10 Best Micro-ATX Cases for the Perfect Desktop [Best Amazon Rating]

    Best Micro-ATX Cases – Are you still finding the best micro-ATX case to finish creating an excellent gaming system? The motherboard’s casing might seem like the last thing to worry about, but it is a crucial part of building and setting up your gaming pc. With the technology industry moving fast, there are some fantastic models for the best micro-ATX case.

    If you are looking to build a small form-factor gaming system, micro-ATX motherboards and cases are the way to go. Costing lesser than mini- ITX cases and motherboards, micro-ATX plans are quite budget-friendly. With many options to choose from, micro-ATX cases come in different shapes, sizes and aesthetics.

    Micro-ATX cases are smaller than standard ATX mid-tower cases and more extensive than traditional mini-ITX cases. They include many benefits and from a convenient option for your gaming pc. They are found to be the perfect addition to a healthy PC gaming-circuit. The designs and configuration of the best micro-ATX cases put them at an advantage over standard pc cases.

    Micro-ATX cases easily accommodate micro-ATX motherboards and mini-ITX motherboards, resulting from mini-ITX motherboards being smaller in height and width than micro-ATX motherboards. Specially designed for the above motherboards, the best micro-ATX cannot fit standard ATX motherboards.

    If you are looking for a compact, smart and advanced pc case to build up your system, micro-ATX cases are the right choice for you. A good spot between extremely compact and quite large and bulk pc cases, micro-ATX cases will help you with an enhanced gaming system.

    The feature set of the best micro-ATX cases display excellent properties to fit your needs and budget. There are various things to consider before picking the right case for you. The style and design of the best micro-ATX case should match your requirements well. The size of the case should have a convenient and efficient form factor.

    It would be best to consider the airflow and cooling properties of the pc case, keeping in mind your surrounding conditions and the air influx. The best micro-ATX case for you should have a muscular build that allows for maximum efficiency and performance.

    Standard ATX cases or full-sized towers drastically increase the system’s overall weight and are bulky and chunky. The best micro-ATX cases for you will ensure the compactness and portability of your gaming system.

    Micro-ATX cases are resourceful and smart solutions to finish your gaming-circuit. With the full support of up to four RAM modules, four PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) for expansion cards, the cases are the ideal choice for a small form-factor gaming system.

    Buyer’s Guide for Best Micro ATX Cases

    The wide range of micro-ATX cases differs in terms of designs, shapes, sizes, and unique configurations. Here are some of the most vital things to consider while looking for the best micro-ATX case to fit your needs, requirements, and budget.

    #1 Design and aesthetics

    The outer look and customization of your micro-ATX case are essential and an excellent factor to consider before purchasing the case. You might go for a case with glass side panels and an edgy design or a muted, more straightforward design to fit your style. There are endless variations for different micro-ATX cases.

    Various micro-ATX cases come with RGB lighting for special effects. You can customize the lights to suit your mood. With multiple types of customizations and designs, you should opt for a computer case that offers a great design and color combination to match your style and personality.

    Micro-ATX cases with handles are another variation that enhances the portability and use of the cases. Micro-ATX cases with handles allow easy portability and offer compact designs for your benefit.

    #2 Cooling options and criteria

    Overheating is a common yet dangerous problem with pc cases. It would be best to opt for pc cases that are well equipped with proper cooling systems, fans, or liquid cooling systems for accurate and efficient airflow, keeping things cool.

    If you want to install liquid cooling systems, you should ensure your chosen Micro-ATX case has proper installment space and allows the system’s installment. It would help if you made sure the best micro-ATX case for you has the necessary openings and accommodations.

    If you already have a proper cooling system, it would be best to ensure that your chosen micro-ATX case will support and accommodate it. Many cases come with vents at the side for increased airflow. Before picking the right micro-ATX case, you should keep in mind the cooling efficiency to avoid overheating.

    #3 Noise filters

    Installing fans or having pre-installed fans in your micro-ATX case is vital to protect your system and prevent overheating. Though the fans allow for optimum airflow and ventilation, they can often increase the system’s noise factor.

    Instead of reducing fans to reduce the noise, you should opt for the best micro-ATX case that comes with noise filters or liners that can effectively reduce excess sound. You don’t have to sacrifice airflow and ensure that your case does not produce excessive noise.

    #4 Durability

    One of the most important factors to consider when buying the best micro-ATX case for yourself is the durability and longevity of the product. The material that makes up the case should be strong and durable, allowing the system to be long-lasting and reliable.

    You should ensure you pick the best case that includes the right combination of healthy and delicate parts. The micro-ATX case should be sturdy to accommodate the necessary components and light enough for the soft and fragile elements that form the system.

    The durability varies from different machines, based on the build and material. You should ensure you pick the best micro-ATX case for you based on durability, budget, design, and specifications.

    #5 Dust filters

    Another considerable aspect of micro-ATX cases is dust filters. If you work in a dusty environment, and your case is prone to dust gathering on the surface, you can opt for cases that include effective dust filters. Standard pc cases are often prone to settle and gathering dust, causing damage and making cleaning a hassle.

    It would help if you chose the best micro-ATX machine that includes filters to prevent dust entry and are accessible to clean them regularly. This property of cases will allow for minimum dust build-up and keep your system in optimum condition. Sufficient airflow additionally prevents dust from entering your pc.

