Courage is Not the Absence of Fear: Learn What Nelson Mandela Taught Us

    Courage is not the Absence of Fear: What’s in a Quote

    “Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.” – The famous quote by Nelson Mandela teaches us what does it mean to be courageous. Real courage has the sense of fear within it to overcome the same. Without fear, you can never be courageous. Instead, you may become a stoic individual.

    The courage to take any action to pass in life is the result of the fear of failure. The courage to mend the relationships results from the fear of losing loved ones. We gather the courage to speak up loud just because we fear losing our voice. So, both of the terms called courage and fear are inter-connected to each other.

    courage is not the absence of fear
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    Courage is Not the Absence of Fear: What is Courage?

    Remember the day when you went to school for the first time? There were risks of uncertainty. You didn’t know how the school will be. Still, you gathered the courage to continue. And your first leap of courage led you to prolonged academic success later on.

    Think about the moment when your favorite singer sang her first song! She might have a sense of nervousness and fear in her mind. But she proceeded with the performance. That’s what courage is- overcoming the fear and moving forward. Courage is not the absence of fear.

    We all have a combination of fear and courage in our minds. Sometimes the side of fear gets heavy, while sometimes the powerful sense of courage helps us beat the fear. It is often seen that even the meekest person in the world can get a strong sense of courage all of a sudden if a situation demands so. It means that situations can trigger a lot in case of growing the sense of fear. And the sense is so overwhelming that it leads to the emergence of courage within the mind.

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    Courageous people do not bend in front of the odd situation. Instead, they act to mold the situations in their favor. Not all people are born as courageous. The children may develop a sense of courage within them as they grow. And it can only happen if we treat them the right way. Instead of helping them with every chore, let them do their own tasks.

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    Thus, when they will make mistakes, fail; they will learn from them. The fear of mistakes or failure will ignite the spark of courage within them. And, thus, they will gather the courage and try to succeed in fighting against the odds in front of them. So, courage is not the absence of fear.

    Courage is Not the Absence of Fear: Factors to Trigger Courage

    As we said, courage is the result of fear. When fear becomes so overwhelming, people gather the courage to overcome it. However, some factors may trigger it. Let’s know about the factors that justify the quote said by Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    When the Pain Gets Unbearable: Be it physical pain or emotional, it triggers courage to act upon it when it becomes unbearable. You may not think about taking n action until it hits hard. For example, we all more or less suffer from psychological trauma and emotional breakdown. When things seem to go out of control, like suicidal attempts or schizophrenic behavior, we tend to take action and seek professional help. But, rarely do we gather the courage to visit the specialist.

    For physical pain as well, many a time people ignore the dental problems until it becomes intolerable. After trying so many self-prescribed medicines and homely remedies, finally, they go to a professional dentist when their back is leaning against the last wall.

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    When Old Bad Habits Lead to Fatal Consequences: We all are the imperfect, fallen sons of God. Our characters develop the amalgamation of virtues and vices. But changing habits sometimes become essential to growing in life. We may not focus on rectifying our bad habits until they lead to some kinds of fatal consequences.

    Once we find that a habit may put our life at risk, we start developing the courage to change it. The sense of fear grows strong that we are left with no other option than to be courageous. For example, if somebody is addicted to smoking, they may not have thought of changing the habit until serious health conditions occur.

    When the Odds Become So Exhausting: Odds are the indispensable parts of everyone’s life. Life is neither fair nor a bed of roses. Difficult situations may arise; obstacles may come in the paths of success; troubles may occur. In this way, odds come in every individual’s life, but few of them try to overcome them.

    Although there are exceptions who prefer to fight against the odds in their own ways, most people do not act much against the odds. However, they tend to act vigorously when the odds put their existence at stake.

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    For example, people sometimes do not focus on improving their financial conditions until it gets so worse that even survival becomes a matter of question. Then, they start working harder to make the situation better. So, courage is not the absence of fear.

    When Relationships Become too Toxic to Bear: An individual has innumerable sets of relationships in their life-parents, siblings, love, friendship, close acquaintances, and so on. Sometimes, some of them appear to be toxic to us. But were barely take action because most people do not have the courage to say harsh things against the ones they love. And, thus, gradually, we tend to get entangled in the toxicity, unknowingly. Once it becomes so pathetic to continue, we gather the courage to move forward.

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    However, for human relationships, courage is not about leaving the people to come out of a disturbing relationship. Instead, real courage lies in having a positive vibe between the two individuals even after they drift apart from each other regarding any sort of relationship.

    Courage is Not the Absence of Fear: Some more Quotes You should Learn

    As Mandela taught us the lessons of courage through his powerful words, many other eminent personalities spoke about how to become courageous and retain courage in life. Let’s know some of their famous sayings.

    • “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”– Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    • “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”– Mark Twain.
    • “Don’t give into your fears; if you do, you won’t be able to talk to your heart.”– Paulo Coelho.
    • “It’s not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”– Seneca.
    • “We fear that we are inadequate, but our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”– Marianne Willamson.
    • “You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”– Brene Brown.
    • “Courage does not always roar, sometimes it’s the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, I will try again tomorrow.”– Mary Anne Radmacher.

    So inspiring, right? Let us know if you find any more such quotes on courage and overcoming fear. Write them down below about how you feel about the quote – courage is not the absence of fear! And if you are interested to know why many people tend to hate their lives, we have an interesting write-up for you. Click here to read.


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