10 Best Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion!

    Vintage Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion

    Whenever you wish to change your look and style, going back to the past can help you to give a different look. You can try the bold outfits of the people from the 1970s. Since we are talking about the ’70s, how can we forget the hippie style? It was one of the most important and popular styles of the ’70s.

    You can rock the hippie look today by trying a hippie piece of clothing in your outfit. This article will give you everything you require to create a 70s hippie outfit.

    Best 10 Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion Outfits.

    1- Disco Fever.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion was highly inspired by the music back then, which was quite popular during the decade. One music style, disco, became so popular that it emerged as a fashion trend. Young people during the 70s went to enjoy themselves in nightclubs dressed in a way to show off their bodies, and their clothing pieces used to shine under the night lights.

    Disco gave birth to satin shirts and tight flared trousers. At the same time, women used to wear jumpsuits, bell bottoms, and palazzo pants followed by high heels to give a versatile ’70s look.

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    2- Flower Power.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion emerged during the decade and introduced the floral patterns Hippie 70s Men’s Fashion used to decorate dresses. During the early 70s, items like headbands and scarves became a part of fashion. Denim, bright prints, and flare played an important part in hippie fashion.

    Many hippies decided to make skirts of denim using blue jeans, finishing their look with lace.

    3- The Glam Rock Look.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    During the middle of the 1970s, men acquired glam rock style, which was very popular in the United Kingdom as musicians like Marc Bolan inspired young men. Due to this, even the macho men behind doing makeup grew their hair longer.

    There were various accessories in hippie 70s men’s fashion glam rock outfits, including sunglasses and scarves, which were worn randomly. There was no need to match these accessories with the outfit. The glam rock look consists of jumpsuits, platform shoes, and velvet sports jackets.

    4- The Denim Suit.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Informal suits started coming in the late 60s for wealthy people. These suits were made in multiple colors and shades. Of the various denim suits, one was the leisure suit which gained popularity in hippie 70s men’s fashion.

    The leisure suit consists of a denim jacket along with matching trousers. The front side of the jacket had pockets along with classical stitching.

    5- Bell bottoms and Flared Pants.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Another outfit that gained popularity in hippie 70s men’s fashion was the bell bottoms and flared Pants. This outfit has again become trendy over the past few years.

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    Bell bottoms and Flared Pants became a fashion trend when it was worn in a show by Sonny and Cher. These are quite similar to loon pants, but the only difference is that these pants are made of denim with wide flares and cover the shoes of the one wearing them.

    6- The Hippie Look.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    The Hippie look took all the praise and was also one of the most recognized outfits in hippie 70s men’s fashion, and women were not exempt from this style either. There were many popular hippie looks which included a lot of jewelry.

    The accessories were worn depending on the outfit; accordingly, hippies wore them. The accessories included loose neck ornaments, vibrant-colored bracelets, mood rings, etc.

    7- Wedges and Platform Shoes.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Music stars introduced platform shoes to show their style in the early 1970s. Youth or teenagers in the 70s wore their platform shoes with knee socks available in bright colors. Hippies also wore toe socks.

    This footwear emerged in hippie 70s men’s and women’s fashion, which included metallic leather and simple and decent sandals consisting of wide straps.

    8- The Safari Suit.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Safari suits were created for African safaris and wealthy people. These lightweight suits were designed for warm climates. This suit got popularized in the hippie 70s men’s fashion and was adopted by many celebrities, directors, journalists, and writers for a casual look.

    Safari suits are made up of a cotton blend and are also known as bush jackets which are quite comfortable for people to wear in hot weather.

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    9- Tie-dye Shirts or Jackets.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Tie-dye is another major trend that gained popularity among hippie 70s men’s fashion. Tie dyes became different from other outfits due to their design, shape, and texture. People used the dyeing method to recreate their daily wear clothes.

    Tie-dye was almost embraced by the entire youth and was considered a symbol of peace. Since many 70’s trends have come back now, tie-dye should also. So, we can say that tie-dye has always managed to secure its place in every fashion sphere.

    10- Oversized Glasses.

    Hippie 70s Men's Fashion

    Sunglasses became popular among hippie 70s men’s fashion as well. Glasses were worn by men and women both to enhance their style. 

    At the beginning of the 70s, sunglasses started coming in different shapes, which created a fun impact on people. The sunglasses were made up of oversized frames and were available in bright colors with bigger geometric shapes. These glasses continued to trend until the 90s and are even seen in today’s fashion.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can you dress as a 70’s hippie?

    If you want to dress like a 1970’s hippie, you should prefer wearing tie-dye shirts along with flared jeans or bell bottoms, easily available at any online thrift store.

    Women can go for comfy tops and accessories like oversized necklaces and bracelets.

    What was the most iconic look about the ’70s?

    The hippie look, including their fashion trends, was iconic during the 70s. Tie-dyes, bell bottoms, and bell sleeves were all crucial to the 70’s fashion. These outfits gained more popularity when showcased by music stars and other celebrities.


    The hippie 70s men’s fashion decade was very high profile, versatile and memorable. This decade got influenced by flower-power and retro movement a lot. The entire 1970s belonged to hippies and their fashion trends that are continuing today. So, if you want to recreate or try the hippie trend, I hope this article proves useful. Let us know which 70s fashion trends you tried and which became your favorite!


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