13 Beautiful Lock Of Hair Keepsake Ideas For Your Loved One!

    Lock Of Hair Keepsake Ideas- Keep The Memories You Build With Loved Ones.

    Lock of hair keepsake ideas is a great way to store all the good memories and preserve them after you lose someone you love. When loved ones no longer live by our sides, it is often very helpful to have some moments in honor of their incredibly beautiful memories. They also become family heirlooms as the generations pass. It is seen as a beloved treasure from our ancestors for years to come.

    A very common keepsake when it comes to building a moment for a deceased relative is hair. While it may sound a bit unusual, many people use hair as a keepsake for hundreds of years. It might not be present in your family till now but Victorians made it highly popular with their mourning jewelry and lockets to keep a lock of hair as a keepsake.

    You can either go for a lock of hair or cremation ashes. because hair strands do not decompose like all other parts of the body, they are believed to be a symptom of the eternal legacy and life of our loved ones. In Victorian times, hair was also used as a common means to create some unique artworks. Presently, many parents have started keeping kids’ locks of hair as a baby keepsake.

    In addition to this, hair is also considered to be a versatile reminder of how life passes beautifully. If you are also planning to save a lock of hair of your beloved ones, here are some of the most amazing lock of hair keepsake ideas that may help you come out with an alluring match.

    Lock of hair keepsake ideas (Jewelry And More!)

    lock of hair

    This trend was started by Victorians but then spread throughout the globe. People use hair in various jewelry for generations altogether. It is highly versatile and an easy way to honor the memory of your beloved family and loved one at all times. Let’s explore all the ideas we have gathered for you:

    1. A Hair Locket

    This is the easiest and perfect way to keep a lock of hair. You can get a hair locket and pace the lock of hair inside of it. This s a small locket slightly different from photo lockers but is specifically designed to hold something small like a lock of hair.

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    It is easy to snip a very small hair section and secure it nicely inside a hair locket without indulging in difficult procedures that require a lot of time. Hair locate makes a discrete option that can be worn in the future for many years to come by generations.

    2. Hair Memorial Diamond

    If you already have a lock of hair of your beloved ones and do not know what to do with it, you can just send it for turning it into a beautiful customized diamond. In this way, it will always be with you. After few months, you will receive a customized diamond that you can either wear in a ring, a necklace, or some other jewelry of your choice for keeping it close to your heart.

    Many popular companies create their own lab-grown diamonds using half a cup of hair strands and allow you to decide what kind of colors and cuts you want for the gemstone. Even if you lack enough locks of hair to form a diamond out of them, most companies also offer cremated remains for their diamond services.

    3. Customized keepsake boxes


    You can get a Customised keepsake box to store the lock of hair. You can either include some other moments too in this box or get a box designed specifically for storing one lock of hair of your loved ones.

    Some other things that can be easily kept in the keepsake box include photographs of the deceased, handwritten letters, funeral cards, and poems that they liked. Make sure you invite other members of the family to add something in the memory of the deceased to honor and tribute to their memories. Also, you can design the keepsake box with their pictures outside and using materials they loved the most or colors of their choice.

    4. A-frame

    You might be having many clear frames in your house. Rather than buying new keepsake jewelry or boxes to store the lock of hair, you can just use a clear frame in the memory of your loved ones. Just keep the lock off and place it somewhere safe to display it. One amazing way to keep the frame is next to the photo frame.

    To make it beautiful and hair to stand out, use a standing frame that sits exactly upright without needling the bottom of the frame. This is a powerful way to preserve the lock of hir and matters so much. Also, it keeps them reminding you of the beautiful mementos you shared.

    5. A Pillbox

    Since most of the people who decide to store a lock of hair have small strands, you will not require something fancy or extensive for it. Pillboxes are a great choice because they are small in size and discrete.

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    You can just leave them at your loved one’s favorite spot or by your bed, office, or any corner of the house. For creating a unique outlook out of the pillbox, choose vintage-inspired to antique designs.

