11 Best Headphone Stand One Must Know About [Product Review + Buyer’s Guide]

    Best Headphone Stands – Headphone stands are one of the most underrated aspects of the personal entertainment industry. With people wearing headphones throughout the day-either listening to music, taking calls, or more, the need for proper headphone stands has elevated.

    After the day is done, do you find yourself looking for an excellent place to stash your headphones? Fortunately, headphone stand or holders solve this problem swiftly and efficiently. They provide you with an excellent way to preserve your headphones’ life and durability, giving it the perfect place to rest.

    With headphone stands, your headphones are safe and less prone to harmful accidents that affect their quality. They provide your precious headphones with the ideal conditions of rest, where no added pressure is applied in any area. With the headphone industry expanding every day, a wide array of designs for a headphone stand to match your criteria.

    Apart from being the ideal place to store your headphones, these stands also serve as a personal statement. They are efficient, inexpensive and instrumental. With space-conscious headphone stands, you can make your workspace clean and organized.

    With a decluttered desk space, you can achieve the right mindset to get ready for work. Headphone stands will help you alleviate the cluttered workspace and serve as an elegant device with multipurpose values.

    Headphone stands are relatively inexpensive when compared to various desktop accessories. You can set a budget and criteria for yourself and purchase the best headphone stands that match your needs and requirements.

    With convenience and functionality as the core benefits of headphone stands, they are the ideal devices for your headphones and as an accessory for your desk. Headphone stands come in various styles and designs to suit your personality in the best way.

    They are ergonomically constructed and are minimalistic and simplistic. If you are looking for efficient, functional, and affordable storage options to treat your headphones in the best way, headphone stands are the way to go. Whatever be your style and criteria, there is the right headphone stand for you.

    Buyer’s Guide for Best Headphone Stands for 2021

    Choosing the best headphone stand may seem quite easy, but the technology for stands has also evolved and undergone changes over the years. There are multiple options available to choose from with different features. Consider the factors mentioned below as the guide to purchase the best headphone stand that suits your needs.


    The best headphone stands need to last under daily use. So they need to be very durable. But if you use your headphones very rarely, headphone stands made of plastic will also for you. They are less stable but will serve your purpose. Select a stand made of aluminium or wood if you constantly use your headset, as they can stand the test of time and careless handling.


    The best headphone stands can be a hangar/ mount or a stand. A hangar design is suitable when you have minimal space and want to avoid clutter. It can easily be attached underneath your desk but may hamper easy accessibility. You can also attach the headphone stand at the edge of your desk/ table. For this, you need a clamp design or adhesive, but the setup may be temporary. Use a screw to fix the stand permanently.

    The stand design is quite traditional and also the most commonly available one. It has a flat base that is placed on your tabletop, with a hook provided on top. You are supposed to rest your headset on the hook or frame, as it proudly displays your headphones in your room. The stand design also has the additional feature of USB connectivity.

    After choosing the design, you need to look through various colors and materials. Go for something that complements the decor of your surroundings and amplifies it. You do not want to purchase a bald design, as it will not be pleasant to look at.


    The model of the headphone stand determines the type of material used in making it. We suggest a stand made of high-quality aluminum alloy, as it is both strong and durable. You can also move it around to your liking because it is lightweight. Also, aluminum alloy-made stands are quite cheap. If you want to go for quirky designs with a higher-budget, then headphone stands made of wood are the right choice. They are durable but can be a little bulky.

    Always choose a headphone stand with a rubber or silicone base, irrespective of the material or cost. It protects your table from scratches by stopping the stand from slipping around. Also, look for padding on the arm or frame of the stand. It will prevent scratches on your headset. The base of your headphone stand and mouse pad can also be matched while purchasing.


    A few headphone stands can hold two headphones at the same time. It will come in handy if you use separate headphones for gaming and music. While most headphone stands are designed for a single headset, it is advised to check the stand’s size while making a purchase.

