Foaming at the Mouth: Causes, Prevention and Interesting Details

    Got moved by the depiction of white foaming at the mouth in your favorite movies? And now you want to know the cause of it. Or, probably you are facing foaming at the mouth and worrying about what if your condition also becomes like the one in the T.V. shows. Whatever the scenario is, you are here to learn more about this phenomenon.

    Here it goes. We will share some exciting details about it. From the causes to treatment- we will discuss everything. So, stick to the end to learn it all.

    foaming at the mouth
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    Foaming at the Mouth: What are the Major Causes?

    First of all, let us tell you that whatever you have in your mind about foaming in the mouth is wrong. That excessive froth in the mouth usually shown in theatres and T.V. shows is exaggerated most of the mouth. Human beings are not likely to develop that massive amount of froth at the mouth. But, yes, froth comes.

    Foaming is the formation of saliva at the mouth. In general, our mouth already has natural saliva that keeps the germs and food particles away from the teeth and gums. Intentionally, we can press upon the saliva glands letting them emit saliva. But, it comes unintentionally; it may be a matter of concern.

    Although you will not see that high amount of foaming at the mouth you see in the fictional shows, even a small amount of it needs prompt medical attention. Why? Let’s know what the possible causes of this phenomenon are. Here are the reasons.

    1. Dryness in the Mouth:

    Among many prominent causes, one of the main causes is dry mouth. Yes, it sounds odd. But, the fact is that dryness in the mouth may lead to the development of foaming saliva. There are many conditions when we feel that dryness. Some such conditions are:

    • Dehydration: When you do not drink water for a long time, your body lacks water. In that case, you feel extreme dryness in your mouth as the regular moisture gets dried up.
    • Stress: Constant stress and anxiety may lead to such a lack of moisture in the mouth. Psychological pressure affects the hydration in the body. That is why it is recommended to drink water frequently while living under stress due to professional-personal hackles.
    • Mouth-breathing: What happens when your nostrils are blocked? It often happens when mucus remains in the nasal path, or you have chronic breathing trouble. Then, you breathe through your mouth. Isn’t it? Well, that may lead to dry mouth what later can cause foaming at the mouth.
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    foaming in the mouth

    Along with these reasons, there are some severe body conditions that may cause dry mouth. They are:

    We often tend to buy over-the-counter medicines. Who wants to go to the doctors’ chamber, right? But, do you know such self-medication may cause dryness in the mouth too? And gradually, it may lead to foaming at the mouth. Be aware of it.

    Not only over-the-counter medicines but also some regular medicines can also cause this issue. As per the report, the medicines that bring in the risks of dry mouth are:

    • muscle relaxants
    • painkillers
    • anxiety pills
    • blood pressure medication
    • anti-depressants
    • Antihistamines
    • Decongestants

    How to Prevent it:

    To prevent dry mouth, you can take some precautionary measures. First of all, stay hydrated. Secondly, you can use oral moisturizer. Sugar-free tablets can also work well. And if such a condition occurs, it is best to ask for prompt medical attention before taking any step in this matter.

    2. Seizure Attack:

    Suppose you are not a victim of the dryness of the mouth, bingo! You are healthy. But there are other causes as well which lead to foaming at the mouth. One cause is a seizure attack. Different types of seizures attack people.

    One such type is tonic-clonic. In this condition, the bubbling of saliva occurs in the mouth. It is also known as convulsing seizures.

    In this seizure attack, the patient loses control over the muscles. And thus, it becomes difficult for them to close or open their mouth as we naturally do. Saliva comes through the clenched teeth with a blend of oxygen and other gases into it.

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    Due to loose muscles, people cannot swallow it, and it continues coming out. Thus, foaming at the mouth becomes a common symptom of a seizure attack.

    How to prevent it:

    There is no such preventive measure for such attacks. It may be a result of genetic disorders or diseases. However, if you experience such attacks for more than 5 minutes, go for emergency care immediately.

    foaming at the mouth

    3. Rabies disease:

    Have you heard of the rabies attack? It is a disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. Once it occurs, it disturbs the brain and central nervous system of any mammal. Usually, it is transmitted through an open bite of the infected animal or getting in touch with an open wound of such animals.

    Along with other symptoms, rabies causes an increased amount of saliva secretion in the mouth. As it brings in paralysis in the throat muscles, swallowing becomes a problem. People affected with rabies cannot swallow it. As a result, foaming at the mouth happens.

    How to prevent it:

    Avoid going near the affected animals. You can learn about the signs of rabies-affected animals from specialists. Also, get an idea about the common symptoms of the disease. If you find yourself with the symptoms, go to a doctor immediately.

    4. Overdose of Medicines:

    Anything excess is harmful. Even if it is a beneficial medicine, overdosage may bring fatal consequences. The same goes for toxin products. When you consume more drugs or toxic elements that your body cannot tolerate, it leads to trouble.

    Usually, when you take overdosage of medicine, you will likely suffer from heart and lung dysfunctions. They do not work properly. Liquid mucus starts developing around these two major organs of the body. And the body cells run out of oxygen.

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    Gradually, carbon-di-oxide develops around the organs and mixes with the liquid. Thus, frothy mucus is developed and comes out from the mouth unintentionally.

    How to prevent

    Take care of the right dosage prescribed by the physician. Even overdosage for a single day may lead to troubles. And if by any chance, you mistakenly take overdosage, visit the nearest hospital or your physician promptly. Delayed treatment may take your life, leaving aside the occurrence of foaming at the mouth.

    The Bottom Line

    So, these are the details about the condition of foaming in the mouth. Although it is not a commonly-seen condition, you should treat it at the early sign of it. We hope you have got the details you require. Let us know how it helped you. Stay healthy! If you want to learn about why your roof of the mouth hurts, click here.


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