Teddy Bear Dogs – All You Need to Know About Them

    Ever wanted to adopt a cute, soft, and furry dog that looks like a teddy bear? Well, look no further! In this article, you will read everything about Teddy Bear Dogs and their various kinds before you can decide to get one.

    But why should you adopt Teddy Bear Dogs when you can get a bear cub? Well, adopting a bear cub is hard and you can get all your love from pup-sized Teddy Bear Dogs instead of a huge wild animal. So what are Teddy Bear Dogs? We can tell instantly just by reading the name. They are pups that look like super fluffy teddy bears whom you can cuddle after a long, hard day.

    Some Teddy Bear Dogs are purebred while most of them are crossbred with other dogs. They are small in size but each breed differs in size and features. We can see Teddy Bear Dogs in a lot of places. These pups are known for their adorable teddy bear-like features such as soft, fluffy bodies, gleaming button eyes, and cute little noses.

    teddy bear dogs

    A haircut to get your Teddy Bear Dogs

    You can give your dog a haircut to make it look like a real teddy bear. This is done by keeping one length all over the body. The haircut is given to make sure your dog looks cute and cuddly with one-length hair just like the one when they were pups.

    It is called the Teddy Bear cut, and it will make your dog look exactly like your favorite teddy bear. The face is rounded out, ears and mane trimmed to make your puppy look like a sweet little teddy bear.

    So, if you’re thinking of getting the teddy bear look for yours one, ask your groomer if the haircut will suit your pup.

    Are Teddy Bear Dogs good pets?

    It is always better to have doubts about your pets before adopting them because once you get them, it takes a lot of time and effort to fit them into your routine. They require constant care and grooming, just like your own child. You need to know if they are right for you or not. So, before you adopt one, try to think if they will adapt to your surroundings and lifestyle.



    You should consider the following:

    1. Teddy Bear Dogs are very affectionate, they love to adore you and be adored by you. They will jump on your lap and run all over your beds.
    2. They don’t need much grooming, have short hair of one length, and shed very little or no fur.

    Teddy Bear Dogs grooming:

    Teddy Bear Dogs owners find it very difficult to choose the correct food for their nourishment.

    However adorable they might seem, they need the same care and wellbeing we humans are so conscious about.

    They need to live fully and have a healthy eating schedule.

    Everyone wants pets these days to feel less alone. They think they can take care of them but end up finding the wrong nourishment for their little buddy. This is a tragic scenario in most households.

    Teddy Bear Dogs, in general, need satisfactory not fancy food for a stable life and health.

    Plus, you need to give your pup a haircut every 4 weeks to make him look fresh and tidy. But if you like him all grown out, then you can groom him after 6-8 weeks as well – there’s no hard and fast rule.

    Teddy Bear Dogs feeding routine:

    Generally, dog food is made at high temperatures and sealed tight to prevent germs.

    Teddy Bear Dogs need lumpy nourishment with a soft chewy taste.

    This kind of nourishment is best for your pup’s healthy weight and has the right amount of water required by his body.


    Your Teddy Bear Dogs must have food that is:

    1. Highly nourishing
    2. Rich in fats
    3. Filled with minerals
    4. Soft and chewy

    Teddy Bear Dogs health problems:

    You have to protect your puppy against harmful elements like copper and zinc as these can seriously damage their liver or skin.

    Before you get Teddy Bear Dogs, you should know that you have to prevent the following health problems:

    1. Orthopedic issues
    2. Hip dysplasia
    3. Kneecap dislocation
    4. Dental issues
    5. Minor kidney issues
    6. Cataracts
    7. Retina degeneration

    You need to be dedicated enough so that your Teddy Bear Dogs get a good, healthy, and longer life.

    18 puppies with the Teddy Bear Dogs look:

    1. Cavapoo

    This sweet little pup is a crossbreed between a poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are really smart and easy to train but they might ruin your house. Most poodle crossbreeds don’t need extensive grooming but a Cavapoo is an exception.

    Cavapoos are so much like us. They need to exercise daily otherwise they become too inactive. They feel highly anxious, depressed, and alone if you’re not there to accompany them. But these Teddy Bear Dogs are very free and friendly which makes them a perfect family pet.

    Cavapoos live up to 15 years, so they live long enough if they don’t fall prey to some health issues like diabetes, syringomyelia, and retina degeneration. So before you adopt one, make sure its Cavalier parent is free from syringomyelia because that is a dangerous nervous condition that runs in the breed family.