    Cable management

    We throw the cables we use for charging different devices together in a drawer. They often become entangled and are a hassle to separate when we need a particular one in a hurry. They can also be damaged in the process. Hence the best headphone stands are designed to keep these cables sorted and cared for. You can go through our list of mentioned headphone stands to find the one you like.

    Universal compatibility

    Most headphone stands are made to support a variety of headsets. If you use a standard-sized headset, then it will be compatible with most stands. But if you use a gaming headphone (like razor headphones), you should check all compatibility criteria as these headphones are quite large. A few factors to consider are:

    • Height- Compare the height of the headphone stand and your headset. The headphone stand’s height must always be greater to keep the stand from toppling over. It also stops the headphones from touching the table and damaging it.
    • Width- The width of the best headphone stand should be such that it can comfortably accommodate your headset. The width should not be greater than required as it can make the headband fall off.
    • Product weight- Even though lightweight headstands are portable, they are not made for bulkier headphones. So select a headphone stand based on the weight of your headset. Wooden stands are often heavier and can support the weight of your bulky headsets.

    Multi-piece construction

    For such models of headphone stands, you need to put together different parts or components. But the method of assembling the pieces depends on the durability of the product. Plastic headphone stands can be put together using the snap construction method, but they are the cheapest and least durable. Metal headphone stands are a lot more durable and need fasteners like screws to be assembled. It increases the reliability of the user on metal stands.

    USB Ports

    The recent models of headphone stands also come with built-in USB ports. You can now charge your headset while keeping it on the stand or connect the port with your vertical mouse, phone charger, or keyboard. It provides a great alternative to the USB ports found in the computer, as they may already be connected to other devices, like pen drives, etc.; while purchasing a USB headphone stand, look for the plug and play function. It will save your time in installing the required drivers.

    Wireless charging

    Headphone stands are also equipped with wireless charging technology. You can use it to charge your phone or other electronic devices. Look for models that are OI enabled and are compatible with your headphone. They may also be a little expensive as it provides this feature.

    Additional functions

    The best headphone stands for 2021 are very feature-rich and can have other uses apart from just holding your headphone. They are built with audio ports, RGB lighting, and many more. They add to the aesthetic of your table and are a great accessory.


    Stick to your budget and look for headphone stands in your budget. Additional features often bring up the price and are not even used by consumers regularly. So purchase something that you will use, with the parts you need.


    Headphone stands must be durable to get your value-of-money, enough though they remain stationary on your desk. We do not want it to break down suddenly. Most frames have a warranty of 1 year, while few may offer longer warranties. So checking for a warranty can be a guarantee for quality.

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    Product Review – Best Headphone Stands

    #1 AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder


    AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder
    Product brand AmoVee
    Product dimensions 10.2 x 2.7 x 5.8 inches
    Product weight 8.8 ounces
    Product material High-quality acrylic
    Product color Black
    Amazon Ratings 4.6 out of 5


    The AmoVee display headphone stand is the perfect resting place for your headphones. If you are looking for a functional, affordable and stylish stand for your headphones, this product is the way to go. With this valuable accessory, you don’t have to worry about any kind of damage to your headphones.

    The product is made with high-quality acrylic for durability and strength. With an ideal thickness and weight, the headphone stand is the perfect solution or headphones storage. If you often leave your headphones lying around after use, the product will give you a one-time solution.

    With features like a minimalistic and sleek design, the headphone stand is a comfortable and ideal choice for your headphones. The model’s slight curve, combined with its specially processed edge and point, makes it elegant and stylish in terms of looks. The quality of the headphone is sturdy and durable to extend the life of your headphones.

    The AmoVee headphone stand will help you organize your desk space and is a great desktop accessory. With a sturdy framework, the headphones stand up perfectly without any wobble or toppling. The versatile product can fit all kinds of headphones perfectly, with its high-quality design. With its elegant design and advanced features, the product looks great on display.