    6. Satchel


    Finally, sometimes you need to be slightly more creative than usual. Lock of hair is a deeply personal and memorable moment so do not limit yourself and think outside the box. Whether you are intending for keeping a lock of hair for the entire family to see or just for yourself, a satchel can be a great idea.

    There are many satchels you can bring just for storing hair. These can be customized and personalized by writing the name of the deceased and you do not have to worry about the sizes as they come in almost all sizes. It is an easy way to store a lock of hair.

    7. Artwork

    How about an artwork that inspired your loved one or something they would have loved? If you or the deceased were inclined to artwork, you can create beautiful artwork with the lock of hair from your loved one. Try to look for some victorian designs as they have plenty of ideas related to artwork too. This can help you create impressive artwork that the coming generations will also witness in the memory of your loved one.

    While some designs need advanced skills, some can be mastered at home. If you like this idea but do not know if the artwork is your taste or not, you can get it done by others.

    8. A suncatcher

    pendant, heart, crown
    Photo by pixel2013 on Pixabay

    If you love breathing by keeping your windows open to the sun in the day, why not go for a beautiful suncatcher as a means of storing a lock of hair? It is indeed an excellent idea for open houses to honor the memory of the deceased.

    Having the locks shimmer as the morning sun shines on them is a great way to feel the warmth. You can keep the lock of hir in a glass and hang it simply with a beautiful shining chain. As the wind enters your house and the glass collides with the chain making a magnificent sound, you will be reminded of beautiful memories shared. Though it is extremely simple, it is a great way to remember your special person.

    9. Small jars and containers

    A small container like a jar is also enough to display the lock of hair of your loved one. You can choose a clear jar from plenty of options available in your house or outside. These decorative containers form an excellent means to store the hair. Find something that suits the decor of your house or room.

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    If you have enough time, you can also create your own container by using something entirely personal to the deceased that they loved.

    10. A photo album

    Having mementos in your house is an amazing way to remember your family members. Whether you want to go for artistic pieces or want something understated, you will always feel their presence to bless you through thick and thin.

    If you wish to create an album honoring all the sweet mementos of deceased loved ones, you do not have to worry about limiting the pages, know that the memory and album belong to you and no one else, do what feels right to your heart.

    Include some other moments like some of the things that they loved or clear pictures. Just make sure that the lock of hair is glued using strong tape that does not come out.

    11. A locket bracelet

    In terms of jewelry pieces to be worn, a bracelet would be amazing. You can go for a locket bracelet. Similar to necklaces and rings they lose the lock of hair properly with no risk of losing them. These lockets bracelets can be used to enclose the lock of hair in the small container typically in heart, circle, or other symbol shapes.

    12. Small rings

    This is a subtle option for storing a lock of hair. A ring is a great way to show your love whether the hair is in a small focal point within the band. When this is combined with beautiful gems, designs, or flowers, they end up making a stunning artwork of mementos to honor the deceased. You can create one for all the family members if you have more locks of hair.

    13. Hair necklace

    The last option t consider here is using a hair necklace. It is either a resin r metal to seal the lock of hair inside of a medallion. This medallion is later used as a part of the necklace. The result is a gorgeous statement piece that keeps reminding you of the love your deceased one had for you.

    This option is great because there are a variety of options to chose from so you will get something that suits your taste.

    Save and share the legacy

    Keeping a lock of hair of the deceased can be highly personal, it totally depends on you if you want it by your side always or not. While some people remember the good and smile looking at these moments, some still feel a void that makes them sad. Know that there is no right or wrong way of remembering someone important to you. A small lock of hair is a great way of keeping the memories close to you.

    It does not decompose and remains the same so you do not have to worry about the moment fading over time. Like the beautiful memories, to keeps us remind that we had a lot behind when we die.

    Whether you wish to have a jewelry piece or a keepsake box, it is completely your take. Know that their memories will always be alive within your heart and actions for good.


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