DIY Guinea Pig Cages

    DIY guinea pig cages

    Tiny, adorable guinea pigs are your sweet companions who give you a lot of cuddles, love and inspire you to be health cautious. DIY guinea pig cages are suitable for small spaces, as large cages do not fit in. Piggies need space to run and have fun. They love running, jumping, and observing what you do quietly. Their adorable antics can make your day. These are the ideas to make DIY guinea pig cages.

    DIY Guinea Pig Cage With Cardboard

    DIY guinea pig cages

    Take A large cardboard and attach pieces on four sides to make an open box. Make cutouts for entrance. Guinea pigs love munching on paper and cardboards, it’s their favourite pass time. Glue fabric or decorative paper on top of it to beautify it in cute and adorable motifs and textures.

    You only need glue, cutter, and ideas. Build a habitat with umpteen ideas to provide them comfort, safety, and fun time. A maze-like open cage gives them a lot of room to explore and have a good time.

    DIY Guinea Pig Cages With Reusable Wood

    DIY guinea pig cages

    Build a rectangular open DIY guinea pig cage and fill it with wood chips, hay, and other safest material. Choose the size based on the size of your room. It is easy to construct and takes less time to create. Add knick-knacks and fun items so your adorable piggies can play and have a good time. This is the simplest and affordable DIY cage you can build within an hour. You can keep adding features as and when you need to scale this design.

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    DIY Guinea Pig Cages Made With A Cabinet

    DIY guinea pig cages

    An unused cabinet at home can be turned into a DIY guinea pig cage. Add play items, wood chips, comfortable bedding, food, and water. An old dresser or a cabinet can be used to build a comfortable abode for your piggies. It only takes a few minutes and a lot more ideas to rustle it up quickly and let them have a good time in beauty and comfort.

    DIY Guinea Pig Cages With A Plastic Tub

    DIY guinea pig cages

    A large plastic tub is a good habitat for your piggies. It is easy to clean and has the mobility to place it indoors as well as outdoors. Place their favourite treats, toys, hay, wood chips or shredded paper. They observe the surroundings, how you work, give you company in all that you do and get an insight into all-in-a-days work. Guinea pigs are timid and get scared easily.

    Your tiny tots are going to be happy in a medium-sized tub because these sweet peas do not complain. They are well adjusted, quite, and super sweet; they got no tantrums. They quietly go about their routine; are happy when they have food and playtime. They give you a lot of cuddles pouring sweetness into your everyday life.

    Interesting DIY Guinea Pig Cages Or Say, Castles

    DIY guinea pig cages

    Build castles for your adorable piggies. Use cardboard, wood, plastic, any non-toxic and safe material if you wish to build castles for your princely piggies. They love exploring and running about. Use wallpapers, knick-knacks to decorate castles. Space is not a constraint if you want to build them instead of a standard habitat.

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    Unleash the drama, and write guinea piggie fairy tales recounting their every day inside the castle. Costume drama, stories, melodies, and the lullaby accompany you each day with cuteness.


    Guinea pigs are the sweetest pet companions you can have for several years. The quiet, adorable, cautious, and fun pets. They give you loads of cuddles and a lot to imbue. Guinea pigs are sensible and health-conscious by nature. They cannot be tempted to eat foods not good for their health. They pretty much take care of themselves. You don’t have to be a helicopter parent and can have fun activities for guinea pigs.

    Small and adorable guinea pigs fill your life with a load of cuteness and love. DIY guinea pig cages are easy to build. Build castles or cages for your adorable piggies depending on the space. Construct it with reusable material that is non-toxic and build a comfortable habitat for your piggies to stay and have fun.


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