    • The AmoVee headphone stand features an ergonomic and minimalistic design to give you an optimum resting place for your headphones.
    • The headphone design is not only a comfortable option; it is a stylish and elegant accessory for your workspace.
    • With the perfect dimensions and weight, the headphone stand gives your headphones the ideal conditions for rest and protects them from any damage.
    • The best headphone stand, this product comes with a 12-month product warranty for your benefit.
    • The headphone stand is versatile and can accommodate almost all kinds of headphones without any complication.
    • With a sponge pad as an added feature, the product is soft and comfortable for your headphones.


    • The product is comparatively expensive.


    #2 Razer Headphone Stand


    Razer Headphone Stand
    Product brand Razor Inc.
    Product dimensions 9.49 x 5.67 x 5.04 inches
    Product weight 0.005 ounces
    Product material High-grade aluminum
    Product color Black
    Amazon Ratings 4.2 out of 5


    An excellent headphones stand for 2021; the Razer headphone stand features robustness, durability, and comfort. With aluminum built for maximum strength and longevity, the product is stylish and comfortable. With various additional features included in the stand’s body, it proves to be the ideal resting place for your headphones.

    The Razer Base Station Chroma is a versatile and universally-compatible headphone stand for you. The wide array of properties and advancements make it the perfect addition to your gaming circuit. Moreover, the Razer Headphone Stand is a customer favorite. Specially designed for gamers, the product focuses on convenience.

    The detachable headphone stand comes with a 3-port USB hub for all your gaming needs. The sleek structure of the product makes it a stylish and elegant addition to your desktop. With a gaming set-up, you cannot afford to have a mess. The Razer Base Station Chroma is the perfect solution to organize the clutter surrounding your desktop.

    With pre-loaded lighting set-ups, you can opt for your favorite lighting effect to match your mood and needs. The Razer Base Station Chroma also features a stable and sturdy anti-slip base to hold your headphones securely. With advanced Razer Chroma notifications, you can stay on top of all your applications as the headphones stand reacts to Windows notifications.


    • The Razer Base Station Chroma is a well-balanced headphone stand to keep your headphones safe and on display when they are not in use.
    • With a unique 3-port USB 3.0 hub enhanced with audio-pass through, you can connect your electronic device to the stand. This novel feature allows you to minimize wires and maximize efficiency.
    • The detachable product allows you to remove the headphone stand to use the Base Station without the headphone stand for a tighter set-up.
    • The Razer Stand is specially designed to minimize clutter. It helps you optimize and utilize your desk space in the perfect way, allowing for a smooth gaming set-up.
    • With a matte black finish, the headphone stand gives you a stylish set-up and a perfect addition to your desk.
    • With pre-loaded lighting set-ups in the chroma headphone stand, you can choose the best light effect to suit your mood and requirements.


    • The headphone stand does not feature the best quality when compared to the base station.


    #3 Just Mobile Headstand High-Design Aluminum Headphone Hanger

    Just Mobile Headstand High-Design Aluminum Headphone Hanger
    Product brand Just Mobile
    Product dimensions 1.5 x 11.75 x 7.25 inches
    Product weight 1.34 pounds
    Product material Aluminium
    Product color Black
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5


    A fantastic headphones stand for 2021; the Just Mobile headphone stand is the right choice for you. With the main focus on convenience and durability at a low price, the headphones stand will make the perfect addition to your desk. It is the ideal place to hang your headphones for protection and excellent storage.

    Specially engineered and designed to form ideal storage conditions for your headphones, the product is reliable and sturdy. With high-grade aluminum construction, the headphone stand flaunts its excellent design with your headphones on display. With its sleek framework, the product is both stylish and forms the perfect desktop accessory for you.

    With a simple assembly and use, you can expect excellent results from the product. It keeps your headphones within easy reach at all times while protecting them from any exterior damage. The headphone stands further ensures that no added stress is being applied to your headphones, securing them in the best way.