    #6 Component compatibility and space

    One of the significant factors to consider before choosing the right micro-ATX case for you is the component compatibility and the space that the case includes for the same. You should ensure that your chosen pc case has enough space to accommodate all the necessary equipment you want to install.

    The chosen pc case for you will vary depending on the kind and number of equipment you plan to include to build your gaming system. The best micro-ATX case for you should be able to accommodate the number of drive bays, expansions slots, coolers, your chosen motherboard, and more efficiently.

    The best micro-ATX case should conform to your motherboard’s overall configuration and have the space to include different equipment and support the same. Additionally, you should be able to access all the installed equipment easily with the micro-ATX case.

    The best micro-ATX case should have enough space and power to fit in your desired graphics card and more extension cards. You can also ensure that the maximum GPU allowance of the case matches with yours.

    Additionally, the cooling and radiating systems should suit the configurations of the best micro-ATX machine for you. Before opting for the right case, you should keep in mind the specification of the equipment you plan to install and ensure the case’s configuration matches your needs.

    Not only space but the case should also be compatible with the equipment. You should ensure the best micro-ATX case for you is consistent with the orientation, size, and configuration of the installed parts. The micro-ATX case is a small form factor case; hence you should ensure the components work well with the case and the system.

    #7 Cable management

    Cable management is critical while choosing your micro-ATX case, especially in the matter of aesthetics and design. A commonly neglected factor, you should make sure the case is optimized for managing the cables of the installed equipment in the case, without appearing messy and untidy.

    Dedicated cases will have proper cable management to secure cables and allow for an efficient and neat arrangement and placing. The cable management property of the best micro-ATX machine will also help in accessing the installed equipment more efficiently.

    #8 Budget

    The budget is also vital while buying the right pc case to build the best gaming system. You should ensure that you don’t exceed your price point before purchasing the best micro-ATX case for yourself. You can choose a pc case that fits and matches your priorities and requirements.

    Additionally, you should look for quality and durability as well. Before buying the case, you need to ensure that component compatibility, design, size, shape, and specifications suit your style and needs. You might have to compromise slightly on the overall look, but you should find the right balance between quality and budget.

    #9 Size

    Size is another crucial factor to consider before buying the micro-ATX case. In today’s technology market, people are looking for compact cases that are not too bulky and chunky. Fortunately, micro-ATX cases are known for their perfect size build and convenience.

    The size of the best micro-ATX case depends on the motherboard form factor and the components and equipment you plan to install in the case. The small form factor cases are quite a space-efficient, and you should choose the case that fits your appointed space quickly and conveniently.

    The small-form-factor micro-ATX cases with handles also impact the size and compactness. You should opt for cases that fit your needs and requirements in the best way.

    10 Best Micro-ATX Cases [with Reviews]

    Here is a list of some of the best micro-ATX cases, just for you.

    #1 Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower

    Best Micro-ATX Cases

    Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower
    Brand Cooler Master
    Colour Black
    Material Acrylic
    Cooling type Air
    Motherboard compatibility ATX compatibility
    Product weight 1.1 pounds
    Product dimensions 15 X 9.05 X 15.23 inches


    Cooler Master is one of the biggest and most popular companies in the world of computer cases. With innovative designs and prolific cases, it stands to be one of the most reliable companies when it comes to building your computer system. Cooler Master presents another great model for micro-ATX cases, the MasterBox Q300L.

    Flaunting a stylish appearance, the MasterBox Q300L is aesthetically pleasing. With a compact design and small form factor, the computer case was designed for micro-ATX motherboards. The case boasts excellent functionality and high-performance at a reasonable price.

    A straightforward option from the MasterBox Q-series has flexibility and strategically placed I/O panels for your benefit. With a 6-orientATION I/O panel on both sides, the slim micro-ATX case is an excellent choice at the front, top, and bottom.

    The design of the case is especially renowned. With an edge-to-edge trendy acrylic panel, the computer case will make the perfect addition to your gaming circuit. The transparent side panel allows you to display your system’s excellent build with a full view of the installed components.

    Another great feature of the micro-ATX case is the extra routing space it provides behind the motherboard tray. This property allows efficient cable and rack management. With its strategic design, you can place the MasterBox horizontally or vertically, as it suits your requirements.

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    With plenty of space for a simple build, the wiring in the micro-ATX case is straightforward. It allows you to hide the cables and wires with its unique features and allows for smooth airflow. The excellent quality and parts of the MasterBox makes it a convenient choice for an affordable price.


    • The MasterBox is an excellent computer case, making the perfect addition to finish setting up your computer system.
    • The computer case has a magnetic dust filter, which promotes efficient airflow and repels any dust from entering the system.
    • With a 6-orientation I/O Panel, you can place the case as per your needs- horizontally or vertically.
    • With an edgy transparent side panel and a stylish appearance, the Master-box is visually compelling.
    • Despite its small form factor, the compact case can successfully accommodate and support standard ATX PSU motherboards.
    • With a commendable thermal performance, the MasterBox Q300L proves to be a robust and durable model.


    • The cooling system uses fans, which can be a little noisy sometimes.

