8 Incredible Benefits Of Shungite Stone- Know Why You Need One!

    Shungite Stone- is It Useful?

    In the past few years, you might have heard about healing crystals like Shungite stone. These stones possess qualities that enhance the health of your soul, body, and mind in several ways.

    Healing crystals are used as a form of alternative and complementary medicine. It is a practice that is used in combination with other therapies.

    There are different types of unique crystals but some of them are exceptionally unique. One such example of a crystal is shungite stone. It is a rare stone that is believed to work against free radicals, pollutants, and many harmful germs. There are many claims that it may even help shield from harmful electromagnetic exposure.

    Let’s take a close look at shungite stone and what are various uses of shungite stone. You will also learn what science has to say about this article and how it is used traditionally.

    What is Shungite?

    shungite stone
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    Shungite is a black stone found rarely and made up of 99% carbon. It is found mainly in Shunga, a village in a place called Karelia, in Russia.

    This stone has a unique composition and contains fullerenes or 3-D spherical molecules created from 60 carbon atoms. These molecules are empty or hollow and sometimes also referred to as Buckyballs.

    Along with fullerenes, shungite stone consists of nearly all different minerals you can spot on the periodic table. Konow one really knows the origin of these mysterious stones. Typically, the substances prepared of carbon come from decomposed organic matter like the old forests. But this stone is assumed to be approximately 2 billion years old. This is way before organic life even existed.

    Some theories of the origin of shungite stone are:

    • A large meteoroid collided with earth and deposited shungite stone into the terrain.
    • Shungite developed due to microorganisms in the water nearby.
    • Composition of organic matter in sedimentary rocks that shifted over time.

    Although the researchers and scientists are not yet sure how shungite developed where it came from, they associate the stone’s inherent usefulness to its fullness.


    Shungite has been considered an example of abiogenic petroleum formation. The biological origin of this stone is however not yet confirmed. Shungite bearing deposits that clutch sedimentary arrangements are explained as metamorphosized oil source rocks.

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    Benefits Of Shungite Stone

    To date, there are only little pieces of evidence on the benefits of shungite stone, many of the benefits given are just anecdotal and require more research. Here are outlines benefits of shungite below:

    1. It Kills Viruses and Bacterias

    As you already know shungite stone has fullerenes, which is a type of carbon element or carbon nanostructure (CNSs). These are different physical forms of a single atom.

    As per reports generated by a review of studies in 2017, CNSs have the ability to destroy harmful pathogens. They work by damaging the bacteria and viral cell walls thus killing them. Additionally, when these CNSs structures communicate or interact with microbes, the microbes tend to lose some electrons and die.

    However, it is still not clear what this implies for human usage and benefits. Many studies still need to be conducted to know better about how fullerenes in shungite stone can damage pathogens specifically.

    2. Purifies

    Since ancient times, shungite stones have been used as a water purifier. This is mainly due to its activity against viruses and bacterias. A study from 2018 states that shungite is used for filtering water by getting rid of organic substances like pesticides and contaminants thus purifying the water.

    A study from 2017 reveals that carbon found in shungite can help remove radioactive substances from the water. If you use a shungite stone for purifying water, it helps clean water by removing microorganisms, bacteria, nitrites, nitrates, chlorine, manganese, phenol, and iron.

    While drinking fresh and pure water can profit your well-being in many approaches, Russians acknowledge shungite water to be primarily revitalizing because of the fullerenes it carries.

    3. Reduces Oxidative stress

    According to another study from 2017, shungite is said to have antioxidant properties. Researchers used mice in their studies and exposed them to UVB rays for 2 days or so. The ultraviolet B rays caused oxidative stress and skin damage in the mice. Oxidative stress is caused when the oxygen species highly reactive in nature are present on molecules that are responsible for damaging healthy cells.

    Then, for 7 days, the researchers applied a shungite stone to these mice’s damaged skin and witnessed a decrease in ROS production and increased activity of antioxidant enzymes.

    The results from different studies do seem promising but it is still important to remember that the study was conducted in one mice only. More researchers need to know in detail about the antioxidant properties of shungite stone.

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    4. Reduces inflammation

    In the study mentioned above from the year 2017, shungite was also found to have a positive impact on inflammation thus reducing it. The researchers calculated low levels of inflammatory markers like cytokines or proteins associated with inflammation.

    Because of such benefits, it is speculated by the scitists that shungite stone may be a useful component for inflammatory diseases. yet again, more research and study are needed to confirm the facts.

