Adam Savage Net Worth: Mythbusters to Tested

    Adam Savage the host of The Mythbusters and the famous personality has good searches on Adam Savage net worth. So, let me tell you Adam Savage Net Worth is approximately $8 million. He works on various different projects and we know he from his youtube channel named “Adam Savage’s tested”.

    He has been in the industry for a very long time, he took interest in a lot of things throughout his career along with being a special effects designer. He is known for acting, fabricator, producer, and the list goes on. So no doubt why he is a millionaire, hard work pays off, right?

    But Savage had a decent career just like us. He started with one thing and added many other skills. The main thing about Adam Savage’s success would be his visionary personality. To know about that let’s have a look on how he started and ended making you search Adam Savage Net Worth.

    Early life

    Savage was born in New York, on July 15, 1967. He was the second youngest child in his family. He found his profession through his dad as Lee Savage was a well-known filmmaker, painter, and animator.

    Being in a family where your father is recognized for directing films like ‘Mickey Mouse in Vietnam’ and being a part of Sesame Street, I guess there will be very few people who will not be fascinated to join him.

    So Adam started his acting career at a very young age, he joined an acting school and spent five years there. After that, he started a voice-over in his father’s produced part in sesame street.

    Later he switched from acting and was more interested in working with his hands. At the age of 19 he left acting, he was a helper in special effects in star wars. Later he worked on many projects and learned a lot from them and he survived in this industry.

    After that, he had his shot on Mythbusters with his co-host Jamie Hyneman, they had huge success from this show and gained a lot of popularity, one can say Mythbusters boosted Adam Savage Net Worth.

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    Adam Savage did numerous projects to date, if we start counting then we have to change the title to Adam Savage’s career. Adam Savage’s net worth majorly peaked after the Mythbusters, before that he worked with projects like Star Wars and Matrix reloaded.

    Adam Savage was a commencement speaker at the Sarah Lawrence and in 2012 reason rally in Washington DC he was a featured speaker. He has been a speaker and host for many events and tv shows throughout his career.

    adam savage net worth

    On the discovery channel, he is one of those TV personalities who would appear in every next event of discovery. He appeared in “The Amazing Meeting”. In 2017, the American Humanist Association named Adam Savage as ‘humanist of the year’ in their annual conference.

    Let us have a quick glance at his further career and from where he actually made a major part of Adam Savage Net Worth.


    The Mythbusters is one of the reasons why Adam Savage net worth is what it is today. Adam was the co-host on this show alongside Jamie Hyneman, the show was all about answering myths after various experiments and tests. For the first season, the show had only two hosts i.e. Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

    After that they had many new members on their team which were regular on the show, they were Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Scottie Chapman in the second season. However, Scottie was later replaced by Grant Imahara, who is a model maker and robot builder.

    In 2016, the season was canceled initially with 282 episodes, later the series was renewed by the science channel network in 2017 with new hosts. The new hosts were John Lung and Brian Louden. Both hosts were the winner of the competition named Mythbusters: The Search, so they were selected for it.

    Before the end of Mythbusters, Savage started the search for new projects and opportunities. Later we saw him hosting the game show Chain Reaction in 2012, this is why even after the Mythbusters was ended, Adam savage net worth was not affected.

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    It was in 2010 when Adam Savage established his YouTube channel “Adam Savage’s Tested“. His first video was titled “Electronics and Condoms: Tested”. His YouTube channel is mainly similar to MythBusters, not the same but yes it is kind of similar.

    adam savage net worth

    In Today’s date, his YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers, 5.52 million subscribers to be precise. His all-time views on YouTube is over 1.1 Billion views, on average his videos get 700,000 views per day. From these statistics, you can see that he draws a good amount of money from YouTube which adds up to Adam Savage Net Worth.

    To provide you with precise information, we can assume that based on his YouTube channel he must be earning more than $3000 per day. And you will be shocked that the YouTube channel he runs is one of the small projects.

    Other projects

    Apart from all this during his journey of MythBusters in the beginning and before it, he worked on a lot of movies and TV shows. During this period he gained a lot of knowledge and experience. He learned many new skills and applied these skills in his further works which resulted in a boost to the Adam Savage net worth.

    Not just an actor in movies, but he has also worked as a special effects designer and as a model maker in movies and Tv series. He was recognized for his work as a designer.

    Galaxy Quest, Space Cowboys, The Mummy, Bicentennial Man, The Matrix Reloaded, and Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, these were the movies in which Adam worked as a model maker.

    Following are the movies and Tv shows in which Adam Savage was starred in:

    • Mythbusters
    • Mythbusters Jr.
    • Savage Builds
    • Unchained reaction
    • 2048 nowhere to run
    • An honest liar
    • The Unbeliever
    • Adam Savage’s Tested VR
    • The Darwin Awards
    • Wrestling isn’t Wrestling
    • Beyond Tomorrow
    • Night of the little dead
    • Ever since the world ended
    • Dangerous toys
    • Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars
    • Blade Runner 2049
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    Adam Savage Net Worth

    From the beginning, Adam had a decent start but this decent start means towards his work rather than chasing money. He was more interested in special effects so he did work with many big-budget movies as well as small ones to get something out of it and that was pure skill.

    Definitely, his hunger for doing something he loved forever made him a millionaire, no doubt he is still doing great on youtube with the same kind of concept. But Adam Savage Net worth is divided into many parts. Let us have a look at how his net worth sums up to $8 million.

    adam savage net worth

    Let’s start with Adam Savage’s Estates, he definitely owns many properties but one of his properties’ value is around $2 million. He also owns a few of the cars yet I’m not aware of their names. But definitely, they would be beasty, as they (Mythbusters) had a good collection on the show too.

    Adam Savage earns approximately $33k monthly from youtube. These earnings would be based on the views. So this figure is just an assumption, it could be more or less. So currently if we count this plus his earring from sponsors, we can get a figure of half a million.

    After that, summing up the other project, he has, like movies and tv shows, and as I said he is the speaker and host for many events and shows. All of it makes his net worth $8 million. So this was Adam Savage Net Worth Journey, hope you will be more inspired by his passion for work more than the figure he earns.


    Adam Savage Net worth was not boosted by his show Mythbusters, it was pumped because of his love for his work. He had a chance in acting but he preferred to continue in his designing and model-making career. Through all of this, he got his final shot in 2003 through Mythbusters.

    Winding up this article, I hope you like this and if you want more of this you can check on our website Sleck. Hope you follow your passion too and get your final shot to achieve something good.


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