    BUY NOW- Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Micro-ATX Tower

    #2 CORSAIR CRYSTAL 280X RGB Micro-ATX Case


    Brand CO7LH
    Material Tempered Glass
    Cooling type Water
    Motherboard compatibility ATX compatibility
    Product weight 16 pounds
    Product dimensions 15.67 X 10.87 X 13.32 inches


    A high performance micro-ATX case, the CORSAIR Crystal 280X RGB features an innovative design combined with an excellent advanced property set. The best micro-ATX case of 2021 is that it is commendable for its functionality and pleasing visual aesthetics.

    With a fantastic cooling system in place, the case avoids any overheating for your system. It allows you to install up to six 120mm fans or a 240 mm radiator at the front, top, or bottom. The massive potential for cooling is an added benefit with the slim micro-ATX case.

    The design and style of the micro-ATX case are especially recommended. The two pre-installed CORSAIR LL 120 RGB fans flaunt 32 personalized, customizable LED. The included Lighting Node PRO digital RGB lighting controller and the CORSAIR iCUE software allow you to control the lights in a way that suits your mood and taste.

    With edgy transparent glass panels, the case allows you to view the entire build of your system. The advanced style and design of the case make it appealing. The RGB lights further enhance the overall look of the micro-ATX case.

    The case’s storage space is dedicated and flexible, with allowance for two 3.5 inches drives and three 2.5 inches drives. With plenty of space, you can install the necessary equipment easily. Despite the small and compact layout, the micro-ATX case features massive functionality with high-performance components.

    The CORSAIR Crystal Series 280X RGB has a dual-chamber internal layout. This beneficial property allows for easy and tidy cable management, and it gives attention to the system’s core components. The structure ensures compactness while keeping drives and the PSU into a rear chamber.

    The case ensures neatness and cleanliness. The dust filters further protect the hardware from any kind of damage. The efficient cooling system prevents overheating, and the strategic design of the case ensures convenience and ease of configurability.


    • Direct air cooling is an advantageous feature of the micro-ATX case. It ensures that cool air is targeted at the system’s hottest components, providing a low temperature.
    • The RGB lighting in the system boosts the visual appearance of the pc case. You can personalize the LEDs, customizing them to match your mood.
    • The case’s dual-chamber internal layout further tidies up all the external cables, drivers, and PSU while giving special attention to main components.
    • The flexible and vast storage space is further beneficial and easily installs the required drivers and equipment.
    • The dust filters are placed at the front, on the roof, on the floor, and the PSU dust filters keep your system dust-free and clean.
    • With a compact and stylish design, the micro-ATX case is reasonably priced as well.


    • The bearings of the fan are not of the best quality.


    #3 Cooler Master Silencio S400 mATX Tower W/Sound


    Cooler Master Silencio S400 mATX Tower W/Sound
    Brand Cooler Master
    Material Alloy steel
    Cooling type Air
    Motherboard compatibility ATX compatibility
    Product weight 15.4 pounds
    Product dimensions 8.27 x 16.46 x 16.06 inches


    Another micro-ATX case by Cooler Master, the Silencio S400, features a minimalistic design, acing functionality, and performance. The case’s efficient style and layout allow for an easy build and make it a great addition to your gaming circuit. The product’s high-quality material ensures the durability of the case.

    The efficient design of the case allows for minimized noise and effective cooling. With a trendy-looking tempered glass side panel, the micro-ATX case shows your system’s full build. With the unique Silencio technology, you can expect convenience and ease of configurability as well.

    The sound dampening material, made from a combination of sound-canceling materials like thick, soft foam, mass-loaded vinyl, and more, the technology successfully counteracts highlighted frequencies. With compatibility for mini-ITX and Micro-ATX motherboards, the case offers plenty of storage support.

    The outer panels of the case hide strategically placed sound dampening material. Proven by research and tests, the Silencio technology is both advanced and provides high-performance. With noise control and reduction, the case offers various features and advantages.

    The removable sound dampening cover on the top can be displaced to promote further ventilation if required. The reverse mounting feature of the best micro-ATX case of 2021 is commendable. The steel door’s reverse mounting system allows you to open it in both directions.

    With a hinge system of magnets and rubber stompers, a softer and thicker material spans the steel structure to prevent the door from vibrating. The slim micro-ATX case comes with two pre-installed FP 120mm PWM fans, with features like advanced blades and rubber padding to reduce noise.

    The versatile HDD cage is easily removable. You can shift it to make room for more extensive hardware or to suit your needs. With dedicated storage space, you can expect plenty of room to install the necessary components to build a decent and robust system, all at a low budget.


    • The micro-ATX case features a minimalistic design and helps tidying and clean cables, drivers, and more. It promotes functionality and durability.
    • With excellent quality, the micro-ATX case features edgy tempered glass side panels to highlight your system.
    • The Silencio technology promotes acoustic insulations and uses sound-dampening materials for noise reduction.
    • The dust filters provide optimum protection and keep your system clean and neat, promoting efficient airflow.
    • With a direct airflow path, the front panel’s ventilation is recurved to spread cool air at the hottest components and maintain an all-time low temperature.
    • The removable HDD cage can be shifted per the requirement if you want to make room for other components or suit your convenience.


    • There is a slight slant at the front panel, which might be a hassle for you.

