6 Surprising Health Benefits Of Jalapenos that Makes It A Good Addition To Your Diet

    Are you the one who loves to have spicy food? That touch of hot and spicy peppers added to your food makes you crave for it? On a personal level, I have a special corner for spicy foods in my heart. Among sweet and spicy recipes, I go on for spicy ones. And if you are also the one who prefers to have spicy food more, then congratulations! This is because this spiciness not only allows you to enjoy piquant yummy recipes but also adds a number of benefits for your body.

    Jalapeno Popper Burgers, Spicy Shrimp Pasta Salad, Black Bean & Jalapeno Poppers, Spicy Meat Balls, Spicy Chicken Bites, and other such mouth watering food recipes are enough to increase your appetite if you are a spiciness lover. And the good thing about these recipes is that they are also good for your health. For e.g. Jalapenos; there are numerous health benefits of Jalapenos. Now you must be thinking about how a hot spicy ingredient can be a benefactor for your health. Let’s dig in!

    Jalapeno is a medium-sized spicy family member of the capsicum peppery world. Available in red, yellow, and green colors, this shorty tangy fruit has an excellent level of pungency that makes it a good addition to spicy food items. It is native cultivation of Mexico but, over the time, gained popularity all over the world. China, Peru, Spain, and India are the familiar producers of several chilies that also include Jalapenos. In fact, these short green fruits are one of America’s most favorite chili peppers, and these are not available only in one variety. There are mainly three varieties of Jalapenos peppers:

    Mild Jalapeno Peppers

    (Easiest on our tongues,i.e, not that much spicy)

    Chichimeca, Mammoth Jalapenos, Chilipeno Hybrids
    Medium Jalapeno Peppers

    (Middle Level Heaters- Neither much mild now much hot)

    Jalaro Jalapeno, Fuego (Jalafuego Jalapenos), Mucho Nacho Jalapenos
    Hot Jalapenos

    (Top Heaters – Mild when green but heat increases as they ripen)

    Black Jalapenos, Purple Jalapenos, Biker Billy Jalapenos


    What do these Jalapenos taste like?



    As Jalapenos belong to the pepper family, thus they have a natural spiciness in them. Its taste is very much like serrano pepper, but with Scoville heat units of 3500-8000, this pepper proves to have less heat than serrano pepper. It is a bright green vegetable with a slight level of heat and bitterness, which adds a richer and earthy taste to recipes with a tinch of heat when roasted.

    However, red jalapeno peppers tend to lose bitterness and gain a little sweetness. Also, it is hotter than the green ones. Though they are the same fruit but earn different characteristics due to their age gap. Green Jalapenos are picked early in the ripening process, while Red Jalapenos are picked when they become mature. Therefore, they have different tastes. Green Jalapenos tend to have more fresh and crispy, while red ones tend to have a bit of sweetness, which calls both of them to add unique and different flavors to several recipes.

    Besides adding unique flavors to fantastic recipes, these fruits are also famous for having a good content of healthy benefits. These numerous health benefits of Jalapenos make them a good and healthful addition to a healthy diet.

    Nutritious Content of Jalapenos


    Yes, there are multiple health benefits of Jalapenos. This is because they contain a good number of nutrients that are essential for the human body and prove to be beneficial for them.

    One Raw Jalapeno Nutrients Content

    Calories 4
    Fiber 0.4 grams
    Vitamin C 10% of the RDI
    Vitamin B6 4% of the RDI
    Vitamin A 2% of the RDI
    Vitamin K 2% of the RDI
    Folate 2% of the RDI
    Manganese 2% of the RDI


    It shows that Jalapenos are low in calories and rich in fiber, vitamin C & vitamin B6, making them a powerful pack of healthy nutrients. Thus a good range of people prefers to have Jalapenos in their food recipes as it is not only a taste enhancer but also a health booster. Check out whether Grits are healthy for you or not?

    Health Benefits of Jalapenos – A Health Booster

    Jalapenos, a peppery, savory spice, is loved by innumerable people and added to various cuisines. This peppery fruit has been found to comprise a unique compound known as capsaicin, an alkaloid that tends to have many healthful properties and also is the primary factor that gives birth to the spicy quality of this eatable. Along with capsaicin, there are other beneficial compounds present in this fruit that lie behind several health benefits of Jalapenos. Capsaicin stimulates several health benefits of Jalapenos that are good for the human body:-

    #1 A Friendly Pepper for Weight Conscious People



    Are you the one who does not like to gain weight at all and thus you are very picky when it comes to eating habits? Then, congratulations! Now you can enjoy spicy pepper food with Jalapenos pepper. It is one of the famous spicy members of the capsicum family that comprises capsaicin and other similar compounds like capsaicinoids. Several studies reveal that these compounds are capable of boosting metabolism up to 4-5% per day that indirectly promotes weight loss.

