7 Hacks on How to Dry Gel Nail Polish Faster?

    How to dry gel nail polish fast? – The dual combination of acrylic monomers and oligomers mixes and bond together under UV light for the formation of gel nail polish. And after few seconds this entire liquid gel-like substance turns into a hard chemical resistant coating and this whole process is known as curing. LED light takes more time which is 2 minutes to cure, whereas UV light takes only seconds to cure.

    How to Dry Gel Nail Polish Fast? [7 Hacks]

    However, people are in continuous search to how to dry gel nail polish fast so here are some amazing hacks that can help you

    #1 Prefer LED lamp over UV lamp

    If you are actively in search of how to dry gel nail polish fast then this hack would be the best for you. LED lamp dries the gel nail polish much faster than UV lamp. It would save time for an overall manicure. Even though LED lamps are exorbitant than UV lamp but still it’s worth money investing. LED lamps with at least 36 watts is recommendable to use and lamp with a removable base would be efficient to use for a pedicure. : Gel UV LED Nail Lamp, LKE Nail Dryer 40W Gel Nail Polish UV LED Light with 3 Timers Professional for Nail Art Tools Accessories White : Beauty


    #2 Paint and cure 1 hand at a time

    Generally, people keep searching for ways to how to dry gel nail polish fast so this hack might be suitable for you. Apply nail polish on one hand and then use a nail lamp to dry the nail polish the first hand. If you apply the gel polish in thin layers then it would take less time to cure. And this generally gives your nail a glossy and opaque finish. It would also lessen the chance to smudge and damage your gel polish.

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    #3 Trim and buff your nails

    If you are actively in search of how to dry gel nail polish fast then this hack would be the best for you. If you trim, file and buff your nails it will certainly give a finish of manicure. You should trim your nails to an equal length using nail clippers, remove all the rough edges by giving them a proper shape like a square or round shape according to your preference. To expose much of the nail bed using a cuticle pusher. As you mark the end doing all these then rub a buffer over the surface of your nails for two-three minutes to give your nails a perfect touch.

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    #4 Buy a gel specific base and topcoat for an at-home manicure

    Generally, people keep searching for ways to how to dry gel nail polish fast so this tip might be suitable for you. Without using a UV or LED lamp you still can mimic the colour and durability like a salon manicure with the help of different products. However, you have to specifically buy a base and topcoat that would give your nails a gel-like finish, be extremely picky while buying. Always check out the directions given at the back of the product to be sure of the thing that you don’t need any additional products.

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    #5 Apply a thin base coat to your nails

    If you are actively in search of how to dry gel nail polish fast then this hack would be the best for you. You should always apply a thin base coating in your nails since it takes less time to dry. It takes mostly 3 minutes to dry. If you are getting this done at home as a manicure then avoid doing both hands at the same time to avoid your nails getting smudged.

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    #6 Seal your nails and let them dry

    It’s very important to seal your nails by preparing the brush after wiping off the excess product which is present at the rim of the bottle. Apply a thin layer of coating to each of your nails by swiping the brush across the tip of every nail lightly to prevent chips. Almost every topcoat requires 5 minutes to fully dry and this is the most important hack since it gives your nail a beautiful and everlasting shine. Generally, people keep searching for ways to how to dry gel nail polish fast so this tip might be of great help to you.

    How to dry gel nail polish fast


    #7 Use normal nail polish remover

    If you want to change your existing colour and paint your nails with a new colour then you can use your normal nail polish remover to remove it. Wipe the nail polish from each nail by soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover. You might have to go over your nails several times for the removal of colour but still doesn’t consume much time. you are actively in search of how to dry gel nail polish fast then this hack would be the best for you.

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    Tips on How to Make Nail Polish Long Laster?