    The dual-layered aluminum base of the product keeps your headphones grounded and secure at all times. With the extra cable management space featured on the floor, the product allows for space management. You can expect the product to keep your desk organized and tidy and your music a moment away. With the versatile headphone stand, the product features a high-quality design and a stylish exterior for display.


    • Just Mobile headphones make a convenient and affordable option to hang your headphones when not in use.
    • With precision engineering and design, the product provides your headphones with the ideal conditions for storage. The excellent structure of the headphone stand prevents the impact of stress on the headphones.
    • With the Just Mobile headphone stand, you can expect your headphones to be kept safe and secure without any damage or accidents.
    • The dual-layered aluminum base allows the headphones to stay secure and protected. The floor also features a cable management slot for tidying up your desk.
    • The sleek finish and minimalistic design of the product are attractive and look elegant while your headphones are on display.
    • The affordable and high-quality product allows a simple assembly and integration with all kinds of headphones.


    • The screws attaching the base and the arm can come loose quickly.


    #4 Master & Dynamic MP1000B Headphone Stand- Black


    Master & Dynamic MP1000B Headphone Stand – Black
    Product brand Master and Dynamic
    Product dimensions 11.89 x 6.3 x 1.85 inches
    Product weight 0.75 kilograms
    Product material Metal
    Product color Black
    Amazon Ratings 4.4 out of 5


    An ideal choice for a headphone stand, this product by Master and Dynamic is sturdy and convenient. With a low-price range, the headphone stand gives you stability and proves to be an ideal stand for your headphones—the product has gained excellent customer reviews. With a comprehensive feature set, the headphone stand is comfortable and protective.

    With a body made of machined steel, the headphone stand is durable and gives you a long-term solution. If you are looking for an ergonomic and minimalistic headphone stand to go with your headphones, the Master and Dynamic headphone stand is the way to go. With convenience as its superior goal, the stand will help you improve productivity as well.

    The weighted base of the headphone stand is an added advantage with the product. With a rubber foot pad, the headphone stand is stable and sturdy, ensuring your headphones’ maximum protection. The headphone stand’s strong base provides your headphones’ security and prevents any damage or accident.

    The Master and Dynamic headphone stand is ergonomically designed to display your headphones elegantly and stylishly. With an excellent finish, the headphone stand allows for efficient space management as well. It provides you with the perfect place to keep your headphones when not in use while organizing and decluttering your workspace.


    • The electroplated steel construction featured in the product allows for superior durability and convenience. It makes the perfect addition to your desktop set-up as well.
    • The headphone stand’s minimalistic form factor is an added benefit with the product, combined with its high-quality.
    • The product is designed to store your headphones elegantly with excellent properties without compromising style or built.
    • The best feature of the headphones stands is its sturdy and robust base. Though the stand is compact and simplistic, the floor features rubber foot pads to provide your headphones with security and safety.
    • The vertical bar is secured tightly under the base for maximum strength and durability. The headphone stand prevents any accident or damage to your headphones.
    • With the Master and Dynamic headphone stand, you can effectively manage and organize your workspace to increase productivity.
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    • You need to fit the arm to the base securely for building the stand.


    #5 Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder


    Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder
    Product brand Satechi
    Product dimensions 7.99 x 1.5 x 8.27 inches
    Product weight 1.1 pound
    Product material Aluminium
    Product color Gold
    Amazon Ratings 4.1 out of 5


    The best headphones stand for their price; the Satechi Aluminum headphone stand is a fantastic choice for you. With durability, style, and comfort as the headphone stand’s main benefits, it is the right fit for your headphone. The headphone stand provides your headphones with the ideal conditions, avoiding any extra pressure or damage.

    With a sleek and elegant design, you can put your headphones on display using the product. The headphone stands will make the perfect desktop accessory to add to your workspace. The specially designed and engineered product allows for maximum efficiency and minimum inconvenience.

