How To Raid On Twitch: The Precise Guide For You!

    Twitch is a streaming video platform where you can grant permission to other gamers, fans, or subscribers to watch you live while playing. The platform was released in June 2011 for the first time. From the beginning, Twitch uses to collaborate with different gaming agencies. Due to its popularity, people are eager to know about how to raid on Twitch from that very first time.

    You will get the opportunity to watch and hear the pro gamers while playing with the help of the greatest gaming video platform named Twitch. Besides, while watching them live, you can comment on their performance too. You will be able to buy your favorite games and accessories by using the links given on the streams. The gamers are not only able to sell a number of related products but also able to collect their sale commission at the same time.

    Twitch is something that allows the streamer to send the viewers to a different stream easily. By using this feature, a senior streamer can alert the new streamers about the raiding process. In this article, you will definitely find simple and easy steps on the topic, how to raid on Twitch. By applying this method, you can create your own community as well. By doing this, you can decrease the chances of being harassed by some unknown streamer.

    An idea on how to raid on Twitch

    In the way of gaining knowledge on how to raid on Twitch, hopefully, you have already learned about Twitch a little bit from the above-mentioned paragraphs. Before going through the main content of this article, you should have an idea on Twitch Raiding also. At the end of the task of streaming, the streamers need to follow some instructions. Either the streamer can end the stream at that point and say bye to the viewers or host their own channel by raiding another channel and help the other streamers to improve as well.

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    This option is really beneficial for the new streamers. They use to gain an idea on raiding afterward. It is not easy to make your own channel in Twitch. You need to have a lot of patience to build your own stream. Above all, you should be aware of how to raid on Twitch properly. Be dedicated to your work and follow these few steps mentioned below.

    how to raid on Twitch

    Why Twitch raiding is beneficial?

    Whenever you are raiding some other channel to your viewers, you are not gaining anything directly. However, it gives you the opportunity to spread your own network. Without raiding other channels, it is almost impossible for a new streamer to be linked with a number of viewers at once. Thus, the streamer with very few numbers of viewers can increase their audience by raid each other on a daily basis. Now you can easily understand the importance of reading this article, how to raid on Twitch.

    However, you cannot expect a return from your regular raids. To avoid rejection from those Twitch channels that don’t accept raids from unknown channels, limit your raids within your friend circle only. By doing this, you have very little chance to be disturbed by spam streamers without any difficulties.

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    The process of Raiding on Twitch

    As now you have a clear idea about Raiding on Twitch, you can easily understand the importance of raiding. Thus, following these steps would be easier for you. Besides, you can increase the number of your viewers not only via chatbox but also via your smartphone. Let’s gain knowledge on how to raid on Twitch together.

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    Step 1: In the beginning, type /raid channel.

    Step 2: Write the username of the steamer of your choice.

    Step 3: Select the Raid Now button from the pop-up control box.


    However, if you ignore the last step, the process of raiding will start within 80-85 seconds by itself.

    Create your Twitch community

    If you also have a dream to be a gamer like many other people, then you can create a relation with people like you and make a community by raiding other channels regularly. Not only you but also the other gamers in your community will get the overall benefit. Every video game lover wants to know how to raid on Twitch nowadays. According to the people who are at the top position of streaming right now, this method is really effective in raising the number of viewers in your own channel.

    Reset your Twitch Raid Settings

    Among several other difficulties faced while raiding on Twitch, rejection of raid is the most common one. If you want to avoid these obstructions in the way of raiding on Twitch, kindly follow these few tips carefully. These tips will definitely help you to learn how to raid on Twitch in a proper way.

    1. Right next to the chatbox, the Settings gear icon is there. Select the same. Select Follow-only option to set a limitation to your raids.
    2. If you want to block a particular account, you need to choose the Recent raids option. Next, select the Report or Ban option.
    3. By selecting your username icon, you will find the Create Dashboard option. Select the Preferences option and then the Channel option accordingly. You will find Only allow raid from friends, followed channels, and teammates options from the Raids menu. Thus, you can avoid unwanted raids from unknown channels automatically.
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    Finally, you are all done with the learning process of how to raid on Twitch.

    Twitch is a video platform where you can actually upgrade your gaming skills by watching live gaming streams. For people who want to choose gaming as their career, this platform can bring a great opportunity to fulfil their dream. Recently people from different sectors are becoming mad about Twitch gradually.

    You will soon find interest in raiding in Twitch for sure. As this process is going to bring you back a plethora of viewers, you will definitely be eager to learn how to raid on Twitch. The most amazing thing about raiding in Twitch is that you do not have to remember each and every raiding. This is the best way to publish your own channel to the world.

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