Mike Martone Net Worth | 6 Comprehensive Facts

    Mike Martone Net Worth is something that has been searched on google a lot of times in recent months. All that is because of the reality TV show Unpolished, whose season 1 was telecasted a bit more than a year ago.

    Mike Martone net worth would be hard to estimate as it is not just him who owns the business. Before we get to Mike Martone Net Worth’s topic, we should get a bit of background on this topic.

    Mike Martone net worth is not the only thing people search on search engines, and you will find that many searches for the net worth’s of a lot of people in the world, and mostly, it is in search of people in business that have excelled in their fields.

    Mike Martone Net Worth

    Some of the people that excel in their businesses and fields can be scary rich. To name a few, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, etc. All these personalities have earned a lot of respect around the world, and they continue to grow their businesses every day.

    There’s a reason why people search for things like ‘Mike Martone Net Worth’. When people hear about these personalities and their success stories, they get a sense of inspiration and jealousy. Now you might think that nothing good can come of jealousy. But that is not true.

    Jealousy sometimes becomes the driving force for people to do better and get better from others; if it encourages people to do better, why not let it flourish? It will just make them a better person if they are always running before excellence. Someone once said, ‘Pursue excellence and success will follow pants down’.

    I must say, truer words have never been spoken. So searching ‘Mike Martone Net Worth’ is a great way to motivate yourself.

    What Is Net Worth? | Mike Martone Net Worth

    After reading my rant about Mike Martone Net Worth and why or how net worth encourages people to be better, I think I should explain to you what exactly net worth is. Net worth is the total value of all the things and assets of any person or an organization.

    You should note that when you calculate a person’s net worth, you subtract all of their liabilities from their assets. Net worths are very essential in determining the overall success or rather a person or organization’s value.

    If the net worth is not calculated properly, it might create issues for the person or organization because net worths basically tell you where they stand financially. Net worth can also be called book value or shareholder’s equity for obvious reasons.

    Mike Martone Net Worth
    Republic World

    The top businessmen in the world might often be called high-net-worth individuals because they are amongst the wealthiest people on the planet.

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    Net worth is of different categories as it can be relevant to one person or a group of people, organizations, etc. Basically, net worth is of two types, net worth in business and net worth in personal finance.

    If you want to understand net worth easily, add up all the things like your home’s worth, your investment portfolio, your vehicles, or other such things you own, and then subtract all your mortgages and loans that you have taken, and you will have your net worth.

    There are things like negative net worth, which is when the value of an individual or an organization’s total assets is less than the value of total debts. Now that you know about Net worth let us talk about Mike Martone Net Worth.

    Who Is Mike Martone? | Mike Martone Net Worth

    Mike Martone did not become famous because he appeared on a TLC show. He was famous before that. The salon Unpolished in Long Island, New York, is pretty famous for its fabulous service.

    Mike Martone is also called Big Mike, which is how the audience of the show knows him. Big Mike is someone who took care of all the things behind the scene in the running of Unpolished. He was loved by both his family and the audience. You rarely see people with such a good heart these days.

    While Mike Martone was a great personality, he was also a great family man. Unpolished is mainly run by Lexi and Bria Martone, but when Mike was with us, he played an essential role in the running of Unpolished. Lexi and Bria are the daughters of Mike, and they co-own the business.

    Mike Martone Net Worth

    Lexi is 28 years old, while Bria is 25 years old, and they manage the whole business spectacularly. Mike’s wife is Jennifer Martone, and she plays the role of a manager in the salon. Lexi is known for nail art and other 3D work, whereas Bria does all the hairstyling. Foxy Grandma, the mother of Big Mike helps with the styling around the salon too.

    The Martone family has lived in New York for a long time. Big Mike has had a business of plumbing in Queens since 1983. You will be saddened to know that Mike Martone left the land of the living in May of 2020 while the shooting of season 1 had been completed and the shooting of season 2 was just around the corner. Even though Big Mike is not with us, Lexi and Bria carry on what Mike helped them build.

    The Passing Of Mike Martone | Mike Martone Net Worth

    Mike was someone who held Unpolished together; even though he was not the manager, he still helped with many things in the salon. The Martone family is very close-knit, and Lexi and Bria were very close to Mike as well.

    After Mike’s passing, the sisters were very devastated and were very candid about the issue on social media. TLC confirmed the news of the passing of Mike Martone on Twitter, where they gave their condolences to the family and let the audience know how much everyone loved big Mike.