    BUY NOW- Cooler Master Silencio S400 mATX Tower W/Sound

    #4 Antec Minuet 350 MicroATX Slim Case Computer Case


    Antec Minuet 350 MicroATX Slim Case Computer Case-
    Brand Antec
    Colour Black
    Material Alloy steel
    Cooling type Air
    Motherboard compatibility Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX
    Product weight 12.6 pounds
    Product dimensions 12.8 X 3.8 X 6.8 inches


    A slim micro-ATX case just for you, the Antec Minuet 350, is a great way to finish setting up your computer circuit. With an attractive and appealing design, the small form factor case packs in advanced features and properties to help you build a powerful computer system in the best way.

    The elegant mini-desktop computer case flaunts high-performance features and gives you durability. The prolific and compact design of the case is highly commendable. If you are looking to build a small and sleek chassis with advanced performance, the Antec Minuet 350 is right for you.

    The efficient design allows the computer case to be used vertically or horizontally, according to your convenience. With strategically placed front ports, the case provides you with two USB 3.0 ports, one eSata, and two audio jack ports as well. The excellent build quality of the case is commendable.

    The stylish piano black finish of the case enhances its overall look. One of the best micro-ATX cases of 2021 is the product features a flip-up drive cage, convenient and easy to use. The compact computer case can fit even into the tightest of spaces, proving to be an easy solution.

    With three drive bays, the case features an 80 PLUS certified 350-watt power supply. The Universal Input and Active PFC allow the computer case to be energy-efficient. With a robust and reliable material quality, the micro-ATX case features a strong body. The case also allows an easy build.

    The computer case’s small form factor can be especially beneficial if you have a congested space. The 80mm TriCool fan in the case comes with 3-speed switch control. The case is designed to allow direct airflow towards the top of the panel for the CPU and VGA card.


    • With a built-in power supply, the Antec Minuet 350 features a muscular build, durable material, and excellent functionality.
    • The compact design is not only efficient, but it is also attractive and sleek. The aesthetically pleasing computer case offers an advanced feature set.
    • The pre-installed fan of the pc case is quiet and convenient. The efficient airflow system keeps the system cool and prevents overheating.
    • One of the better looking slim micro-ATX cases, the product can be placed horizontally and vertically as well, allowing you to cram it into the most crowded places as well.
    • With its comprehensive and vast properties, the case comes at a great price.
    • The Antec Minuet offers an excellent physical arrangement for you as well. The drive bays, and the convenient ports, combine to form a good computer case.


    • You might have to cram the system build carefully inside the compact computer case.

    BUY NOW- Antec Minuet 350 MicroATX Slim Case Computer Case

    #5 NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1 – Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case


    NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1 – Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case-
    Brand NZXT
    Colour White
    Material Tempered Glass
    Cooling type Air, Water
    Motherboard compatibility Mini-ITX, Micro ATX, and ATX
    Product weight 17.06 pounds
    Product dimensions 16.85 x 8.27 x 18.11 inches


    The NZXT H510 has become a widely popular model for micro-ATX cases in today’s technology world. With added features and excellent functionality, NZXT has managed to update the original H series computer cases to create something iconic and wholly new.

    Incorporating popular characteristics from the original lineup of the H series computer cases, the H510 features many new additions and properties. With a compact and stunning design, the mid-tower ATX case comes at a reasonable value. It does not fail to deliver in terms of convenience and ease of use.

    The modern design of the H510 includes a USB 3.1 Gen2 and compatible USB-C connector on the front panel. You can easily connect your smartphone to the case with the strategic features. With a versatile design, you can also link your computer with external storage or other peripheral devices.

    The small-footprint ATX case supports mini-ITX, micro-ATX and ATX motherboards. It features a clean and modern design, with a robust and elegant build. With a minimalistic design, the ATX case is relatively easy to work with and build your gaming circuit.

    With an RGB controller, you can expect a beautiful and stunning design to accompany your computer system. The H510 comes with an RGB and fan controller for easy management as well. With a tempered glass side panel that you can install with a single thumbscrew, you can view the sleek interior of your system.

    The most prominent feature of the computer case is NZXT’s patented cable management technique. If you face problems with neat and proper cable management while building your system, the pc case offers a one-time solution. The specially designed cable routing kit comes with channels and straps for easy wiring.

    Another fantastic benefit of the best micro-ATX case of 2021 is its efficient airflow technology. With two pre-installed Aer F120mm fans, the case provides optimum airflow and prevent overheating. The H510 is an excellent option if you are looking for a compact pc case with advanced specifications.


    • The sleek and slim micro-ATX case features an iconic design, accompanied by RGB lighting and controls.
    • With a front I/O USB Type-C port, you can easily connect your computer system with any external peripheral device of your choice.
    • The front panel and the PSU incorporate removable filters for your benefit. You can be assured of the case preventing any damage to your system.
    • With the direct airflow technology aids, the case maintains a low temperature throughout the computer system. Furthermore, the removable bracket simplifies water-cooling installation and is designed for radiators up to 240mm.
    • The patented cable routing kit allows you to tidy up the system and efficiently manage wires and cables without any hassle.
    • Easy to build on, with a reasonable value, the H510 will make the right addition to your advanced gaming system.
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    • Customer reviews state the need for better front air intake for the best quality and cooling.

