The Definitive Guide to Clean Furniture: 15 Interesting Facts that You should NOT Miss!

    The Definitive Guide to Clean Furniture: Details You Need to Know

    the definitive guide to clean furniture
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    It is proven that cleaning furniture improves indoor air quality and ensures a healthy life. It not only makes the furniture look beautiful but also enhances the durability of the pieces.

    And needless to say, a durable and attractive piece of furniture makes your house look elegant and comfortable. Also, it saves money you are likely to spend buying new furniture or repairing it frequently.

    But, when it comes to cleaning a piece of furniture, a concern occurs.

    There are innumerable types of furniture pieces. Various kinds of materials are available for furniture. Indeed, you cannot opt for a one-size-fits-all cleaning technique.

    So, you need the definitive guide to clean furniture that can help you get the details about cleaning different kinds of furniture.

    Here we are. After talking with several house cleaning experts, we have developed a detailed guide to clean furniture of various types.

    What You will Get here: 

    First, we will talk about some general tips on maintaining the furniture. Next, we will move toward the specific details on how to clean furniture. At the end of the definitive guide to clean furniture, we will share our answers to some commonly-asked questions.

    Along with these essential details, to help you get more knowledge, we will mention some interesting facts about cleaning furniture and other relevant details.

    Surely, the definitive guide to clean furniture will enrich your knowledge and guide you on how to clean furniture at your home easily and effectively. Let’s proceed.

    How to Keep Your Furniture Clean: Learn the General Tips

    Cleaning furniture can help your house look beautiful. It increases the value of the house as well. But, at the same time, it brings undue hassles, stress, and troubles.

    That is why it is said that precaution is better than cure. Instead of cleaning the furniture, maintain them, so they always remain clean.

    Here, in the definitive guide to clean furniture, we share some tips regarding it that you should remember.

    • Dust and vacuum the furniture daily.
    • Wipe any sign of water on the surface immediately.
    • Try not to spill any drink on the surface.
    • Use a furniture cover if possible.
    • Keep the furniture away from direct sunlight.

    These tips apply to any furniture materials. Whether it is a leather sofa or a wooden chair, these tips help to make them look clean.

    Now, it’s time to go specific. Here, we share the definitive guide to clean furniture of all types. Let’s proceed.

    The Definitive Guide to Clean Furniture of All Types

    Whether our homes or business spaces, the wide variety of furniture appeals to the places. A corner sofa or a classic chair set is enough to ensure an attractive outlook of the areas.

    Cleaning can be tough as more than one type of material is used to make this furniture. That is why people often look for the definitive guide to clean furniture, including cleaning guides for all types of material. Probably, you too were looking for it.

    Here we are with the comprehensive guide that you need.

    How to Clean Wooden Furniture:

    Undoubtedly, wooden furniture adds exceptional warmth and glow to the space. But, if you do not clean it properly, the shine takes no time to go away.

    Different types of wooden furniture are available. The cleaning process of these options may also be different to some extent from each other.

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    Let us mention the general tips for cleaning wooden furniture.

    To remove regular dust and dirt- 

    Use a microfiber cloth and wipe the surface daily. It helps remove the dust, oily spots, pawprints, and fingerprints.

    To remove tough dirt- 

    Dampen a soft microfiber cloth. Rub it gently on the spot affected by the dirt. Make sure to rub on the surface in a circular motion. If the dirt is not gone, use one or two drops of dish wash soap and water solution.

    To remove watermarks- 

    Take a non-gel toothpaste and rub the surface with it. Use a piece of microfiber cloth to remove the watermarks. If the stain is still not going away, use a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

    Final touch- 

    Whatever method you apply, do not forget to use a high-quality wax after the cleaning process is done and your furniture is dry. It helps to keep the warm, natural shine of the wooden furniture.

    the definitive guide to clean furniture

    Now, let’s know how to take care of specific types of wooden material.

    Solid wood- 

    It is easy to clean solid wood. Use a damp cloth and a dry cloth for cleaning purposes. After cleaning the surface with a damp cloth, wipe it well with a dry cloth piece.

    Veneered wood-

    It is lightweight and has no maintenance. The cleaning process is the same as the general one but uses warm soapy water to quickly remove the stains.

    Also, keep in mind that veneered wood cannot be sanded.


    With tight grain and beautiful gloss, a teak is always an ideal option for wooden furniture. Although all types of furniture are supposed to be kept away from direct sunlight, teak is something that needs more care regarding it.

    Please keep it away from the window or any place where even the slightest sunlight comes across. If moisture is lost or seems to go away, use teak oil.

