Amazon Best Sellers: Best Air Fryers 2021 [With Buyer’s Guide]

    Best Air Fryers 2021 – Have you always wondered how great it will be if the fried foods could be healthier? Well, most of us have had the same thought.

    Whatsoever, the good news is that something like this is possible. With advanced tech appliances, companies have started a new line of products called Air Fryers. As cool as it sounds, having one in your home is very important.

    Most of us miss out on our daily nutrient requirements. The busy and hectic life cycle is just something that takes a major chunk of your life and devoids you from all the necessary items you deserve. Topping on to that if you start having fried food, your body weight will be out of control.

    Air Fryers is a dream come true for all of us who have been in love with fried food. With almost no oil to fry, the technology makes all our needs come true.

    Our doctors have always recommended us to avoid the use of oil on a daily basis. However, the cravings for French fries or fried chicken is always tempting. Well, every extra bite of the fried food makes us believe that we will hit the gym tomorrow. But, deep down we all know that it is not going to happen.

    The best way to get out of all these problems and avoid any susceptible lifestyle is by using Air Fryers to fulfil out cravings. Well, before suggesting the best Air Fryers 2021, I would prefer to talk more about the Air Fryers.

    It is always best to know the product before actually buying it!

    What is an Air Fryer and how does it work?

    By now, you must be aware that it does all the job of frying the foods for you. Well, it is true but the mechanics it uses are completely different.

    All the best air fryers in the town come in with one simple principle, i.e., to provide you the best quality food possible. Air fryers are an advanced tech product that focuses at the circulation of hot air inside the machine to fry your meal.

    The hot air is circulated from all the different angles which makes it possible for the meal to be fried properly.

    Instead of using a wok to cook chicken, one can use this Air Fryer without any tension. All that you need to do is wrap the chicken with oil sufficiently and put in inside the machine. After this, set up the duration and the temperature at which you to fry the meal.

    Well, all of these might sound fascinating and unbelievable to you but the product does have those qualities.

    However, we can’t expect the product to work without any oil on the food. But we are definitely making sure to avoid 95% of the oil usually required. The special technique that the Air Fryers are adopting is well-known as the Rapid Air Technology.

    The best part of the product is the convenience that it provides. Now, the users won’t have to stand by the wok to constantly keep track of the meal. They can set up the timer and be free to enjoy time with their family.

    Whatsoever, don’t miss understand this with a microwave oven or OTGs. Air Fryer has a completely distinctive approach to fry your food which is hard to capture by a microwave oven. The heating temperature used in an air fryer is way too high compared to a normal microwave.

    Apart from it, the lower portion of the food is fried properly using advanced technology which won’t be possible in a microwave.

    Let’s get into the benefits and buyer guide for the best Air Fryers 2021.

    Best Air Fryers 2021 – Benefits

    A product is completely worthless if it doesn’t have any value. Well, this value doesn’t need to be in monetary terms specifically. There are numerous benefits when we are choosing the best air fryers over the typical deep-frying process.

    Highlighting all of the benefits might not be possible, therefore, we will pick up the best one which can help you figure out the product.

    Healthier Cooking

    I can’t explain how using an air fryer from a young age can help you evolve as a person. It is not just about the cholesterol that you are avoiding but also about the type of food you opt for.

    All of the street foods have a huge amount of cholesterol in them. This is the reason why most of loving them. When we choose air fryers over deep frying, we unintentionally avoid the consumption of street food on a regular basis.

    Apart from it, the amount of calories and fat, we are burning by avoiding the same is huge.


    Just imagine the amount of time you can say if you don’t have to stand by the wok to look after your meal. Well, it is huge and users can save much time using the best air fryers in the market. As convenient it sounds, using an air fryer can be really quick and efficient for most of us.

    The fight against using oil is never-ending. There will always be some way or another that oil will be a part of our life. Deep frying can lead to a lot of mess in the kitchen. This is the reason why most of us avoid it.

    With the help of air fryers, we can air fry our meals in minutes. All we need to do is set up the time and relax while the food is being prepared.

