15 Important Things You Should Know About Dabbing

    It is a fact that the use of cannabis is increasing with time as people find relief in it. However, now, the concentrated form of cannabis has more demand as people prefer dabbing over other drugs. You can now get dabs even at dispensaries across the country however, still, some limitations are applied.

    There is a common perception people think that dabbing is safe as compared to other drugs and this is a reason, its popularity is increasing. It is important to know all details of dabbing before you plan to consume it. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of its hidden facts.

    What are Dabs?

    The first important thing is to know what dab actually is. It is mostly referred to as amber, shatter, wax, and honeycomb. If you have a look at its composition, you will come to know that it is a concentrated version of BHO (Butane Hash Oil) with high levels of THC. When butane is poured over marijuana, dabs are formed. People can go high all at once with dabbing whereas other drugs make a person high gradually.

    It means that the intensity of dabbing is high as compared to other drugs. So, if you have a plan to switch to dab, make sure to consume a controlled quantity as otherwise, you may not be able to handle its after-effects.

    It is not the same as Smoking

    People need to come out of this perception that dabbing is the same as smoking because it is actually not. Smoking a cigarette does not make a person high but dabbing actually does. So, if you have a plan to quit smoking by switching to dabbing then you need to think again.

    There are more health concerns when it comes to dabbing so if you are on a journey to quit drugs, it will be good to not go dabbing. However, for those who want to choose a safer option out of all drugs then dabbing is somehow the right choice especially if you have good control over yourself for consuming a limited quantity.

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    Why shouldn’t you Overdose on Dabs?

    We cannot deny the fact that overdosing on anything can cause several problems and so is the case with dabs. You may need to bear severe consequences as the result of overdosing. When we talk about drugs, they all contain some side effects and there is no exception with dabbing.

    So, you’ll need to consider its limitations and it will be good if you consume less than that limitation for staying safe. Overdosing can even cause death and some similar cases have been reported in this regard. In short, if you cannot resist dabbing, it would be better to keep your intake as limited as possible.

    Apart from it, if you need to be a part of a gathering where friends dab a lot, make sure to quit the party before it gets too high. Here comes the point that everyone should understand which clearly states that controlled intake of anything is always safer.

    Reasons Why People Like to Dab a Lot?

    When a drug becomes popular, there is always a certain reason behind it. Dabbing is famous for so many reasons and the main one is the low cost associated with it. You can save money by simply switching to dabbing from other drugs.

    People spend a lot of money on drugs every month due to which they go short of money at the end of each month. If we talk about the quality, dabbing is not of low quality either, it has so many side effects. So, there is nothing wrong with switching to dabbing, especially if money is your main concern. As per, dabbing will continue as a famous drug due to its low price and other benefits.


    The smoke of different drugs often proves irritating and if you are allergic to smoke, dabbing is the perfect solution to it because it does not produce smoke, and ultimately, you keep the surroundings clean. There are very few drugs that can be contained in a way that the surrounding remains free from smoke and the concentrated form of cannabis is one of them.

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    You should consider the pros and cons of dabbing before consuming it because it can prove addictive even if it does not produce smoke. Meanwhile, you should stay cautious regarding the consumption as excessive intake can make you addicted to this drug. Keeping the discussion short, the smokeless nature of dabbing makes it one of the best options in drugs.

    Fast and Effective

    Sometimes, people want to go high as soon as they consume the drug and if this is the case, dabbing is a good option to go. It is not only fast but effective as well. There should be a limit when it comes to going high because drugs need to be consumed for a temporary change.

    It can help you get rid of depression and the effectiveness depends on the quantity you consume. Stress does not only make people exhausted but it can lead to suicidal attempts too. So, you get temporary relief by simply consuming a small number of dabs because it will make the mind numb and you will forget about your worries temporarily.


    We cannot deny the fact that dabbing is one of the innovative forms of drugs because some technical advancements are involved in it that help in a fine extraction process. Industry experts are working hard to let people get more benefits from medical marijuana and it is possible due to certain technological advancements.


    You can consume dabbing in multiple flavors depending on your taste. People usually like to have strawberry and mint flavor but you can find an extensive variety in it. When we talk about flavors, keep in mind that they are all artificial. So, you will not only go high but it will be easy to enjoy your favorite flavor.

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    The option of flavors is usually available in a few types of drugs and as per PONBEE, a concentrated form of cannabis is one of them. If you are sick of other drugs, this can prove one of the best options in terms of flavors and going high.

    Dabbing is Possible in Vaping Devices

    We know that people like to vape a lot and when it comes to dabs, it can be used in vaping devices. You only need to pour it into the vape device which should be charged fully and then start vaping. It means that you can have a wonderful experience using this drug. As per Ponbee, dabbing is possible in vaping devices and this too is the reason for its popularity.

    It is not legal in New York

    Yes, indeed, dabbing is not legal in New York but when it comes to medical marijuana, pharmaceutical companies have the permission to use it for making various medicines especially for treating cancer patients who need instant relief from pain during chemotherapy. However, other than medical usage, dabbing is not allowed in New York.

    Cities Where Dabbing is Legal

    Dabbing is not legal in all cities in the United States so it is important to know where it can be used legally. California, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Montana, and many others legally allow dabbing. However, it is crucial to mention the purpose of usage before purchasing dabs.

    Reasons why Limited Intake is Important

    Just like other drugs, dabbing also has certain side effects and if it is consumed more than a certain limit, a person can suffer from health problems like nausea, vomiting, and hallucination. Excessive intake of dabbing can even cause death. In short, these are a few facts about dabbing that everyone should consider before using this drug.


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