    To clean the furniture, the process is as same as the general process. But, never use a power washer.


    Although it is not a natural wooden material, it requires almost the same maintenance as wood, sometimes even less. Medium-density fiberboard or MDF is an engineered wood that has a smooth surface veneer.

    No chemical is recommended as it can dull the surface and leave a sticky residue.

    How to Clean a Metal Furniture: 

    Although metal is more durable and resistant to external odds than wooden furniture, it also needs regular cleaning. Otherwise, rust and build-ups can ruin the finish.

    Let’s know in the definitive guide to clean furniture about cleaning metal furniture in detail.

    For regular cleaning-

    Vacuum the pieces while carefully cleaning every nook and corner of the metal furniture. Wipe it gently with a clean, soft microfiber cloth.

    To remove accumulated debris-

    Dip an old toothbrush into the warm soapy water and scrub on the debris gently. Once it is removed, wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

    To remove rust stains- 

    Rust can be a crucial factor for metal furniture. Do not use any chemicals as they can damage the metal finish. Instead, use a wire brush to remove the stain and repaint the furniture to keep the finish intact.

    How to Clean a Leather Furniture: 

    Leather defines luxury until it goes dirty. Dust and dirt can drive away from the beautiful elegance of the material instantly. Unlike many other furniture materials, it requires extra care and attention.

    So, to ensure the continuation of sophistication introduced by leather furniture at home, take care of them with detailed attention. Here, we share how to clean the furniture easily and effectively.

    • Keep the removable cushions aside first. If required, clean the covers of the cushions.
    • Remove loose dust and debris by vacuuming the surface.
    • If there is any tough stain, prepare a solution of vinegar and water (1:1).
    • Apply the solution using a microfiber cloth to the stained area. You can use the solution to deep clean the overall furniture.
    • Wipe the surface with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
    • Once the leather surface is dry, use a high-quality leather conditioner to rejuvenate the leather.
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    How to Clean Fabric Furniture:

    Even if it is not made of fabric, the upholstery can be fabric. So, this definitive guide will tell you how to clean fabric furniture.

    Before we begin with the details of specific cleaning processes for microfiber and suede fabric, let’s talk about some general tips to clean fabric surfaces on the furniture.

    • Vacuum them daily with a clean vacuum head. Make sure that the bristles do not hold any grime or dirt.
    • Clean the seams, crevices, and tufts properly as they accumulate dust often.
    • Whenever you spill any drink or liquid, use absorbent paper immediately to absorb the liquid.  Do not scrub.
    • For tough stains, use a detergent and water solution. Apply the solution to the surface and blot well without scrubbing or rubbing.

    Now, this article on the definitive guide to clean furniture will discuss if the specific types of fabric ask for special cleaning or not.

    the definitive guide to clean furniture
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    Being an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric furniture, microfiber is loved by many. It is versatile and affordable. Also, it can go longer than many other materials.

    This part of the definitive guide to clean furniture talks about how to clean this popular fabric option for furniture.

    The cleaning process for microfiber furniture is not different from the general process of cleaning fabric furniture. But, a few things should be kept in mind.

    Make sure the cleanser you use is suitable for the furniture material. While some microfiber furniture asks for water-based cleaners, some ask for alcohol-based or solvent-based cleaners.

    Do not use hard bristle. It will damage the overall microfiber surface.


    The cleaning process for sued fabric furniture is the same but needs gentler touch than any other material. After cleaning, freshen up the sued with a good suede conditioner.

    To remove any tough stain on the suede surface, sprinkle the fabric with baking soda. Let it sit overnight. Vacuum it thoroughly.

    Well, in general, for any fabric furniture, check out the manufacturer’s instructions and the specific codes like “W” or “WS” or “S” to ensure which type of cleaner is the best for it.

    While “W” stands for water-based cleaning, “WS” stands for water or solvent-based cleaning, and “S” stands for solvent-based cleaning. And if “X” is mentioned, the piece needs professional cleaning.

    How to Clean Glass Furniture: 

    It is common to see the glass hazy with dust and fingerprints. Sometimes, your favorite paw-friend loves putting its paw print on the glass. And all of these disturb the shine of the glass furniture.

    So, the definitive guide to clean furniture includes the details on how to clean glass furniture.

    • A regular wipe with a soft microfiber cloth is a must.
    • Use a professional glass cleaner to remove any grease or oil stain.
    • You can prepare a homemade cleaner with white vinegar, water, and dish wash soap.
    the definitive guide to clean furniture

    Along with these materials, wicker, plastic, steel, and others are available in the market. Either follow the general cleaning process or ask a professional cleaning expert to know about their cleaning process.

