Top 30 back porch ideas on a budget you can consider

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    Front porches are well-known because they are the focal point of any home, especially when well-decorated. We always make an effort to make it look grand because it reflects the household’s personality and gives it more character.

    Back porches can do the same thing, extending the living room and providing more privacy for downtime and relaxation. So, what are the back porch ideas on a budget? 

    back porch ideas on a budget
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    If you’re glancing for back porch ideas on a budget or building one as an extension of your living room, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll review some noteworthy ideas.

    We’ve listed all back porch ideas on a budget for you, from the most basic to the most practical to some high-end options, so keep reading.

    Back porch ideas on a budget

    It is always difficult to arrange extended living space, especially when concerns such as space, the shape of the space, and decorative elements that should go with the materials of your choice arise. So, without further ado, let us look at some of the best back porch ideas on a budget.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Wooden back porch

    Like your living rooms, this back porch is best used as a receiving area, especially for those with whom you want to have private conversations. With the natural colors of its surroundings, this back porch idea pops. At the same time, the blue color makes it appear calm, peaceful, and cool.

    back porch ideas on a budget
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    This is an ideal spot for those who want to unwind and unwind anytime. When purchasing one, consider adding wooden touches to elevate its natural appearance and pairing it with other pastel colors.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Back porch with lively colors

    Colorful styles create a fun and exciting environment, essentially reflected in this back porch design. A good mix of neutrals and colors creates a cool and vibrant ambiance, and overlooking nature and all it has to offer, especially during golden hours, adds to the mood of this area.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Please keep it simple and elegant when planning one, as the decorations also reflect the homeowners’ personality. Having enough space to sit and relax makes the entire space appear very cozy.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Rustic screened porch

    While a large, wide area for a back porch is appropriate, this small, furnished, and cozy porch is ideal. Simply looking at the organization and all of the elements combined brings comfort and soothes the eyes.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    How much more when you go there, sit, and bond with your loved ones, right? Having a separate private space from your bedroom is ideal for every homeowner. This makes the back porch ideas on a budget worthwhile.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Back porch for pets

    Aside from the traditional cage for your pets, such as dogs, you can have a more innovative way to keep them inside your homes while also enjoying the sun and nature in one place.

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    A pet-friendly back porch is not large and grand, but it is large enough to accommodate many necessary elements at once.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    You must supply the back porch with indoor toys, furniture, and decorative elements for their extracurricular activities so you don’t have to worry about constantly bringing them outside for a walk, hygienic reasons, and the like.

    Though they would still need to walk the grounds on the outside, this is a fantastic idea they would undoubtedly adopt as their permanent residence.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Naturalistic back porch

    While colorful tones are appealing, combining all natural colors, such as brown and green, works best when building a back porch.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Although color-coordinated with the yard, they are distinct because they are confined with screens and wood material to give unique guests a private space to enjoy all of the naturalistic views this back porch provides.

    When going for this view, it is also best to have a couch that contrasts the entire area, such as this one, to make it look cooler and more inviting.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Seasonal decorative back porch

    While it is nice to have decorations in your front yard, keeping the main focus of your decorations in your back yard works best.

    In addition to deviating from the norm, you can use your best ornamental talents to enhance the space for family and friends during close-knit gatherings.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Seasonal decorations can brighten up any space, and this one is no exception.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Classy back porch

    When you want everything to look trendy and classy, go for dark furniture accented with cool and bright tones.

    Having this all-inclusive furniture for a back porch is also something that every homeowner would want – an attachment to the primary living room that looks extra beautiful, classy, and elegant while keeping all of the colors the same and intact, extended, and extended in a different area.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    When selecting this type of design, ensure that you are prepared to maintain it given the variables such as changing weather where heavy rain may cause the furniture to be put together as this is only covered with screens.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Long and narrow porch

    Going for a long, narrow back porch looks elegant and classy, especially with elements that enhance its beauty.

    Because of the colors used, it has the appearance of an infinite aisle and a traditional and vintage look.

    Having an open space with open sides can also be a good idea because you can go outside and enjoy the sun while having a place to sit, listen, and watch not just the view but also the many activities in the area and the outside view.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    This back porch design is best suited for homes with plenty of space to accommodate a long, narrow porch.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Back porch dining area

    Back porches are adaptable because they can be used as an extended living room, recreational area, and dining area, as shown in this back porch design.

    You can put up any setup, simple, romantic, or design that fits the occasion. With this look, a back porch is given a rustic dining area that looks scenic with the background and all of the natural elements.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Making a back porch into a dining area is ideal because you will no longer have to go to fancy restaurants to make room for your loved ones, but rather a space in your home where you can change the setting depending on your mood and desire.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Expensive looking back porch

    As previously stated, the back porch has already been given significance, which is why spending so much time, effort, and money to make it look elegant as this back porch idea works for every homeowner.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    This space has a lot of dark furniture and elements, but it contrasts with the accent colors combined. The white and beige colors, combined with natural lighting, make it bright and beautiful, and the unique chandelier gives it an expensive appearance.

