Casein Vs Whey – Choose The Best Protein

    Casein Vs Whey- Which One Should You Use? Find Out!

    Casein vs whey protein, what’s the major difference? which one should you pick? Find Out!

    There are more types of protein nowadays in the market than we could actually think of. You will get all sorts of protein having rice and hemp to beef and insects.

    But the two main types of proteins that have always been there and are still regarded as the best and highly popular, casein and whey protein. If you are increasing your protein intake, you might want to go for these only, but which one to pick among casein vs whey?

    Although both the proteins are derived from milk, they still have a lot of differences between casein vs whey.

    This article will take you through all the differences between casein vs whey exploring each one in detail. This will help you choose the right one as per your needs.

    Casein Vs Whey- Know Both The Essential Proteins

    casein vs whey

    Casein and whey both are present in the milk itself. They are different proteins found inside the cow’s milk. Casein makes 80% of the milk’s protein content while whey makes 20% of it.

    Both are very high-quality proteins as they have essential amino acids. You must take essential amino acids from food as your body does not process them inside, which is one reason why milk is important to drink. In addition to that, both the proteins can be digested easily and absorption is great.

    Both casein and why are byproducts of cheese productions. When cheese is being prepared, special acids and enzymes are added when the milk is heated. These added enzymes and acids cause casein protein inside the milk to coagulate or change its state from liquid to solid. It does so by separating from a liquid substance. This liquid residue left behind is whey protein. It is later washed and then dried to form a powdered form for its usage in dietary supplements or food products.

    The remaining curd of casein is again washed and then dried to form protein powder and sometimes added to other dairy products like cottage cheese.

    Absorption Of Casein Is Slower Than Whey

    This is the main difference between casein vs whey. The way your body absorbs protein is highly important in deciding which one to opt for. Your body breaks the protein down into small molecules known as amino acids. These amino acids are circulated in the bloodstream where they are readily absorbed.

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    Casein vs whey have different times for their absorption. After you have taken casein, the amino acids still circulate in your blood for 3 to 4 hours but in the case of whey protein, they are absorbed after 90 minutes itself taking less time.

    This is because casein vs whey digest at different rates. The same goes for cheesemaking as well. Casein tends to form curd once it is exposed to the acids present in our stomach. The curd lengthens the absorption process and digestion in the body. This is the reason amino acids of casein are absorbed in a slow d steady rate making it the ideal protein match for fasting time and situations like when you are asleep.

    Whereas, whey protein is digested by the body way quicker as compared to casein so it makes your body perfectly fit for performing workouts at the gym and kickstarts the rebuilding process and muscle repair soon. That’s the main difference between casein vs whey. Both proteins are spectacular in nature, it’s just the purpose you require protein that differed which one to go for.

    Casein vs whey- Casie is perfect before you are going to sleep whereas whey is perfect in the morning when you are up for working out.

    Which is better for muscle building- Casein vs Whey?

    As you know among casein vs whey, whey is better suited for those working out because of its quick absorption but it is also better suited due to the profile of amino acids it has.

    Whey protein has more branched-chain amino acids like valine, leucine, isoleucine, etc. On the other hand, casein has a higher portion of amino acids like phenylalanine, methionine, histidine, etc.

    While all the amino acids known are excellent and play a role in building muscles. Leucine is highly important as it is the one responsible for kickstarting the process. Whey protein has leucine which ideally makes it a perfect choice.

    Owing to the higher leucine in whey, it stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins by which muscles start growing especially when it is consumed with the workouts.

    However, it is still not known whether the greater stimulation or start in the muscle proteins results in more growth of muscles for the long term.

    It is certain that the total protein consumed over the course of each day consistently is a strong predictor of the growth and strength of muscles.

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    Benefiical Compunds in Casein vs Whey

    Bith casein vs whey has different bioactive peptides which are several compounds known for benefiting your body. Let’s see what both the proteins have so that you can choose which one to bring.

    Casein Protein

    Bioactive peptides present inside casein are great and shown to be beneficial for the digestive system and immune system of your body. Some of the biopeptides present Inside casein protein also has great benefits for the heart as they help to lower blood pressure and to reduce the formation of clots in the blood.

    These peptides work the same for ACE )angiotensin-converting enzyme) inhibitors which is a class of drugs prescribed commonly for controlling blood pressure.

