Tony Romo Net Worth – Fortune of an American Football Quarterback

    Antonio Ramiro Romo or as famously known by the byname Tony Romo is a former American footballer. He is a skilled quarterback who has been with the Dallas Cowboys for 14 National Football League (NFL) seasons.

    Tony Romo was an ordinary kid from California with some extraordinary skills and talent. If you follow American football, then there are two things you should know. First, of course, the Tony Romo net worth, and second his journey from ordinary life to a successful American football career.

    Before we get to Tony Romo net worth, one should know about his prosperous football career first. Let’s have a quick introduction of Tony Romo.


    As you already know, Tony Romo is a former American football player who used to play in the quarterback position. He began his professional career by playing with the Dallas Cowboys in 2003.

    In 2016, Tony suffered from a back injury which made him lose his starting position. After which, he decided to take retirement from the National Football League. Thus, he retired from the NFL in 2016 and then began working as an analyst for NFL telecasts from the following year.

    We will talk about Tony Romo’s career highlights later, but first, let’s see his early life.

    Early Life

    Tony Romo was born on April 21, 1980, in San Diego, California. Romo stayed in San Diego till his father, Ramiro Romo Jr., was working in the US Navy in San Diego, after which the family moved to Burlington, Wisconsin.

    During his childhood, Tony played baseball, and he got selected for the Little League All-Star team. However, his football journey began in 1996 when he started playing as quarterback for the Burlington High School Demons.

    Tony Romo Net Worth

    After the 1996 season, in the 1997 season, which was the second season of Tony’s career, his team finished with a 3-6 record. Tony received several awards and honors for that season viz All-Racine County football team honors and Wisconsin Football Coaches Association All-State first-team honors.

    During Tony Romo’s high school days, he had a lot of interest in sports like tennis, basketball, and golf. This interest in sports helped him build a career and eventually led to multimillion-dollar Tony Romo net worth.

    Professional Career in NFL

    Tony Romo’s professional career in the NFL started in 2006. At the beginning of his career, he was a second-string quarterback for the team Dallas Cowboys. However, in the 2007 season, Tony Romo was the backup quarterback and led the team to a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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    Tony Romo Net Worth

    In the 2008 season of NFL, Tony Romo moved to the wide receiver position and played with many great players such as Michael Irvin Jr., Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, etc. In the 2009 season, Tony Romo was a backup quarterback and only played a few games.

    In 2010-2011, NFL Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl championship. In 2011 while playing for Dallas Cowboys, Tony Romo led his team to victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week 16.

    This victory led to the Cowboys’ record number of 11 wins and 0 losses in the regular season. They set a record for consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass, with four such games (31st time) since 1960.

    Tony Romo had a full 14 year NFL career, and therefore, instead of going through all the seasons one by one, let us see what his career looks like in brief.

    Summary Of NFL Career

    Tony had a great career with about a 94% completion percentage, 4,000 yards, and 27 touchdowns, which adds to a 93.3 passer rating. He also has 3,000 yards rushing for his career to give him perfectly balanced numbers.

    Tony Romo Net Worth
    Bleacher Report

    Romo retired from the NFL on April 4, 2017. But he still has an active role in the Dallas Cowboys as the tight-end coach where he helps develop young players for the team.

    Now that we have seen Tony Romo’s career achievements let us find out about Tony’s salary, endorsement deals, and the Tony Romo net worth.

    Tony Romo Net Worth | Updated 2021

    As you know, Tony Romo retired from the NFL in 2017, but he still works as a commentator and analyst. Tony Romo net worth continues to grow as long as he keeps working in the field. As of 2021, his net worth is $70 million, as recorded by ‘celebrity net worth.’

    Tony Romo net worth of $70 million consists of his salaries from all the NFL seasons, his contracts with the teams, and various brand endorsement deals. Here is the more detailed breakdown of the Tony Romo net worth.

    Tony Romo Net Worth | Annual Salary From NFL

    Romo’s annual salary depends on the contracts he signs with the team and the matches he plays. By 2017, he earned a total of $127 million just from NFL leagues. These earnings are from his 14-year long career.

    Tony Romo Net Worth
    Broncos Wire – USA Today

    Tony Romo used to get $130 million as a salary in the NFL, which straight away makes him one of the richest football players. However, this was the salary before Romo retired from American football.

