Willie Robertson Net Worth: The Real Duck Commander

    Willie Jess Robertson is known all over the states for his appearance on and production of the reality TV series “Duck Dynasty” on A&E. He is also the current CEO of the company Duck Commander- a family-owned enterprise, in Louisiana.

    Apart from being the Duck Dynasty star and being an entrepreneur, Willie Robertson has also penned many books. The Willie Robertson net worth is a figure of $40 million.

    The Willie Robertson net worth has been a result of all the hard work and perseverance he has put into his family-owned business. Be it his presence in the entertainment industry through Duck Dynasty, his being an author or his business- the Willie Robertson net worth is all from scratch and through dedication and commitment to his work.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Early Life

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    Willie Jess Robertson was born and brought up in Bernice, Louisiana. His father, Phil Robertson, was a businessman and was the one who started Duck Commander the same year as Wille was born. He was helped in his venture by his wife and mother of Willie, Marsha Kay Robertson. The couple started the hunting merchandise business from their homes while bringing up their four sons. Willie grew up with two older brothers, Alan and Jase, and one younger brother, Jep.

    Willie spent most of his childhood pursuing activities like hunting and fishing and spent most of his time outdoors watching his parents go about their business. Duck Commander started off as a mom-and-pop business out of the living room of the Robertson’s. Growing up, Willie witnessed his parents work hard to establish their business.

    From a very young age, Willie started to work on honing his salesman skills. Willie would sell freshly caught fish at the local market with his mother every morning. This was his first inclination towards showcasing entrepreneurial skills.

    His constant interest in his parent’s business led him to attend Harding University, Louisiana, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business. He was also declared the Excellent Younger Alumni by the University for his excellent academic performance. His attaining a degree in business would help him create the Willie Robertson net worth of $40 million!

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    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Initial Career and Building the Duck Commander Dynasty

    Willie Robertson’s father, Phil Robertson, founded Duck Commander, a hunting-related products manufacturing company, in 1972. Witnessing the business’s whereabouts from an early age instilled an interest in the world of business from an early age in all three of his sons. At a very early age, Willie knew that his true interest lies in expanding his father’s business and taking it to even greater heights.

    Initially, Duck Commander started its operations with the motive to sell and manufacture a variety of hunting-related products like duck decoys, duck calls, and hunting apparel. What started as a family-run business from the living room of the family home is today a multi-million dollar enterprise. The business today even sells merchandise like books, DVDs, and hunting apparel!

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    Along with his brothers, Willie also started a subsidiary to Duck Commander that goes by the name Buck Commander in 2006. Buck Commander specialized in selling deer hunting-related products.

    Willie Robertson used his education in business and his years of hands-on sales experience to expand Duck Commander when he took charge as the CEO. Duck Commander plays a massive role in the creation of the Willie Robertson net worth of $40 million. He is also the current CEO of the business.

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    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Duck Dynastyduck_dynasty_promo-5683785

    Inspired and encouraged by the success of Duck Commander, Willie decided to produce the famous reality TV show Duck Dynasty. The show is similar in its workings to the Kardashian Show where the members of the Robertson family go about their regular lives. The show has appearances from several of Willie’s family.

    Duck Dynasty was featured on the A & E network on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. The show had a total of eleven seasons and was greatly loved by the masses throughout the United States.

    The realness of this reality TV show appealed to the masses, and the show’s popularity grew fourfold. What started with a viewership of one million views per episode grew to over eight million views per episode with time. It is also reported that the show made over $80 million in 2013 just through advertising sales!

    The show broke all records in its third season when it generated a viewership of ten million and beat cult favorite shows like American Idol in terms of viewership. The show continued till 2017, and a significant part of the Willie Robertson net worth is a result of the Duck Dynasty.

    The show’s runaway success led Willie Robertson to introduce a range of Duck Dynasty merchandise, which also recorded unbelievable sales. The merchandise generated close to $400 million for the Robertsons in revenue! The merchandise is readily available everywhere, even today, including departmental store giants like Walmart. You can easily buy a pair of Duck Dynasty sunglasses at the Walmart near you!