    Many people prefer a living room in the back of their homes. As a result, if you’re looking for a great idea, this one might be a good fit.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – A raised platform back porch

    It is not a bad idea to be inventive with your homes and build a raised platform for a back porch. Making one does not have to be extravagant or expensive.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    It is already reasonable to consider having a place to sit and relax. This back porch is simple but cozy, with no distinguishing features compared to the others.

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    However, the traditional design of this space makes all the difference and is not to be overlooked.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Sunbathing area

    A sunbathing porch on the back porch works well in a large, elegant, and expensive home like this one.

    Arranging the lounge so you can enjoy yourselves over a coffee or a drink and talk about anything in between is a perfect look.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    The highlight of the porch is two expensive-looking sunbathing couches aligned across each other, allowing two people to enjoy the look of the surroundings and the sun’s rays. This is the look for you if you want something unique and spectacular.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Outdoor living room

    An outdoor living room is suitable for homes with a large area and a high budget, where it complements the main living room area.

    This outdoor living room has antique furniture and elements of old materials that complement the house’s white colors.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    While having a place outside to have private conversations is beneficial, it can also be a place to host your parties, from breakfast dates to other celebrations, to maximize the intimacy among celebrants and chosen guests.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Concrete back porch

    Making it simple with standard home materials such as an aluminum ceiling, wood support, and concrete flooring still makes for a good back porch idea.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    The furniture in this image is also very simple in design and color.

    They go well together and still serve their purpose while allowing you to enjoy the fresh air provided by the open side areas and the greenery surrounding them.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Cozy back porch

    Even if your back porch space only has a couch and a table, it still provides a great back view of the house.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    In this image, the idea of combining all the neutral colors where they look pretty well gives a cozy and elegant vibe where you will want to sit and converse over coffee or any activity.

    A simple but inviting atmosphere like this is preferable to arrangements with numerous expensive elements that do not provide comfort and relaxation. Going for this view is so appealing that you’d want to have one right now.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Beige and blue back porch

    While all other color combinations work, the combination of beige and blue is particularly appealing for this back porch design. It appears elegant with just two colors and a classic furniture arrangement.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    As the beige color provides warmth, the blue color provides a cool oceanic vibe, making them look good together. The design presentation alone conveys a sense of privacy and solemnity in this back porch concept.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Two-in-one back porch

    You can have a living room on one side and a dining area on the other side of a multi-functional back porch.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    These two complement each other perfectly because, like the inside of a house, they are side by side, separated but together. The brick flooring in this design emphasized the look of the furniture on both sides.

    Even though they are simple, they create a memorable view. A large, multi-functional space for a back porch look is visually appealing and functional.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – A swing bed on a back porch

    A simple back porch with a swing bed creates a space for relaxing and spending time alone.

    While the house is large and appears to be expensive, having just the right amount of space for the homeowner to sit, relax, and take in the scenery makes this back porch a spectacular look.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    A modern design swing bed like this one is ideal. Even in a small space, as long as you feel welcome and comfortable, it’s a great choice.

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    Back porch ideas on a budget – Outdoor kitchen and dining area

    A back porch with an outdoor cooking and dining area does not disappoint. With this complete dining setup, you appear to be on a camping or outdoor adventure with a special treat.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    This one appears simple, but the color combination of beige, natural wood, and cherry wood creates dynamics that make it appealing.

    It doesn’t have to be fine and elegant for a back porch; just a simple and well-coordinated design adds something special. So, choose the ones that best serve their function when purchasing one rather than the design.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Outdoor living area with garden views

    This back porch idea creates a long and narrow space before the garden to create the area look more creative and have an area where you can chill, relax, and enjoy the beauty of your backyard garden.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    More than the refreshing qualities of green, the decorative value it adds when combined with the color of the wood.

    What distinguishes this outdoor living room area from others is the presence of a stair that separates the area from the garden. The stairs also added drama and a touch of art to the scene.

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    Back porch ideas on a budget – Partly covered black porch

    With all of the furniture inside, a partially covered black porch like this looks so appealing and beautiful.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    While it provides warmth and coziness, the partially shaded outdoor area exudes coolness and adds dynamism to the overall concept.