    A better and cleaner kitchen

    We all have dreamt of that big kitchen which has different slabs with all the mandatory accessories. To be true, we might not be able to find the kitchen with different big slabs but surely can look after the mandatory accessories.

    Air Fryers have become a necessary part of our daily life. With so many different tasks in hand to do, Air fryers are the easiest tool to use from. The best part is that we don’t have to wrap our meal with tissue paper to soak in the extra oil.

    With minimum oil in use, the air fryer takes care of the mess that one usually creates. Apart from it, the food will be ready in minutes and you as the chef won’t even have to worry about it.


    Well, if you think that the best air fryers get only the frying job done, then you are so wrong! With an efficient air fryer, you can easily deal with baking, roasting, and grilling as well.

    Therefore, all your money is being used on the right product and in an efficient manner.


    While frying something, every person worries about the oil spilling out. It is not only harmful but also dangerous at the same time. Most of the parents don’t even want their children to do such chores on a regular basis.

    Therefore, air fryers are a great substitution for the same. There will be no oil splatters or flames which are considered the risky part of cooking a meal.

    The benefits are pretty good for anyone to pick the best air fryers in the market. However, all the air fryers are not the best ones as they claim.

    I have made a brief buyer’s guide for the Best Air Fryers 2021 which will help a person make their choice. Using the particular features mentioned under the list, users will be free to make their own choice by the end of the article.

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    Apart from it, I will be listing out some of the best air fryers 2021 which will be perfect for your cooking needs.

    Buyer’s Guide for the Best Air Fryers 2021

    A user can always have his preference over the different air fryers available in the market. But the right way to go about the same will be to know more about the product than the ear’s meet. This is rather a smart way to make your choice as you will be indifferent while making the choice.

    These factors will lay down the different aspects of the best air fryers.


    Finding the perfect size for your Air Fryer is very important. You don’t want to cook the same meal twice or thrice a day. Well, Air Fryers are usually small and created for nuclear families. This means that the cooking amount can worry depending on the size of the Air Fryer.

    The best Air Fryers will come with a weight of 5-7 kgs which will seem perfect for your meal needs. Similarly, factors like the appetite of your family must be counted on as well.

    If you have a family of 3-5, then opting for an Air Fryer with 2-3 liters of capacity will be perfect. However, if the number of members increases them going for the 4L+ Air Fryerz will be the best option.

    Go through the different products mentioned by us and you will surely find the right product for your household needs.

    Temperature Control

    Going through the specifications of a product is the best idea. When picking up an Air Fryer, the most important aspect to look for is the temperature control procedure. If the Air Fryer can’t reach a temperature of 200 degrees C, then using that machine for frying chicken nuggets is a waste of time.

    Similarly, there are different temperatures at which each item must be air fried if that particular temperature is not available in option, then never pick up such a product.

    Specialized Air Fryers come in with the option to fluctuate the temperature during the cooking process. Users simply need to pause the machine and change the temperature as per their needs.

    Food Separator

    Have you felt the urgency of cooking different meals at the same time? Well, we run out of time during hectic schedule and we don’t want to look bad in front of our guests. Imagine how terrible a situation will be where you aren’t able to offer the food you promise.

    It is definitely not something expected from you. Therefore, certain air fryers come in with a food separator which is an excellent medium to cook two meals at the same time. The food separator tray can be bought from the market if it isn’t provided with the air fryer.

    As of now, I have learned that it is definitely a useful tool to improve your cooking efficiency.

    Alert Features

    There are different categories of air fryers. When you pick up the best Air Fryers in the market, make sure that you pick up the one with an alert feature. This is the customized feature that will let you know when your meal is ready.

    Similarly, you can set up different alarms at different intervals to alert you about your meal. This way you deal with changing the temperature while cooking your food.

    Warranty Services

    Air Fryers can be difficult to use at times. There might be a situation where you won’t be able to operate it properly and therefore, end up hurting the device during the process.

    The best way to deal with the situation is by picking up an air fryer with a great warranty period. Usually, most of the air fryers come in with 2 years of warranty. However, the warranty is always expandable, and use this feature to improve your luck.

