Your Guide To Nano Bead Hair Extensions

    Nano bead hair extensions often referred to as nano ring or nano hair extensions, are the newest type of hair extensions that are quickly gaining popularity among the masses. These were initially developed to create the most undetectable hair extensions possible. 

    Nano bead hair extensions are typically much better for those with finer hair, as when individuals with fine hair apply extensions they run the risk of their clips or weaves showing. Since nano bead hair extensions are typically undetectable from the tip, they suit those with finer hair the most.

    The beads or rings in these hair extensions are as tiny as the nip of a ballpoint pen and are almost 90% smaller than their successor, microbead rings.

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    How are nano bead hair extensions applied?

    The rings on nano bead hair extensions do not come attached to the hair extensions. Rather, the hair extensions that go into these rings have a strong keratin tip that goes into the ring or bead during application.

    The application process begins by placing the extension hair strands under a small piece of the individual’s actual hair. The beads are then secured in place using a pair of pliers and no heat or adhesive is required during the entire application.

    How should you maintain nano-bead hair extensions?

    During and after the installation process, individuals should take great care to not bring the keratin tip in contact with heat or oil as this may even cause damage to the keratin bond. The keratin tip may open and become unusable, or it may even melt and damage your natural hair.

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    Additionally, an important aspect of the maintenance of your nano bead hair extensions would be that they are both applied and removed by a professional.

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    How long do nano bead hair extensions last?

    When cared for properly, nano bead hair extensions can last you anywhere between 3-4 months. Additionally, if you ever find or feel that your hair extensions are loosening up, you can easily visit the salon again for a reapplication. 

    Regardless of whether or not you feel the need for a reapply appointment, after 2 months of having the extensions in your hair you would have to make an appointment to move the beads further up in your hair closer to your roots to avoid them from getting detected.

    However, it is to be noted that if your extension strands have a plastic tip instead of a metal one, they would have to be rethreaded into a metal tip during maintenance appointments and would be more difficult to maintain.

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    Are nano bead hair extensions damaging?

    Nano bead hair extensions are not damaging to your natural hairline at all provided that they are fitted by a professional. If you try your hand at applying them yourself and you do not have any previous experience in doing so, you may end up severely damaging your hair.

    Out of all the possible types of hair extensions, these kinds are the least damaging to your hair. While their application does not involve any heat or chemicals, even during the removal process your hair wouldn’t incur any harmful chemicals or solvents.

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