    It has been researched that capsaicinoid supplements have been shown to have a sound reduction in abdominal fat and appetite that allow people to have fewer calories on a daily basis. These researches related to capsaicin benefits are not just particularly limited to Jalapenos; these are related to all chili peppers and the health benefits of consuming Jalapenos and other chili peppers.

    So, if you are a weight-conscious person, then you can consume chili pepper added food recipes without being worried about gaining weight. This is because research shows that Jalapenos and other spicy peppers are capable of boosting metabolism and fat burn while reducing appetite and thus lend a helping hand to those who want to lose weight.

    #2 A Fighter with Anti-Cancer Properties



    Jalapenos have a unique compound called capsaicin. Several lab studies have shown that capsaicin has a range of anti-cancer properties that may kill 40 plus cancer types and that too without any effect on normal cells. These capsaicin compounds are capable of fighting cancer by ceasing the growth of cancer cells, decelerating the new blood vessels’ formation around cancer tumors, and fending off the spreading of cancer to other body parts.

    However, human studies do not support these assertions mentioned above related to cancer-fighting properties. Instead of supporting these statements, human studies have shown opposite results. It reflects that regular consumption of chili peppers somehow increases the risk of cancer.

    Still, there is hope because all the studies haven’t shown these opposite results. In fact, high doses of capsaicin have shown to slow the spread of cancer in the bodies while lower doses appear to encourage it. This symbolizes that the dosage of compound matters.

    Whatever may be the reason or factor of these arguable results. Still, one point is clear that capsaicin may have anti-cancer properties, but this needs to be proved by more studies so that people can decide the consumption of the compound and foods comprising this compound accordingly.

    #3 A Natural Pain Reliever

    Source – Healthline


    Capsaicin is one of the efficacious compounds that prove to be a great pain reliever when used externally. It is not a compound that can permanently free you from your pain but can temporarily block pain receptors that soothe the pain. This characteristic of capsaicin makes it widely used in medicinal markets. Capsaicin lotions, creams, and patches are frequently available in the market that is used to relieve pain that has been caused by shingles virus, diabetic nerve pain, or chronic muscle and joint pain.

    Applying capsaicin creams, lotions and patches can cause a burning sensation first that is followed by numbness and consequently gives you relaxation from pain.

    One of the studies revealed that older people with rheumatoid arthritis witnessed a reduction in pain up to 57% after applying the capsaicin cream to their joints. This is great evidence that can prove that capsaicin is a great pain reliever, and research also has shown that capsaicin can also be used as a nasal spray that can promote relief to people suffering from migraine pain.

    Though capsaicin is a good pain reliever when used externally, it is still not verified that jalapeno peppers have the same effect on pain. So be careful! Do not start rubbing yourself with Jalapeno to get rid of pain, instead prefer capsaicin creams, lotions, or patches. Some of the capsaicin relievers you can get online are:

    #4 A Protective Shield for Stomach Ulcers



    Are you the one who believes that food with chili peppers like Jalapenos can become a basis for stomach ulcers or aggravate this problem? Overcome this belief of yours as research has shown that this is not true. Instead, these chili peppers contain capsaicin compounds that are capable of guarding your stomach against developing these ulcers in your stomach.

    There are a number of factors that give rise to stomach ulcers, such as the growth of H.pylori bacteria within the stomach, high levels of different stomach acids, little blood flow to the stomach, etc. Besides these, some of your habits can also build up stomach ulcers, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, stress, etc. Capsaicin can assist in reducing stomach inflammation in people having H.pylori bacteria and can also curtail stomach damage caused by an overdose of alcohol, overstress, and other such factors.

    While capsaicin is an excellent preventer for stomach ulcers, it is still not clear that Jalapenos also have the same properties that can reveal the same results or not. So be cautious!

    #5 A Battler for Infections



    Some of the studies reveal that chili peppers have powerful antimicrobial properties that slow down the growth of common foodborne bacterias and yeasts. Some of the chili extracts can also put an end to cholera bacteria from producing toxins that help to reduce the effect of this disease on the human body. Other than helping to fight food poisoning, capsaicin can also assist in preventing some other infections too including strep throat, bacterial tooth decay.

    However, keep one thing in mind that human studies are still pending to prove these points, and these studies have been performed using chili extracts, not chilies. Also, more research has been going on to deeply unveil the powerful effects of chili extracts and capsaicin relating to infection. Until then, one thing is sure that chili peppers like Jalapenos have compounds capable of preventing the growth of bacterias that may cause several infections in the human body.

    #6 A Supporter to Healthy Heart



    A healthy heart leads to a healthy life, and the good thing is that spicy lovers’ food can help them have a healthy heart. The leading causes that prove to be harmful to the heart are diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and several studies have shown that capsaicin can lower cholesterol levels and lipid levels. However, these results have been demonstrated in animals; human studies need to be examined. These animal studies have also revealed that capsaicin also relaxes blood vessels that lowers blood pressure.