    BUY NOW-NZXT H510 – CA-H510B-W1 – Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

    #6 InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass Premium Tower Gaming Computer Case


    InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass Premium Tower Gaming Computer Case
    Brand InWin
    Colour Black
    Material Tempered Glass, Alloy steel
    Cooling type Water, Air
    Motherboard compatibility Mini-ITX and Micro ATX
    Product weight 14.4 pounds
    Product dimensions 18 X 10.7 X 17.7 inches


    Powered by InWin, a leading and innovative brand with excellent products, the slim micro-ATX is user-friendly and compact. Despite the smaller form factor, the computer case packs advanced features and can support high-performance and large hardware.

    The versatile case adds a whole new effect to your entire gaming circuit. With robust and robust material, the computer case is constructed with 1.2mm SECC steel. The computer case ensures your hardware’s protection and safety, while its shock-proof property prevents damage to the inner system.

    The computer’s minimalistic and simple design looks stunning and adds a beautiful appearance to your entire system. The finishing and clean-cut appearance of the ATX case flaunts an excellent build. With an LED illuminated I/O panel, you can efficiently work with your system in the dark as well.

    The 301 case is all about giving you the best gaming experience with convenience and high-performance. The computer case delivers all it promises and much more. With a sleek tempered glass side panel, you can show off the entire build of your gaming circuit, highlighting the core components.

    With the motherboard compatibility of micro-ATX and mini-ITX, the computer case is versatile and advanced. Another fantastic benefit of the product is that it allows you to build on it quickly. The tool-less features are very user-friendly. The all-metal quality further enhances and supports the high-performance computer system.

    With a compact and sleek design, the case promises a smooth gaming experience. The airflow cooling is another useful feature. While the case can efficiently support liquid and air cooling, it can also accommodate a 240mm radiator at the front and a 120 mm radiator at the back, along with two 120mm fans at the bottom.

    With a flexible interior storage structure, the computer case excels in performance and functionality. The fit and compactness of the case allow you to build up a robust and efficient system. With a reasonable price, the 301 is an excellent option to set up your speedy gaming circuit.


    • The best micro-ATX case of 2021, the InWin 301 features a tempered glass side panel with a stunning design. The detachable glass panel can also be removed with the press of a button.
    • The I/O front panel glows with the luminescent LED lighting. The advanced design adds a new look to your entire system.
    • With a ventilated side panel, you can expect the computer case to maintain an average temperature throughout.
    • The fantastic computer case incorporates a quick removal design dust filter at the bottom as well. The case will keep your system clean and neat.
    • The 301 has room for two 120mm bottom fans with decent storage space and a 240mm radiator at the front for better airflow.
    • The computer case is highly user-friendly with its affixed thumbscrews. With various tool-less features, you can build a powerful gaming system quickly.


    • The cable management is not the best in the case due to its compact size.

    BUY NOW-InWin 301 Black Tempered Glass Premium Tower Gaming Computer Case

    #7 ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case


    ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case
    Brand Rosewill
    Colour Black
    Material SECC steel
    Cooling type Air
    Motherboard compatibility Micro ATX
    Product weight 7.8 pounds
    Product dimensions 13.78 x 6.89 x 13.86 inches


    With a sleek and modern design, the ROSEWILL Micro-ATX gives a competent performance for you. The product aspires to help you build a high-performance computer system with a fair price and an advanced feature set. The versatile ports and storage section is a commendable feature included in the case.

    The mini-tower case is compact and comes in a small form factor to help you fit the case in even the most congested spaces. With competitive properties, the case delivers all that it promises. The robust build quality and the trendy design add a whole new look, building an aesthetically pleasing computer system.

    With an excellent airflow and sturdy construction, the case is highly convenient and easy to use and build on. The glossy bezel design further enhances the micro-ATX case and matches any style and fit well. With the FBM-01, you can find the one-time solution to all your storage problems as well.

    The strategic and smart I/O panel placement allows you to link your computer system with all your peripheral devices quickly and without any interference. The two USB ports and the two audio ports on the front panel facilitate versatile connections and support.

    With a convenient internal layout, the computer case allows for ample interior space. You can install all the necessary equipment to build a powerful computer system. With compatibility and support for micro-ATX motherboards, the case features two pre-installed fans for efficient cooling.

    With a solid body and construction, the micro-ATX case presents fully-vented PCIe slots that work at an optimum level with Intel and AMD systems. The front 120mm fan and rear 80mm fan offers an excellent airflow system. The cooling devices ensure and maintain the stability and performance of your computer.

    The case packs in a lot of features in the small form factor. With a low price point, the micro-ATX case features an elegant and sleek design. The finish and construction of the case are truly commendable. If you are looking to build a personal and low-budget computer system, the pc case is the right choice case gives yu e for you.


    • Combining advanced features and high-functionality with a friendly budget, the FBM-01 will boost your computer system to a whole new level.
    • The small and compact design allows you to cram the case in congested spaces easily. The sturdy construction protects your system from external damage.
    • With the convenient I/O panel, the case gives you two USB ports and two audio ports to connect different peripheral devices.
    • With plenty of storage space, you can fit the desired components into the case. The building technology allows ample airflow and cooling.
    • The two pre-installed fans in the pc case maintain an all-round low-temperature, keeping your system running without any hindrance.
    • With a support standard ATX PS2 form factor power supply, you can sit back and be assured of an advanced and high-performance for your system.


