How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear- 12 Best Remedies To Try Out

    How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear- Easy Ways To Get Rid Of The Irritation It Causes

    Summers are almost here and we love swimming. If you have planned everything on swimming classes and wish to learn how to get water out of your ear prior to your classes or you already have some issues previously regarding the same, you definitely should learn all the mentioned ways on how to get water out of your year.

    Although swimming is not only the cause due to which water enters inside your ear, it can be the most common cause. Overexposure to water for too long or any other reason can also lead to this issue. When it happens, you initially feel certain tickling sensations in your ear, later on, these sensations can turn into irritation and painful ones.

    This tickling sensation you get initially might even extend further and reach your throat or jawbone. This will cause your ear to feel uncomfortable and you would not be able to hear anything clearly or hear muffled sounds.

    In most cases, the water will drain out of your ear on its own. If it doesn’t you should try the following ways to know how to get water out of your ear, because when water is trapped inside for too long, it may cause some serious ear infection.

    One such infection is called the swimmer’s ear. In this condition, the water gets trapped inside the external auditory canal of your ear. You do not have to worry, just follow the measures and within no time you will get relief.

    How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear

    how to get water out of your ear
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    If water has been trapped inside your year for too long, you can just try the following remedies at home itself to get water out of your year. If these remedies don’t help you, you have to visit a doctor as it might lead to some sort of infections later on.

    1. How To Get Water Of Your Ear By Jiggling Your Earlobes

    This method is amazing for removing water from your ear. This will shake the water inside your ear and eventually, it will come out. You have to gently jiggle or tug the earlobe while tilting your head towards the downside along with your shoulder. You may also try to shake your head from one side to another in the same position. Repeat this process once or twice and see if you have got relief or not.

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    2. Let Gravity Make It Happen

    This is the easiest technique to remove the stuck water from your ear. Gravity should help you with the issue and get the water out from your ear.

    All you have to do for gravity to do its work is lie down on your side on which water has entered inside the year, keep lying for free minutes and keep a towel under your ear to absorb the drained water. The water will slowly drain out of the year within few minutes.

    3. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear By Creating A Vacuum

    how to get water out of your ear

    This is another method you can use to drain ut the water or get rid of water that has entered your ear. Let’s see what to do to follow this method.

    1. Tilt your head on one side and rest your ear on your palm making it in a cup shape. Create a tight seal with your cupped palm on your ear.
    2. Gently push your palm back and forth towards the ear moving in rapid motion. Flatten it as you push and cup it as you are pulling it away from your ear.
    3. Tilt your head downwards for allowing the water to drain out.

    4. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Using A Blow Dryer

    You can also use certain techniques that will evaporate the water entered inside your ear itself, one such method is using a blow dryer. It will dry the water inside the canal of your ear. Let’s see how to perform this procedure.

    1. Turn the blow dryer on keeping it on the lowest possible setting to avoid any damage.
    2. Hold your blow dryer about one foot away from the ear having water trapped and move it slowly and gradually in back and forth motion.
    3. While you bring the blow dryer closer to your air, let the warm air get inside and blow-dry the water so that it evaporates quickly.

    5. Using Alcohol And Vinegar Eardrops

    how to get water out of your ear
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    This is another technique to evaporate the water in your ear. Alcohol can also help in evaporating the water and works great. It also helps in eliminating bacterial growth if it has started taking place due to water. This will in turn lower the risk of infection and prevent infection from occurring.

    If the water trapped inside the ear is occurring due to the buildup of earwax, you may use vinegar to remove it thoroughly. This method is not for people who have an outer ear infection, eardrum tubes, and perforated eardrums. Let’s see how to follow this method.

    1. You have to make an ear drop by combining both alcohol and vinegar in equal proportions.
    2. Use a sterile dropper and apply 3 or 4 drops of the mixture or solution you have created into the ear.
    3. Gently rub on the outside of the ear.
    4. You will have to wait for nearly 30 seconds and then tilt your head sideways for the solution to drain out of the year.
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    You can get rubbing alcohol or vinegar anywhere near the stores.

    6. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Using Hydrogen Peroxide Eardrops

    Hydrogen peroxide drops are generally used by many people in order to remove the earwax and debris accumulated inside of the year for too long. This might be the cause that water is still present inside the ear as the earwax is not letting it drain out even if you tilt your head multiple times.

    You can find these eardrops anywhere online. These eardrops also use a combination having hydrogen peroxide and urea. This is together known as carbamide peroxide. It is used effectively to unclog the earwax from your ear.

