Fire Hydrant Exercise: 5 Simple Steps to Do it in the Right Way

    Get your Inner Thighs into Shape with Fire Hydrant Exercise

    What bears the strength of our whole body? It is our lower body part. So, keeping our lower body fit is essential to get an overall healthy and fit body. A wide range of exercises is there that can make your butt look iron-like, giving you a slim waist. But which one is to choose? Are you confused? Here it goes. Let’s talk about the Fire Hydrant exercise. It is the best move to tone and strengthen your glutes.

    You can easily include it in your full-body workout. It tightens the core and shapes your lower body part beautifully. From your hip, waist to the muscles of the legs, you can get your body in shape with this exercise. Also, if you are looking for a way to shed your extra belly fat, this exercise helps. The sportspersons, athletes, and fitness-freak gym-goers often prefer this exercise for improving lower body parts.

    fire hydrant exercise

    For athletes, it is essential to get a strong pair of limbs, stout hips, and a fine waistline. So, fire hydrant exercise is a wonderful move for them. Nonetheless, here, we will discuss everything you need to know about fire hydrant exercise. From how to do it to the benefits- all you will come to know in this write-up. Let’s proceed.

    Fire Hydrant Exercise: What is it?

    If you find no way around to shed the extra fat accumulated in your thighs and butts, try the Fire Hydrant exercise. It is an effective combination exercise that includes plank, leg rise, and many other techniques. And the best part is that you do not need to buy expensive pieces of equipment for this. You do not need to pay for the gym as well. You can easily perform this exercise at home. So, let’s know how to do the fire hydrant exercise.

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    Fire Hydrant Exercise: The Benefits

    This simple exercise comes with extraordinary benefits. Let’s delve into that.

    Improves hip stability: It targets to improve the butts and other lower body parts. Thus, it makes the hip more stable and stout. By making the hip flexible from the core, it helps to enhance stability. It helps people, especially athletes, perform the tasks that ask for a wide hip range of motions. It also stabilizes the muscles in the butt and the core of the lower body part.

    Works to control hip movements: The exercise controls three kinds of major hip movements- Hip Extension, Hip External Rotation, Hip Abduction. The hip extension helps you to move your limbs flexibly away from the pelvis. Hip external rotation is a process in which your leg rotates outward. The footballers snd dancers need to practice this move well as it is included in their core performance.


    For common people, regular tasks like getting out of the car to include such movement of hips. Next comes hip abduction. Hip abduction is a move in which you can find a leg drifted apart from the center of your body. So, all of these movements are controlled when you practice fire hydrant exercise.

    Prevents knee or ankle injury in the future: Prevention is always better than cure. And it is hard to cure any ankle or knee injury once it takes place. So, it is better to take action beforehand to prevent it. Regular practicing of fire hydrant exercise reduces the risks of knee or ankle injury. As they become flexible and strong, they are less likely to get harmed even if you fall or visit an accident.

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    Strengthens the abdominal core: Some of the variants of fire hydrant exercise works on the abdominal muscles as well. It helps to strengthen and tone them. Thus, the core gets firm and stout. With a firm abdomen, you will get your body in proper shape.

    Helps to maintain balance: When your lower body parts are strong enough, maintaining the balance of the body is not a big deal. After all, it holds the complete balance of the body. The exercise, as we said, works to improve hip stability. And, thus, it enhances the overall balance of the body.

    Fire Hydrant Exercise: How to Do it?

    To start with this exercise, you first need to prepare your mat. Well, let me tell you how your mat should be. For fire hydrant exercise, a simple all-purpose mat or a yoga mat is enough. You do not require to buy the costly extra-thick mats. Once you get the mat, spread it on the ground wherever you are comfortable and follow the steps mentioned below.

    1. Take the Position: Rest on your knees and hands. Keep your body parallel to the ground.
    2. Stay Firm: Keep your knees straight under the hips and the palms under the shoulder. Stay firm in your position.
    3. Flex your Right Foot: Now, coming to the next step of the fire hydrant exercise, you must first flex your right foot. Then, get back to the normal position and repeat the process.
    4. Kick the Leg Out: It’s time to do the major step. Kick the leg out level with your hips. While doing this, exhale up and inhale back.
    5. Squeeze your Glute: When you kick your leg out, squeeze your glute firmly at the top. Remember not to rotate your spine and hips. It may hurt your back.
    6. Repeat the Process: When you are done with the fifth step, repeat the process with the left leg.

    Do it in 3 sets of 10 reps for each leg. Make sure your hands are placed at a 90° angle with the shoulder joints. Also, your lifted legs must be at a 45° angle.

    Fire Hydrant Exercise: Some Different Ways to Try

    If you are bored of the general ways to perform the exercise, here are some variations. The different types of this exercise include:

    • Forearm Fire Hydrants- It requires your forearms to be lowered down a bit.
    • Fire Hydrant with Resistant Bands- You can use a resistant band around your legs above the knees.
    • Fire Hydrant with Hand Lift- Lift the opposite hand slightly from the ground when you lift the leg in regular fire hydrant exercise.

    So, these are the simple steps to perform the exercise. You can also check out the video to get a practical idea about performing the fire hydrant exercise. Also, if you like, you can perform the clamshell exercise along with the fire hydrant exercise.

    Bottom the Line

    Here’s everything you need to know about the special fire hydrant exercise. We hope it has helped you to get a detailed idea about it. Let us know how you would like it. If you want to add any more information, you are welcomed in the comment box. And if you in the mood to strengthen your lower part more, click here to learn about Sumo squat. Strengthen your inner thighs along with outer portions!


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