Vampire Breast Lift: Best and Hottest Way to Look Younger

    Isn’t it something different you are listening to? I guess yes. But do you know this is one of the most prevailing processes in the existing world?

    Breast structure and volume are two of the significant crises encountered by nearly 80 percent of the world’s women. Almost every woman desires to have a perfect breast size. However, some are unfortunate not to have the right breast size.

    Now recently, there is a way out from this issue. Although we all know every antidote comes with some new troubles, we will give you the remedy and make you aware of the difficulties that might arise from it.

    What is a Vampire breast lift?

    vampire breast lift

    Vampire breast lift sounds a bit odd, right? However, it doesn’t include vampires for real – so chill. Invariably various questions must be gathering in your mind right now. So, let me clear your fog of mind.

    Vampire breast lift is a type of non-surgical form introduced to raise aloft and deliver volume to women’s breasts. Breast augmentation is the central motive of such a process. With the help of injections, it is feasible to experience a somewhat ‘ideal breast shape’.

    Does vampire breast lift increase size?

    What Is a Vampire Breast Lift? | Ambiance MD Medical Spa


    This is a very general question frequently searched for. Let me tell you that this is a misconception that Vampire Breast Lift increases breast size. VBL can never do the following changes:

    • Give your breast a new shape

    The shape of your breast is induced by the amount of hormone produced by your body. Thus, it is not possible to change the shape of your breasts through this procedure

    • It won’t eliminate sagging

    Sagging is an entirely natural change that occurs in women of various ages, varying on individuals. Thus VBL can’t eliminate this cosmic change.

    • Your cup size would never increase because of Vampire Breast Lift

    Cup size is again something that is determined by the number of hormones produced from your body. Thus this non-surgical treatment cannot help you out to have larger breast sizes.

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    Who should get the vampire breast lift and why?

    Vampire breast lift is an immensely sensitive procedure. Not all women are eligible for this process. You need to know the eligibility you must possess to make yourself eligible for this process.

    Below mentioned are the eligibility criteria for VBL :

    • You should not be encrypted with a history of breast cancer
    • If you are pregnant, then you won’t be allowed for VBL
    • You will be struck off the list if you are into breastfeeding during that period
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    Results of vampire breast lift

    Vampire Breast Lift® | Comprehensive Family Medicine & Aesthetics

    There are some apparent results noticed after the procedure is complete. Surveys have revealed them. A Vampire Breast Lift helps in the following ways:

    • Corrects the inverted nipples

    Inverted nipples are, of course, a matter of extreme concern. You would be happy to hear that these can be treated the right way with VBL.

    • Changes the color of your breast noticeably

    Many individuals have certain idealizations regarding their breast color. Now, they can have a better-colored breast with the blessing of VBL.

    • Enhances the sensation in the breast and nipple

    Sensational touch does not affect every woman the same way. VBL has excelled in this situation by promising the enhancement of sensation.

    • Adds volume to your breast

    Maintaining the younger look is one of the widespread desires among women. Unfortunately, with aging, your breast size gets smaller due to shrinkage. Vampire Breast Lift ensures to add volume to your breast.

    • Tightens wrinkled skin around the entire breast and the nipple

    Wrinkling skin is again a genuine matter of concern. You look older due to wrinkles even if you are not. Tightening the skin with VBL helps in curing wrinkles around your breast and nipples.

    How long does vampire breast lift last?

    You are going to go through some changes in your body once you have gone through the vampire breast lift. Now, that’s not an easy decision at all.

    Moreover, as you are paying for quite a considerable amount of money, the lasting effect of the VBL becomes a mandatory question. So, we are here to help you out with the answer.

    At times, removal of the implants is necessary to restore the desired natural appearance. Surgical breast lifts have been proved to be one of the most long-lasting solutions.

    This, however, delays the aging of your breasts. But despite Vampire Breast Lift, there’s no genuinely permanent solution, as the aging process will always be continued.

    How long does it take for a breast lift to recover?

    Recovery is one of the primary requirements after the completion of the process. If you are worried about healing, then let me tell you that there is nothing to worry about.

    However, most people who have already experienced VBL reveal that they don’t go through any problems. Instead, you will notice a gradual change in the shape and size of your breasts starting two to three weeks.

    The lifting up would be prominent with passing the time. The swelling generally goes down, and your coloring is also expected to go back to normal.

    Side effects of vampire breast lift

    There are no side effects caused by the Vampire Breast Lift procedure. This is primarily because, in this procedure, the body’s own naturally occurring growth factors have been used.

    Though there are some of the below mentioned unusual risks that might occur:

    • Temporary numbness is a common side effect noticed.
    • Swelling is sometimes seen on the breasts.
    • Some individuals might suffer through the discomfort.
    • VBL can put some permanent scars on your breasts.
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    How to choose a provider for Vampire Breast Lift?