    1. Maltipoo

    A Maltipoo has the Maltese and Poodle for parents. They are popular for their funny and adoring personality. Maltipoos are exceptionally active, curious, and fond so if you have a small house or a stuffy apartment, your Teddy Bear Dogs will adapt very easily with your family.

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    They are very fond of love and thus, very sensitive. They get separation anxiety when left alone for a long time. They will yearn for your care, warmth, and attention. But if you have a loving family that can chuck out some quality time to spend with their Teddy Bear Dogs, then you have a happy, furry, and cuddly home!

    But as much fun as they are, Maltipoos need to be groomed regularly. They need to be active all the time and enjoy exercise sessions. Your Maltipoo can live up to 13 years if they aren’t attacked by skin diseases, retinal degeneration, and epilepsy.

    1. Pomchi

    The Pomchi is a cross between a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian. As cute as the name sounds, a Pomchi is the tiniest dog you can have! And with their cuteness comes their marvelous personality that will amaze you.

    Your Teddy Bear Dogs can live up to 19 years since their parent Chihuahua has an incredibly long lifespan. Like most other Teddy Bear Dogs, Pomchis are very sensitive and need extra love and care. They feel alone in nuclear families, especially the ones without any children. So, it’s not the best choice to adopt a Pomchi if you have a small lonely family.

    Like every other Teddy Bear Dogs, Pomchis need regular grooming to maintain their fluffy coat. You can find these little nuggets in a lot of colors beginning from shades of red, brown, and gold to chalk white.

    1. Schnoodle

    Schnoodles are a mix between a poodle and a Miniature Schnauzer. These Teddy Bear Dogs need lots of grooming and care. Their fur color and length depend on their parents. The coat has sweet little curls that you will love to groom.

    These Teddy Bear Dogs are very friendly and will adapt to your family very easily. They love attention so you might want to keep them at the heart of your life. From a very young age, a Schnoodle should be made to socialize so that he doesn’t feel antsy and alone when he’s older.

    Although a Schnoodle has a life span of 15 years, it can be vulnerable to health conditions like epilepsy, retina degeneration, elbow, and hip dysplasia.

    1. Morkie

    A Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese are crossed to make a Morkie. It is a perfect mix if you want a super cute and tiny teddy bear!

    If you’re looking for a Teddy Bear Dogs that will get involved with your family, then Morkies are a wonderful choice. They are cute, fun-loving, affectionate, and super friendly. They enjoy playing family games with the kids and are beautifully social pups.

    You don’t need to trouble yourself about giving these dogs heavy exercise. This makes them an ideal choice for you if you live in a small apartment or for your family with aged members. But as convenient as they might seem, Morkies suffer from extreme anxiety when they are alone and they bark loud. So, you might want to look out for that.

    A Morkie has a lifespan of 13 years but there are a few health conditions that can harm them, such as hypoglycemia, kneecap displacement, and issues concerning the eyes and ears. They can also suffer from dental problems, especially in the gum regions.

    1. Toy poodle

    When we talk about Teddy Bear Dogs, we don’t usually think about poodles. But did you know that with a few haircuts and grooming, you can get your very own teddy bear cub?

    The teddy bear cut can do wonders. So the next time you visit your groomer, ask him if the haircut will work on your little poodle.

    Poodles is a very intelligent and curious breed. They are fond of love and attention. Being the ace of their breed, they enjoy amusing their owners and are very enthusiastic about training.

    They are very exuberant when they are young with all their dog work and running. At this age, all they want is to expend their terrific vigor.

    But with old age, they become more patient and want to rest their mind and body.

    1. Samoyed

    The Samoyed​ is related to the Laika dog breed. They have a pure white, soft, and fluffy body that you cannot resist cuddling.

    These Teddy Bear Dogs are extremely adorable. They enjoy the attention and will draw into your family very easily. They are very sharp-witted and love to be trained by their owners.

    Although they are charming, Samoyeds can be troublesome. They are highly active and need extensive exercise. So if you get a Samoyed, you would need to take him out for runs almost every day. Otherwise, being the working breed, they will become bored easily due to lack of action and end up wreaking havoc on your house.

    Other than craving activity, Samoyeds need loads of shedding and grooming. So, if you get one, you will have to visit the groomer very often and it might become exhaustive very soon.

