15 Best Bathroom Closet Ideas

     Picking between two colors is often confusing, let alone picking something out that has to blend in with a well-designed setup. Bathroom Closet Ideas can be something that takes up a lot of time for you to get the perfect one. 

    If you think choosing a bathroom closet is one of the easy picks, most of the time, it ruins the design of your bathroom, and the money you invested in it never feels worth enough if not done correctly. So, to take off your workload and confusion, I’ll be helping you with the 15 best bathroom closet ideas. 

    15 Bathroom Closet Ideas 

    Mentioned below ideas are the top picks and most popular ones. I’ve also added the most affordable options; even if you have a compact bathroom, you can choose any of them. After considering various bathroom sizes and designs, I’ve picked 15 of these ideas. So, let’s begin. 

    1. Rustic Closet Organiser

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    A rustic Closet is a closet with a typical wooden finish. People love this bathroom closet idea because it gives their bathroom a Rustic look and some old-school touch. Rustic Closet can be your type if you are a fan of country vibes or want some soothing atmosphere in your private place.  

    2. Custom Linen Closet 

    Next in Bathroom closet ideas, we have a Custom Linen Closet. Custom Linen gives the vibe of a farmhouse, the Linen closet can be fancier, too, but eventually, it has the color theme of off-white and grey. The closet gives some modern looks with old school touch. 

    3. Master bathroom Toilet Closet

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    The master bathroom toilet closet is more classy and subtle in bathroom closet ideas. It has these glass doors and a modern furnished closet with some rustic look. The closet has space for hangers and multiple storage boxes. The modern finish with a glass door look gives a classy look to your bathroom. The lighting also matters in the master bathroom toilet closet. 

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    4. Floating Closet 

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    The floating Closet is an ordinary closet with a unique design in bathroom closet ideas. The closet is not placed on the ground but on the wall. The unique design of the floating closet gives the perfect modern look with saving space (If you have space issues). You save space for your laundry baskets or anything you want to store under the closet. A floating Closet can solve a lot of space issues. 

    5. Roll-up Bar Cart / Stool

    Bathroom Closet Ideas
    Good Housekeeping

    Roll-up Bar Cart is one of the cutest closets to have in your bathroom. You cannot use the word Closet for Roll-up Bar Cart, as it is a roller basket used as a secondary storage option. You can store your towel, clothes, and shampoo bottles, whatever you want. I’ve mentioned this because it is easily accessible, and you can move it around the bathroom. 

    Just like a cart, you can keep a stool, or you can use a combination of both; if you do not have much space in your bathroom for a closet, you can make it a combination of both cart and stool, arranged in a proper manner, which enables you to store your necessary items. 

    6. Small Corner Closet

    Bathroom Closet Ideas
    Home Design Lover

    Again in bathroom closet ideas, the space saver option is available. The Small corner closet is the best for those who have space issues in their bathroom. This design is quite compact because most of the time, the utilized space is overhead space over the toilet seat. It is not a fancy closet; it is designed for comfort and to utilize the overall space properly. You can place small saplings if you want to make it look good. 

    7. Closet With Deep Shelves

    Bathroom Closet Ideas
    Joyful Derivatives

    Closet with Deep Shelves is also a space saver design in bathroom Closet ideas. This is done by making the number of sections on the corner or wall. This closet has no doors. 

    It is quite easy to use; yes, you may feel weird that it has no doors, but this design utilizes the corner space best. If you wish to close the closet, you can install curtains, but an open closet is one of the trends these days, which looks good if arranged appropriately.  

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    8. Hanging Closet 

    Bathroom Closet Ideas
    Magic Breaks

    It is one of the most affordable portable closets you’ll encounter. It is again one of the options to save space in your bathroom; this cute closet is made of fabric and pipes (to support the structure). The closet is hung at some corner or on the wall; you can make the place according to your needs because of its portability. 

    The design of this closet is such that it can suit any bathroom design. Apart from that, you also get the freedom to pick any color you want, as these closets look subtle and serene, making your bathroom lively. 

    9. Built-in Cabinets

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    Built-in cabinets share a similar design with Closet with Deep Shelves in bathroom closet ideas. It has doors; that’s the difference between Built-in Cabinets and a Closet with Deep Shelves. 

    Built-in Cabinets are also one of the best space savers in bathroom closet ideas. It is an inboard closet, meaning that cabinets are built inside the wall, not on or over it. It is very simple and subtle, suits every bathroom design. You can go with modern, classic, or vintage; this built-in cabinet will fit every design. 

    10. Shelves below the Sink

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    In bathroom Closet Ideas, shelves below the sink to save space in your bathroom. As the name itself explains the closet’s design, so does it explain the purpose of the closet. 

    Many of you won’t use it as a proper closet; apparently, many people use it as a secondary closet, a small closet that can store your important and daily use products. The looks of the closet are versatile; they won’t hurt the design of your bathroom. You just have to utilize the space properly. 

    11. Vintage Cabinet 

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    A vintage Cabinet is one of the popular bathroom closet ideas; it comes with a woody look. If you want to make it out of wood, you can go for it, but you have many options available along with wood. 

    You can make the closet with different materials giving it a wood-like finish. If you can make the DIY at home, people prefer the DIY option; apart from that, tons of ready-made options are available in the market. 

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    12. Customized Basket 

    Customized Basket is one of the trendsetters in the market of bathroom closet ideas. Considering the benefits of the closet, it is generally a good idea because it saves a good amount of space in your bathroom. Along with the space, it does suit your modern bathroom. 

    The baskets look a bit fancy by saving some cash. You can personalize the design by arranging the baskets or playing with the basket size. It’s affordable and wastes no baskets at all, and you can use the extra baskets for other storage purposes in your house. 

    13. Handle Free Drawers

    Bathroom Closet Ideas

    Bathroom Closet Ideas has one of the most interesting designs: the Handle Free Drawers. These drawers pull off the modern look and look quite sophisticated. It utilizes the space very well under the sink; these three to two compartment drawers are proved to be effective bathroom closet ideas. 

    It gives the class touch. Apart from that, you can customize the look by giving it woody or rustic finish, whatever you wish to fit in with your bathroom style. 

    14. Walk-in Closet

    Bathroom Closet ideas

    This option is only for the ones who have a spacious bathroom. In bathroom closet ideas, the walk-in closet is one of the biggest closets. The Walk-in closet for the bathroom looks similar to your bedroom walk-in closet but quite smaller in area. 

    It’s up to you if you want to make a common walk-in closet between the bathroom and bedroom so you can utilize the space properly. The Walk-in closet is of those closets that blend with every bathroom design.

    15. Modern Closet

    Bathroom Closet ideas

    Modern Closet is the most customized closet on the whole list. The idea of this closet is that you can customize or change anything according to your wish. You can style it more or keep it simple by maintaining one color scheme. You can install a raised panel wooden closet or elegant pull drawers at your convenience.  

    Cessation | Bathroom Closet Ideas

    Winding up with this article, I hope you picked the best you wanted for your bathroom. Many other designs are even better, but I’ve picked these 15 based on the possibility that there can be large or compact bathrooms. 

    If you want more ideas, you can comment down, and if you want articles on any specific topic, please mention them in the comment section. That’s all for the article, you can also check our website to read more.  


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