The Super Simple Tricks On How To Drag Click

    In the world of gaming, the drag click term is well known. By doing the task of drag clicking your mouse in a proper way, you can save your mouse life easily. Thus, how to drag click is an important thing to know for people who want to use their devices with care. Besides, you will be able to work at a great speed in some particular sectors such as gaming or selecting a document. In some specific games, you need to use your mouse in various ways to get the ultimate perfection.

    By dragging your fingers forcefully over the right or left buttons, you will soon damage your mouse for sure. In this article, you are going to extract an overall idea on drag and clicking on your mouse. Most gamers want to achieve massive success in career by gaining knowledge on how to drag click in the proper way.

    Drag clicking

    Firstly, you should know that drag clicking is also known as fazer tapping or tap clicking by many people across the whole world. According to the basic logic of physics, by doing drag clicking, you are going to create friction between your finger and the mouse button instantly. With the help of that created friction, the left or right button of the mouse receives a vibration on it.

    Thus, you will be able to generate as many clicks as you want at once. As a result, you can score as many points as you want to be a professional gamer.

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    An idea on the topic, how to drag click

    The term, drag clicking may sound like an easy process to you and your friends. However, without having an idea on how to drag click, it is next to impossible to perform the same process exactly like a pro. Only some of the specific types of mouse can perform this particular method to score high, especially while playing games like Fortnite or Rocket League.

    Users should know that for drag clicking they have to go for the mice with an uneven surface. This kind of mice will help them to create the early mentioned friction by sliding their fingers on the surface of your mouse in an accurate and exact manner. You can easily choose from the below-mentioned options to find out the absolute and appropriate mouse for you.

    List of specific mice to perform drag clicking

    You need to choose a mouse with some special features on, it to learn and practice how to drag click. These are some options for your convenience.

    1. Roccat Kone AIMO
    2. Glorious Model D
    3. Glorious Model O
    4. Razer DeathAdder v2
    5. Roccot Kone Pure Ultra
    6. ROCCOT KONE Pure Owl-Eye
    how to drag click

    However, it is not impossible to do the drag clicking task with the laptop touchpad or any other ordinary mouse. You will gradually gain a quite clear idea about how to drag click with an ordinary mouse, a touchpad of a laptop, and a special featured or gaming mouse as well.

    How to drag click with a gaming mouse

    by following these simple steps, you will be able to do the drag clicking task.

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    Step 1: As the sweat, oil and dust can create an obstruction in the way of friction creating, try to keep clean and dry both your hand and the upper surface of the mouse.

    Step 2: Hold the mouse in the usual way. Keep the middle finger and index on the upper part of your mouse button.

    Step 3: Slightly, pressing the mouse button on the lower side, move your wrist a little to start. Without pressing the button forcefully, let your finger move very politely. When you get a machinery noise from it you can be sure that you are doing the task in a proper way.


    If you want to be sure that you have done the task correctly or not, you can easily visit the various links online. You can do this particular work with the help of your gaming mouse without tape as well. Though this particular method depends on the quality of your mouse, you can instantly drag click without the help of the tape.

    How to drag click with a laptop touchpad or a normal mouse

    If you do not have a gaming mouse with you, that does not mean that you cannot do the task of drag clicking. With the help of a laptop touchpad or an ordinary mouse, you can drag a click easily.

    Step 1: While keeping your index finger on the touchpad or the mouse, move your middle finger towards the direction of the desired object to drag.


    Step 2: After completing the task, lift off your middle finger immediately.

    Step 3: Now, press the left button with the help of your index finger.

    Step 4: Your middle finger should slide towards the direction of the selected object.

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    Step 5: When the task will be done, lift the middle finger off the mouse or touchpad.


    Hopefully, you are gaining a clear idea of how to drag click without any difficulties.

    The dark side of drag clicking

    After gaining that much knowledge about drag clicking, you should be aware of the negative points of the drag clicking process. When a gamer is repeatedly applying the drag clicking method a number of times in a single mouse, you can easily understand the horrible position of the delicate switches of the mouse. Not only the switches but also the span can be affected by this process dangerously.

    Some of the gamers use to say that with the help of drag clicking, an average gamer can score his/her desire scores. They have the authority to use their skills while gaming. It is not illegal at all. However, some of the gamers have a different opinion on this topic, how to drag click.

    They use to say that the gamer is using this drag clicking procedure to increase the CPS unfairly. While using the drag clicking method, the viewer can misunderstand the gamer unnecessarily. This happens as an unwanted window may appear on the screen of the game at a particular timing. As a result, the gamer can be banned by the authority.

    Nobody is having a clear idea of the negative side of drag clicking. As the gamers can score way many points by using this method, a major quantity of gamers are learning the drag clicking procedure now a days. Hopefully, this article will be able to make you understand the necessity of this process. By going through this article, you can now answer the question, how to drag click?

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