    Well, all of these factors will have you choose the best product on the market. But there will always be an obstruction that can cause you to prioritize the factors mentioned above.

    Budget is a very crucial factor to include whenever you are shopping. There will be products below which might not fit in your budget. Therefore, the journey of picking up the best air fryer will always be difficult.

    Prioritize your needs over budget smartly!

    Best Air Fryers 2021 – Different Types

    Well, the last thing to know about the Air Fryer is the different types available for the same. As complex, it might sound to figure them all. It will be convenient for all the users when it comes to using. It is just the different ways they circulate the heat over the food.

    Whatsoever, there are 6 different types of Air Fryers which be perfect for your kitchen. They will vary distinctively based on their looks, performance, and the air circulation method.

    Paddle Type Air Fryers


    These are the multipurpose air fryers that we have been talking about for so long. Whether it be frying, grilling, or roasting food, everything will be covered by this champ. With too little to use when it comes to oil, using the paddle-type air fryers are super easy.

    To make it perfect when it comes to cooking, the machine comes in with a rotating paddle that rotates the food to cook it evenly. The way it works, it looks more like a cooker but doesn’t miss understand it with something like that.

    However, the worst thing about this type is that this is the most expensive air fryer type to choose from.

    Well, everything got a price to pay for.

    Basket Type Air Fryers


    Remember how they cook French fries in Mc. Donald’s? Well, this basket air fryer will give you the same vibe.

    With a basket-like handle, all you need to do is put the food in the basket and put it inside the fryer, and wait for the lock to click. The best food to cook using this machine is fried. Whether it be chicken nuggets or French fries or some other meat that you want to fry, everything will be covered.

    The best part of using this air fryer is that it comes with a longer lifespan and a huge capacity of food that can be prepared with just a teaspoon of oil.

    However, you won’t be able to cook curry or any other liquid diet as it has a net container.

    Manual Mode Air Fryers

    These are the cheapest air fryers in the market. With almost everything to be done by the user, it can get pretty hard to deal with these kinds of fryers at times.

    The process to set temperature and time is different as well. Users have to use the knob available to adjust the timer and temperature control.

    It might not look as cool as the other fryers in the market. However, leaving all these aspects aside, users can feel free about the quality of food it will be providing.

    Digital Air Fryers

    This makes Air Fryers the best gadget to have around. With all the specifications, one can use the digital screen to set up the timer and temperature. Changing the temperature during the process will be super convenient as it won’t take one to pause the machine.

    Similarly, users won’t have to keep a track of the same as the time remaining will be available on the screen. Apart from it, there is an alert for temperature change and timer as well. Which makes the user be tension free throughout the process.

    The only disadvantage that this product has is that it can consume a large portion of your kitchen.

    Compact Air Fryers

    The name explains it all. This type of air fryers is really small and thus, can cook food for not more than 2 people at a time.

    Well, if you are a new couple or looking to settle somewhere new then picking up this model might be the best thing. Many compact air fryers even miss out on the digital controls which give it the antique and aesthetic look for a wooden kitchen.

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    However, cooking with this device might get tedious at times.

    High-Capacity Fryers

    This is the best Air Fryer to find in the market. Users are made about having this model as it can cook up to 12 quarts of food at a time. If you are planning to roast a chicken this weekend, then picking up this model will be the right thing.

    On the other hand, handling a large number of meals is super easy with this beast.

    Remember, the food separator that we were talking about. Well, you are getting one of those with this fryer.

    However, there are certain disadvantages that you might have to take care of. It is super expensive and harder to clean at the same time.

    Well, if you can get those two covers, then no one is stopping you from taking on this device.

    Since all of you are aware of the different types of air fryers available in the market, let’s get into the best air fryers.

    Best Air Fryers on Amazon

    We have brought a great list of different Air Fryers in the market. Let’s get a touch of them.

