Doug Demuro Net Worth: Things You didn’t Know about the Famous YouTube Star

    Dog Demuro Net Worth: All You Need to Know

    If you are fond of YouTube videos, you must have heard of Doug Demuro. If you have not, do not worry, you will get to know him eventually through this discussion. Those who have heard of him know how the excellent automotive YouTuber’s life and activities are becoming more interesting day by day. At the age of 37, he has accumulated huge net worth. Currently, Doug Demuro’s net worth is approx $3 million.

    Doug Demuro net worth

    Keeping his acquired assets and liabilities in mind, the researchers have estimated that his monthly income is $70,000/month more or less. And Doug Demuro net worth is 3.2 million. Well, this might have grabbed your attention. Are you eager to know how this man managed to create this huge wealth at such an early age? Let’s go. Read it till the end to know few never-heard-before things about this famous YouTuber.

    Doug Demuro Net Worth: His Early Life

    Also known as Douglas DeMuro, Doug Demuro was born on May 22 in 1988. He currently lives in the beautiful city of San Diego in California. He is popular as one of the best automotive YouTubers. Alongside this, he is an author, columnist, and businessman. His simple yet informative reviews helped him to reach the zenith of success in a very little amount of time. In recent days, he has more than four million subscribers in 2021. The story does not end here. He is a man of versatile talents.

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    He also runs an auction website recently launched last year. The website works as a goldmine for the people who are interested in cars and their minute details. In the early days of his career, he has written some articles as well. some of them are published in different blogs like The Truth About Cars, Jalopnik, etc. He also worked as a writer and editor in Cox Automotive, a business based in Atlanta. Hence, you can see how his early life paved the way for a successful career ahead.

    Doug Demuro Net Worth: The Career

    Being a YouTuber, there is no such specific timeline for the beginning of his career. It went with the flow like other YouTubers’ careers. he first used to write for car blogs. His informative and descriptive blogs helped many to gain knowledge about cars. He first started working for Porsche which has its headquarter in Atlanta. He worked as a vehicle allocation manager. Then, after few years he quitted job and started automotive writing. He wrote articles on He wrote different articles for the car blogs.

    Later, in 2013, he wrote two books – Plays With Cars and My Perspective. After that, he joined Jalopnik. While writing on this blog, he innumerable columns and writings; shot different videos. He also wrote car reviews with detailed descriptions for those cars. In his career, while achieving professional success, he acquired assets as well. he bought a 2006 Range Rover along with many other assets.


    Furthermore, he started his YouTube channel. Without any high-class editing or any other sophistication, his videos went popular for their simple, easy flow. Gradually, he managed to accumulate an amount of wealth that is unexpected usually at his age. And thus, Doug DeMuro net worth reaches its current status. Let’s calculate how his YouTube channel helped him to get this financial success.

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    How YouTube Helped to Build Up Doug Demuro Net Worth

    Simply by standing in front of a car and giving feedback about it, Doug did it. Most of his videos cross millions of views. Then, what is the secret to this? As far as I have derived that his videos are apt, precise, and without any unnecessary add-ons. And this attracted the viewers. He explained the features, pros, and cons of the car models in a detailed manner.

    As YouTube usually pays 1 US dollar on 1000 views, the average amount Doug receives from a single video is near about $1400. We have already mentioned that his video gets millions of views. As per the study, he nearly gets $1000 as ad revenue for the lakhs of views his videos produce. Thus, YouTube is a great source of his earning.

    Doug Demuro Net Worth: His Auction Website and Assets

    Though YouTube makes him a millionaire both financially and by views, it is not the only source of his income. He runs an auction website called It is going well, and Doug successfully making money out of it. However, let us tell you that there are some interesting facts about this website. First of all, Doug is the face of the brand, but the whole business is controlled by the business partners. If anybody wants to sell a car on this site, he or she must pay some amount which is distributed among the partners. As per the estimate done by the professionals, the website makes $10,000 more or less.

    Car Throttle

    Well, when we are talking about Doug Demuro net worth, we must not forget the assets he has. They are the significant parts of his net worth. He majorly invested in real estate. It is found that he has recently moved to San Diego with his wife. And from this information, we can derive that he has invested well in real estate. After all, San Diego is an expensive place to live in.

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    Now, as assets, next come the number of cars he has. Yes, this car enthusiast, who is famous for his exclusive reviews on cars, has different car collections as well. Often, in his videos, he is seen with different kinds of cars making interesting videos with them. From the Range Rover to Ferrari 348, the collection is vast. In 2018, he closed an expensive deal regarding cars. He bought a 2005 Ford GT. It is said that he has invested nearly $40,000 in cars to date.

    Doug Demuro Net Worth: His Personal Life

    Before closing our discussion on Doug Demuro net worth, let’s have a quick look at how he is in his personal life. Though we should not dig into anybody’s personal life, a little observation won’t do any harm, I guess.

    Doug Demuro lives in San Diego with his wife, Joanna. They moved here from Philadelphia in 2018. They often used to travel to Nantucket Island. The couple has a cute bearded collie called Noodle. If you follow his social media channels and YouTube videos, you will find several appearances of this cute furry companion.

    Doug Demuro and his Life: Some Quick Facts

    1. He has 4.05 million subscribers right now.
    2. He gives his own “Doug score” while reviewing the cars.
    3. He worked for Porsche but resigned when it was too hectic to maintain his professional and personal life altogether.
    4. Doug bought his Ferrari just for videos. Yes, the 2004 Ferrari 360 Modena was just for creating content on it.
    5. The YouTuber has owned about 28 cars.

    Bottom the Line

    So, these are all whereabouts of Doug Demuro net worth. We hope it helps to know about him in detail. Let us know how you would like it in the comment section below. You can know about another interesting person’s net worth. Click here to know about Scottie Pippen’s net worth.


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