12 Unbelievable Infant Ear Infection Home Remedy [Approved Techniques]

    Babies are very tender and sensitive to their surroundings, and thus, they are vulnerable to diseases and infections more easily. Ear infection has continued to be one such infection that has been common in kids. This ear infection is usually followed by a cold or maybe any other ENT issues. We would hence help to learn more about this and, in turn, deepen your knowledge about Infant Ear Infection Home Remedy.

    What is meant by an ear infection?

    Source – Edward-Elmhurst Health

    If you find out that your baby is fussy, has been crying more than usual, and has constantly been tugging at their ear, they may inevitably have acquired an ear infection. Four out of five children would usually have an ear infection before their 3rd birthday, which is as per the norms laid down by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

    An ear infection, also known as otitis media, is usually a rather painful inflammation in the middle ear. Most middle ear infections occur between the eustachian tube and the eardrum, with the box connects the ears, nose, and throat.

    It is widespread for these infections to follow any cold often. Certain bacteria or any viruses have usually been the cause. This particular type of infection usually causes specific inflammation and swelling to some extent of the eustachian tube. As a result, the eustachian box gets narrowed, and the fluid tends to build up behind their eardrums, causing certain pressure and pain. Children tend to have relatively shorter and a lot narrower Eustachian tubes as compared to adults. It is also known that their boxes are also more horizontal, so it has been easier for their packets to get blocked.

    It has been noticed that approximately 6 to 10 percent of the children with any persistent ear infection would, in turn, experience a certain ruptured eardrum, which has been as per the norms laid down by the Children’s National Health System. Their eardrum usually goes on to heal within one or two weeks, and it rarely can lead to causing any permanent damage to the concerned child’s hearing.

    What are the most common types of ear infections in babies?

    Ear infections in babies, which might affect their ear canal or middle ear, have been prevalent. According to a particular study in Pediatrics, 23 percent of the babies within the United States would experience at least a single ear infection until they get to be 12 months old. This figure usually rises to quite more than its half by the time they are of an age of 3 years.

    These ear infections have been noticed to start with a specific unhealthful bacterial growth or any viral infection, which might be as basic as a common cold.

    The most common types of these ear infections found in babies are:

    #1 Acute otitis externa (AOE)

    Usually also referred to as swimmer’s ear, the AOE generally refers to any infection persistent in the ear canal.

    # 2 Otitis media

    Otis media is an infection occurring in the middle ear that can cause specific inflammation, forming a fluid buildup usually behind the eardrum. As a result, there are times when these narrow passageways which connect their middle ear to the back of their nose, known as the Eustachian tubes, might show signs of swelling.

    # 3 Otitis media with effusion (OME)

    Otis media with particular effusion infection usually occurs when the buildup of this fluid occurs in the middle ear and does not usually lead to the cause of any pain or fever.

    # 4 Acute otitis media (AOM)

    Acute otitis media generally refers to the fluid buildup within the ear that has typically resulted from any such bacterial infection.

    It has been seen that these babies have indeed been much more prone to various ear infections. It happens because their Eustachian passages have been shorter and have been narrower than the adults’ tubes. This particular characteristic not only makes this more accessible for the bacteria to in turn reach for their middle ear, but also it means that this fluid has been more easily trapped.

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    Because the babies and children usually do not have a specific fully-developed immune system to protect them, it might also be more challenging for the babies to fight off these infections. However, the natural defenses of any baby are usually considered enough to fight off an ear infection. But, if the situation persists, that is when Infant Ear Infection Home Remedy comes to play.

    Symptoms of ear infections in babies

    Source – Cleveland Clinic

    Earaches might indeed be painful, and your baby would not be able to tell you what would hurt. However, there have been several common signs:

    Ear pain: This particular symptom has been noticeable and has been found in older children and numerous adults. In the infants who are too young to speak, you might want to be on the lookout for any possible signs of pain like that of rubbing or the tugging of ears, of them, crying more than they usually tend to, having trouble while sleeping, and acting up to be fussy or irritable.

    Loss of appetite: The loss of appetite symptom might be the most noticeable in any young children, especially during bottle feedings. The pressure in their middle ear usually tends to change as the baby swallows, which in turn causes much more pain and leads to a lesser desire to eat.

    Irritation: Any particular kind of continuing pain might cause a sense of anger in your baby.

    Poor sleep: The concerned pain might get worse during the child when the child is lying down. This type of poor sleep pattern caused by the pain is because the pressure they feel in their ears might worsen.

    Fever: The concerned ear infections might raise the temperatures in your child’s body. Your baby’s temperature may vary from 100° F (38 C) up to that of 104° F. It has been observed that about 50% of children would usually have a specific fever along with their already problematic ear infection.

