How to Sterilize a Needle: Don’t Miss these 3 Essential Ways to Do It

    Whether piercing an ear or popping a blister, the needle is a must. And to play safe, you need to know how to sterilize a needle. After all, you do not want germs to disturb your health. Specialists recommend that you sterilize your needle before every use.

    Well, needles for medical cases are nowadays one-time-use, even if you sterilize them. One is that a person should not use the same needle used by another person. Often, we see doctors breaking the needle after one use. That is the right way to dispose of the used needle for medical purposes.

    Needles for daily use like popping blisters, piercing ears, etc., should be sterilized. It helps to improve the germ condition giving it a safe and sound vibe. Now, the question is- how to sterilize a needle. Probably, you have heard many of the options, and you are here to know the most appropriate one. Or, probably you do not have any idea yet. You are looking forward to gaining some knowledge.

    how to sterilize a needle
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    Regardless of how much knowledge you have about using a needle, you will get a complete idea about how to sterilize a needle here. Let’s know what the details are. We will discuss every vital factor associated with it. Let’s move ahead.

    Before You Sterilize:

    Well, there are different ways to sterilize a needle. You can opt for any of them at your convenience. But, regardless of the way you are sterilizing, you must prepare the essential ingredients first.

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    Gather a pair of surgical gloves, a pair of sterilized tongs, a sterilized container, and the sterilizing material! First, wear gloves and continue sterilizing the needles. Once they are sterilized, you keep them in a sterilized container. Every time you sterilize them, make sure not to use your hand or gloves to pick them up after the process. Also, it is necessary to keep them in a sterilized container to avoid any contamination.

    How to Sterilize a Needle: With Hot Water:

    This is one of the most common ways to sterilize a needle. If you want to know how to sterilize a needle with boiling water, follow the steps here.

    how to sterilize a needle
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    • Take a pot and clean it with disinfectant soap and warm water.
    • Now, take water in a pot and put the needle into it.
    • Bring it to a boil.
    • Boil the needle for at least 30 minutes.
    • Pick it up with already sterilized tongs and use it.
    • Keep it in a sterilized container.

    As boiling water is readily available, many people often opt for it. However, remember that it is not recommended for injecting medicine or any other crucial medical use. You may have to boil the needle for at least one hour for medical cases. However, sterilizing needle and using it is only applicable for one-person one-needle cases. You must not use the same needle for another person, even if it is sterilized.

    Now, let’s know another way to sterilize needles.

    How to Sterilize Needle: With Alcohol:

    Alcohol is not only for your evening parties or clubhouse days. It can be used for many purposes. One of them is sterilizing a needle. If the option of boiling water seems time-consuming for you, you can try rubbing alcohol. The steps on how to sterilize a needle with alcohol are as follows:

    • Either immerse the needle deep into the alcohol or take a sterilized thick cloth piece dipped into alcohol.
    • Clean it thoroughly and keep it in a safe, sterilized container if used immediately.
    • Wash your hands properly and dispose of the alcohol-dipped cloth.
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    Well, if both of the options do not suit you, we have another option. It is fire. Yes, you can use fire for that purpose. Let’s know how to sterilize a needle with fire.

    how to sterilize a needle

    How to Sterilize a Needle: With Fire:

    When you opt for fire, you need to choose a fire source that does not leave too much residue. For example, you can use a butane lighter.

    • Hold the needle with a sterilized pair of the tongue.
    • Light the fire and place the needle into the fire.
    • Remove the char on the needle.
    • Use it or keep it in a sterilized container.

    While opting for fire, another easy method is to bake it into the microwave machine. In that case, you have to bake it for at least one hour at 340 degrees F.

    These are the ways to sterilize the needles. Often, people ask- can you sterilize a needle with bleach? Our answer is no. Bleach makes the needle points blunt. Also, it cannot disinfect the needle properly.

    People often ask- can you sterilize a needle with salt water? Well, salt water is not a pure sterilizing material. It kills the bacteria to some extent. But, it does not sterilize completely. When you use salt water for this purpose, make sure to take sterile water. Mix half a teaspoon of non-iodized salt in eight ounces of water. Ensure that the pot and the instruments you use are sterilized.

    how to sterilize a needle
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    Frequently Asked Questions: On Sterilizing Needles and More

    Can you sterilize disposable needles?

    Yes, you can bake it at a microwave machine. Wash the external plastic body with disinfectant soap and clean hot water. Rinse plain hot water in the internal parts.

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    Can hydrogen peroxide sterilize a needle?

    Yes, hydrogen peroxide can help. You can use 6% hydrogen peroxide. Also, you can use other chemicals like 70% isopropyl alcohol, medical ethanol, etc. Immerse them into the solution for 20 minutes at least.

    How do you sterilize scissors at home?

    Steam and hot water can disinfect the scissors. But, do not let the scissors wet after sterilizing them. It may lead to rust on it.

    How long does a virus live on a needle?

    It depends on the nature and type of the virus. Usually, it stays on the needles for up to one week.

    Wrapping it Up

    So, it was a guide to how to sterilize a needle. We hope you have got the details you were looking for. If you have some more leisure time, you can look at how to clean a retainer.


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