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    The Martone family patriarch was a mentor and a guide to his daughters but more than that, he was a good father, and that is why when Bria shared a photo of her and Mike on social media, she said that he was her Superman and protector and he always helped her solve any problems.

    Mike Martone Net Worth
    TV Shows Ace

    The sisters found it hard to carry out their lives after Mike’s passing, but they knew that their dad would have wanted them to celebrate his life rather than mourn him, and hence, they tried to live up to the legacy left behind by him and are trying their best to make him proud.

    The cause of Mike’s death was never revealed publicly, but rumors say that he had cancer, and that was the cause of his death. Some rumors also said that the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic might have been the cause of his death, but nothing was stated officially.

    I cannot confirm that rumor, so I will advise you to not believe whatever you say either. There might be a good chance that the Martone sisters tell their audience about the cause of Big Mike’s death because the fans of the show would want to hear it.

    The Martone Family Salon |Mike Martone Net Worth

    The Martone salon features on TLC because of its great service and the fabulous relationship of the owners with the customers. One of the other sources of Mike’s income was the plumbing company he owned in Queens.

    As we discussed before, the Salon is co-owned by the daughters of Mike, Lexi and Bria, and they are the main focus of the reality TV show on TLC too. Lexi became so famous because of her nail art, and it is not any ordinary nail art type; Lexi does 3D nail art and other 3D things too.

    The Martone family is very bold, and that is shown in the TV show. If you are not one of the watchers of this show, you should definitely watch it. The show features the whole family and all the interesting events that occur in the salon. This idea is very fresh and innovative, just like Lexi’s nail art.

    Unpolished | Mike Martone Net Worth

    The show was first telecasted on 17th November 2019, and it has since come back for a second season in early 2021 as well. Also, as we mentioned before, it was between the shooting of these two seasons that Mike Martone passed away.

    Also featured on the TV show occasionally are the boyfriends of the two sisters. Lexi has a boyfriend named Joe Fraumeni, who also lives in New York, and Bria’s boyfriend is Matt Mancuso, who has 2 kids from his earlier relationship, but that did not bother Bria at all, and she has taken to the kids nicely.

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    Mike Martone Net Worth
    The Cinemaholic

    When you watch this show, you are sure to have a big smile on your face from all the silliness that is happening on the screen. Both the sisters have a deep sense of caring for each other, and although you might see them quarreling more often than not, it does not, in any way, mean that they do not like each other.

    Mike’s Worth | Mike Martone Net Worth

    As I have mentioned before in this article, Mike depended on the reality TV show mostly for his wealth. Before he featured on the reality TV show on TLC, and even after and during that, his other source of income was his plumbing business in Queens.

    Featuring on the show added a boost to Mike’s total net worth, but you should not think that his plumbing business was not doing well. He had started the business in 1983, and it had been going on for 36 long years before he featured on the reality show.

    When you talk about Mike Martone Net worth, you would think that there would be a lot of information available on this person who is such a fan favorite in the United States because of his caring nature and the strength that he provided to his family from behind the scenes of the TV show.

    But sadly, not much is known about the personal life of Mike Martone other than what is shown on the show. Mike’s net worth is not really known, although we can confirm that as of 2021, his daughters, who are the co-owners of the Martone Salon, have a total net worth of over $3 million.

    For a salon business to have such a huge net worth, sounds impressive right? It was all achieved with hard work and dedication, and nothing was acquired easily. Also, it should be noted that the whole of the family came together to give us the awesome reality TV show that we can watch and get entertained by on the weekends.

    It is because of everyone involved in making the show that makes it so lovable. For as long as Mike was with us, he tried his best to make the show and the salon business prosper, and prosper they did. The daughters themselves believe that they could not have done it without their dad.

    So when you hear such great things about a man from his daughters, you know he must have been a great personality and a very good person at heart.


    Now that you know how great a person Mike Martone was, you must understand that is the reason why the phrase ‘Mike Martone Net Worth’ is searched on the internet so much. Mike might not have been as famous as Elon Musk or other such celebrities, but he was just as passionate about his work as they are.

    It was because of this passion for his work that Mike became a successful person, and the business his daughters own has a net worth of more than $3 million. We all need more people like Mike Martone amongst us to inspire us, to make us do better, and to help us think and realize that we can always do better than what we are already doing.


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