    1. Philips Airfryer XXL
    2. Cuisinart Airfryer Toaster+Oven
    3. Ninja Foodi
    4. Dash Compact Air Fryer
    5. Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer
    6. Breville Smart Oven Air
    7. Gourmia Digital Air Fryer Oven

    Philips Premium Air Fryer

    best air fryer
    Phillips Premium Air Fryer Specifications
    Model No. HD9721/99
    Item Dimensions 14.37 x 13.78 x 13.78 inches
    Capacity 3 Quartz
    Item Weight 15.08 pounds
    Material Used Plastic
    Color Black

    This is indeed the best air fryer in the market. The Philips Premium Airfryer managed to pass all our tests without the bling of an eye.

    With the most user-friendly approach to frying food, I have loved the way it operates. While cooking French fries, the process was seamless as all I had to do was watch television while the air fryer was busy cooking the fries for me.

    The French fries ones ready for serving was a great combination of perfect crunchiness, tenderness, and the potato flavor we all die for. The fries are definitely a go-to food when you are buying the Philips Premium Airfryer.

    Well, if you are worried about dealing with large quantities, then this gadget got you covered. It can easily handle 3 pounds of fries without missing a single one of them. There is no way one doesn’t seem to like it. Whether it be the Nashville hot chicken or hamburgers which require great grilling, everything will be covered with this beast.

    All one needs to do is set the right timing and temperature with a little bit of oil on the top. The rest will be taken care of by the fryer. But all the fryers can make this happen. Philips Premium Airfryer has a different reason to be on our list and it is because of the solid built that the machine comes in with.

    Apart from it, if you are planning to cook a meal for your family, then the bulk quantity can be managed with the help of this air fryer. It is the perfect gadget to provide a healthier meal for all your family members.

    However, many customers have complained that the product is a little bulky and heavier for most of the kitchens. The competitors are providing a great deal for the same price. Some even found the absence of digital control to be a problem as it gets hard to set the time and temperature accurately.

    On the other side of the river, people found it convenient when it came to washing off it in the dishwasher. All the parts are removable and dishwasher friendly. With this fryer, there will be no need to pre-frying any of your food and thus, it will be totally worth it for the money you invest. However, it can come in as a bit noisy if proper maintenance is not provided.

    Overall, this is a complete package and you shouldn’t miss the change if the budget is not a problem for you. Apart from it, you will also get a recipe book that will educate you about the different meals that you can prepare.


    1. No Preheat required
    2. Provides Tender and Crispy food
    3. Family-wise capacity


    1. Heavy and Noisy
    2. Consumes a lot of space

    Amazon Link – Philips Premium Airfryer

    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

    Best Air Fryer 2021
    Cuisinart Toaster Over + Air Fryer Specifications
    Model No. E9CUITOA60
    Item Dimensions 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches
    Capacity NA
    Item Weight 21 pounds
    Material Used Stainless Steel
    Color Steel

    If you’re looking for the best air fryers depending on the space-efficiency then the Cuisinart Air Fryer is the best option to avail from. It fits under the basket type air fryers and therefore, a perfect match for your French fries need. The best part which I discover while using the product was that it provides the perfect crispiness that we all crave for.

    With the perfect seasoning on the top of the food, we can expect the perfect meal using the freedom of setting the specific temperature and time. This Air Fryer is also the simplest one in the lot as it comes in more like an OTG. With this, the users are conventionally free to set the temperature with the knobs available.

    Well, if you have looked out for the digital control air fryer then this gadget is a disappointment. Looking at the price for which it comes, users can easily guess it is pretty high for a device without any digital control.

    But, the fryer is good enough to accommodate 2 pounds of fries and 6 slices of bread at a go. The company even showcase that this air fryer is perfect for cooking 4-pounds of chicken at a time. However, I haven’t tried the same.

    Another disadvantage of picking up this model is that you can’t put the same in the dishwasher. The parts need to be cleaned by hands.

    The only good reason to buy this model is the versatility it comes in with, along with the aesthetic look it carries. It is a mixture of the toaster, air fryer, and countertop oven which makes it stand 2nd in our list.


