Diana Ross Net Worth and 15 Interesting Facts about the Music Icon

    diana ross net worth

    Diana Ross net worth sums up her stunning musical career and stardom which has seen ups and downs in its own right. Diana Ross’s music ranging from mellifluous love songs to iconic disco, R&B beautifully expresses a variety of emotions and situations in life. After giving huge hits and being awarded prestigious honors, there is an endearing side to this songwriter, singer, musician. Her beliefs, ideologies gave us a lot to imbue from.

    She writes songs that touch your soul and wears many hats. Do you know? she believes to be on time and does not have to throw tantrums or appear late for an appointment despite her legendary success? It takes a lot of gumption to not let success and fame get to your head and retain good values, which the singer stands for and is an inspiration to many.

    With her name listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records for having the maximum hits in the United Nations and the United Kingdom, and her career shined over four decades despite challenges in her personal life.

    Diana Ross Net Worth 2021 $250 million
    Age 77
    Children 5
    Born 26 March 1944
    Occupation American Singer, Songwriter, screenwriter, producer


    Diana Ross Net Worth – Music

    So, which of the legendary singer’s songs do you hum? Her solo’s ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough,’ ‘I will survive,’ and more have been used in numerous movies, TV shows, and ads. Her solos are popular and have inspired numerous popular singers. Hollywood movie ‘Dream girls’ was loosely based on her life.

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    Diana Ross Net Worth – Early Life

    Diana Ross was born in Detroit, Michigan. She is the second child born to Ernestine and Fred Ross in 1944. She was originally named Diane and is still called by this name by her friends and family. She wanted to become a fashion designer. After completing her primary education, she did a course in fashion designing, cosmetology, and modeling.

    She joined a music band ‘Supremes’ as a teenager which was initially called, ‘Primettes.’ Their first act in the Motown was a success, and her life as a singer began after these successful tours. She also served as a hairstylist and costume designer during the early days of recording the group.

    After giving a series of hits with the band, she decided to take it solo. Her debut solo hit, ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ is an epochal hit, you can’t get enough listening to. Her solo hits are popular and remained on the top charts of Billboard for many years.

    She has been married twice and has five children. Rhonda Suzanne Silberstein is the love child of Diana Ross and Berry Gordy. She married Robert Ellis Silberstein while being two months pregnant with Rhonda who raised her as his child. She has two more children, Tracey Joy and Chudney with Robert.

    They divorced in 1977 and she moved to Los Angeles and dated Gene Simmons for a few years. She married a shipping maganet Arne Naess and is a stepmother of his three children. One of her stepchild, Leona Naess is a folk singer and songwriter. She has two sons with him and divorced him in 2000. She has seven grandchildren and is close to three of her stepchildren.

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    Diana Ross Net Worth – Career And Highlights

    After leaving Supremes, and debuting with an all-time hit, she also featured in a few movies and television shows. ‘Endless Love’ with Lionel Richie was another hit that tops the charts of Billboard. Her film career started in the 70’s, her first movie being ‘Lady Sings The Blues,’ in which she played the role of a blues singer, Billie Holiday. She was nominated for the Academy Award for this biographical film.

    After starring in a few movies, she shifted her genre to R&B from pop. Her interpretation of the emotion of love appeared in various R&B and blues songs. She has been one of the most popular and eminent musical performers for four decades.

    ‘Take Me Higher’ is one of the finest works of Diana Ross from her studio albums. Many of her solo songs have remained in the top 100 and 500 of Billboard charts. Despite seeing numerous ups and downs, Ross has won prestigious awards and honors throughout her career.

    List Of Best Songs Of Diana Ross

    Diana Ross Net Worth – Awards And Achievements

    Ross has a long list of awards and achievements to her credit. She has received numerous awards as a favorite vocalist. She has been nominated 12 times for Grammy awards for her dulcet music. She has been nominated for People’s Choice and Golden Globe awards. She also won the Hollywood walk of fame.

    She holds the Guinness Book of World Record for being the most successful female singer of all time. She won Lifetime Achievement Award from Barak Obama. Having tasted success for four decades, she puts family above everything else and takes time to spend with her loved ones and family.

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    Diana Ross Net Worth – Interesting Facts

    • Diana Ross’s original name is Diane Ernestine Earle Ross. She also loved to be called Chutney, misspelled as Chudney which she later chooses as a name for her daughter.
    • She comes from a large family with six siblings from her parents, she is the second. Even after marriage, she has a large family.
    • Her ancestors were slaves in the Civilian war.
    • She has only been nominated for Grammy Awards, never won a Grammy for her songs.
    • She performed at the Super Bowl in 1996
    • When Ross started solo and left Florence Ballard, one of the groupies of Supreme. She was booed at her funeral by her fans.
    • With 70 single hits and millions of copies sold, her name is listed in Guinness Records.
    • She once suffered from an eating disorder, Anorexia Nervosa.
    • She was arrested twice for various reasons
    • Before Ross performed for Motown records, she worked as a secretary.
    • She has inspired many musical artists such as Beyonce, Micheal Jackson, Madonna, and many others.
    • She is the neighbor of Glenn Ross and Jerry Seinfeld
    • She likes spending time with children’s charities
    • Her first television debut was in the role of a nun
    • There is a music scholarship in her name for an outstanding student pursuing music


    Diana Ross net worth speaks of her hard work and passion for music. She has inspired many popular singers and has an unscathed career rising high for four decades regardless of challenges in her personal and professional life. She is one of the few celebrities who has two Hollywood walk of fame stars.



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