Can Cats Eat Eggs? | Essential Things You Must Know

    Can cats eat eggs? And if they can, are they really good for their health? If you are also wondering these questions then keep reading this article. Here you will get to know everything that you must know about feeding eggs to your cats.

    Can Cats Eat Eggs And Are They Really a Good Meal For Them?

    can cats eat eggs


    Eggs can be an absolute source of protein and fat, and cats demand a diet that contains mostly animal protein because cats are obligate carnivorous. Eggs should not be fed to the cat as a sole source of protein in the diet. But eggs can be given to cats for supplementing protein in the rest of the diet.

    Egg whites contain only protein without any fat. On the other hand, egg yolks essentially have fats and very little protein. So, keep in mind that adding egg yolks will increase the level of fat in the diet.

    The shell of the eggs contain calcium and minerals but there are high chances that your cat may find them less tasty. Also, adding minerals to the diet of your cat should be done only under your vet’s direction.

    Can You Feed Eggs To Kitten?

    Scrambled eggs and boiled eggs can be a good fit for kittens. Just make sure that you are not making it a sole source of food. Kittens demand a diet that contains all the nutrients that are essential for their growth. Consult your vet before feeding eggs to your kitten.

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    Should You Feed Cooked Eggs To Your Cat?

    You can feed boiled or scrambled eggs to your cat without salt or any seasoning. But remember, there is a higher risk of supplementing a lot of fat into the diet of your cat. You should always consult your vet before feeding eggs to your cat.

    Also, scrambled or boiled eggs that include egg yolk increases the fat content, which increases the calories and the risk of obesity.

    If you remove egg yolks and feed only the white eggs to your cat then it will decrease the risk. Because egg whites contain almost no amount of fat and that makes it a much better source of protein for your cat.

    Should You Feed Raw Eggs To Your Cat?

    Feeding raw eggs or the white portion of the raw eggs can be very risky.

    Ingesting raw eggs or raw egg whites has the potential of increasing the risk of getting affected by a bacteria which is known as salmonella and it can affect both cats and the pet parent, according to the Centres For Disease Control.

    How Much Eggs Are Best For Cats?

    You can feed a small quantity (around 1 tablespoon) of egg whites in the usual diet of your cat, it would be perfect for supplementing the protein. But cats need some less food than we actually think and usually, they are very good at turning the extra calories into extra pounds or fat. So, make sure you are feeding a completely balanced diet to your cat and you must consult with your vet before adding eggs to your cat’s diet.

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    What’s The Finest Way To Give Eggs To Your Cat?

    First of all, make sure that you have removed all the shells of the egg. Cook the egg whites fully without any seasonings. Eggs should be cooked under the temperature of 160°F. Allow them to be cool and then add a little amount of egg to the top of the normal food of your cat.

    Final Words

    So, now the final answer to “can cats eat eggs?’ is – yes. But make sure that you are feeding them in moderation. They are healthy, nutritious, taste good, and are safe for people and cats too.

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