    The base section of the best headphone stand features three USB-A data transfer ports to allow versatile electronic connections. The stylish gold finish makes the headphone stand attractive. With convenient cable management features built into the product, you can expect a neat and clean workspace.

    The versatile headphones stand to allow any headphones or headbands for efficient storage. If you are looking for an advanced, optimized, and affordable product, the Satechi Aluminum Headphone stand is the way to go. With the headphones stand, you can find a convenient and durable place to store your headphones without any hassle.


    • The sleek headphone stand, branded by Satechi, comes with three USB-A data transfer ports and a built-in 3.5 mm audio jack port for versatile connections.
    • The stand can accommodate all over-ear headphones from various brands without any complication.
    • The universal headphones stand for 2021 is sturdy and secure. It prevents any damage to your headphones and keeps them well protected while not in use.
    • With advanced cable management features, the Satechi Aluminum headphone stand is efficient and space-conscious. It is equipped with a backside hook to wrap and tidy cables when not in use.
    • The secure and rubberized grip featured in the stand prevents any scratches on your headphones and keeps them safe.
    • The product ensures the safety and durability of your headphone. With its elegant design, it further makes the perfect addition to your workplace.


    • The USB ports do not support charging.


    #6 Elago H Stand [Silver] – [Premium Aluminum]


    elago H Stand [Silver] – [Premium Aluminum]
    Product brand Elago
    Product dimensions 5.12 x 10.43 x 5.12 inches
    Product weight 0.68 pound
    Product material Silicone
    Product color Silver
    Amazon Ratings 4.5 out of 5


    The best headphone stands for you, the Elago H stand is a classy and elegant option with a reasonable price range. The tasteful product flaunts various features and advancements to add to your convenience and provide the best home for our headphones.

    With a modern and sleek design, the headphone stand makes the right addition to your desk or workspace. It largely contributes to increasing productivity and keeps your desk tidy and clean. With efficient space management and decluttering, the Elago H stand is an excellent choice for a headphone stand.

    The advanced silicone pads featured in the headphone stand’s sleek body stand to prevent any scratches on your headphones. The stable base forms the perfect resting place for your headphones. With a sturdy and robust framework and a minimalistic design, the headphone stand can efficiently accommodate various sizes.

    The headphone holder’s silicone protective padding is large enough to allow various sizes and brands of headphones. The universal headphone holder features the perfect height and dimensions for a more expansive space for your headphones. With three color variations in the product, including silver, dark, grey, and gold, you can opt for a stand that suits you in the best way.


    • The sleek and modern configuration of the product makes it an excellent headphone holder for 2021.
    • With a minimalistic and efficient design, the Elago headphones holder proves to be a convenient and durable option. With high-grade aluminum construction, the headphone stand is made to last.
    • The strategic design of the headphone holder further adds to its benefits. Affordably priced, the headphones holder is versatile and universal.
    • The silicone padding prevents any scratching in your headphones, keeping them stable and secure.
    • The protective padding featured in the headphone holder’s body gives a wider space in comparison to other stands and is large enough to accommodate various sizes.
    • With the perfect height and dimensions, the headphone holder is the right choice for you.


    • The product lacks efficient cable management.


    #7 Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand


    Dimensions 1.67 x 1.67 x 3.78 inches
    Brand Bluelounge
    Weight 4.2 ounces
    Material Color White/Black
    Amazon Rating 4.5/5.0


    Everyone loves a simple and clean setup, especially in your workplace, as it makes the workplace looks professional. The perfect place for your headphone to call it home, then Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand is the best in the segment.

    The Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand is a white sturdy aluminum headphone stand best for every size of headphones; it makes the best stand for your headphone.

    It is a modern-looking headphone stand which matches your computer setup completely and gives your computer setup a beautiful aesthetic. It is best for people who are gamers and simple functionality.