    1. It’s a complete package of 3 different devices.
    2. Best for crispy food
    3. Toasts evenly


    1. No digital control
    2. Parts are non-stick
    3. You can use a dishwasher to clean it.

    Amazon Link – Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster+Oven

    Ninja Foodi

    best air fryer
    Ninja Foodi Specifications
    Model No. B07FDFP79J
    Item Dimensions 14.25 x 16.75 x 13.1 inches
    Capacity 6.5 Quarts
    Item Weight 25.8 pounds
    Material Used Stainless Steel
    Color Black

    Users are always confused when it comes to using this product efficiently. It is a complete package of a pressure cooker, air fryer, and slow cooker. But we will focus on the qualities it has for the best air fryers in the market.

    There is no doubt that it works as the best pressure cooker but it will be worth the money if it works as a great air fryer as well. When it comes to providing crispy and crunchy food, it is top-notch.

    The efficient manner to put this device in use by using the two functions simultaneously, i.e., pressure cooking the chicken and then air frying it to add the perfect browning and crispiness to the skin. You can even dehydrate, broil, steam, saute, and slow cook whatever meat you are looking forward to having.

    It is a versatile product but it is the noisiest one in the group. As mentioned earlier, so many functions in the same device can lead to some problems in the future. After a few use, it will be convenient for all of us to get a hand on the device.

    The digital screen works pretty well for users as the large font size makes it easier to read.

    Coming to the weight of the product, you might find it a little inconvenient as it is pretty heavy. However, it comes in very space-efficient as you won’t need to think much about it.

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    Looking at the versatility of the product, we must give it a dedicated place as it can put to use on a daily basis. Apart from that, the cooking book accompanied by the same must have a separate chart created to make it user-friendly.

    In the end, all the parts of this pot are non-stick which means you can be free when it comes to throwing it inside the dishwasher to clean.


    1. Versatile
    2. Best for Cooking
    3. Includes a huge bunch of function


    1. Costlier
    2. Oversized and Heavy

    Amazon Link – Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

    Dash Compact Air Fryer

    best air fryer
    DASH Compact Air Fryer Specifications
    Model No. DCAF155GBAQ02
    Item Dimensions 7.8 x 10.6 x 12.2 inches
    Capacity NA
    Item Weight 6.84 pounds
    Material Used Plastic and Metal
    Color 5 different colors

    Well, there is no way that a user won’t fall in love with this cute little gadget. With the different color combinations available in the market, it even becomes more exciting for users to have it.

    All over the internet, all that this device has got is good reviews. The Dash Compact Air Fryer is an excellent device for users to cook meals for 1-2 persons. The best amount of food to go with is half a pound of French fries to get the right crispiness we all deserve.

    This air fryer doesn’t need the food to be preheated, but to get good results, the user has to stir the item or toss the item while cooking. It comes in with a dial control which is super easy to deal with.

    However, one thing which might confuse most of the users is the manual. The settings recommended for most of the foods are to be guessed by us. We might even find it problematic when it comes to setting the dial between the temperature 320 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

    The best part of this gadget is its non-stick coating basket which is perfect to fit in the dishwasher. Without consuming much space, users can get it out of the cabinet whenever they need it for.

    There are several colors in which it is available. Glossy red and black are my favorite!


    1. It is compact
    2. No requirement for preheating
    3. Non-stick basket


    1. No digital control
    2. Too small to cook a large meal

    Amazon Link – Dash Compact Air Fryer

    Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer

    best air fryer
    Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer Specifications
    Model No. AFR-25
    Item Dimensions 12 x 11.75 x 11.5 inches
    Capacity NA
    Item Weight 16 pounds
    Material Used Stainless Steel
    Color Steel

    If you are living in a studio apartment and worried about having all the junk food from Mc. Donald’s, then the Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer can help you out. It is definitely the best air fryers available in the market because of the compact size it comes in.

    Cuisinart is famous for following a very raw design for all its product. With a steel look on the outer body, it looks more like an OTG. However, the best part is that it is not oddly spaced as a capsule or egg. The company followed a very simplistic approach to the model. It looks more like a toaster oven.

    The model is very simple, users won’t find any pre-set program on the device to help them with quick-cooking. There won’t be any option for dehydrating or quick heating to make the meal easier. Instead, users have to dial up the settings on the knob available. As usual, the users won’t have to preheat their food.

    One thing that I loved the most about this product is the manual which comes with excellent recipes in it.