    • The cable management is a little cramped up due to the small form factor of the case.

    BUY NOW- ROSEWILL Micro ATX Mini Tower Computer Case

    #8 Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case


    Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case
    Brand Fractal Design
    Colour Black
    Material Aluminum/ Steel
    Cooling type Air
    Motherboard compatibility Micro ATX
    Product weight 13.2 pounds
    Product dimensions 13.5 x 12.1 x 15.3 inches


    The Fractal Design Node 804 is a widely recommended micro-ATX cube case. With a comprehensive feature set packed in the small form factor computer case, the Node 804 is a competitive and innovative model. The proficient style is trendy and edgy, with a minimalistic layout for your convenience.

    With maximum attention to cooling efficiency and easy configurability, this micro-ATX case highlights the best features you want in your system. The elegant brushed aluminum front panel further enhances the visual appearance of your case. With a window transparent side panel, you can showcase the entire build of your computer.

    Another outstanding feature of the case is its dual-chambered internal layout. The case supports liquid cooling conveniently, and the practical design allows for the best ventilation and cooling throughout the system. The case can additionally support up to four radiators at a time.

    The simplistic design allows an easy building of the best gaming system for you. With a novel hard drive mounting system, the case can fit up to 8 x 3.5 inches, 4 x 2.5 inches, or 10x 3.5 inches, 2x 2.5 inches drives. The vast storage space with a strategic layout enables you to make the best out of the compact desktop case.

    With three fractal design silent series R2 fans included in the product, the micro-at case will ensure the smooth running of your system throughout while preventing overheating. The case also comes in with a beneficial fan controller to help you control the cooling device as per your requirement.

    A sleek interior design and a stunning visual appearance make the case attractive. The transparent side panel further allows you to highlight the excellent build of your computer system. With ample storage, you can install high-performance components to ensure the best results in your system.

    The case comes with additional space in the front panel for accommodating a slim slot-in ODD, optical bay drive, and two 2.5inch drives. With up to five expansion slots, the case can incorporate and support multiple GPU setups as well. With a budget-friendly case, you can build a powerful personal computer.


    • The finish of the case is commendable. Transparent panels and an elegant aluminum stroke adds to the visual appearance of the system.
    • The front, top, and sides are detachable. This property helps you in configurability and build your system quickly.
    • With ample space and extension capacity, the fantastic micro-ATX case comes with three pre-installed fans. The efficient ventilation and cooling system maintain a low temperature in the system.
    • The dual-chambered layout further boosts the cooling capacity of the case. The Node 804 also supports liquid cooling.
    • With a minimalistic and simplistic design, the case features a unique hard-drive mounting system.
    • With the front I/O panel, the case also has two USB 3.0 ports and two audio jacks to enable you to connect your computer with different devices.


    • The computer case might be too big for the number of supported 3.5 inches drives.

    BUY NOW-Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case

    #9 Thermaltake Level 20 VT Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case


    Thermaltake Level 20 VT Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case
    Brand Thermaltake
    Colour Black
    Material Aluminum/ Steel
    Cooling type Water
    Motherboard compatibility Micro ATX
    Product weight 19.1 pounds
    Product dimensions 16.9 X 13 X 13.7 inches


    Thermaltake is a renowned company, and it presents another innovative computer case with high-performance technology and properties. The Level 20 VT is an advanced case that incorporates enhanced features, with updates and technology that will take your computer system to the next level.

    The latest model comes in with technological advancement and a plethora of high-performance features. With a stylish and trendy design, the micro-ATX case will give your computer system a new edge. The compact and elegant design further provides you with ease of configurability and helps you build a powerful computer system.

    The four tempered glass panels, each 4mm thick, give you a good view of all your internal components. The thickness and robustness of the glass further protect your case from dust or scratches. With the 4-sided glass panels, the micro-ATX case looks stunning and trendy at a reasonable price.

    The advanced dual-chambered interior layout further expands ad organizes the storage space inside the case. The upper chambers are specially designated for the motherboard and the other PCIe components, whereas the lower section is designed for the PSU and more drive bays.

    The various components and features allow a tool-less process for you. The drive bay design further enhances the efficiency of the micro-ATX case. The removable 2.5 inches/ 3.5 inches drive racks layout allows plenty of flexibility. With such expandable features in the case, you can easily accommodate larger components.

    With flexible storage space, the case also supports and allows you to incorporate liquid cooling as well. The powerful ventilation system keeps your system from overheating and maintains a low temperature. With a pre-installed 200mm black front fan, the case provides optimum airflow throughout the course.

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    The vast storage space in the case can further allow fans at the front, top, rear and bottom, and support radiators. You can install the necessary cooling equipment with versatile backing in the case. With various side I/O panel features, including 2 USB 3.0 ports and 2 USB 2.0 ports, and an audio jack, the computer case allows you to connect multiple devices


    • The micro-ATX case also features a 4-sided strong and 4mm thick tempered glass panel for protection and style with an elegant and stylish design.
    • The effective dual-chambered design of the case allows you to organize the core components and keep the system clean and neat.
    • The large and flexible storage space featured in the micro-ATX case enables you to fit more extensive and more advanced equipment. The case further extends support to liquid cooling for your convenience.
    • With various USB and audio jack ports, the excellent micro-ATX case features versatile options to allow you to link your computer with external peripheral devices.
    • The pc case supports M-ATX motherboards and flaunts high-performance and aspects to make an excellent addition to your computer system.
    • The various accommodations for fans and radiators ensure that your computer case runs smoothly without overheating.


