Fall Color Palettes: 9 Amazing Options

    It’s the first day of autumn! A time of hot chocolatey mornings, and toasty marshmallow evenings, and, best of all, leaping into leaves!

    – Winnie The Pooh

    For all the color enthusiasts out there, fall is one of the best times where nature gives us amazing colors. The fall color palette is so exquisite and cozy that we acquire from nature every autumn to get inspired from. Who doesn’t love the vibrant shades of orange, yellow, red, and many more such colors?

    Fall is the time when the greenery of forests gets transformed into different shades of orange and red. Isn’t it just amazing when the sunlight falls on the leaves and the color just brightens up your mood? The beautiful transition from summer to winter brings us the most snuggly and warm feeling with the fall color palette.

    Autumn is a season that inspires a lot of us for colors to use in our interiors, theme parties, festivals, and many more such things. This is why the season has a color palette with its own name called the fall color palette which people just adore and adapt to.

    So, today we will be talking about different fall color palettes and all the amazing and warm colors that you can use for your interiors or even parties. Even so, Halloween is one of the best times to witness the vibrant and warm colors from the fall color palette. Let’s begin!

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    My Favorite Fall Color Palettes

    Flamboyant Spices Palette

    This combination of colors is bold and is something that is very eye-catchy and attractive. The shades present in this palette are enticing and can be used where you want people to turn their hands.

    This is one of the fall color palettes that is the most vibrant and bright. You may feel that these colors may belong to the spring season but when you closely contemplate these colors you will find the soothing golden undertone to these colors that will bring you the coziness of fall.

    fall color palette

    Dreamy Floral Palette

    Oh, we could just look at these colors all day, right? Well, the colors in this palette are the most subtle and soothing colors you will find on the fall color palette. Everyone must have seen these colors at weddings as they give a romantic vibe.

    Not just for weddings but these colors are so complementary that they can vibe up any place where you use them. The calming and harmonized feeling that you get while looking at these colors is incomparable.

    fall color palette

    Royal Plants Palette

    Apart from the commencement of winter, this is the time when the royal colors from the plant kingdom emerge like the eggplant and turnips. The neutral color tone with these shades of purple and pink brings stability to the fall color palette. These colors are royal and are one of the best shades to use in a drawing room and they are the best for weddings.

    fall color palette

    Bold Red Palette

    We all know that the red color denotes passion, boldness, and of course love. The color is no doubt alarming and bold but when we look at the lighter and deeper shades of red, it gives lovely vibes. This color palette is a perfect example of monochromatic colors. Ladies, you must surely have some lip colors of these shades.

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    fall color palette

    Gourdy Palette

    This color palette includes shades of orange and blue. Now, you may wonder what shades of blue are doing this color palette, shouldn’t it be green instead? Well, blue holds its place in this color palette because blue and orange are the colors that complement each other.

    The very reason shades of blue and orange go so well with each other is that they are located opposite to each other in the color wheel. They are just like black and white, opposite to each other but look amazing together.

    fall color palette

    Witching Hour Palette

    The colors in this palette are such that they look like they are emerging from a single shade but in fact, they are indeed different colors in all. This color palette makes a perfect example of the analogous color scheme as the colors in this palette fall beside each other on the color wheel.

    fall color palette

    Pumpkin Spice Palette

    This color palette is the heart of the fall color palette. The colors in this palette are those which you can see throughout the autumn season. We call it the pumpkin spice palette as these colors promote the amazing spicy flavor and aroma of the pumpkin spice. This color palette is another example of a monochromatic color scheme.

    fall color palette

    Emerald Green Palette

    While there are shades of purple, orange, and red in the fall color palette, these shades of emerald green bring a shimmer to the color palette. These deep and subtle shades of green bring a rich and soft vibe. You can use these colors to bring a modern and sophisticated look.

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    fall color palette

    Autumny Landscape Palette

    These are a combination of colors that just simply shout autumn. When you look at the trees during fall with part green and part reddish-orange leaves, it brings a comfortable feeling. This color palette has possible shades of red and orange, and a hint of green shades. You can use these colors to decorate your house or even your office as these shades are pretty versatile.

    fall color palette

    These were a few of my favorite fall color palettes, below I am naming some colors as certainly I can’t include all colors in the palettes else this article will be never ending.

    Deep Green Aubergine Frost Green
    Burnt Orange Pale Coral Dark Olive
    Chocolate Persimmon Cassis
    Peacock Metallic Aquamarine
    Berry Ochre Blue Jade
    Ruby Red Russet Old Gold
    Marigold Paprika Marine Blue
    Peach Light Sand Antique Tea
    Candy Apple Red Turtle Green Poppy
    Terracotta Moss Mellow Rose
    Royal Blue Dark Olive Taupe
    Dove Grey Chestnut Marl Mocha
    Dusty Rose Rose Taupe Heliotrope
    Charcoal Pebble Grey Soft Teal


    Aren’t colors a lot of fun? Don’t we all love the mesmerizing transition of summer to winter? Well, these were a list of my favorite colors and palettes from different color palettes in the autumn season. You can use these colors for interior designing and even for event decors.

    Lastly, we would love to know your favorite colors from the fall color palette. So, do mention your favorite colors in the comments section, and your suggestions are always welcomed.

    Till then, Stay Colorful!


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