    They carry minerals a bind to minerals like phosphorus and calcium which improving their digestion in the stomach.

    Whey Protein

    Whey protein also has several active compounds known as immunoglobulins that help to boost the immune system.

    The immunoglobulins present inside the whey protein also have certain antimicrobial properties that help either killing or slowing down the harmful microbes, viruses, and bacterias.

    Certain test tube and animal studies have shown that these proteins also exert antioxidant effects along with inhibiting the growth of cancer and tumor cells in the body.

    In addition to all such features. some immunoglobulins also work by transporting important nutrients like Vitamin A in the body and also enhaces absorption of some other nutrients for example iron.

    Casein vs whey both have different bioactive compounds that play a role in benefiting your health in many ways.

    Benefits Of Casein vs Whey In Diet

    Naked Nutrition

    Taking protein through your diet or through adding supplements like casein vs whey (any of the two) makes it incredibly useful for your health in many ways. They play many roles such as:

    • Enzymes- They help the formation of enzymes that carry out important chemical reactions inside the body.
    • Antibodies- This helps to remove foreign particles that enter your body like viruses to help fight the infection caused.
    • Messengers- Many proteins also act as hormones which later coordinate in the signaling of cells.
    • Structure- They also provide support and form to the skin, tendons, and bones
    • Transport and storage- Proteins help moving substances like hormones, enzymes, a d medicines through the body.

    Beyond all such basic nutritional functions that proteins play, it also has several other health benefits like:

    • Blood pressure- Studies have revealed that people taking protein have lower blood pressure regardless of the source of protein, it can be casein as well as whey or other sources.
    • Controlling blood sugar- When you consume protein instead of carbs, it helps improving blood sugar control in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.
    • Fat loss- Protein also aids in fat loss and weight loss by boosting your metabolism and decreasing your appetite.
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    These benefits can be achieved d by consuming protein in a higher amount regardless of the source. You don’t need to go for casein or whey, you can use both.

    Which one to chose- casein vs whey?

    Despite their different components or bioactive composition, both casein vs whey very little when it comes to their high nutritional data.

    Let’s see what composition of both per standard scoop- Casein vs whey composition?

    Whey (31 grams)

    • Number of calories- 110
    • Fat- 1 gram only
    • Carbohydrates- 2 grams only
    • Protein- 24 grams
    • Iron- 0% of the RDI (reference daily intake)
    • Calcium- 8% of RDI

    Casein (34 grams)

    • Calories- 120
    • Fat- 1 gram
    • carbs- 4 grams
    • Iron- 4% of the RDI
    • Calcium- 50% of RDI

    You must keep in mind that the nutritional facts of casein vs whey may vary based on the rates you purchase so make sure you take a look at the labels for nutritional info or guide.

    There are some other factors to consider in casein vs whey, these include:

    • Casein protein powder is more costly as compared to why protein powder
    • Whey protein powder mixes better as compared to casein powder
    • Whey protein powder often has better taste and better consistency than the casein protein powder

    There are protein blends also available in the market where both eh proteins are mixed thus giving you the benefits of both the proteins together. If you have a hard time figuring which one to chose, go for both.

    Alternatively, you can purchase both the proteins separately and then consume whey protein when you have to work out while some casein before you are going to bed.

    How To use- Casein vs whey?

    bread, ham, tight max
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    You can easily mix the proteins either with milk or with power for consumption. Milk usually makes the protein shakes thicker especially the casein.

    If possible, try to mix protein powder and any liquid you are using with a blender bottle or any other form of blender you have instead of using a regular spoon. Once you start doing this you will notice a perfect consistency rink that equals the dispersion of protein in the liquid and avoids coagulation.

    Always add the liquid followed by the protein scoops. This helps avoids the sticking of protein at bottom of the container.

    The Bottom Line- Which One Did You Chsoe, Casein Or Whey?

    Both the protein are derived from milk. The main difference between casein vs whey is their absorption or digestion time. Casein takes time for digestion while whey protein gets digested early. This is the reason why whey protein should be preferred for workouts.

    Both contain different bioactive compounds that help boost the immune system and offer various benefits.

    Choosing either one does not mean you will get better results, you can blend both the proteins and reap the benefits of both.

    Above all, you must know that the total intake of protein daily is what matters the most in building muscles and improving health over a long time.

    While there are differences between casein vs whey, both play a significant role in our body and provides many health benefits.


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