    Drainage from the ear: There might be observed Yellow, brown, or any white fluid that might not be earwax and may still be seeping from their ear. The drainage from your baby’s ear might imply that their eardrum has been ruptured (broken).

    Trouble hearing: It is to be understood that the bones present in the middle ear tend to connect to the particular nerves, which send specific electrical signals (which is sound) to their brains. The fluid behind their eardrums usually slows down the movement of these necessary electrical signals by using their inner ear bones, which leads to trouble in hearing.

    12 Infant Ear Infection Home Remedy

    The ear infections might cause a lot of pain. However, there have been Infant Ear Infection Home Remedy measures that you might take to help in easing this pain:

    #1 Warm compress

    One might try to place a warm and moist compress over their child’s ear for the time being of about 10 to 15 minutes. This home remedy might help in reducing the pain.

    #2 Onions and Garlic

    It is to be known that onions usually have antibacterial properties and have also been said to provide a certain amount of pain relief to your baby and even promote circulation. You would want to chop the onion and then microwave the same to make it hot and soft. Once this onion becomes hot, you must wrap this in a cloth and then place it very gently on your child’s ear for the time being of about 10-15 minutes. You might want to repeat this infant ear infection home remedy if the pain does not seem to have gone away.

    #3 Acetaminophen

    If your baby has been older than about six months, Tylenol or acetaminophen might help you relieve your baby’s pain and fever. You must use this medication as has been recommended by your concerned doctor and the particular instructions present on the body of the pain reliever. For getting the best results, you might also try to give your child a specific dose before they go to bed.

    #4 Chamomile Oil to Wash the Infected Ear

    Chamomile oil has always been a relatively good option for the treatment of ear infections in babies. You might want to put about 2-3 drops of this chamomile oil into your baby’s ear with the help of using a dropper and then let the oil settle in for about a time of nearly 5-10 minutes. After this, you might want to tilt your child’s head and then let this oil drain out in turn. However, you must make sure that you use this chamomile oil with proper caution as it might aggravate the concerned ear infection.

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    #5 Warm oil

    Suppose you see that there have been no signs of any fluid draining out from the ear of your child, and there has been no ruptured eardrum that is to be suspected. In that case, you might try to place a few tiny drops of maybe room temperature or might be slightly warmed up olive oil or warmed up sesame oil in the particularly affected ear.

    #6 Massage

    Massage has been considered another easy and pretty convenient option to assure the average circulation and any fluid drainage from your baby’s ears. You might want to use this ear infection home remedy to massage the external ear area of your baby gently or maybe their neck region in a constant downward direction and then give a slight inward pressure. At the same time, you must continue to do so from the back of the concerned area. It would be best if you were directed towards the front spot on their cheek. You might want to repeat this massaging at least two times a day by using any essential oils such as rosemary, tea tree, lavender, or even eucalyptus oil.

    #7 Echinacea and Goldenseal

    It is to be noted that Echinacea and goldenseal have been two specific herbs that have been of great help in the prevention and fighting of ear infections. In addition, you must know that 2ml of this mixture of the concerned herbs has been recommended for the children to treat ear infections and build immunity at least two times a day.

    #8 Garlic/Mullein Drops

    Garlic is much more effective in killing bacteria than antibiotics. It is observed that when garlic has been accompanied with mullein, it tends to form the best infant ear infection home remedy formula. Garlic has been known for its multiple acute immunity-providing capabilities and powers. We also know that mullein has been known for its particular ability to ease this pain. So you might keep this species in a clean gauze piece or maybe a sterilized cloth and then keep it near your baby’s ear for about a time of 2 – 3 minutes or maybe until the ear pain is gone. But you must be careful that you do not go particularly inside the ear canal of your child.

    #9 Fluids

    Fluids have also been beneficial for infant ear infection home remedy that helps treat multiple ear infections that have been prevalent in babies. Suppose your baby has still been in the particular breastfeeding stage. In that case, you might also consider feeding him with what is slightly more often than what you usually do since the antibodies present in the breast milk might help prevent your baby from any ear infection.

    #10 Stay Hydrated

    By the side of offering your child fluids quite often, you might want to take into consideration the fact that swallowing might help in opening up their eustachian tube, as a result of which the trapped fluid might as well drain.

    #11 Elevate your baby’s head

    There has been another infant ear infection home remedy, and you might consider this. You would want to slightly elevate your baby’s crib at the end of the head to improve the sinus drainage of your baby. You might not want to try and place any pillows under the authority of your baby. Instead of that, you must try placing a pillow or two, which would be tucked under the mattress.