    1. Newfoundland

    Newfoundland dogs were typically known for their working-class capabilities in docks and ports. Now, these dogs lead peaceful lives.

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    Newfoundland dogs have developed a patient behavior. They are known to be highly loyal and brave, especially in times when they sense danger in their surroundings. They are known to have saved children, grown-ups, and other animals in helpless circumstances. They are the epitome of the saying, “dogs are the most loyal animals”.

    After they retired from their chaotic life of rescuing and hauling fishnets, they developed into family-loving dogs. They are highly affectionate and will never make you feel out of love.

    On average, Newfoundland dogs weigh 120 pounds, with the males reaching up to 160 pounds. Despite being calm and loving, these dogs require a lot of grooming and brushing so be prepared to make frequent trips to your groomer!

    1. Pomeranian

    Once you get a Pomeranian, they will become the masters of your house. A Pomeranian will take over your house with its trouble-making charisma. Although it might be difficult to control them, a Pomeranian will win your heart at the end of the day!

    Pomeranians are known to be overconfident and curious. They want you to treat them with tremendous respect claiming themselves to be the king or queen of your house.

    They have a massive superiority complex and a terrific personality. You have to train them extensively, setting ground rules so that they don’t take you for granted. But this might be painful as Pomeranians are reluctant towards getting trained. They express their stubbornness by barking.

    Despite being obstinate, these little buddies are fun to travel with. They will love your company just as much as you will. They truly enjoy new places and adventures. But remember that they cannot tolerate heat and tend to seek cold places very often. So, don’t visit a hot beach with your little Pomeranian. They won’t like it.

    1. Bichon Frise

    Have you ever wanted to bring your favorite little teddy bear to life? Well, a Bichon Frise is the dream come true! They are charming, loving, enthusiastic with a little hint of mischief. Although being intelligent, these real-life teddy bears can be foolish and cuddle-seeking.

    But the foolishness evaporates through the amount of exercise they need every day. By maintaining a healthy physical system, Bichons can lead a full life. They adjust surprisingly well to any size of family and make excellent pets.

    But you might want to keep in mind that you should not scold or yell at them because they are very sensitive at heart. Train them lightly and always keep an optimistic atmosphere and you will see them happy and excelling in no time!​

    1. Miniature goldendoodle

    The Goldendoodle is the result of mixing the Poodle with the Golden Retriever. They are found in homes and rescues despite being designer dogs. So you can adopt one easily!

    Goldendoodles are highly affectionate, smart, and low maintenance, all inherited from their parents. If you are a first-time dog owner, then go for Goldendoodles. They have all the traits of a loving pet.

    1. Zuchon

    These little fluff balls will melt your heart! They make great snuggle partners and a whole-hearted addition to your family. They also go by the names Shichon and Teddy bear Zuchon. Zuchons will adjust to families of any size and fill them with happiness.

    The Zuchon is easy to train, adorable and sociable, just like its parents. This is why it’s a perfect little friend for you! No matter how you live, Zuchons will be happy (and make you happy!) in small apartments or large mansions. They are wholesome beings, carrying joy in their furs.

    Playing is very important for the Zuchon and its energy can be satisfied with a simple game of ball or tug of war. They are a perfect companion for people who live in small apartments. But you need to make sure that they get enough fresh air as well. So take him out on timely walks and short vacations to give your Zuchon a healthy, sound life.

    1. Shorkie

    A Shorkie is a mix between the Shih Tzu dog and a Yorkshire Terrier.

    They are fiercely active, friendly, and loving. They will fill you with joy if you give them enough attention. Shorkies enjoy being at the heart of your family, seeking attention, and proving their loyalty.

    To be frank, Shorkies are perfect for you even if you are new to owning a dog.

    Shorkies are very intelligent and amiable. They are ideal for socializing and adventuring.

    Every dog needs to be trained at an early age. But training a Shorkie might be a bit difficult as they are reluctant at times. So you should come up with brief and fun training lessons to make your Shorkie listen to you.

    Make sure your Shorkie socializes with others around him. Introduce him to various people, animals, and sceneries, so that he gets to know the world and starts reveling in its beautiful sights and sounds.

    Shorkies are usually satisfied with running in very little spaces such as the one confined within your house. But, since everybody needs a change of space and sight, take your Teddy Bear Dogs out on a walk for at least 30 minutes. This will keep him strong and sound.

