, what motivates a person to do what they do, choices, ambitions, strengths, weaknesses, etc. When you are listening, ensure your mind is unbiased and is not colored with personal assumptions or generalizations.

    Different Points Of View

    When you are especially, taking critical decisions, gather different points of view from people who have the knowledge, analytical ability, intuitive thinking, and well-researched facts. Its good to get an all-round view before you form a judgment about any situation, group, or individual.

    Psychology And The Subconscious Mind

    It is essential to understand the nature, intentions, drive, and how the mind is inclined to work instead of skimming over past and present experience and emotional states. Many times, a good person turns out to be a real villain because you never expected the ‘nice’ person would do such a thing. Wasn’t that the case of Ted Bundy? A charming, well-educated political aspirant with brilliance gone wrong?

    Brilliance, mental abilities, skills, work on entire different scale compared to what emotions drive us to do. It is a fallacy that stoicism leads to wisdom. The case of Theranos is one such example of stoicism gone wrong.

    The generalization that you have to ignore your emotions to get closer to your ambitions is an unhealthy thought process. Life is about experiencing emotions, healthy relations, associations, and not repressing emotions to focus on the mechanical side of ambition. Are you allowed to express yourselves and show emotions inside the corporate enterprises?

    They would pretty much treat you like an outcast, or worst fire you if you do that, wouldn’t they? Having controlled emotions is an unspoken expectation if you don’t comply, you would be considered a novice. But wouldn’t expressing yourself freely reduce the work stress that usually builds up within when you hold your emotions and feelings inside, and be tight-lipped?

    Avoid Prejudice

    What is unhealthy is group prejudice. We all love to be a part of something, such as a common interest, a thought process, or a vibe. When we witness situations different from our conditioned perceptions, we enjoy using the group prejudice to outcast someone you do not want in your circle. For whatever reason, without getting to know the person for real you cast them down. Didn’t this happen numerous times?

    You see that in movies like Mean Girls and most of the teen or coming of the age movies. “Appearances are deceptive.” Homeschooled, Einstein gave the world how mass and energy work in the universe. His mother believed in him when he was pushed around. If you want to bring out the best in people, you could consciously condition your mind to avoid prejudice.

    Play Games That Give Your Mind A Workout

    Scrabble, monopoly, chess, or any game that lets your mind think and analyze various situations is a useful pass time. Age of Empires boosts your strategic ability. There are numerous games online help enhance your mental abilities by making you think!

    Read And Observe

    Read books, fiction, non-fiction, they keep your mind in a thinking mode. When you are reading a story, your mind is in an analytical mode. The more you read, the better ability you develop to think and analyze with accuracy not clouded by your assumptions and prejudice.


    Speculate how someone would react or act when presented with a situation. It gives you an insight if your speculations are right or wrong and ways to develop critical thinking. Whether it is your life, someone else’s life, what you read, see, observe, predict, speculate.

    Problem Solving

    Take up challenges like logical puzzles, or solve a problem a day. Develop the ability of creative problem solving by thinking out of the box or taking a different route to solve a problem. The numerous points of view presented to you give you a different perspective on how to solve a problem.

    Be Curious

    Question everything you observe and everything that is presented to you and analyze how you look at things in multiple environments. Make a list of your assumptions and prejudices and find a way to defy them. This happens when you research and gather information analyze and defy assumptions to develop correct insights that bring sound judgments.

    Connect With Diverse People

    This is essential to develop an unbiased outlook that helps in developing critical thinking ability. When you connect with people from all walks of life, it opens your thoughts and how you perceive them. It takes courage to do that but when you take that step it only brings out the best in you as well as other people.


    Hasty generalization is not only a social evil but also a mental block that stops you from making good decisions. Generalizations are fallacies that only give primary knowledge and insight and do not apply to individuals or groups. Multiculturalism defies generalizations because with this openness you connect with people from diverse backgrounds without bias, discrimination, or harsh judgment.





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