    1. Avoid soaking – The nails expand when they are soaked in water. Soaking can lead to distortion of nails and it may also widen your nail shape to an extent. You should avoid soaking your fingertips since it not only expands and contract your nails but also lifts the pigment by making them brittle and dry over time.
    2. Select nourishing and conditioning polishes – Products that have nourishing and moisturising ingredients and doesn’t constitute chemicals like formaldehyde, camphor, toluene and other drying chemicals are more efficient and stays more than other nail polishes.
    3. Buff the nails – If you buffer the nails after filing then it helps in sealing the keratin layers that might have got split during filing. Usage of glass nail file can also simultaneously help in smoothening of the edges while you shape.
    4. Don’t put nail polish on your cuticles – You should avoid putting nail polish on your cuticles since it acts like a jelly substance and an obstacle between your skin and the nail. While painting your nails if you smudge a little nail polish into your cuticles then it will be wiped off afterwards with ease. After the paints get lifts off your cuticles then the nail polish will also chip along with it sooner or later.
    5. Avoid biting your nails or cuticles – It’s an undeniable fact that the more you chomp and bite your nails the lesser the nail polish stays on your skin. So avoid biting your nails or cuticles.
    6. Use vinegar – Vinegar works wonder if you want your nail polish to lasts longer in your nails. Soak the vinegar with the help of a cotton ball and apply it on each of your nails after putting nail polish. Vinegar not only destroys the bacteria present in your nails but also removes the unneeded oils.
    7. Apply a base coat – Nail polish lasts longer if you apply two layers of base coat since the colours glide on much easier. The nail colour won’t chip off easily.
    8. Apply moisturiser – Creams and oil make the nail polish last longer in your nails. No matter you should always keep your hands and nails nourished and hydrated.
    9. Dry the paint with cool air – Some people prefer dryers or electric fans to dry the nail paint faster but remember the heat emitted by these electrical appliances can cause a bubble in the polish and the polish may get chipped off easily. So always prefer cool air since it won’t dry out the surrounding skin and cause any other harm unnecessarily.
    10. Give your nail polish the time to fully set – It’s advisable to not touch your paint 10 minutes after applying the nail polish. Since you may smudge your fingertips if you keep checking by putting your hands to check if your nails are done or not. The nail polish usually dries after 8-10 minutes.
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    Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

    Q1. Does gel nail polish wrinkles or bubbles up?

    A: Yes your nails get wrinkled and bubbled if you indulge in poor or insufficient nail surface preparation if you get your gel nail polish done through an old UV lamp or inadequate UV light source. If you place your nails on the wrong spot for optimum curing under a light source then also it may cause the same.

    Q2. How can we remove extra polish from the nail brush?

    A: It is easy to remove the extra polish from the nail brush by scraping the topmost or bottom whichever you prefer, of the nail polish brush against the inside rim of the nail polish bottle. To ensure that a thin coat is applied you can firmly press the nail brush on the nail.

    Q3. Can an old or inadequate UV cure gel polish properly?

    A: Whether it is a fluorescent lamp or LED both doesn’t function well and gets weaker over time with the bulb type lamp so old or inadequate UV lamp does not cure gel polish properly. This generally reduces the UV light generation in comparison to the new one so its efficiency to cure gel polish also vanishes. That’s why the surface of the nail will be cured first leading to the presentation of light from going deeper to cure the lower gel layer.

    Q4. Does unopened nail polish last longer?

    A: Without opening the nail polish it can last indefinitely but after opening it only lasts for a maximum of two years. As soon as it is opened the ingredients gets aired off due to evaporation and this would lead to separation and thicken the polish.

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    Q5. What is the reason behind the opaque shape of all gel polish bottle?

    A: It is a known fact that UV light is needed to cure gel polish. A UV or LED lamp escalates this process to make it happen within a specified amount of time, but sunlight and even light emitted from light bulbs have UV rays in them. These rays have the power to cure gel polish, which is the reason behind the opaque of gel polish bottles. It leads to the protection of the gel polish from UV rays so that it does not cure inside the bottle.

    Q6. What is a swatch?

    A: A swatch is a picturisation of nails with a specified colour of both gel polish and nail polish which is painted on them. The bottle of gel polish is being held several times.

    Q7. Does wearing nail polish every day causes any harm?

    A: According to experts, if you are wearing nail polish for a long period then you are allowing the chemicals available in the polish to seep into the nail bed and which further leads to discolouration, split and peel.

    Q8. Is it dangerous to use expired nail polish?

    A: Normally an unopened nail polish lasts for 18-24 months. But if you are using the expiry version of nail polish then you should not expect the permanent colour, the consistency in shine and sometimes it may damage your nails and gets chip off easily.

    Q9. What can I do if my nail polish dries up?

    A: You can put a few drops of the nail removed in the nail polish bottle and then you just need to shake it up. Your old nail polish will become as good as new. If you can’t find a nail polish remover, you can also put a few drops of nail polish thinner to wet the nail polish again.

    Q10. Does applying nail polish regularly ruins the nail?

    A: If you regularly wear nail polish then your nails may become susceptible to keratin granulation which is caused by nail polish if they get dried out the nail beds leading to keratin clumping together which leads to the formation of white spots or can cause stains on your nails.


    If you are greatly concerned about your skin and typically do manicure or pedicure. And all these hacks and tips might be helpful for you. If you are actively in search of how to dry gel nail polish fast then whether you can use UV and LED lamp what is more useful and how can you proceed to do that you can find all the information there.

    Every woman loves painting their nails, it makes the nail ten times shinier and attractive. And it’s also very important to keep your skin nourished and hydrated, so don’t forget to use moisturiser. Be precautions while applying nail paint since if you regularly apply nail paint it may damage your nail subtly.

    Check out this YouTube video for further help.



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