    The best way to cook a meal on the same is to spread it evenly over the large basket it comes with. This will allow proper crispiness for the food and will make the cooking time lower to a great extent. Make sure not to pile up the food on one another as it will cause you a huge amount of time for cooking. Apart from it, the right crispiness will be missed.

    While one thing that most of us will be missing in this product is that none of the parts are dishwasher safe. Therefore, we have to go through all the hustle to clean up the mess after cooking meat.

    There are a handful of advantages of choosing this product but it is definitely not the best air fryers available in the market.


    1. Easy to control
    2. No preheating required
    3. Crispy food
    4. Useful Manual
    5. Antique design


    1. No pre-set program
    2. Parts are not dishwasher safe

    Amazon Link – Cuisinart Compact Air Fryer

    Breville Smart Oven Air

    best air fryer
    Breville Smart Oven Specifications
    Model No. BOV845BSS
    Item Dimensions NA
    Capacity 14 liters
    Item Weight NA
    Material Used Stainless Steel
    Color Steel

    Whenever you pay for a product you wish that it pays off every penny invested. Well, it seems to happen whenever someone buys the Breville Smart Oven Air. With its special features, this device not only works as an air fryer but also has the configuration of an oven in it.

    It specializes in providing crispy food and chicken nuggets which taste the best when fried. Coming to the digital controls, it is pretty easy to handle. Users won’t have to go through huge hustle when opting for this. One can even find the automatic preheat program which will always keep your food warm.

    If you haven’t bought a toaster already, then going for this product might seem the best for you. It works as an oven and as an air fryer at the same time. Although it will occupy more space than a regular toaster, it will be worth it for the price it comes for.

    According to Breville, one can easily cook a 14-pound turkey in this machine. Well, now it might seem perfect for the Thanksgiving party.

    One of the worst parts of having this device might be it’s manual. All the best air fryers come in with a manual that explains the custom role of the features available. However, this one lacks the same.

    Therefore, if a user is new to the product then, they might not be able to fit it right. Whatsoever, dealing with roasting and baking is super easy on this.

    Overall, it is a great product if you are not looking for something with great looks.


    1. A complete package of the toaster, air fryer, and countertop oven
    2. Worth the Price
    3. Digital Controls
    4. Feed a good amount of members


    1. Huge
    2. Manual lacks quality
    3. Parts aren’t dishwasher coated

    Amazon Link – Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Fryer

    Gourmia Digital Air Fryer

    best air fryer
    Gourmia Air Fryer Specifications
    Model No. B08MPPVZ6P
    Item Dimensions 15.3 x 13.5 x 13.5 inches
    Capacity NA
    Item Weight 11.92 pounds
    Material Used Plastic and Steel
    Color Black

    The last one in our list of the best Air Fryers 2021 is the Gourmia Digital Air Fryer. As the name suggests, it is pretty much clear that the Gourmia Air Fryer has a digital controller that helps the users set the right temperature and time for the meal.

    All we can think of is the different modes that it comes with. There is a digital screen in the front which comprises of 19 different buttons which will help you select your perfect model. Well, this is the real tech that everyone was waiting for. With the maximum temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, users won’t have to worry about missing their healthy chicken nuggets.

    Every food item comes out as the crispy, brown item that we all dreamt of.

    The best part of using this machine is that it comes in with pre-programmed temperatures which will take into account the functions required to cook different varieties of meals. Well, to make sure that all the food is crispy and best to eat, the oven prefers to preheat every food item put into it. It is an automated decision that is difficult to change.

    In the end, after completing all the chores you can put the machine in the dishwasher without varying about it to get ruined.


    1. Best at Air Frying
    2. Easy to access
    3. Great Manual


    1. Generic design

    Amazon Link – Gourmia Digital Air Fryer


    There will always be a better product on the market. Picking up the best air fryers in 2021 is definitely a tough task. Without putting in the right effort, there is no way that we will find the right pick.

    However, with our buyer’s guide and the different suggestions we have for you, it will become much easier to make a choice. All your decisions can be made independently while going with the best air fryers available.

    Make sure to take the right decision and not mess it up!


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