    Now, let’s have some QnA sessions to enrich the definitive guide to clean furniture. Indeed, you can find your question answered here among these commonly asked questions mentioned below.

    The Definitive Guide to Clean Furniture: Commonly-asked Questions:

    Q. How do you clean dirty fabric furniture?

    Ans. We have discussed this in detail in the definitive guide to clean furniture. First, vacuum the surface. Make sure to run the vacuum through the hard-to-reach corners. Use a soft-bristled brush attachment.

    Then, to remove the tough stains, use baking soda. Sprinkle it on the stain and let it sit for 20 minutes.

    If required, buy a professional cleaner or prepare one home with water and dishwashing soap. Dry the surface after cleaning.

    Q. What are the proper care and maintenance of furniture?

    Follow these maintenance and cleaning tips to ensure a gentle look and durability for your furniture pieces.

    • Brush and vacuum daily.
    • Do not use any chemical unless you become sure of its impact.
    • Direct sunlight is harmful to any material.
    • Follow the specific cleaning tips for specific furniture materials.
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    Q. What oil do you use on wood?

    Ans. You can use some traditional ‘wood oil.’ Or, to be more specific, depending on the type of wood, you can use teak oil, Danish oil, Linseed oil, etc. The definitive guide to clean furniture mentions how to use teak oil on wooden furniture. Have a look at it.

    Q. Is it better to oil or varnish wood?

    Ans. According to experts, varnishing may increase durability. Anyways, it may require re-sanding the entire floor when it gets damaged.

    Q. How do I rejuvenate the metal on my outdoor furniture?

    Ans. Repaint it to bring back the lost glory of your metal furniture. First, wash the dirt and dust away. Then, remove the rust and old paint. Finally, apply the primer and paint the surface accordingly.

    Q. How do you remove oxidation from aluminum patio furniture?

    Ans. Either use an equal-ratio solution of white vinegar and water or rub the surface with an automotive rubbing or polishing compound. You can also use a plastic sponge dipped into a detergent and water solution.

    Once you rub the surface well with whatever method you choose, rinse the cleaning solution off with a garden hose.

    Enjoying the definitive guide to clean furniture? Keep reading!

    The Definitive Guide to Clean Furniture: Some Interesting Facts to Learn!

    So, we have come to the end of our today’s discussion. It was all about how to clean different types of furniture. We hope that the definitive guide to clean furniture has helped you find solutions to clean your furniture at home and in the office.

    As promised earlier, we have some secret facts regarding the cleaning and maintaining of furniture. Let’s enjoy.

    1. Your upholstery may need rough vacuuming after you bring it home from the shop. The manufacturing process and further maintenance add many chemicals to the furniture pieces.
    2. You must clean pet hair, air pollutants, and regular stains and debris.
    3. High-rayon fabric is not ideal for home furniture as it needs high maintenance, which is impossible with kids at home.
    4. The average lifespan of a sofa is 6-8 years.
    5. It is assumed that the chair was born 5000 years ago in Ancient Egypt in the form of ceremonial furniture.
    6. In earlier days, beds were not meant for privacy. It used to accommodate around 60 people.
    7. A dining room table usually lasts for 15-20 years. A coffee table usually lasts for 5-10 years. Replace them whenever it is aged enough and worn out.
    8. Winged-back furniture pieces have wings for a reason! It is there to keep the person warm sitting on the chair.
    9. Lemons are natural salt used as natural cleaning ingredients for furniture pieces.
    10. Baking soda has an interesting deodorizing quality that helps to drive away foul odor from dirty, musty furniture pieces.
    11. The broom’s bristles last longer than the expected days when you soak it in saline water after purchasing it.
    12. Apply ice on the spot to remove chewing gum from the carpet and fabric furniture. It can be applied to other types of furniture as well. Try it!
    13. You can use banana peels to polish leather as the peels have natural oils and potassium.
    14. Tomato sauce can help remove small spots of rust from the metal. Apply it to the rust and let it sit for 25-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
    15. Do not assume it is clean if it smells good. Clean the furniture thoroughly even if you can sense a pleasant smell beforehand.
    the definitive guide to clean furniture
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    Wrapping It Up

    “Cleanliness is next to godliness.” – is one of the common phrases we write in our school essays. Anyways, our physical and mental health are counted, even if not the godliness. Cleaning helps to keep them sound.

    That is why we have described every necessary detail regarding how to clean furniture pieces in the definitive guide to clean furniture.

    Follow the steps, keep the essential tips in mind, and always keep your furniture clean and clear. After all, they are vital factors to impress your guests and prospective homebuyers.

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