    • According to customer reviews, the fan controller of the case is not of the best quality.

    BUY NOW- Thermaltake Level 20 VT Tempered Glass Gaming Computer Case

    #10 AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side window


    AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side window
    Brand AeroCool
    Colour Black
    Material Alloy steel, acrylic
    Cooling type Water, Air
    Motherboard compatibility ATX Compatibility
    Product weight 10.03 pounds
    Product dimensions 20 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches


    A mid-tower micro ATX case, combined with an elegant design and RGB lighting, the AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid tower computer case is a great option. The case’s versatile features and aspects will enhance your system and boost your gaming circuit’s performance and speed.

    With various options and customizations, the micro-ATX case will fulfill your needs and advance your computer system. The acrylic side window panels make the case look visually appealing. With over 13 different RGB lighting modes, you can adjust the lights in the case to match your style and mood.

    The flexible internal storage of the micro-ATX case accommodates and supports liquid cooling as well. It allows full air cooling at the front panel and the computer case’s rear, with a pre-installed 120mm fan at the bottom. You can add three 120mm fans at the front, one 120mm at the top to promote ventilation.

    The professional design also allows you to install a 120mm radiator at the front for liquid cooling. With versatile support in the I/O panel, including one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an HD audio and mic port, and an SD card reader, you can easily connect the system with external peripheral devices.

    With a unique dual-chambered internal layout, the computer case further promotes ventilation throughout the system. The superior cooling technology in the micro-ATX case ensures that your computer runs at a high-speed without any overheating. With ATX motherboard support, the case is robust and extensive.

    The removable PSU dust filters ensure the protection and cleanliness of your computer system. With a strong and robust build quality, the case is made to last. The magnetic dust filter at the top panel further ensures easy cleaning for you. With protective technology, the computer case is easy to maintain.

    With six RGB flow lighting modes and seven reliable color modes, there is a shade to match your taste and mood with the AeroCool Cylon computer case. The cable management is also relatively easy with the case, owing to its organized dual-chambered interior layout.


    • The front panel with the RGB lights looks stunning, and you can easily control the lights to match your taste. With the acrylic side panels and elegant design, the case is visually appealing.
    • The versatile I/O slots and ports are extensive and allow you to connect the computer with various peripheral devices.
    • With adequate space for hard drives and SSDs, the case flaunts flexible internal storage, featuring a dual-layered chamber.
    • With the various cooling options, including space for fans at the front and the rear, the computer case also supports radiators and liquid cooling.
    • The case supports graphics cards up to 371mm and is compatible with a CPU cooler of up to 155mm. It has ample space to manage large hardware to build your computer system.
    • With beneficial dust filters and easy cable management, the AeroCool Cylon case is a budget-friendly computer case.


    • Customers state their dissatisfaction with the light quality of the computer case.

    BUY NOW-AeroCool Cylon RGB Mid Tower with Acrylic Side window


    Frequently Asked Questions – Micro-ATX cases

    Q1 What is the primary difference between micro-ATX and mini-ITX?

    The significant difference between micro-ATX and mini-ITX cases are the dimensions and size differences. Apart from the major size variation, the cases also differ in terms of PCIe slots. PCIe is simply an interface that is used for connecting other high-speed components.

    Mini-ITX motherboards only include two RAM slots, whereas micro-ATX motherboards allow expansion for accommodating a large amount of RAM with good slots.

    Q2 Why is it beneficial to have more expansion slots on mATX motherboards?

    PCIe expansions are vital for pairing video cards, sound cards, graphics cards, wireless cards, expandable RAM modules, and more to strengthen your gaming system further. It would be best to opt for the best micro-ATX cases with adequate PCIe slots for better performance and results.

    What is the significant difference between air-cooled and liquid-cooled micro-ATX cases?

    Air cooling commonly uses fans to push out and distribute hot air while the system is running. Liquid cooling is all about transferring heat efficiently with water, maintaining a low temperature all the time. Liquid cooling makes much lesser noise, avoiding the air-cooling fans continually moving at a high RPM.

    Q3 Why should I purchase an mATX case?

    The best micro-ATX cases are a substantial addition to your gaming circuit. Resourceful and assertive, micro-ATX cases are the perfect way to build a decent and robust personal pc. With at least 4 PCIe slots, you can expect a great feature and property set with the best micro-ATX cases.

    Q4 What is ATX, and what is an ATX case?

    ATX or Advanced Technology Extended is a specification of motherboard and power supply configuration developed by Intel. Micro ATX, Mini ITX, and standard ATX motherboards differ in sizes and dimensions.

    An ATX case is a protective covering to protect and store your hardware and include all necessary equipment required to build up a decent pc. A micro ATX case can typically fit in micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards, though they cannot accommodate standard ATX motherboards due to their larger dimensions.

    Q5 Is a micro-ATX motherboard bigger than a mini-ITX motherboard?

    Micro-ATX is the second-largest ATX motherboard, with 244 X 244mm dimensions. Mini-ITX motherboards are the smallest, with dimensions of 170 X 170mm. Hence, micro-ATX cases are more prominent than mini-ITX cases.

