All About Day One Fund by Jeff Bezos

    Day One Fund – Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO of the multinational technology company Amazon launched the Bezos Day One Fund. The two-billion-dollar program is a philanthropic program that aims to fund non-profit organizations to help struggling and homeless families. It gives funds for the creation of non-profit, tier-one preschools for low-income communities.

    With this excellent initiative by the American entrepreneur, industrialist, media proprietor, and investor, Jeff Bezos, the Day One fund is currently working all around the United States of America. Jeff Bezos and his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, donated 97.5 million dollars to twenty-four organizations around the country that provide homeless services as part of the Day One Fund program.

    Day One Fund

    According to Bezos, the philanthropic endeavor will help establish a network of non-profit preschools and aid in funding existing non-profit organizations that provide services for the homeless. Of the declared 24 organizations, 15 organizations will be receiving five-million-dollar grants, while the other nine organizations will be receiving 2.5 million dollars as part of the program.

    Jeff Bezos dedicated and spread a significant part of his wealth throughout the country, aiming to address social problems of poverty and inequality. Instead of devoting his wealth to organizations based in the city, he decided to set an example and think about homelessness and displacement issues.

    With a two-fold objective, the Day One Fund aims to split 2 billion dollars between the two programs- the Day One Academies Fund and the Day One Families Fund. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, founder of rocket company ‘Blue Origin’ and the owner of ‘The Washington Post’, is the wealthiest man in modern history with a net worth of at least 150 billion dollars.

    With various critics calling for Bezos to give his wealth to the community with philanthropic efforts, he created the Day One Fund. The initiative was inspired by Jeff Bezos’ Day One mentality, where he believes every day is Day 1. With the same outlook, he took suggestions for approaches to philanthropy and created this charitable endeavor.

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    The Day One Fund is added to a long list of initiatives by Bezos, including financial contributions to various causes, including cancer research, marriage equality, scholarships for immigrant students, and much more. With the same set of principles used to run Amazon, the Bezos Day One Fund has allowed Bezos to invent, learn and improve.

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    Day One Fund for Families

    Jeff Bezos awards $97.5M to the first round of recipients of his Bezos Day 1 Families Fund - GeekWire

    With the Day One Family Fund, Jeff Bezos is funding non-profit organizations that require money to aid them with their goals of providing shelter and resources to those in need. With grants to forty-two organizations throughout twenty-four states, the program aims to fund short and long-term plans to improve the current services to help homeless families.

    Primarily inspired by Mary’s Place in Seattle with the motto ‘no child sleeps outside,’ the Day One Family fund issues annual grants to civic groups and organizations providing shelter and food to address homeless families’ needs. The compassionate effort allows the forty-two organizations to spread through twenty-four states to support those in need.

    The organizations that received 105.9 million dollars in funding for 2020 are listed below-

    Sl no. Name of the organization State Grant amount
    1. Anchorage Coalition to End Homelessness Anchorage, AK $450,000
    2. The Cathedral Center, Inc. Milwaukee, WI $1.25 million
    3. Catholic Charities of Acadiana Lafayette, LA $5 million
    4. Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention Indianapolis, IN $1.25 million
    5. Coalition for the Homeless of Central Florida Orlando, FL $2.5 million
    6. Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio Columbus, OH $2.5 million
    7. Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Inc. Lexington, KY $5 million
    8. Congreso de Latinos Unidos Philadelphia, PA $5 million
    9. Denver Indian Family Resource Center Denver, CO $450,000
    10. East Los Angeles Women’s Center Los Angeles, CA $2.5 million
    11. East Oakland Community Project Oakland, CA $2.5 million
    12. Facing Forward to End Homelessness Chicago, IL $1.25 million
    13. Families Together Raleigh, NC $1.25 million
    14. Family Life Center Kahului, HI $1.25 million
    15. Friendship Place Washington, DC $2.5 million
    16. HELP of Southern Nevada Las Vegas, NV $5 million
    17. The Homeless Families Foundation Columbus, OH $1.25 million
    18. Homeless Outreach Program Integrated Care System Los Angeles, CA $5 million
    19. HOPE Atlanta Atlanta, GA $2.5 million
    20. House of Ruth Washington, DC $2.5 million
    21. Housing Matters Santa Cruz, CA $2.5 million
    22. Housing Up Washington, DC $2.5 million
    23. Kahumana Waianae, HI $2.5 million
    24. MAHUBE-OTWA Community Action Partnership, Inc. Detroit Lakes, MN $2.5 million
    25. Metro Denver Homeless Initiative Denver, CO $1.25 million
    26. MUST Ministries Marietta, GA $5 million
    27. The National Center for Children and Families Bethesda, MD $2.5 million
    28. Native American Youth and Family Center Portland, OR $5 million
    29. North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness Raleigh, NC $1.25 million
    30. One80 Place Charleston, SC $5 million
    31. Poverello House Fresno, CA $2.5 million
    32. Rainbow Services San Pedro, CA $1.25 million
    33. Refugee Women’s Alliance Seattle, WA $2.5 million
    34. Safe Haven Family Shelter Nashville, TN $1.25 million
    35. The Salvation Army Austin Area Command Austin, TX $2.5 million
    36. Samaritan House Virginia Beach, VA $1.25 million
    37. Solid Ground White Bear Lake, MN $1.25 million
    38. St. Vincent de Paul CARES St. Petersburg, FL $5 million
    39. Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence Long Beach, CA $1.25 million
    40. Time for Change Foundation San Bernardino, CA $1.25 million
    41. United American Indian Involvement, Inc. Los Angeles, CA $2.5 million
    42. WestCare California Fresno, CA $2.5 million
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    Day One Academies Fund

    The Day One Academies Fund is a non-profit initiative that is part of the Day One Fund program launched by Jeff Bezos. The endeavor aims to establish and operate tuition-free preschools in under-developed communities. As Bezos said, this program will create an opportunity to learn, invent and improve.

    With a genuine and intense customer obsession, the Fund utilizes the same Amazon principles to provide quality education to many students throughout the country. The Bezos Academy preschools offer year-round programs, five days a week, for children between three to five years of age.

    With low-income families as priorities for admission, the Fund aims to give every student an equal opportunity to become a creative leader, thinker, and learner. With families, communities, school staff, and hosts as essential partners, the Fund aims to work towards every student’s love of learning.

    The program considers a vast amount of data, including income levels, participation in reduced-cost or free meal programs, and access to licensed childcare providers. The program also looks out for local organizations and groups that perceive the needs of community members.


    The Day One Fund is a praiseworthy initiative with a commitment of two-billion dollars. With a two-fold objective of helping homeless families and building tier-one preschools throughout the U.S, the program is a philanthropic endeavor that aims to help the community at large.



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