    The soft silicone head gives the headphone soft and strong support and gives your headphone a nice place to keep. The headphone stand adopts an unassuming strategy to ideal openness. It displays a particular shading profile and a widespread plan, making it viable with any pair of earphones as well as practically any climate. It’s additionally unfathomably easy to assemble and entirely moderate. This one is a real bother-free earphone stand that leaves a little impression on your personality.


    • The headstand is so lightweight that it feels weightless.
    • The headstand is very sturdy, and give your headphone best stand.
    • The headphone stand goes with your study table and mixes up with it easily.


    • As the stand is too light sometimes it falls while landing headphones on it.


    #8 Havit RGB Gaming Headphone Stand


    Dimensions 11.3 x 6.69 x 4.72 inches
    Brand Havit RGB
    Weight 1.15 pounds
    Material Color Black
    Amazon Rating 4.9/5.0


    When beauty meets luxury all, we think about something which can give an attractive and unique design to our lifestyle essentials which we use often, but it gives you internal satisfaction and happiness of owning it.

    The headphone stand is so beautiful that you can’t keep your eyes off of it. The design is made in a special way which gives the ear cushion airing and best fit.

    This delicate material has a non-intrusive grasp to assist them in withholding the Headphones headband set up and abstain from any slipping or shifting once the earphone is put on the stand.

    The item name contains VC, which represents the Variable Concept. This is the middle metal shaft that gives a choice to fluctuate the particular stature that the ‘resting’ earphones can lower and raise to. You can raise the remain from the most reduced tallness of 26cm to around 30.00CM for the biggest stature, estimated from the lower part of the base. You can change the shaft gradually across this 4CM upper tallness reach to suit your particular stature of suspension required for your scope of Headphones. As we probably are aware, Headphones come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

    At the point when proper tallness is chosen, the jolt, when gotten, is tight and stable, framing the remain into a particularly strong unit of German designing polish.

    Not exclusively are these planned in Germany, yet they are made there too to ensure the most elevated of principles can be achieved.

    Related to the painstakingly picked focus of gravity situation because of the bent perspective to the plan, wide base, and thin top, these stands are entirely steady, and there appears to be no way of these bringing down.

    Three delicate froth round circles are connected on the highest point of every one of the bent top segments of the stand. This also doesn’t let any scratch or mark on the surface.


    • The wooden and metal design gives the headphone stand a beautiful premium look.
    • The headphone stand is very sturdy.
    • When headphones are placed on the stand, it gives them a nice fit and keeps them safe from any dirt getting inside the ear padding.
    • The height of the headphone stand can be adjusted according to your comfort.


    • The lights on the product are exclusively USB operated.


    #9 Woo Audio HPS-RS Universal Adjustable Height Aluminum Headphone Stands


    Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 12 inches
    Brand Woo Audio
    Weight 4.5 pounds
    Material Color Black/Silver
    Amazon Rating 5.0/5.0

    It is getting trendy and surprising how much consideration earphones are getting nowadays, and it’s just normal that a whole industry of professional headphone stands has taken off with an immense range of styles to browse.

    Like a recognized outfit or an exquisite watch, the earphone stand at that point turns into a matter of individual articulation, something that exists as per its environmental factors or uncovers something expressive about you. Goodness, and it’s likewise the ideal spot to keep your headphones.

    Moreover, in the year of customization, everyone wants to have a unique and their way of a customized item, Is there any customizable headphone stands in the market?

    The answer is yes. The Company Woo Audio brought an amazing headphone stand for your headphones, which is very versatile and comes in handy.

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    The Woo Audio HPS-RS is the best companion to protect your headphones. The stand features an amazing customizable height of the stand.

    The stands can be used for any brand, size of headphones with ease. It looks outstanding stylish, and still is heavy duty and can handle day-to-day wear tears with ease.

    The supporting area of the headphone stand is very large, and it is slightly curved, which prevents giving any kind of mark or damage or wear and tear to the headphones.

