13 Best HIIT Exercise Program-Beginners Guide

    Amazing HIIT Exercise Program From Beginners To Advanced (All You Need To Know In Brief)

    A variety of workouts are known to fitness lovers like cardio, aerobic, strength training, HIIT, etc. A good workout routine complements a healthy lifestyle. If you want a great physique along with healthy functioning of internal organs to look youthful and stress-free, then a good workout is very important to incorporate into your everyday routine.

    HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is one such high-intensity workout that performs wonders to your body and shows significant evident results in the very first few months you start working out. This can be done anywhere from your home to society parks and grounds.

    In this article, you will get to know a lot more about the HIIT exercise program and how you can include these workouts in your everyday workout routine to achieve the utmost benefits. Keep reading to see all the answers to your queries related to HIIT as we shall be discussing HIIT types, benefits, drawbacks if any, and a good HIIT exercise program with you people.

    What Is HIIT Exercise Program?

    HIIT exercise program

    Whatever exercises you’ve incorporated in your workouts, I am pretty sure you are familiar with HIIT as a major weight loss workout. Burpees, Ever done?

    High Interval Intensity Training or HIIE (High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise), also known as SIT (Sprint Interval Training) is a type of cardiovascular exercise that includes a variety of short periods of high-intensity anaerobic workouts having fewer intensity breaks or intervals in between to be continued until a person is completely exhausted to continue further.

    There is no duration mentioned of the HIIT workout, but it is suggested around 30 minutes. The effect of a HIIT workout depends upon the time limit you are pursuing it. It is specially designed for athletes as they require stamina which could be built using a quick and effective HIIT workout. Also, you may also maximize your speed and explosive performance using the HIIT Exercise program. It is one of the best workout sessions to improve glucose metabolism.

    As said above, the benefits of the HIIT exercise program are based on performance. Since HIIT exercises spike or increases your heartbeat, there are chances that you will be burning more calories while working out. It is considered the most amazing workout when you are short of time as it will require a maximum of 30 minutes depending on your efficiency and you are good to go.

    Types Of HIIT Exercise Program

    HIIT Exercise program comprises of aerobic and strength training types of workouts. Some of the most essential and main workouts you can engulf in generalized HIIT are mentioned below for your reference including the benefits they provide.

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    Examples Of HIIT Exercise program

    Tabata: Undoubtedly one of the famous and practiced styles of HIIT workouts which is popular for improving conditioning. It burns an elevated number of calories at a time if you do it just for 4 minutes. Keep the work interval 20 seconds and the rest interval 10 seconds. Complete 8 sets of Tabata.

    hiit exercise program
    Women’s Health

    Sprint: 30 sec. of sprint requires 4 minutes of rest. Complete 6 to 8 sets of the sprint on average. Although the rest time is a lot more than the work time, it is still one of the most thrilling and challenging HIIT workouts of all time as it requires a lot of stamina and burns a huge number of calories at the same time.

    hiit exercise program

    Short Sprint: In this workout, the work time is 8 seconds and the resting duration is 12 seconds. It is a comparatively less demanding HIIT workout and it is effective for weight loss and conditioning. For additional difficulty and far more progress, try running against gravity for instance a hilly area or a slanting road, it is also better to perform HIIT that spikes heart rate.

    hiit exercise program

    One-To-One workout: It requires 30 seconds of workout time and 30 seconds of rest time. It is easy to perform and you can easily include this workout in your exercise routine by decreasing rest and increasing workout time. Perform this just for 10 minutes.

    hiit exercise program
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    Sport-specific: it requires 15 seconds of workout and 35 seconds of rest in between. You can do this for 6 to 8 minutes.

    Tempo runs One of the most amazing and effective ways to improve the conditioning of the body. It involves a long run (40-yard sprint which ends back to the beginning or starting point).

    Some Other HIIT Training Exercises

    HIIT exercise program
    Battle ropes

    One great thing about the HIIT exercise program is that there are a lot of varieties you can include without getting bored and choosing your favorite and suitable exercises. While choosing a good HIIT exercise program you have to make sure you chose a program that is hard enough to push you above your limits, doing a few bicep curls as a form of HIIT is not going to work entirely in your favor.

    Most importantly, prefer a workout or exercise that you are mastered in because high-intensity exercises will tend to cause fatigue, and degradation in your form will occur. So having an amazing foundation and mastery in particular HIIT exercise program is always necessary before proceeding further to incorporate this kind of workouts in your routine.

    Here are some other popular exercises that you can include in your HITT exercise program.

    Stationary Bike: These bikes are a piece of great equipment as they facilitate equal measures for intensity and workload which is great. They do not place a huge burden of effect on your joints while working out. These are widely available in all the gyms near you and slightly easy to perform than others.

    Burpees: Talking about the HIIT exercise program, burpees are the kind of exercises that always comes to our mind. They are high-intensity as well as low intensity based on how ready you are to perform. Arguably the most difficult yet challenging. They are a type of staple of workouts known as cross-fit. No doubt, these are hard on your body and many people are not able to perform at first, so you have to pass certain mobility tests and basic strength before performing these.

