Dustin Diamond Net Worth And How He Lost It All

    Dustin Diamond was an American actor who gained a lot of fame from the TV show Saved by the Bell. Apart from acting, he tried his hands in a lot of trades and earned a lot of money. But even with all of that, you will find that the Dustin Diamond net worth doesn’t have a huge number to reflect all that.

    The reason behind that will be explained in this article by me, so you just have to stick till the end to find out about that. Dustin has earned a lot of fame and he had become a household name around the time he was on Saved by the Bell.

    Dustin might not be with us anymore but his fans will always remember him because it’s the person who dies, their legacy doesn’t. Dustin was too young to leave us so early but we should celebrate his life and the years when he brought happiness to us with his hard work and passion.

    The money that Dustin had might have dwindled as the years went by but that didn’t mean any good traits in him Dwindled. He was always the person with compassion and respect for others.

    Dustin had started his journey towards the Dustin Diamond net worth pretty soon in his life and he earned a lot during his younger years. He might not have earned as much when he started doing other things like wrestling or directing. He is amongst those actors who started pretty young and gained both fame and money even before they crossed the age of 18.

    So in this article, I am going to tell you about how the Dustin Diamond net worth gained so much money, what all things he did to boost it and why his net worth, at the time of his death, was not as much as the other Hollywood actors.

    About Dustin Diamond

    Dustin was born on January 7th in 1977. His full name was Dustin Neil Diamond and like his second name, he truly was a diamond. He was born to Jaimee and Mark Diamond in San Jose, California. He was also married to Jennifer Misner from the year 2009 till 2013.

    His father was a teacher of digital electronics in a computer processing firm and his mother used to be a computer operator for the Pacific Bell. Dustin was Jewish and he also attended the Zion Lutheran School.

    dustin diamond net worth

    When it comes to how Dustin started his journey towards the Dustin Diamond net worth, that too as a child actor, you will find that his parents were incredibly proud of him. He became a household name for playing the character Samuel Screech Powers in the TV show Saved by the Bell.

    He played the character for nearly 13 years ever since it started from Good Morning, Miss Bliss in 1988-89 till Saved by the Bell: The New Class in 1994-2000. The show continued when all the members went to college in Saved By The Bell: The College Years, where everyone was in the same college dormitory.

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    Although the College Years got canceled after only airing one season, Dustin got a great boost to the Dustin Diamond net worth through it all. Dustin had gone back to Bayside High as Principal Belding’s assistant in the New Class episodes and he was on the show till it got canceled.

    Dustin Diamond Net Worth

    The Dustin Diamond net worth has dwindled a lot over the years as it was just about $300 thousand at the time of his demise on February 1st in 2021. He has done a lot of work in the acting industry as well as tried his hands in wrestling, directing, real estate, music, and even in stand-up comedy.

    He has boosted his net worth through all those things but all good things have an end and even the Dustin Diamond net worth couldn’t stay in glory for very long. After his stint in the TV shows, he did stand-up comedy for a long time and that is what helped him in going on in life.

    Although he tried to get the Dustin Diamond net worth back on track by directing films and doing other stuff, these movies never really got the response that Dustin was expecting from them. If he had had a good ending to his life, his fans would have at least felt contentment.

    In the year 2006, Dustin even directed and released his own celebrity sex tape which was titled Screeched ~ Saved By The Smell. That might have been his idea of fun because Melanie McFarland once said in a press release that Dustin had said that the tape had gotten out because he and a group of friends used to do a monthly gathering where such tapes were exchanged.

    Later, after a few years, Dustin said in a Where Are They Now? interview that was telecasted on the Oprah Winfrey Network that the person in the sex tape was not him but rather a body double. The face of the body double was changed to that of Dustin’s in the post-production of the tape.

    There is no information available about whether this sex tape was something that Dustin earned from but let us not divulge too deep in it and focus on all the other ways that helped him in earning money and keeping the Dustin Diamond net worth alive.

    Ways That The Dustin Diamond Net Worth Stayed Alive

    Saved By The Bell

    You already know that Dustin earned a huge chunk of money that contributed to the Dustin Diamond net worth from his days in the TV show Saved by the Bell and its various spin-offs and sequels, a show that he was part of for nearly 13 years.

    dustin diamond net worth

    Saved By The Bell was an American TV sitcom that was created by Sam Bobrick for NBC and it was broadcasted from the 20th of August in 1989 till May 22, 1993. The show was about a group of high school friends and their principal at the fictional Bayside High school located in Los Angeles.

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    The show was centered on lighthearted comedic situations and also brought various issues like drug abuse, driving under the influence, homelessness, remarriage, women’s rights, etc, to the spotlight as well. Dustin Diamond was one of the main cast members of this show.

