Zyrtec for dogs: Is it Safe for them?

    Zyrtec for Dogs: The Benefits, Precautions, Dosage, and Side Effects

    When any sort of discomfort occurs to our non-human, canine friends, we get tensed. Naturally, we start finding remedies here and there to cure the troubles at the earliest. After all, seeing the pet dog in pain is what we cannot take it ever as a pet-lover. But in the hurry of finding the medicine, we sometimes choose options that may prove harmful for our pet’s health if we do not take precautions. Zyrtec for dogs is one of such medicines.

    zyrtec for dogs

    Here, we have discussed everything you need to know about it. So, let’s dive into it. It is for both of the groups who are thinking of giving this dosage to the pets and those who have no idea about it. Guys! Read it and clear your doubts here.

    What is Zyrtec for dogs?

    Zyrtec is a medicine to treat allergies among dogs. The allergy symptoms may include itchiness, watery eyes, running nose, sneezing, and so on. You can find it easily at any local store. Though it is still not FDA- approved, doctors prescribe it often. Its effectiveness is known to all. However, there are some other factors about it as well that you need to know. Here it goes!

    How it is prepared?

    The majorly active ingredient in Zyrtec for dogs is cetirizine. It is an effective antihistamine that helps to reduce the pain of itchiness. There are other medicinal properties as well helping to cure the other symptoms like running nose, watery eyes, etc. In short, it helps your pet to fight the discomfort of allergies.

    The ingredient cetirizine works in such a way that it blocks the receptors in the blood vessels in dogs’ bodies. Also, it blocks the receptors in the lungs and other tissues in the body. In this way, the histamine cannot bind them then and cannot dilate the blood vessels. Thus, it reduces the symptoms of allergies.

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    Though it is prescribed often by veterinarians, you should not give it to your pet by yourself. Always take advice from the experts and know about the proper dosage. Also, have a talk with the expert about whether your pet is able to take it or not. Different pets have different bodily conditions. So, it is important to know every detail before giving it. Now, let’s know which symptoms ask for giving a dosage of Zyrtec for dogs.

    When to give Zyrtec: The Allergy Symptoms in Dogs

    When it comes to allergies, dogs and humans face similar kinds of symptoms. the major allergy symptoms that you can find among the dogs are:

    Wag!- Dog with watery eyes
    • heavy itching
    • red eyes
    • watery nose
    • swelling
    • skin inflammation
    • biting their paws
    • rubbing their face
    • scratching

    So, if you find any of these symptoms, do not wait to have an appointment with the doctor. In these cases, often they will recommend Zyrtec for dogs. However, for these issues, you must take action as soon as possible. Otherwise, negligence may lead to other severe troubles like hair loss and skin infection.

    There are plenty of reasons why dogs get these symptoms. Removing those reasons may help to reduce the risk of allergy in dogs. The reasons are:

    • flea bites
    • unhealed wounds
    • grass
    • pollen
    • weeds
    • dust mites
    • foods

    Zyrtec for Dogs: Precautions to take

    As we said, Zyrtec for dogs is safe to use only if you take some precautions. Som, here are the precautions.

    First of all, refrain from giving Zyrtec-D to your dog. It is more like a poison to them. The “D” in Zyrtec-D denotes pseudoephedrine. It is majorly used to deal with congestion in human beings. But, it can be quite harmful to the dogs. Overstimulating their central nervous system and heart, the medicine causes issues like canine seizures, hypertension, heart failure, and sometimes death.

    Secondly, if your dog is suffering from kidney trouble or liver issues, you should not give Zyrtec. It causes the problem of urine retention among animals. So, in kidney problems, it may worsen the situation. To solve the allergy, you may put your little friend into more severe trouble.

    Thirdly, if your dog is pregnant or nursing the puppies, it is a big “No” for the Zyrtec. It may cause harm to the puppies through the dog’s milk. In addition, the vulnerable bodies of the puppies are too weak to handle the strong dosage of Zyrtec.