    On the one hand, pepper chilies seem to have so many benefits, implying that there are many health benefits of Jalapeno. While on the other hand, these benefits have been proved on animal bodies, and still, human studies have to be done so that people like you can draw more benefits from these.

    Above mentioned pointers have shown that there are many health benefits of Jalapenos, or you can say that there are a number of benefits of capsaicin, a compound contained by Jalapenos. However, it has also been shown that there is a need for more research to clear out these facts. So you have to be cautious with the consumption of this and other chili peppers.

    Precaution & Side Effects of Jalapenos



    Yes, eating Jalapenos can help you to draw many health benefits, but you also have to take some precautions to avoid the side effects of Jalapenos. One of the widely known side effects of Jalapenos is having a temporary burning sensation in the mouth after consuming this spicy food. This reaction is not so harmful but can become severe depending upon the spiciness of the chili. So, if you are the one who does not like to have spicy food or has a low tolerance of spicy food, then you need to have some precautions to reduce the effects of Jalapenos:

    When you go to buy Jalapenos, prefer to have smooth Jalapenos pepper, which does not have small brown lines. The small brown lines of Jalapenos show that it is spicier, so avoid having those.

    If you are making any food using Jalapenos, then remove the white membranes that are inside the Jalapenos. This is because membranes have a higher content of capsaicin, and removing these membranes can lower the effects of eating Jalapenos.

    If you want to avoid the effects of this pepper chili on other body parts like hands, eyes then make a habit of wearing gloves not only when handling Jalapenos but while handling any pepper.

    If you have already consumed the Jalapenos and the burning sensation becomes stronger over time, then drink full-fat cow’s milk. It will assist in reducing this burning sensation temporarily, and you will feel relaxed.

    These precautions can help you to combat the side effects of Jalapenos, but for people who have irritable bowel syndrome, eating Jalapenos and other spicy chilies can be more harmful. They can have some unpleasant effects like abdominal pain, burning, cramping, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, if you are not a regular consumer of spicy food, or chilies or Jalapenos and you are wondering about adding this eatable to your food list because of the health benefits of Jalapenos and other chilies, then it is better to contact your dietician first.

    It will help you to be sure about your decision. Plus, if there will be any side effects, you can immediately treat them. Do not forget that prevention is better than cure. So do not be ignorant to any symptoms that may seem to be harmful by eating this or any other food item.

    Jalapenos, A Healthy & Spicy Eatable – How Can be Added to Diet?



    Yes, there are many health benefits of Jalapenos, but the question is, how can you add this healthy food to your eatable list. Jalapenos is a multi-purpose ingredient that can be consumed in raw, cooked, dried and even powdered form. Another plus point of this spicy food is that there is nil or minimal effect on the nutritional value of Jalapenos when smoked, dried, powdered, or pickled.

    So you can earn the health benefits of Jalapenos in any form. Eat it as raw food in salads and chutneys or enjoy its yummy taste by using it as a condiment in pickles or add it in smoothies and fall in love with these or add more benefits of it by adding it in cornbread or egg dishes.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 What happens when you eat Jalapenos every day?

    Generally, there are many benefits of Jalapenos. Still, when you eat Jalapenos every day, it can produce a burning sensation in the mouth and can affect the stomach of some individuals. Also, Jalapenos contain a unique compound called capsaicin that has anti-cancer and anti-bacterial properties, but the dosage of capsaicin decides that it will have a positive effect on the body or negative impact.

    Q2 Are Jalapenos good for the heart?

    Several studies show that Jalapenos contain capsaicin, lowers cholesterol level and lipid levels, and also relaxes blood vessels that lower blood pressure. All of these effects show that Jalapenos support a healthy heart. However, these studies have not been tested on humans. There is a need for more research on this subject matter. Besides this, there are other health benefits of Jalapenos, too, some of which have been proved, and some of those need more deep research and clarification so that people can enjoy this healthful food without any doubt.

    Q3 Do Jalapenos get hotter when they become mature and turn red?

    Yes, when Jalapenos become mature and turn red, they become hotter than the green Jalapenos, and these will tend to earn a sweetness that makes them an excellent addition to a variety of recipes. Green Jalapenos are also added in various recipes. They are also eaten raw as salad not because these are taste enhancers but also because there are numerous health benefits of Jalapenos.


    Jalapenos are a healthful, tasty pack of spiciness. Originated from Mexico, this short green fruit has earned its usage all over the world. Several studies have shown that the United States, Europe, India are one of the higher consuming states of Jalapenos and other spicy chilies. Also, surveys have proved that people who consume chilies regularly have a reduced risk of death than others. Yes, there are many health benefits of Jalapenos, but there are some side effects of this eatable too. So, be cautious and use the ways by which you can enjoy the spiciness while earning the health benefits of Jalapenos.

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