    Life of Dustin Post-Saved By The Bell

    After the show Saved by the Bell stopped airing, Dustin went on a lot of tours and did stand-up comedy for a considerable amount of time. Dustin also appeared on various reality television shows like the Weakest Link and Celebrity Boxing 2 to keep the Dustin Diamond net worth alive.

    Dustin also appeared in the movies Made (2001) and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003) as a guest. He was also one of the cast members of the 5th season of the TV show Celebrity Fit Club.

    While Dustin was on the Celebrity Fit Club, he came into conflict with a number of people including the American Idol finalist Kimberley Locke, Cledus T. Judd, Da Brat, the program’s host Ant, etc. In one of the episodes, Dustin even verbally abused Ant and Harvey Walden IV who is a former USMC sergeant which made Harvey lose his cool.

    After the Celebrity Fit Club, American Pie Presents: The Book of Love was what helped the Dustin Diamond net worth go. He had a pretty small role in the movie but Dustin took whatever work he could get those days so it was not a big deal for him.

    He also appeared in Tetherball: The Movie (2010) in a supporting role and as Bernando the castle guard in the partially-animated science fiction comedy Hamlet A.D.D. which came out in the year 2014.

    Behind The Bell

    In the year 2009, Dustin published an inside story of his time on the show Saved by the Bell which was titled Behind the Bell which had a very unflattering portrait of a number of Dustin’s colleagues and their backstage behavior.

    Some of the things that Dustin claimed in this book were repudiated by his colleagues. Dustin also commented on the book when he appeared on Where Are They Now? On the OWN Network. He said that the book was written by a ghostwriter who had only interviewed Dustin before writing the book. The book was a compilation of the answers that Dustin gave the author.

    dustin diamond net worth

    Dustin said that a lot of things that were claimed in the book like underage teen sex or drug abuse were only fabricated from very minor statements that he made during that interview. I don’t know if Dustin was being completely honest or not but let us not uncover dead bodies from the graveyard.

    All of these controversies that Dustin was involved in might have had an effect on the Dustin Diamond net worth because bad publicity does affect the celebrities despite the common belief.

    Professional Wrestling

    Professional wrestling is another thing that Dustin tried his hands in to try to give a boost to the Dustin Diamond net worth. He appeared on the Memphis Championship Wrestling in April of 2000 which involved a skit with Kat where he lost to Chip Driver, the Fabulous Rocker, and Dannie B.

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    Dustin again appeared on NWA-TNA’s Asylum weekly pay-per-view where he was billed as Screech and had challenged TNA’s bell keeper and won the match by knockout within 42 seconds.

    In the year 2008, he also appeared on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling which was broadcast on CMT. Dustin was also a guest referee in a Mistress Devon James vs Susan Finkelstein match in 2010. All these things proved to be minor contributors to the Dustin Diamond net worth.

    Dustin was also a part of an intergender match with Jordan McEntyre and Knight Wagner against MsChif, Marion Fontaine, and Krotch in which he lost. He was also part of a match with Bushwhacker Luke, Izzy Slapawitz, and Doink the Clown against Virgil, Ashley Sixx, Celine Jean, and Sheena at TWE Rethinking Rumble in Vaughan, Ontario where he won.

    Other Works Of Dustin

    There are a number of other things that had kept the Dustin Diamond net worth going for a while in the years leading to his demise. Dustin used to be a musician as well and had formed an alternative metal band which was called Salty The Pocketknife. In this band, Dustin’s work was to play the bass and write the music.

    After the first album had been recorded the band split up because of some disagreements within it. Dustin was also a commentator on the show The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest…

    Dustin was also the host of the 12th annual Gathering Of The Juggalos. In the August of 2013, Dustin also became one of the housemates on the 12th series of Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom.

    How Did The Dustin Diamond Net Worth Dwindle?

    Even though Dustin did so many shows and tried so many other career options, the Dustin Diamond net worth was still only at $300 thousand. The reason behind that, as Dustin says, was mismanagement by his family in his younger years.

    In 2015, Dustin told FOX6 News about how his family had spent most of the hard-earned money that he made from the TV show Saved by the Bell. He said that they literally wasted his hard work and youth.

    Dustin said that he only had a few hundred dollars left with himself around the early 2000s and he did not get much success from any of his projects after that and that is the reason why his net worth was only at $300 thousand at the time of his death. At one point, Dustin had even filed for bankruptcy. This was in the year 2006.


    The Dustin Diamond net worth is only $300 thousand because of poor money management from his family when he had earned that money from the TV show and because he didn’t have much luck in his later years.

    In January of 2021, Dustin was diagnosed with extensive-stage small cell carcinoma of the lungs, and even after one completed round of chemotherapy in Cape Coral, Florida, he died on February 1, 2021.

    All his fans were saddened to hear this news because 44 is not an age anyone should die at. But I guess we should be happy that Dustin lived at a time when we were born and entertained us with his works because that is what he will want, for us to celebrate his life rather than to mourn his death.


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