Baja Chicken Wraps | The Best Recipes in 2021

    Baja Chicken Wrap is something that is loved by a lot of people around the whole world. Baja chicken wrap is not something that is specific to a meal that is eaten at a prefixed time. You can eat them whenever you want and in whatever quantity you like.

    Baja Chicken Wrap

    Although be sure not to burst your stomach after you have stuffed it full, I know that is a possibility because I have tasted a Baja chicken wrap, and I know how good it tastes; it will just leave you licking your fingers it is that good.

    I know you are here to read an article about Baja Chicken Wrap, but before we go there, let me start with the most lovable ingredient that is a part of this beautiful dish, i.e., Chicken. We are living in the 21st century, but the love for chicken is seamless and endless for ages.

    The Nutritious Value Of Baja Chicken Wrap

    People loved eating the Baja chicken wrap, or rather, chicken wraps even centuries ago, and they will keep loving it till either the humans go extinct or the chicken go extinct.

    From the times when kings and queens admired varieties of delicacies that were served to them, to the times when world politics was disoriented, we have had many dishes which did the work of filling our stomachs as well as quenching our thirst for food that tasted fabulous.

    The chicken wraps were a great way of getting a lot of calories into your body while not eating a very large amount of foods. That is the reason a lot of people during the great wars, i.e., the world wars, used chicken wraps to keep themselves healthy and not starve.

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    Chicken is one of the only, if not the only meat, that is loved by everyone around the world, everyone who eats meat I mean, the vegetarians are missing out on a lot sadly. Chicken is considered rich in protein.

    Baja Chicken Wrap

    People consume chicken in various forms worldwide; people in the United States prefer fried chickens, where Eastern Nations prefer properly cooked chickens.

    So, chicken has a great history; we will talk about how a century-old dish was loved globally, how wrapping the cooked chicken inside the tortillas made the best combinations of flavors, and how you can eat it as a quick healthy meal for lunch or maybe brunch.

    Wraps are usually a century old now, and you can find varieties of dishes wrapped for lunch or for snacks. Shawarma is one famous wrap dish which started from mutton but now you can get chicken, beef, or turkey in it. So you see how the use of chicken in various dishes has evolved with time.

    Wraps And How Baja Chicken Wrap Was First Made

    Wraps are basically tortillas that are wrapped around some stuffing or filling and you eat them as you would eat a sandwich. Because of the nature of a wrap that is to stuff some kind of food into something else, it is loved by a lot of people and comes in various forms as well.

    The opportunity that a wrap gives someone to get innovative and creative is huge. You can make the stuffing from anything that you would like to eat and have a lot of flavors in it that will just burst into your mouth and make you feel heavenly.

    There are a lot of wraps available, like the vegetarian lettuce wrap that is a completely vegetarian option for our vegan friends. The other type of wraps could be Paneer Tikka Kathi rolls, Quesadilla, Vietnamese cold spring rolls, chicken shawarma, etc. One such wrap is the Baja chicken wrap.

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    Baja Chicken Wrap

    It was the whole idea of getting different and rich flavors by adding what people wanted in their wraps that led to the invention or discovery of the Baja chicken wraps. It was the experimentation with lettuce, chicken and tortillas, and lime juices and spices that blessed us with the wonder that is Baja chicken wrap.

    Like so with many dishes, there is no particular rule or way how you can make this wrap. You should just follow what you think will taste good to you. But do not try to get too creative or you might end up ruining a perfectly good wrap. If you are not sure how you can go about making a Baja chicken wrap, well, what am I here for?

    I am going to tell you about a recipe that I personally like and will help you make it in the best way.

    Baja Chicken Wrap Recipe

    When you are about to make a Baja chicken wrap, you should consider your options on how you want to make it. The recipe that I am going to be telling you about can be made in two different ways.

    The Ingredients

    For the chicken:

    One pound of chicken breast

    2 limes juice

    A quarter cup of olive oil

    1 teaspoon of each cumin seeds, chilli powder, kosher salt, and black pepper

    For the wrap:

    3-4 cups of lettuce

    A quarter cup of ranch dressing

    Avocado, hot sauce, and tortillas

    How to make Baja Chicken Wrap

    The Chicken

    The first way is to grill it. You prepare the chicken and then put it on a stove and then just grill it on both sides for about 10 minutes and you will have a chicken ready to be put in a wrap.

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    Baja Chicken Wrap

    The other way would be to sear the chicken in a pan at medium heat for a few minutes and then put it in an oven at 350 degrees F to get it done completely. If you do not have a pan that is compatible with an oven, you can put the chicken in a baking dish instead.

    It is better to complete cooking the wrap in an oven because keeping them on the stove for too long might burn them. After that, you have to take the chicken out, cut it up, and then add it to the wrap.

    The Filling

    For the filling, you should make lettuce, about 2-3 cups, and then put ranch dressing on it as well as hot sauce. After that, you only have to mix it up nicely, and it would be ready to go in a wrap.

    The Endgame

    If you are making the wrap from a pound of grilled chicken, you would be able to make at least four wraps of regular size from it. If you are going to make large wraps, then it would depend on the size of the wrap.

    When you start the stuffing, make sure that the tortilla is big enough to house all the filling that you are going to put in it. First, lay down the tortilla, put lettuce on it and then add a quarter of an avocado. After you have done that, you will only need to add the chicken and maybe add some ranch and hot sauce too.

    Cessation | Baja Chicken Wrap

    The Baja chicken wrap is a great wrap to eat in brunches or main meals. You only need to put your heart into it when you are making a chicken wrap and it is surely going to bless you with a great taste and leave you licking your fingers.

    To make a Baja chicken wrap, you will only need some essential ingredients, and you can make it very easily and without any fuss. So get a chicken and tortilla and start making the best wrap!


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