    You don’t need to worry about the shedding process of Shorkies. These dogs shed very little and don’t require much grooming. So you can save all your energy going to the groomer if you have this sweet little pup!

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    However, it needs some minimal maintenance such as combing and brushing regularly to prevent mat formation since the Shorkie’s hair is light.

    As healthy as they are known to be, Shorkies are still targeted by several health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, epilepsy, kneecap dislocation, and infections around the ears.

    1. Barbet

    A mix between the Poodle and Briard, Barbet is a wooly playful dog breed that is highly intelligent and funny. They are a native of France and were originally bred for catching waterfowls for hunters.

    They are found in homes and rescues easily, so you can adopt one anytime!

    If you are a newbie dog lover, then do not consider going for Barbets. They are perfect companions for experienced owners. With fierce energy and wildness, they love to take part in dog sports to prove their level of agility. They blend in with kids and other dogs. If you think you can match its energy, then go for it. You will have a loving family brimming with joy.

    Barbets adapt well to apartment living but do not at all tolerate being alone. They are not very sensitive and can adjust to both hot and cold temperatures.

    Despite having low shedding and great general health, Barbets require extensive grooming care.

    Barbets are easy to train as they are very intelligent. Also, they have a good wanderlust potential so, make sure you take him out for exploring quite often!

    With an extreme energy level, Barbets need to exercise pretty often. They get bored if they cannot radiate their playfulness.

    1. Chow Chow

    If you’re looking for an exact teddy bear look, then go for the Chow Chow.

    But the Chow Chow doesn’t like to cuddle. They are free-spirited and do not do well with strangers and other animals. They are often suspicious and protective.

    Despite their skeptical nature, your Chow Chow will blend in with kids and strangers eventually. But without proper training, they might not learn to ease themselves. That’s why only experienced owners should go for an older Chow Chow.

    1. Shih Tzu

    The Shih Tzu gets its look from the famous teddy bear cut.

    These dogs enjoy the attention and like to show off a lot.

    Shih Tzus are adorable and proactive and want your full love and attention. They only want to take up a major portion of your heart. Originally, Shih Tzus were bred to acquire companionship so they possess the genes of friendliness. They are not at all wild by nature.

    Despite being such adorable little pups, Shih Tzus can get over-excited at times and are difficult to control. That’s why to exempt the Shih Tzus from feeling lonely, some people bring another Shih Tzu so that they are never sad and alone.

    1. Keeshond

    The Keeshond is often compared to a wolf because of its grey fur coat.

    They are very similar to a bear cub with small, round ears and nose when they are young. But as they grow up, they get a more mature look.

    Keeshonds are very friendly and sociable, so you cannot leave them alone at all. They want to spend their whole day with you. They will stick to you all day and never leave your side.

    Keeshonds have a very thick coat which is very hard to brush. So, you’d have to become your dog’s everyday groomer to maintain the excessive shedding.

    Also, Keeshonds can sometimes be mouthy. They don’t have any wrong intentions though. Just very sensitive for everyone’s protection, so they yell and bark very often.

    1. Eurasier

    ​The Eurasier originally had their ascent from Germany and slowly made their way into the world.

    Eurasiers are extremely curious, patient, smart, and loving. Despite having a calm demeanor, Eurasiers are sometimes aggressive as they are distrustful of strangers and other animals. This is a result of shyness in their young age but if you introduce your Eurasier to socializing, it might make them a little outgoing.

    Their intelligence and love towards their owners make them very easy to train. They might be too active but their patience at all other times makes up for it.

    Also, they are heavy shedders so you might want to wear your groomer pants and take good care of your pup.

    To wrap it up:

    Our world is filled with magic and cuteness and these Teddy Bear Dogs are the ones to start with! They will fill your house with joy and positivity. There are numerous breeds of Teddy Bear Dogs to choose from. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the puppy that is best for your family, home and lifestyle.


    These dogs live for a minimum of 13 years and if you adopt one, you have to be dedicated. It’s a deep and thorough commitment towards your beloved dog. They will need proper training, physical activity, and endless grooming every day. There will be times when your patience will wear out but once you get the hang of it, you will love to be responsible towards them.

    Teddy Bear Dogs will grow up to be the most loyal beings for your family and they would want your loyalty in return too. This would call for your attention towards them, to keep them at the heart of your family. They would do anything to spend some quality time with you. So, think carefully about your time, emotions, and lifestyle before you decide to adopt these cute little pups.


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