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    Tony Romo Net worth | Brand Endorsements

    Apart from the NFL salary, the $70 million Tony Romo net worth also contains a good amount of money earned through brand endorsement deals. He started getting endorsement deals way back in 2008 when he started getting famous for his game.

    In 2021, Tony Romo endorsed some famous brands like Pizza Hut, Corona, Starter, Panini, DIRECTV, Topps, and Under Armour. Out of which, Starter was the first brand Tony got. The deal was worth $10 million for five years.

    During the NFL season of 2018, you must have seen advertisements of Corona quite frequently. Well, that is because, in June 2018, Tony got the endorsement deal from Corona, a beverage brand.

    If you are surprised about how Tony Romo managed to build a net worth of $70 million only through his career and endorsement deals, then let me make the picture about this more clear.

    Tony Romo as an NFL Analyst

    In the year 2016, Tony suffered from a back injury. Due to this injury, the Dallas Cowboys took his quarterback position and appointed Dak Prescott in place of Tony. During that season, Tony lost his starting position.

    Later on April 4, 2017, Tony took retirement from the National Football league after a 14-year career (2003-2016). However, soon after retiring from the NFL, he was hired by CBS Sports as an analyst for NFL broadcasts.

    Tony Romo’s experience in American football assured his success in his broadcasting career too. After playing in the NFL for 14 years, when he was appointed as an analyst, he predicted plays even before they took place.

    Considering his skills, he was offered the post of lead color analyst by CBS sports, and with a senior post, he got a good salary package too, which currently supports the $70 million Tony Romo net worth.

    Tony Romo Net Worth | Broadcasting Salary

    When Tony initially joined CBS sports as an analyst, he used to earn $4 million per year. However, in 2020, CBS Sports signed a contract worth $100 million with Tony to ensure that he will work for CBS in the coming years.

    This contract shows how important Tony Romo is for CBS. On the other hand, it seems that ESPN is trying to get Tony on their side. There were rumors that Tony Romo was moving to ESPN from CBS, but the current deal between CBS and him confirms it was only the rumor.

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    Tony Romo Net Worth
    SB Nation

    However, if the deal between Tony and ESPN ever takes place, say in the next 3-5 years, ESPN would have to offer Tony a lot more than CBS is currently paying him. There’s a possibility that such a deal can even make Tony Romo the highest-paid NFL broadcaster in history.

    We have seen all the three sources from which this $70 million Tony Romo net worth was built. Another question that might pop up in your head is what kind of lifestyle Tony lives with such a massive net worth.

    We mostly expect substantial real estate, several expensive cars, and a lavish lifestyle from someone with such a net worth. But that is not the case with Tony Romo. He lives a different lifestyle than most of us would have thought.

    Real Estate

    In the name of real estate, Tony Romo owns a house where he currently lives. He purchased a house way back in 2008, and it was worth $699,000 then. Initially, it was believed that he only purchased this property for long-term investment, but it turns out that it was not the case.

    Tony used to live in this house, situated in Valley Ranch, Irving, Texas. However, in 2016, he sold this property for $1.05 million. This deal helped Tony earn a massive return on his 5,551 square-foot house.

    There is not much data available on what and where Tony Romo spends his money on. But he prefers to live a normal lifestyle rather than a lavish one. Moreover, it seems that Tony believes in charity a lot.


    Tony Romo spends a good amount of his wealth on different charity works. He has donated $1 million to Eastern Illinois University. This university or organization is working with a motive to promote the churches to adopt the public schools to provide better education to children who can’t afford it.

    Tony Romo Net Worth
    Dallas Morning News

    Tony also hosts a youth football camp annually in Wisconsin to encourage youngsters. He is also an active part of organizations like United Way, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    Cessation | Tony Romo Net Worth

    To sum up, in everything we have discussed so far, we have seen the NFL journey of Tony Romo. We discovered that as of 2021, Tony Romo net worth is $70 million. This wealth of Tony comes from his NFL career salary, brand endorsement deals, and lastly, from his current broadcasting career with CBS.

    Tony Romo is one such personality that many youngsters look up to. He had total success in his NFL career due to his skills and other activities like living a simpler lifestyle, and spending that extra bit of money on charity only proves how admirable he is as a person.

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