    Having this old feel due to the colors and design combined in the shaded area gives a warm and welcoming vibe while enjoying the unshaded area, the view of nature, and the natural air that comes in together.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Back porch with a fire pit

    Every homeowner’s dream is to have a fire pit in their yard. Having it on your back porch is ideal because you don’t have to go outside to enjoy a good old bonfire, s’mores, and stories.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    All you have to do is sit on the back porch and enjoy the scenery surrounded by family, friends, and a crackling fire.

    This arrangement makes you want to stay in this area for hours, listening to music and admiring the flames.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Roofed back porch

    A three-in-one back porch is worth every penny. It serves as a welcoming and super-extended space for many collective activities, both functionally and aesthetically.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    The design that separates the dining area from the outdoor living room with a roofed porch provides the fees of creating a space for both areas to function optimally.

    Compared to many elegant designs, this design appears simple. Still, it provides a high level of function, allowing you to easily move from one location to another while enjoying the outdoor vibes.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – A white porch with greens

    A white tone for a back porch looks clean and elegant, and adding all the greens adds to its decorative value.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    This one has a colorful balance that perfectly complements the many pastel colors in this back porch arrangement.

    If you want a simple and naturalistic look for your back porch, this is the best option. As a back porch living room, it appears to be very clean, cozy, and appealing.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Neutral-colored porch

    The colors used in this design are so elegant, as is the furniture organization in this small back porch area. It exudes a cozy and warm vibe while also being naturally appealing.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    As long as it serves its purpose, a small area does not disappoint. This makes this back porch arrangement one of the most beautiful on the list. Choose this design if you want a simple and elegant idea.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Vintage dining area on the back porch

    While having a dining area on a back porch is natural, opting for an old, timeless, and antique-themed dining area would look best on an open back porch with all of the natural elements present in its surroundings.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Despite its age, it still exudes class and creates intensity with the presence of the red color, which alters the vibe.

    The combination of an old design and the boldness of the other colors makes it a design standout. The area size does not matter when choosing this design as long as you have the perfect idea for combining things.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – An all-wood dining area on the back porch

    A dining set made entirely of wood with a black outline is the ideal complement to natural wood flooring. The effect of the stairs adds a traditional and classic view to the back porch, creating an impact given the simple dining area.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    Allow individuals to easily move in and out of a small space so they can enjoy moving around while talking over breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Even though it is a simple and ordinary design, it is one of the timeless designs that any homeowner would choose.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Open back porch area

    This old, all-stone home highly recommends a simple, open back porch. Having this one will allow you to enjoy the design of your home while also enjoying the sun and nature.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    A sit-over coffee with private conversations creates a moody and sophisticated atmosphere. Choosing this design allows you to feel free and bright while reaping the many benefits of natural lighting.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Glass enclosed back porch

    The glass walls would provide the beauty of your surroundings when you want to enjoy them.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    The interior’s woody colors, combined with the minimal furniture in the form of couches, make it very simple, classic, and just enough material for relaxation, self-realization, overviewing, an escape area, and a private room if needed.

    This back porch design is so simple and inviting that you’ll want to spend most of your time there.

    Back porch ideas on a budget – Pergola back porch idea

    Pergolas are more decorative than functional because they do not provide complete shade. This back porch view is very interesting because there is so much going on from one side to the other.

    back porch ideas on a budget
    Farm Food Family

    On one side, everything appears simple and elegant, while on the other, everything appears colorful, exciting, and appealing.

    Given the colors and open space, having this back porch would make you feel completely refreshed and comfortable. When selecting this one, ensure that you have the right size to enjoy its function.

    How to Decorate a Back Porch – Back porch ideas on a budget 

    If you’re still undecisive about how to arrange your back porch, here are some sprucing up ideas to consider when you get to the arranging stage:

    • Create an entertainment area.
    • Use woven furniture to make it light and airy.
    • Purchase ‘punchy’ rugs.
    • Make sure there is a coffee table in the middle.
    • Choose your outdoor pillows carefully.
    • Consider candle chandeliers and other types of lighting.
    • Purchase a large number of potted and hanging greeneries.
    • Seating is crucial.
    back porch ideas on a budget
    Extra Space Storage

    Would screened-in back porches increase the value of a home?

    While these structures do not contribute to a home’s appraised square footage, they add real estate value. Screened porches and patios provide a 15-25 percent return on investment when the home is sold. This means you would get your money back and profit from it.

    To end with back porch ideas on a budget. 

    A back porch is always a reasonable option to expand your living space. It’s ideal for private gatherings and discussions with friends and family.

    With what we’ve discussed, we’ve demonstrated that you can make any design work with the right elements. A back porch arrangement must not be overly abundant, intricate, or labor-intensive. Purpose, function, and design should all unite to form a unified whole.

    It would not be difficult to design a back porch from scratch using this list’s featured back porch ideas on a budget. All that remains is to determine the final design and arrangement.


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