    #12 Homeopathic ear drops

    Homeopathic ear drops usually have signs of containing extracts of multiple ingredients such as garlic, lavender, calendula, mullein, and St. John’s wort. When placed in olive oil, this might also help relieve any inflammation and specific pain. That is the time would do the action by acting as an excellent infant ear infection home remedy.

    Precautions to Prevent Ear Infection

    It has been effectively noticed that you cannot prevent many ear infections. Therefore, before we have to shift to any infant ear infection home remedy like the ones mentioned above, you might want to try and look at a few steps present out there. These are the steps that you could take to lessen the potential risk of any pertinent infection for your baby.

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    #1 Breastfeeding

    You should look forward to breastfeeding your baby for about six to twelve months as and if possible. The antibodies present in your milk could protect your baby from any such ear infections and a probable host of any other medical conditions.

    #2 Avoid secondhand smoke

    You might want to protect your baby from any possible exposure to secondhand smoke, which could make certain progressions towards ear infections that are much more severe and a lot more frequent.

    #3 Proper bottle position

    It is to be understood that if you have been bottle feeding your baby, you must ensure that you are holding the infant in an absolute semi-upright position. The proper bottle position technique is to be done so that the formula does not flow right back into the baby’s eustachian tubes. You might as well avoid any bottle propping action for the same reasons.

    #4 Healthy environment

    You must make sure that you must try and avoid exposing your baby to any possible situations where you have the presence of cold and flu bugs abound. If you tend to notice that either you or any other person in your household has been sick, you must make washing your hands a habit. You must also make sure that members perform washing habits a lot more often to keep those germs far away from your precious baby.

    #5 Vaccinations

    You must also ensure that your child’s immunizations have always been kept up-to-date, including the deemed flu shots (for babies of 6 months and older) and the multiple pneumococcal vaccines.

    When should you call the doctor regarding your child’s ear infection?

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source has always recommended that you must see a doctor if your baby tends to have any of the following symptoms:

    # 1 For example, your child has had a fever higher than 100.4°F (38°C) when your baby has been under three months.

    # 2 Your baby has had a fever over 102.2°F (39°C) when your baby is older than three months.

    # 3 Your baby shows any signs of discharge of blood or the pus coming out from the ears.

    # 4 Your baby experiences any form of nausea or vomiting.

    # 5 Your child has been in extreme pain for a relatively long time.

    # 6 Your child has had diarrhea.

    # 7 Your child has continued to have difficulty hearing for more than two days.

    The listed infant ear infection home remedy methods for babies that have been listed above would help the child fight this infection and then provide specific relief to a great considerable extent. However, if this problem continues, you might want to consider consulting your doctor for any further medical assistance.

    Also, if you see that your baby has in turn been diagnosed with an ear infection and the symptoms do not show any probable signs of improvement after a period of about three to four days, you must return to your doctor.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1 How might I soothe the ear infection of my baby?

    There have been simple, practical ways that might reduce your child’s discomfort and the pain caused during an ear infection.

    1. Fever and pain medicine: you might use acetaminophen or maybe ibuprofen.
    2. It would be best if you tried placing a cold pack or maybe giving warm compresses over your child’s ear.
    3. Keep the child hydrated.
    4. Elevate the head of your child.
    5. Watch for any ear discharge.

    Q2 How often must you clean the ears of an infant?

    A very good time to clean the ears of your baby’s eyes and your baby’s nose would be right before you prepare to bathe them.

    Q3 How could you soothe your child’s earache?

    You might try to get your child to lay down in a relatively upright position other than lying down at home to help in relieving some of this pressure. In addition, you might try to place a warm flannel pressed gently against the child’s affected ear to help reduce the pain. If your child has been in pain, you might also give them a few pain relief medicines to soothe their earache.

    Q4 Is hydrogen peroxide safe for the ears of your baby?

    If your pediatrician tells you that it is a rather good way to get the baby ears cleaned, you might get a concerned prescription. There have also been several brands sold over the counter, which your doctor might as well recommend. Sometimes your doctor would recommend a specific diluted hydrogen peroxide solution, and that would be when the parents ask about cleaning their baby’s ears.

    Q5 How can one clean their baby’s ears?

    To clean your baby’s ears:

    1. First, you should make sure that you are wetting your washcloth or any other cotton ball with warm water.
    2. Then, ring out this washcloth very well if you have been using it.
    3. Next, you should gently wipe the back of the baby’s ears. You should then focus on the outside area of the baby’s ears. Finally, make sure you adequately cover each ear.


    Well, we certainly know that babies tend to be a tad bit more vulnerable to these infections. The babies, in turn, might end up catching on to the same conditions. So it is when the multiple infant ear infection home remedy techniques that have been mentioned earlier would come in rather handy. These techniques would provide the necessary comfort to your baby and, in turn, let you be at peace with the condition.


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