    The show’s popularity had a direct impact on Duck Commander too. The business today sells over 6,00,000 duck calls per year. Apart from duck calls, the business also sells other merchandise like DVDs, books and apparel. The local business is now a multi-billion dollar venture known throughout the United States.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: The Author81qaues6gkl-2474369

    Willie Robertson did not just stop with being a successful CEO and a regular face on America’s TV screens. He went ahead and penned his memoir, The Duck Commander Family. The Duck Commander Family is one of the most successful books written by Willie. The book is a recollection of Willie’s entire life. Being family-oriented from a very young age, Willie wrote about how his family has had a profound impact in shaping his personality.

    The book sold over one million copies across the United States of America. One can easily find the book both in stores and online easily on the Duck Commander website and even on sites like Amazon.

    Apart from The Duck Commander Family, Willie Robertson has also written books, including American Entrepreneur, The American Fisherman, and American Hunter, to name a few.

    All of these books recount Willie’s personal experiences and share an insight into the workings of these professions with the reader. Willie and other members of the Robertson family have also published many books with their names. These books are all readily available everywhere in America and also on the Duck Commander website.

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    Writing various books and selling them across different marketplaces in the United States of America has contributed to the building of the Willie Robertson net worth.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: The Actor

    gods-not-dead-willie-and-korie-robertson-from-duck-dynasty-1326705Willie Robertson owes his television success to Duck Dynasty. However, Willie has appeared in several other TV shows as well as movies apart from Duck Dynasty.

    Willie Robertson has had roles in shows of the likes of Billy the Exterminator (2010), Buck Commander (2010-2019), Last Man Standing (2013), and Whose Line Is It Anyway? (2015), to name a few. Apart from TV shows, Willie Robertson has also had several cameo roles in movies like God’s Not Dead (2014), Left Behind (2014), and ABCD2 (2015).

    Apart from acting in these movies and shows, Willie Robertson is also the Duck Dynasty producer. His appearances in these roles have added to Willie Robertson net worth of $40 million today.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Personal Life


    Apart from being an actor, entrepreneur, and author, Willie Robertson is an ardent Christ devotee. He is often seen preaching about his faith to others. He is also a member of the Church Buildings of Christ.

    Apart from being a Christ devotee, Willie is a conservative political activist and has been voicing his opinion on several occasions. He is known for his distinctive style, including an American flag bandana on his head, long hair and beard, and sunglasses. Being an outdoorsy man, Willie is usually seen wearing flannel shirts along with his American flag bandanas. He is also known for his signature ZZ Top-style beard. In fact, his look was greatly appreciated by fans when he featured on Duck Dynasty.

    Willie Robertson is married to his wife, Korie Robertson, who he met in 1989. He later married Korie in 1992, and the couple has six children together, two of whom are adopted. Their children are John, Luke, Rowdy, Sadie, Will, Bella, and Rebecca.

    Being a true blue countryman, Willie lives with his wife Korie and son Luke and his wife Mary Kate in a gated mansion in West Monroe, Louisiana. The mansion is a sprawling 22-acre wooded property with a large lake, lush greens, and even a tennis court inside! In West Monroe, Louisiana, his property is standing proof of the Willie Robertson net worth of $40 million.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Controversies


    Success and fame are almost always complemented with some controversies on the side. Willie Robertson’s life is not free of its share of controversies either.

    Right after the show’s success, Duck Dynasty on April 25, 2020, Willie’sWillie’s mansion was a part of a drive-by shooting. Daniel King Jr. fired 8 to 10 bullets at Willie Robertson’sRobertson’s house. Fortunately, however, no one was hurt in this firing. Willie was shopping at the local store while the rest of his family escaped from the whole incident unscathed. A bullet shot even surpassed the room with Willie’sWillie’s son, daughter in law and their infant, but fortunately, none of them was hurt. The culprit was caught soon after as well. Such incidents make up a part of Willie’sWillie’s life and are a result of the Willie Robertson net worth of $40 million.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Awards and Achievements


    Willie’s success and efforts as a local entrepreneur making it big did not go away unnoticed. Willie Robertson was awarded the Governor’sGovernor’s Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in West Monroe in 2014. This award was presented at the warehouse of Duck Commander by Bobby Jindal, the former governor of Louisiana.