    Q6 Will a micro-ATX motherboard fit in a standard ATX case?

    Yes, a micro-ATX motherboard will fit within a standard ATX case. Micro-ATX motherboards were designed to be compatible with ATX, and the mounting points of the motherboard are a subset of those used in standard full-size ATX motherboards. Your motherboard will function correctly in an ATX case as well.

    Q7 Is mini-ITX better than micro-ATX?

    No, micro-ATX provides more advantages over mini-ITX motherboards. With more PCIe slots and the subsequent expansion of RAM modules, micro-ATX is affordable and compact.

    Q8 Are micro-ATX cases worth it?

    Micro-ATX cases can be described as value for money. They are an excellent option if you are looking to build a robust, smart, and compact gaming circuit. With great aesthetics and a wide variety of available options, micro-ATX cases help build an empowered and high-performance computer system.

    Benefits of using micro-ATX cases

    Micro-ATX machines are not without their benefits. They are the perfect addition to building up a compact, high-performance, and robust pc circuit.

    • Cooling equipment and options

    Perhaps one of the essential benefits of having the best micro-ATX case is the cooling options it offers. When you have various components, you need in your system, and the heat build-up is more.

    An enclosed pc case will ensure efficient management of excessive heat that comes from your high-performance components. The build of the case allows ample front-to-rear airflow for efficient cooling.

    Modern micro-ATX cases come with both kinds of cooling- the traditional air cooling with fans and liquid cooling. The best micro-ATX case for you will ensure that your system does not get overheated and works in motion at a lower temperature.

    • Micro-ATX cases are aesthetically pleasing

    The way you want your computer system to look overall is essential, and the outer micro-ATX case will be evident with your monitor. Micro-ATX cases come in various styles and designs to suit your taste.

    Various models come with RGB lighting for added special effects. You can opt for the best micro-ATX cases that come with edgy glass side-panels and more design patterns to suit your style. With such a wide variety of options available in the market today, you will find that the best micro-ATX cases to add a unique look to your system.

    • Easy configuration properties

    Another advantage of having micro-ATX cases is the easy configuration they provide. With an enclosed space, the best micro-ATX cases for you will have fantastic features that will allow easy viewing and composition of the heavy equipment and component that you have installed in the case.

    When you are configuring cabinets with a lot of equipment, the innovative viewing panels and advanced properties will work easier. You will be able to complete the task conveniently and smoothly.

    • Cable and rack management

    Another essential benefit of the best micro-ATX cases is its ability to manage cables well. With tangled and messy cables, your system’s airflow can be easily obstructed, causing damage to your entire computer.

    Cable management is crucial for a decent and robust system. Various machines are specially dedicated to features that allow for convenient cable management. With excellent properties, the best micro-ATX case will ensure that your cables are organized and kept neat.

    • Excellent features and high-quality

    Micro-ATX cases flaunt excellent and advanced features to empower your pc in the best way. With a long list of high-performance properties, micro-ATX cases are necessary to make a robust gaming circuit. Various options feature micro-ATX cases with handles for easy portability and convenience.

    With various expansion slots, smartly placed I/O ports, excellent cooling features, and more, micro-ATX cases are built for high-performance motherboards. The cases’ excellent material and quality further ensure the durability and longevity of the best micro-ATX case for you.

    With an excellent visual appearance as well, the micro-ATX cases feature superior functionality as well. You will easily be able to include all the necessary components and equipment you require in the case. With advanced features, the best micro-ATX case will fulfill all your needs quickly.

    • Budget and space

    The most renowned benefit of micro-ATX cases is its low budget. If you are looking to build a decent and powerful enough personal computer for your gaming circuit, micro-ATX cases are the right way to go.

    The small form factor of the cases is a favorite feature with many. It allows for a compact and convenient look. With a robust feature set packed in the relatively small case, the best micro-ATX case will be the right fit for your computer gaming system.

    The case is relatively affordable and is the perfect addition to your gaming circuit as well. The expansion slots and more features allow the micro-ATX case to be a beneficial and long-term investment. The micro-ATX cases with handles also add to their convenience and ease of use.

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    Micro-ATX cases are a necessary addition to your gaming circuit. With the technology industry boosting every day, there are various models of micro-ATX cases that vary only in design and specifications. You can choose the right micro-ATX case that suits your needs and requirements in the best way.

    Micro-ATX cases provide a safe enclosure for mATX motherboards. They include various features and properties that make them the best choice for your computer system. With its small form factor, the best cases are both pleasing to look at and reasonably priced for you.

    The cooling system of the cases is significantly enhanced. With liquid or air cooling, the pc cases avoid overheating. The expansion slots in the best micro-ATX case also allow for expandable RAM modules and more cards.

    The noise and dust filters are novel features that come with the cases. The aesthetics are incredibly enticing, with various designs to suit your style and taste in the best way. Micro-ATX cases have a lot of space to include all the necessary equipment you want to add. With compatibility and space, the cases will support and facilitate all components for your pc.

    Along with the comprehensive feature set, micro-ATX cases also provide durability and convenience. The small-form-factor cases are compact and easy to manage. With advanced and high-performance micro-ATX cases to match your needs, you can be assured that they are worth investing time and money.



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