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    Fourthly, though Zyrtec for dogs is a medicine to treat allergies, some dogs may be allergic to the medicine itself. In that case, if you give it to the dogs, that will disturb their health. Hence, visit the doctor and check if your pet dog has any such allergies with Zyrtec or not.

    Fifthly, some medicines cause ill effects if they are combined with Zyrtec. So, always make a note of current medications for your dog before giving it Zyrtec. Otherwise, negative reactions can prove to be fatal for them.

    Lastly, you must be cautious about the use of Zyrtec if your dog is old, or has a seizure disorder, or is a working dog; or has the problem of glaucoma. In all of these conditions, you must pay extra attention while giving Zyrtec.


    Zyrtec: What is the Correct Dosage

    Well, you can go for the average dosage. But we suggest taking the doctor’s advice on this matter. With their in-depth knowledge and experience, they suggest an accurate dosage for your pet. However, generally, it is recommended to give one tablet a day. But as we said, doctors’ prescription is always needed.

    The dosage may vary as per the size and nature of the dogs—also, the intensity of the symptoms matters. Whereas proper dosage may cure the problems from the core, excess of it may put the dog into trouble. That is why we emphasize veterinarian consultation before the use of it.

    Now let’s know how to use Zyrtec for dogs. First, to avoid unwanted side effects, you must give the medicine in a proper way. Usually, this is consumed through tablets or syrups. Now whether you should give it with food or without food depends on your dog. If it cannot digest the medicine alone and vomit, mix it with food and give.

    Zyrtec for dogs is quick to react. So, you can see the result instantly within 1-2 hours. Always remember that any medicine has its own pros and cons. Only a proper dosage given appropriately can cure the trouble. Otherwise, more severe problems may occur.

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    Possible Side Effects of Zyrtec for Dogs

    When you are about to give medicine to your pet, you must know the possible side effects of it to stop giving them when any of the symptoms arise. Usually, these side effects occur when an overdose is given. Otherwise, Zyrtec for dogs is safe to consume.

    As the studies say, one of the most common side effects is drowsiness. Other side effects include vomiting, urine retention, secretion of excessive saliva, constipation, and high excitement. Whenever you give the medicine to your pet, keep checking if any of these occurs. If your yourself cannot detect the problems, take the help of the specialists.

    Is there any alternative option for Zyrtec?

    Yes, there are. Though Zyrtec is one of the safest and most effective options to treat allergies, some pet owners may not feel comfortable giving it to their pet dogs. For them, there are some alternative solutions.

    First comes oatmeal bath, a common homely technique used for dogs to get rid of allergies. As it cures eczema among human beings, it heals skin irritation and allergic problems among dogs. Next, you can think about coconut oil. Enriched with lauric acid, coconut oil is one of the best healers for skin irritation. Simply apply it to your dog’s body or mix it with its food.

    123RF: A dog taking oatmeal bath

    Another popular alternative for Zyrtec for dogs is CBD. It comes in many forms like dog treats, chews, and oil. Studies have shown that it has a positive effect on dogs in case of allergies. Cannabidiol is very effective for a wide range of symptoms, e.g., dry skin, irritation, itchiness, dull coats, cracked paws, and some other allergic reactions. It is a good remedy for shedding and dandruff. In this way, it helps to promote good skin health for the dogs.

    Why choose Zyrtec for dogs

    Now, you have got an idea about the alternatives, but still, we must say, Zyrtec in a proper dose may provide better results than other remedies. Other alternatives cannot ensure a permanent solution for the allergies. But, with antihistamine as its major component, Zyrtec can solve the issues forever. However, it costs a bit more than other medicines for allergy.

    Wrapping it Up

    Got all the whereabouts? I hope the doubts are cleared now. In the long run, we can say that Zyrtec for dogs is the best way to treat allergies among dogs if given in a proper dose. Let us know what is your views in the comment section. Well, before pulling the curtain down, we have something more for you. Click here to know if your dog can eat shrimps.





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