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    Apart from this, Willie Robertson has also been nominated for the Teen’sTeen’s Choice award in 2013. Had it not been for the Willie Robertson net worth of a staggering $40 million, Willie would have never been bestowed with such a high local honor.

    Willie Robertson Net Worth $40 million: Social Media Presence

    With Willie Robertson net worth comes immense popularity from the audience. His stints on the television and movies made Willie a famous personality known by individuals across the United States.

    Willie has a Facebook page that goes by the name “WILLIE ROBERTSON” and has around 1.7 million likes on the same by his fans. Willie is also active on Twitter and has around 2.3 million followers on the platform.

    Willie Robertson enjoys staying connected with his fans and often shares his views on important topics like the business world with his followers. He is followed by individuals not just from the United States, but Willie Robertson has fans worldwide.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1. How old is Willie Robertson?

    Real Name Willie Jess Robertson
    Date of Birth 22 April 1972
    Place of Birth Bernice, Louisiana, United States of America
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Zodiac Sign Taurus
    Current Age 49
    Height 1.7 m
    Weight 85 kgs
    Marital Status Married
    Children Six- Sadie Robertson, John Luke Robertson, Rebecca Robertson, Bella Robertson, Willie Alexander Robertson, Rowdy Robertson
    Occupation Entrepreneur, Actor, Producer, Author
    Net Worth $40 million


    Q2. How much money does Willie Robertson make?

    As of 2021, Willie Robertson net worth is a figure of $40 million. He is presently the CEO of Duck Commander and is also a part of Buck Commander, a vertical of Duck Commander. Apart from generating a significant chunk of his earnings from Duck Commander, Willie Robertson has also worked in TV shows and has also played roles in films. He is also a published author.

    His merchandise line has also been a significant source of income, generating millions in its revenue. The celebrity status as a result of the TV show and the movie appearances also landed Willie Robertson several brand endorsements.

    Being a part of so many professions has ensured a regular and steady income for Willie Robertson and has also ensured the constant increase in Willie Robertson net worth.

    Q3. What are the vehicles owned by Willie Robertson?

    Being an outdoor man, Willie Robertson has a very distinct taste in automobiles. Some of the cars owned by Willie include a Line X Silverado, 12 Wheel Drive, a Camo Quad, and a Jeep Wrangler. Apart from these, Willie also drives a camouflage BMW.

    Q4. What are some of the lesser-known facts about Willie Robertson?

    Some lesser-known facts about the entrepreneur Willie Robertson include the following:

    • Apart from being the reason behind the Willie Robertson net worth, Willie also enjoys collecting vehicles. In his free time, he enjoys reassembling old vehicles and even painting them.
    • Willie played the role of himself in the movie “God’s Not Dead.”
    • Willie met his wife Korie while he was at summer grade school. Willie and Korie married each other right after high school and even went to college together, where they both pursued a bachelor’s degree in business.


    Willie Robertson is a man who has donned many hats in his one lifetime. At such a young age of only 49, he has accomplished more than an average American would even at 60.

    Willie Robertson is an inspiration to every American kid who dreams of taking his or her family business to newer heights. Coming from an extremely modest background, Willie worked hard and dared to dream of dreams that were considered impractical by the folks of his southern town.

    The Willie Robertson net worth proves that one can achieve anything and everything if one tries hard enough. From a local entrepreneur to a globally known face, Willie Robertson has successfully created a name for himself and his family members.

    His net worth and fame are a result of the wise choices that Willie made at a crucial time of his career, and he and his family are reaping the benefits of the same to this date.


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