Sony 360 Reality Audio Speakers: Buckle Up For An Immersive and Unadulterated Experience

    We all love various types of music to entertain ourselves. In this aspect, the new Sony 360 reality audio speakers can really become one of your best choices.

    Sony brings this 360 reality audio device, which has been created by using the latest technology. It is a music-platform with high resolution that focuses on making all your favourite music more realistic as well as attractive to the ears and mind.

    These 360 reality audio speakers are designed in a special way to make you feel like the music is coming from different directions. This type of experience will make you happier and energetic.

    The 360 reality audio speakers have object-based audio which helps in encoding the recorded sound and also saves extra data. This extra data is called metadata, which can describe the place of the microphone within a 3D sound area.

    This extra data helps in sounding the music more like the time when it was being recorded. The speakers give a greater sense of reality to the music you play, and this is what the manufacturer claims to be proud of.

    360 Audio Experience

    The reality audio speakers enhance not only the music but also the special background music or the sound of a gunshot or other special effects. It gives you a special feeling of listening to a special concert.

    The audio speakers have, which is a service that is special in recording live concerts. It gives you a cool experience while listening to music. Sony 360 reality audio speakers are now closely collaborated with Amazon Music HD as well as with Napster. The feature of having Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant makes it a perfect smart speaker. The smartest feature is that this speaker can be integrated with other smart devices of your home.

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    Another special feature of this Sony 360 reality audio speaker is that one doesn’t have to buy a new kit if they don’t need speakers. According to the company Sony, the new platform of this item can work with any type of headphones. But it is also being said that if you want the best result you can definitely use headphones of your own choice.

    The device also has free Sony headphones connect apps which can personalize the audio to your personal choice and taste of hearing. The users can definitely download music files on both iOS and Android.

    The right chip has to be embedded if one wants to hear through the Sony 360 reality audio speakers. But till now there is only one type of speaker that is being announced, and that is the Amazon Echo Studio, a one-unit smart speaker. Sony says that at launch, there will be 1000 songs available in the new format and also more to follow. This included the famous tracks of Mark Ronson, Pharell Williams also with the classic tracks of Billy Joel and Bob Dylan.

    Sony 360 Reality Audio Speaker

    These 360 reality audio speakers by Sony has the special room-filling sound to make your every day very special. This creates a uniform area of sound with its special drivers and internal woofer. It is also specially created to tune the audio to its existing position.

    The model of RA3000 has a humidity-resistant design allowing it to be placed in humid areas like bathrooms or kitchens. This particular feature was missing in the other variant of RA5000.

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    This Sony 360 reality audio speaker has basic features like wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Actually, these features are mandatory.

    As of now, the Sony 360 reality speakers are available in the UK and Europe only. There has been no further update about the launching date in North America. It is expected that Sony will land in the Americas pretty soon.

    With all the stunning features and great audio quality, Sony 360 reality speakers can be expected to become the favourite of music lovers across the globe.

    With all the stunning features and great audio quality, Sony 360 reality speakers can be expected to become the favourite of music lovers across the globe.

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