    Vampire Breast Lift: Cost, Side Effects, Results, and More

    Though Vampire Breast Lift is not at all a surgical procedure, yet cosmetic surgeons frequently perform them. Though there are some gynecologists and even dermatologists who are licensed because of their training to carry on with this process.

    It is always better that you consult with more than one potential provider. Never rely upon any provider without checking their portfolio. The identity results can help you judge their past work as well.

    How to prepare?

    After you have decided which provider to rely upon, next comes a consultation session. During this appointment session, your provider must carry on with the following inspections:

    • He or she must examine your breast properly
    • He or she must listen to your concerns
    • He or she is likely to ask for your complete medical history

    If your provider is satisfied with the inspection, then he or she would next move on with the Vampire Breast Lift process. They will explain the exact procedure, outcomes, and side effects to you. Then you are the ultimate one to decide if you want to have the lift or not.

    If it is a yes from your side, then your provider will fix a date accordingly. There will be some of the preparations needed for the treatment. This preparation may include the following requirements:

    • You would probably be asked to put off all your jewelry on the procedure day.
    • Medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen are likely to be avoided for a week before the appointment.
    • You would be suggested to put on the light fitting, comfortable and lose clothes on the day of the procedure.

    What to expect during the procedure?

    Knowing the procedure beforehand helps you to gain mental stability that might be helpful later during the process.

    So, as you proceed for vampire breast lift treatment, firstly, the surgeon performs a thorough visual examination to check where the shape can be enriched to provide your breasts with a more youthful and lifted appearance.

    A small blood sample is needed to extract platelet-rich plasma. This is undoubtedly a painless procedure that pulls out the growth factors. This will consequently form new collagen and increase the blood flow of your body.

    This is later injected into specified areas of your breast to ensure optimal results. After the application of numbing cream, your physician will use a small-sized needle to inject the desired solution into your breasts.

    How much does a Vampire lift cost?

    Vampire breast lift in India can cost a sum ranging from 30k to 80k per treatment. This is not always easy for any moderate earning individual to pay such a huge amount.

    But I am sure many still desire to have an uplifted breast even if they cannot spend the amount. So, for them, there are some non-surgical treatments and home exercises that can boost the breast upliftment a bit.

    Is vampire breast lift worth it?

    Vampire breast lift is definitely a path-changing innovation. It has marked its steps in the field of medical non-surgical treatments.

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    Spending an amount of 30k to 80k is expected for such treatments. Though opinion may vary from person to person, yet according to the researchers, it is found that women going through this procedure are happy enough with the results.

    How do I know if I need a lift?

    Your body is your property, and thus it’s solely your decision. No one else has the right to decide whether you need a change in your body or not. Therefore, it is always suggestive not to rely upon the comments thrown by others.

    If you are confident and decide to go through a breast upliftment, you are always free to do that, provided you meet all the eligibility criteria mentioned.

    Furthermore, if you are not willing to make any changes in your body and are happy with whatever you have, you can always avoid such processes.

    There is no such necessity that you need to go through Vampire Breast Lift as soon as you notice some vague comments coming towards you.

    Home remedies for the upliftment of breasts

    • A mixture of cucumber and egg yolk

    This is an extremely effective remedy for lifting your breasts. Cucumber is believed to have natural skin-toning properties. Moreover, egg yolk also contains high-level proteins. Thus it may be used to strengthen the breast tissues. Grate a small cucumber. Mix one egg yolk and a teaspoon of cream. Stir the paste thoroughly. Now proceed to apply it for at least 30 minutes. Finally, wash it off with water.

    • Olive Oil

    Massaging your breasts with olive oil serves to be one of the most excellent techniques for uplifting your breast. Olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants as well as fatty acids. Therefore, it also helps in improving the skin texture of your breast. Take a few drops of olive oil and massage them over your breasts in an upward motion for about 15 minutes.

    • Ice Massage

    Ice Massage has been proved to be an effective way to regain your breast shape. The cold temperature of the ice will help the tissue to contract. Take 2 ice cubes, massage your breasts with them in circular motions for a minute. Then dry your breasts and immediately put on a properly fitting bra.

    • Fenugreek

    Fenugreek is shown to be one of the greatest remedies in treating sagging breasts. It is extremely enriched with vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, it helps in tightening, smoothing, and repairing the muscle tissues around the breasts. Mix 1/4 cup of fenugreek powder and water. Then massage this paste onto your breasts, leaving it on for 10 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with warm water.

    • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has natural skin-tightening properties. Therefore, it is evident that it can help you to get proper breasts. Take some Aloe Vera gel and apply it to your breasts. Massage gently for 10 minutes. Then wash it off after 10 more minutes with warm water.

    At times, individuals might not be able to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. So, it is recommended to have an expert opinion always before stepping into any procedures related to health.

    Never fall into the trap of having uplifted breasts with minimal effort. These are never true. Rather you may go for some of the home remedies. However, don’t expect any immediate result. Look out for small improvements rather than wishing for some magic to happen!


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