    The height of the arm of the headstand can be adjusted from 28cm to 14cm. The headstand is made up of aluminum which keeps the headstand from tipping off and gives it a proper stand. Here you go having a perfect stand for keeping your headphone a perfect place to sit.


    • The headphone stand is very lightweight but still manages to maintain the weight of any headphones.
    • The curved large supporting area of the headphone stand protects the headphones from getting any wear or tear.
    • The height adjustment gives the user the freedom to keep the size of the stand according to their desire.
    • The headphones stand very stylish.


    #10 LUXA2 E-One Gold Solid-Metal Aluminium Universal Gaming Headphone Stand

    Best Headphone Stand

    Dimensions 4.5 x 10.4 x 4.1 inches
    Brand Thermaltake USA Direct
    Weight 1.2 pounds
    Material Color Black/Silver/Gold/Rose Gold
    Amazon Rating 4.8/5.0


    LUXA2 E-One Gold Solid-Metal Aluminum Universal Gaming Headphone Stand comes with 24 months warranty which doesn’t come with most of the headphone stands in the market

    The stand has a minimal design which is very elegant and stylish, gives the headphone stand the most premium look in the market; it will provide your headphone with a different look when you keep it on the show.

    The headphone stand is all made up of aluminum, and you can feel it when you hold it on the first time. The rubber bottoms of the frame give strong support, and it does not flip if any heavy headphone is kept on the stand.

    When you pull it out of the packaging, you will notice it does not require any assembly as other headphone stands require.

    The E-One comes with high-quality aluminum, which is topped with a beautiful diamond cut finish for best looking when the headphone is on standby.


    • The finish and build quality of the headstand is very superior
    • It comes with 24 months of warranty.
    • Have more color options to buy.
    • The stand does not require any assembly.


    • The base of the stand requires more heft.

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    #11 The Anchor – Under-Desk Headphone Stand


    Dimensions 4.13 x 1.38 x 2.17 inches
    Brand Elevation Lab
    Weight 0.05 kg
    Material Color Black
    Amazon Rating 4.7/5.0


    The Anchor is only available in dark black color and comes in this perfect little bundle with some extra data composed on the container’s rear. Nothing else is incorporated except for the earphone mount itself.

    On the off chance that it wasn’t evident effectively, the plan was roused by a boat’s Anchor with that unmistakable and wide two-prong shape, which as it turns makes for the ideal double-sided holder for mounting a couple or two of earphones on one or the other side. It’s a solitary piece of shaped silicone elastic that is 4-inches wide and 2-inches tall.

    It’s pleasantly made utilizing superior grade, thick silicone elastic that is additionally adaptable. As straightforward and fundamental as this might be, I was in reality exceptionally dazzled by the inside and out cleaned plan and development of the Anchor. It doesn’t appear to be an inexpensively made adornment, particularly at the cost.

    You might be thinking, for what reason is it made out of this rubbery material instead of something more premium and strong like aluminum? Indeed, above all else, it’s less expensive that way, and on the off chance that you have a little work area. It would be best if you mounted the Anchor close to your legs when you’re thinking carefully.

    Your knee abruptly catches the side snare of the Anchor; it will not be an unbearably excruciating encounter, yet rather more like hitting a delicate spring made out of soft adaptable elastic.

    The edges of the two earphone snares are likewise balanced, although they do stand out. Making this thing out of a strong material like aluminum or polycarbonate would be the most exceedingly awful thought ever.

    The company thought this item out instead of making it connect to the entirety of their other all-aluminum machined iPhone and Macintosh extras. The elastic material flexes a little when you drape your earphones on one of the snares. Still, since it’s special quality silicone elastic that is likewise overall quite thick in general, the Anchor mount is equipped for offering sufficient help to viably hold the heaviness of an enormous pair of studio observing earphones.