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    Squat to Overhead Press: If you are looking for a HIIT exercise program that equally benefits your upper and lower body, this move is the best for you. You may use dumbbells, barbells, or med balls to complete the squat to overhead press efficiently.

    Kettlebell swings: Another extremely popular full-body workouts. Kettlebell swings are easy to perform with many reps again and again. It’s amazing to challenge your energy and increase efficiency for other HIIT workouts as well.

    Bodyweight Exercises: Talking about bodyweight exercises in the HIIT exercise program involves many different workouts like squats, squat jumps, push-ups, pull-ups, bear crawls, etc. But you have to be careful while choosing which bodyweight workout to perform, as it should be contained of low workout time and high rest duration in between to avoid too much fatigue. Another thing you can do is not to stick to one bodyweight, you can always prepare a routine including more than bodyweight exercises as your HIIT exercise program for better results.

    Olympic Lifts (Not for beginners): Although these exercises fall under the category of HIIT, it is not a good decision to do without proper training.

    Battling ropes: You are in luck if you have proper access to battling ropes near a gym or at home. These are incredibly good to boost endurance and strength with great benefits.

    hiit exercise program


    HIIT for losing weight?

    According to a survey, it was seen that the people who are in habit of exercising daily do lose weight, but those who did the HIIT exercise program lost 28.5% more weight than regular exercises.

    But it should also be noted that HIIT is not meant for everyone to do, there is a high risk of injuries that may be internal sometimes increasing the risk of cardiovascular stress.

    Discussing weight loss in a HIIT exercise program, there are possibly two reasons which the weight loss occurs, first reason is that HIIT leads to energy expenditure which is greater than other forms of the workout due to which the metabolism rate increases for a day it’s done. Another reason is less hunger after a good HIIT session. It is said that appetite causing hormones are affected by HIIT.

    The results are shown by various people and research clearly states that HIIT is beneficial if you’re looking for weight loss.

    HIIT Benefits

    hiit exercise program
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    Helps In Conditioning Of The Body

    It is found that HIIT workouts have equal or greater efficiency than normal cardio workouts. They also possess greater aerobic endurance and improves the anaerobic energy system. Due to these benefits, the onset or arrival of fatigue is delayed and there is delayed muscle burn during activities requiring maximum effort.

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    In simpler words, our body becomes better than before at producing energy when we include a workout that has different intensities like the HIIT exercise program due to which condition of the body gets improved.

    HIIT exercise program results in improvement of work capacity due to which you acquire an ability to work for more time and higher intensity. You are capable of showing your maximum and best performance with HIIT workouts.

    It develops and builds endurance in athletes increasing their efficiency in sports, sprints, jumps, etc. It helps perform powerful movements better.

    HIIT Exercise Program Improves Insulin Sensitivity

    Improved insulin sensitivity is much needed to convert more and more food we consume into muscle mass and not fats. It is also one of the main reasons to prevent diabetes. HIIT should be your go-to workout if you have diabetes or related issues (Consult your doctor before proceeding).

    HIIT Is Beneficial For Nervous System Response

    It is proven to be beneficial for increasing parasympathetic activity of the nervous system as it is that part of our nervous system that is responsible for slowing down the heart rate. It also helps in improving overall digestion and reduction in unwanted stress.

    HIIT Exercise Program makes You Tougher

    Working out at your best potential and giving maximum effort makes you stronger. For sports, it increases stamina that pushes your ability to perform better

    Downsides Of HIIT

    As you have read above, it requires a lot of stamina and understanding before proceeding with a good HIIT workout. Given below are some downsides of the HIIT exercise program that you should know before deciding to do High-intensity interval training.

    1. It is a very demanding form of workout. It can put a lot of stress on the body for those who do not have prior knowledge and experience in working out.
    2. Overuse or doing for a lot of time is also not considered to be good. The risk of injury increases in this matter.

    HIIT For Beginners

    hiit exercise program

    Beginners are advised not to jump on to difficult and heart spiking workouts all at once on the first day itself. There are certain HIIT exercises that are beginner-friendly. Some are named below for your reference.

    1. Bodyweight squats
    2. Commando
    3. Heel Taps
    4. Alternating Lunges
    5. Glute bridges
    6. Bent-leg raise
    7. Sumo squat pulse
    8. High knees
    9. In and Out Prank
    10. Jump ropes
    11. Jumping jacks
    12. Running

    Is HIIT Exercise Program Good For Bodybuilder?

    Many bodybuilders believe that cardio is the best to protect lean mass and reduce fat content, but it the opposite. HIIT proves to be more beneficial.

    As HIIT involves aerobic exercises when done at the greater intensity with a spiked heart rate at 80% will not only help to remain in shape but will also increase the muscle mass of the body.

    When you are training at different intervals, you are building and training muscle fibers to have greater endurance by being more aerobic.


    After reading so much about the HIIT exercise program and the various benefits it possesses, you may start working out on a beginner level if you are someone who wants to lose weight and built muscle mass. HIIT is one of the best workouts not only for sports person, for everyone who wants to build a lean looking physique and wants to remain in fine fettle.

    To complement a great workout, a diet routine is a must-have. If you are looking for an amazing diet routine for weight loss and tips to keep in mind, look no more. Visit the article.



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