    5. It helps ease physical ailments

    Traditionally, water-soaked with shungite has been utilized for:

    1. pancreatic dysfunction
    2. chronic fatigue
    3. gallbladder issues
    4. autoimmune disease
    5. asthma
    6. gastric issues
    7. arthritis
    8. kidney problems
    9. liver problems
    10. allergies
    11. sore throats

    Apparently, it’s assumed that if shungite has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, it could help to treat these conditions.

    However, analysis is needed in this area, and there’s no clinical evidence right now to promote the assumption that shungite-infused water can assist in treating these ailments. As such, it’s more regulated to follow conventional medical treatment customs and protocols instead.

    6. Shields EMF (electromagnetic field emission)

    crystal, rock crystal, mineral
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    Not only it helps treat inflammation and physical ailments, but users using shungite stone also have the ability to shield themselves from electromagnetic field emission.

    Many people refer to a study from 2013, where shungite stone was believed to protect rats against electromagnetic irradiation.

    Yet, this study involved only animals and is outdated. This phenomenon has theoretical support but research is still needed to see if it can benefit humans against the same electromagnetic field radiations or not.

    7. Relieve Stress

    According to reports, shungite stone can help relieve stress. It is believed to soak up all the negative energy and helps to balance emotions. This is why it can be used as a therapeutic stone.

    With all these amazing benefits, let’s see how we use shungite stone for maximum benefits from it.

    8. Health care technology

    Shungite is equipped with nanoparticles which have every strong role in nanotechnology that builds things with atomic particles. They can be used for testing X-ray imaging and magnetic resonance imaging.

    These stones have fullerenes having antiviral properties thus they can be used to form certain drugs. One day you might even hear that shungite fullerenes are helping fight against HIV and other viral diseases.

    How To use Shungite Stone

    shungite stone

    Shungite can be used in few different ways. According to the people who believe in the benefits and use it regularly, you can use shungite as follows:

    • You may infuse the stone with water. Historically, you already know it was used to purify water. You can use it as a filter or place some stones in the purifier or pot water for 2 to 3 days and consume it safely.
    • Wear it as a jewelry piece. Those who believe in various stones and use them as jewelry may use them like other stones. Ir is also available as pendants and beads. Also, one can get a specialized ring with shungite stones.
    • Just carry it in your purse or bag. This will allow you to attain all the benefits of shungite’s healing abilities when you are visiting somewhere. Another option is to carry the stone wherever you go in your pocket simply. But this has the risk of losing the stone.
    • Place it nearby an EMF source. Some people also use the stone by putting it near electronic devices which produce electric field waves like your WIFI router or microwaves to protect or shield them from EMF.
    • Display the stone as a decorative piece in your house. You can simply place the stone near your bed as it helps improve the quality of sleep and help you reduce stress.
    • Use it to meditate. Place it near your yoga room or wherever you like to meditate as it helps you calm down soaking negative energy.
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    Other popular crystals and stones

    There are few alternatives to shungite stone that you can use. Even though there isn’t a lot of research supporting the benefits of crystals, some people who have been using it for years swear by the benefits. here are some other popular crystals and their benefits.

    1. Turquoise- It is believed to support healing, creativity, and immunity.
    2. Ruby- it was historically used to increase energy and boost confidence.
    3. Sapphire- These blue crystals are thought to symbolize good fortune, peace, and wisdom.
    4. Obsidian- Some people use this stone to protect against physical and emotional negativity.
    5. Amethyst- It is believed to offer humility, protection, and spiritual wisdom.
    6. Rose quartz- It is a pink crystal though to encourage and love and connection with others.
    7. Clear Quartz- This stone is also called master healer and is beloved to enhance internal balance and energy.

    The Bottom Line

    Shungite stone is a carbon-rich stone that proponents believe reduces EMF exposure, oxidative stress, inflammation, etc. Some people also claim that the stone can relieve emotional stress and purify water.

    Despite so many amazing benefits, there is not much research on this stone. However, there are no side effects of using a stone. If you wish to use it, know that there is no harm in trying.

    You can easily get a shungite stone at health stores, online, or jewelry stones. Just make sure they are certified as shungite before buying this stone.

    This was all you needed to know about the benefits and usage of shungite stone. Now you can decide if you need one or not. You can also pick one from the alternatives given.


    1. I liked how you suggested placing a shungite stone in your yoga or meditation room to help soak up negative energy. I’ve been wondering how I can improve my experiences when doing yoga and couldn’t come up with anything on my own. I’ll be sure to try this out since it seems like it could help a little bit with keeping me calm and cool and keeping the negative thoughts from pervading the space.

    2. Shungite is absolutely in my book the life stone cleans and purifies water. My pool is cyrstal clear no chemicals and my health let’s just say my hands have 100 % function that I have not felt in 10 years. These last 2 years I have been happy and well.


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