    • Keeps the headphones steady and hidden doesn’t take any place on the table.
    • The headphone stand can keep two headphones at the same time.
    • The holding grip of the headphone stand is very strong.
    • The headphone stand’s silicone construction protects the headphones from wear and tear and protects your knee if you bump into it.


    • The grip of the stand is very to move that you can’t shift after fixing it once.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding best Headphone Stands for 2021

    The above article must have given you a basic understanding of the features you need to look for while purchasing a headphone stand. Here, we cover a few questions we see customers regularly asking us. Please go through it as it may also clear some of your doubts.

    Q1 what is the need for a headphone stand?

    It is the most commonly asked question as most people consider a headphone stand a complete waste of money. But a headphone stand has multiple purposes. It provides a proper location to store your headphone in, away from being accidentally knocked over or tea/ coffee spills. You can also use them to manage and arrange your endless number of cables to avoid them from entangling.

    You can wrap the wires around the stand to keep them separate and safe. A headphone stand also looks great aesthetically and provides USB ports to charge or connect your devices to. Some models even come with wireless charging technology.

    Q2 Is the stand durable and sturdy?

    The material used to design the stand decides its durability. Aluminum and wooden stands are more durable than plastic stands, though aluminum stands are much lighter than wooden ones.

    To determine sturdiness, the bottom of the headphone stand must be solid. But it may still slip under the weight o your headphone. To avoid this, use a silicone or rubber base, which prevents skidding and keeps it firmly planted on the spot.

    Q3 Do you need to install any software?

    The high-end stands, rich in unique features, need some software installation to connect to your PC. The software enhances the functionality of the stand and makes it versatile. But most stands can be used without installing software also. But this is only applicable in the case of Windows Operating Systems.

    Q4 what is the ideal weight of a headphone stand?

    A headphone stand’s sturdiness depends on the material used to construct it, and wooden stands are often sturdier and heavier than others. But the weight of the stand also depends on the model you purchase and the weight of your headphones. The stand should be such that it does not topple under the weight of your headset. Generally, stands weighing around a pound are very reliable.


    Headphone stands are essential and valuable desktop accessories for you. If you commonly leave your headphones lying around and don’t appreciate the clutter on your workspace, headphone stands are the way to go. Not only do the stands provide the ideal conditions for rest your headphones on, but their elegant design also makes a great addition to your workspace.

    When headphones are thrown or flung around, it reduces their durability and features and might result in damage altogether without proper care. Headphone stands are a one-time easy and effective solution to all such problems. You can now purchase the right headphone stand that suits your style.

    Headphone stands are excellent in terms of design and structure. Their simplistic and minimalistic framework are elegant and stylish. Moreover, headphone stands are known to improve productivity. With an organized workspace, you can find the right headspace and work in a clean and neat environment.

    Though headphone stands don’t impact your headphones’ performance or listening experience, they prolong their life. Headphone stands are specially designed to form the perfect conditions for headphones, thereby increasing durability. With the right headphone stand, you can also minimalize damage and prevent accidents with your headphones.

    The best headphone stands for you will make a great desktop accessory. With the vast array of designs and styles in headphone stands, you can find the right one that suits your personality. Headphone stands are underrated accessories, yet their value cannot be emphasized enough.

    With the various types of headphone stands available in the market, you can pick the one that fits your criteria in the best way. You can easily choose a headphone stand with an attractive design, sturdy construction and broad compatibility. Moreover, headphone stands also ensure that no added stress is being applied to damage your headphones in any way.

    With the explosion of the entertainment industry, headphone stands are gaining more popularity every day. Headphone stands are a fun way of defining your choice and making a statement. You can find the ideal resting space for your headphones with the best headphone stand.

    The ergonomic and simplistic designs, combined with excellent shape and size, further add to headphone benefits. They provide you with an economical way to store your headphones, clear your workspace, improve productivity, and add to your desk’s overall elegance. With the variety of headphone stands available in the market, you can find the right one that perfectly suits your budget and style.




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