    However, this method is advised for everyone except the people having following conditions:

    • Outer ear infections
    • Tympanostomy tubes or eardrum tubes
    • A perforated eardrum.

    7. Using Olive Oil

    Another amazing idea that helps you learn to know how to get water out of your ear. Not only it helps to repel water out of the ear, but it also helps in preventing any sort of infection to occur that could be dangerous later on if the water is still present in your ear.

    Let’s see how to proceed with this method.

    1. Take a small bowl from your kitchen and warm some olive oil in it.
    2. Use a fresh and clean dropper for placing few drops of this olive oil into the ear that has water.
    3. Lie on the other side for about 10 minutes and then sit up to tilt the ear downwards.
    4. In this way, the water along with olive oil should drain water.

    8. Try Adding More Water

    Although it might bit weird and illogical to many people, it can actually help you with the irritation. Many people have tried it and it has worked well for some people. Let’s see what to do:

    1. Lie on another side and then fill the affected ear using a clean dropper with few drops of water.
    2. Wait for 5 or 6 seconds and then turn around to another side such that the affected ear is facing towards down. All the water stuck in your ear is most likely to drain out.

    9. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Using Medications

    You will find plenty of over-the-counter medications in form of eardrops on the market that are quite useful. Most of the eardrops are alcohol-based. These eardrops are designed to reduce the availability of moisture in your ear thus evaporating the water. They will kill the bacterias present along with removing debris and earwax.

    These were some methods that you can easily try if you wish to know how to get water out of your ear. But, these methods are mostly for the presence of outer in the outer ear, what if water gets accumulated in the middle ear? Do not worry, we have quite a few effective solutions for you to try out.

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    10. Yawning And Chewing

    if you are facing middle ear congestion then depending upon the cause of it, you may try antihistamine therapy or OTC decongestant therapy. You have to carefully read all the instructions given on the label for doing so.

    If the water gets accumulated inside the eustachian tubes of the ear, moving your mouth can be quite useful in opening the tubes sometimes. You just have to chew something or yawn to relieve the tension inside eustachian tubes and you may get rid of water stuck.

    11. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Using Valsalva Maneuver

    Performing valsalva maneuver is another method that can you with opening up of eustachian tubes in your ear this releasing water. But you have to remain careful and do not blow too hard as it might end up damaging your eardrum.

    Let’s see how to proceed with this method:

    1. Take a deep breather and close your mouth. Gently squeeze the nostrils shut using your fingers.
    2. Slowly blow air out of the nose. You will hear a popping sound while you do so, if you have heard that sound, the eustachian tubes have opened and the water will get outside.

    12. How To Get Water Out Of Your Ear Using Steam

    Warm steam is another method you may try to know how to get water out of your ear. It will help release the accumulated water from your middle ear. You just have to take a hot shower or use a bowl filled with hot water to give you a mini sauna.

    1. Fill a large bowl using hot water having steam.
    2. Use a towel to cover your head and then hold your face over the bowl.
    3. Inhale this steam for 5 or 10 minutes and then tilt your head to one side for the water to drain out.

    You clearly know that preventing any problem is far better than looking for its cure. Here are a few simple tips and tricks that you should try using to avoid anything of this sort happening in the first place.

    1. Whenever you go for swimming sessions, use a swim cap or earplugs.
    2. Once you have to spend a lot of time swimming or in water activities, make sure you clean thoroughly the outside portion of your ear until it dries completely.

    There are few things you have to avoid completely when water gets accumulated inside your ear. If none of the above home remedies have worked quite well for you, do not resort to using different ear swabs or your finger or any other sharp object to dig inside as it can worsen the condition. Doing such things will lead to:

    1. Adding many bacterias inside your ear
    2. It may push the water even deeper inside your ear
    3. It might injure the ear canal
    4. It may even puncture the eardrum making it a lot worse.

    When To Visit A Doctor

    how to get water out of your ear
    medical news today

    Usually, the water trapped inside will get away without going for any treatment and using home remedies. Sometimes you do not even have to use home remedies to get rid of it. If it is still bothering you, you can try any of the above remedies.

    But if the situation is getting out of hand and the water is still trapped inside for more than 2 or 3 days, or if it shows any signs of an infection, it is time to see a doctor as soon as you can.

    If your ear turns swollen or inflamed, there are chances that you have developed an infection that needs to be treated. The infection in your ear might get serious if you do not get timely treatment. When the case or situation becomes worse, you might end up losing your hearing ability and face certain other complications like damage to cartilage or bones.

    Once you visit a doctor, they will provide you with some medications to relieve pain and cure the problem. Do Not Delay.


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