Sinus Pressure Points and 3 Remedies to Relieve Pain

    Sinus Pressure Points is the popular remedy to get relief from the pain but to know about it we have to figure out the core issue, so let’s understand about Sinus first. Sinus is present in everyone’s body and if someone gets an infection from it, it causes some problems that are quite common but not bearable.

    Sinus infection is problematic because we live in the 21st century in an era where most diseases have a cure but Sinus Infection doesn’t have any. Sinus infections don’t have proper medical treatment and medication, till now from some remedies and with the help of some medication the problem can be reduced but cannot be kicked out.

    However, this issue can be relieved a little if we look at our ancient method or practice. The infection cannot be completely kicked out but can be reduced to a state where it will not cause you a lot of problems. But before that many people are not aware of what the sinus actually is and still think that the presence of the sinus is creating problems.

    So first let’s know what sinus is and how infection is developed.

    What is Sinus?

    The Void or Hollow spaces in our bones called cavities (For Nose), these bone cavities are sinuses. The main job of the sinus is to keep producing mucus, the mucus which is produced is the one which we have in our nose and throat which we sneeze and spit it out respectively.

    Sinus Pressure Points

    The mucus is produced to protect the nose from dust and germs, getting in while we inhale. These dust and germs can cause many allergies and harm, so mucus keeps the wall of our nose moist, thus foreign elements are trapped in it.

    From our nose, there are four sinuses connected to it. Let us locate the position of the sinuses on the face.

    1. The first sinus you can find is above our eyes, near your forehead in the eyebrow region.
    2. The second Sinus you can find is behind your eyes.
    3. The third sinus is located between your eyes and nose, the bridge where you rest your specs.
    4. The last sinus is located in the cheekbones, on both sides.

    This was the basic information on the sinus, so at least you can know what exactly is sinus and where it is located. So in the future, you or your known one have a problem of the sinus at least you will have basic knowledge about it. Let’s now move forward to their pressure point.

    What Are Sinus Pressure Points?

    In order to relieve the problem related to the sinus, there are two medical treatments, one is Acupressure and Acupuncture. Acupuncture is basically the method from China, where Chinese people use this traditionally to stimulate some points in the body. The stimulation process is done with a fine set of needles.

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    Sinus Pressure Points

    Where Acupressure is a different concept, in this method in place of needless, people apply pressure at pressure points. The good part of Acupressure is you can try it at home, you don’t need a professional like you’ll need in Acupuncture.

    In Acupressure, Studies have said that, if you stimulate the Sinus pressure points then you can get relief in nasal congestion. Studies say that the number of people who go for Acupuncture, 90% are Sinus patients, these are United States Statistics.

    Sinus pressure Points

    As we saw that Acupuncture is a practice that can not be done at home, where acupressure can be done. So, many people practice this acupressure method at home to get little or more relief from Sinuses. In Acupressure, one can get relief just by stimulating Sinus Pressure Points.

    Sinus Pressure Points

    Ok! Your wait is now over. Let us know about the Sinus Pressure Points and study about them. The following table consists of the name of Sinus Pressure points and their Locations, let go through it, and further study them in detail.

    Sinus Pressure Points Name Location Use
    BL2 Bladder 2 Between your eyebrows and above your nose Bridge and that is called “Glabella” in Latin. BL2 reliefs caused by sinus around our eyes.
    SI18 Small Intestine 18 It is the area exactly below the cheekbones, on both sides. Who has a runny nose and has swollen sinuses, gives them relief.
    LI20 Large Intestine 20 At the base of the nose and above your upper lip on both sides It gives relief to sinus pressure.
    LU9 Lung Meridian On the Wrist and below the Thumb on both the hands If because of a Sinus infection you have throat irritation or other related to it, this gives relief to this problem.
    GB20 Gallbladder 20 The Grove which you feel when you touch the back of your head, where your neck gets attached to your head. If you have watery eyes or experience headaches just like you have during a cold or flu, it relieves those problems.
    Yintang GV 25.5 It is exactly between your eyebrows. If any is experiencing headache, stuffy nose, or runny nose, this Sinus Pressure Points relieves it.
    LI4 He Gu or Large Intestine 4 On the backside of your hand, the muscular area between your thumb and index finger on your both heads. Because of Sinus problems who experience headaches and pain on the face, it helps to relieve that pain
    Liv3 Liver 3 or Tai Chong The point is located on your feet, in the area between your big toe and the toe next to it. It relieves the pain that occurs near the eyes and headaches.
    LU5 Lung Meridian 5 The area where our head bends, from where the blood is taken. It relieves the pressure caused due to sinus congestion and relieves a runny nose too.


    This was the short information or an introduction to sinus pressure points, their location, and their use. Let’s now look at how to stimulate the pressure points.

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    Guide To Stimulate Sinus Pressure Points

    The steps which I’m gonna explain now are for beginners, please consult your doctor for any doubts or confusion before you move ahead to follow these steps. You can take the help if you are not able to stimulate or massage the Sinus pressure points.

    You will get the best result when you practice it consistently for a particular period of time, as everything takes time to give good results. While stimulating or during a massage, feeling pain at pressure points is not the idle condition, if you feel so please consult your doctor and stop stimulating at that pressure point or you can reduce the pressure over there.

    Let’s now stick to the heading and go towards the steps to stimulate the Sinus pressure points.

    A] Look for a comfortable position and relax yourself.

    B] Close your eyes and take a deep breath for a while and relax yourself even more.

    C] Look for what pressure point you want to stimulate.

    D] Stimulate the pressure point you chose, Stimulating by pressing it gently with your finger or thumb and massaging it in circular and up and down movement for a few minutes.

    E] Slowly increase the pressure and keep massaging the pressure point.

    F] This process you can repeat as per your requirement.

    Facts about Stimulating Sinus Pressure Points

    In this subheading, I’ll explain how it works and whether it really works or not. After that, we will learn about what effects really have on the body.

    As I said early, this problem doesn’t have a particular medical treatment. This problem is treated by some remedies and other practices like acupressure, still, a sinus issue is not fully cured, the infection is just somewhat controlled.

    As there are no proper research or studies done deeply on Acupressure and Sinus relation, but many people had tried it and there are medical surveys done that says the majority of people agree with Acupressure as a helpful option.

    The relief people get because of the massage people do on their sinus pressure point, and it happens mainly because the blood circulation in that area increases. This blood flow is increased due to the pressure exerted during the massage and because of the warmth in the hand.

    Sinus Pressure points

    There are not many official studies and researches on Sinuses but the medical field is advancing rapidly, so people from that background have regular surveys so at least they can control this medical problem till we find a proper cure in the future.

    So following these survey patterns, one of the recent studies found that the people who stimulated the pressure point on their face experienced a good amount of relief in symptoms like headache and stuffiness. However, we can see that this acupressure does not really cure the sinus problem but it can help provide relief.

    A lot of people have one common question regarding this Acupressure method applied on the Sinus issue: whether the relief people get from the massage is long-lasting or not. The specialists in this field say that for anyone who practices it for once then the result will not be long lasting for sure, the practice should be consistent and regular for long-lasting relief.

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    When to visit the Doctor?

    Practicing acupressure and stimulating sinus pressure points is just to have little or more relief from Sinus related problems, they don’t have a permanent cure to date. Sinus related problems are so common that or falls in such a category that you won’t even realize that you have issues related to it.

    For that, I’m mentioning the symptoms below. If you experience the following symptoms for a long period and not get rid of those after getting proper medication, then you should surely have a visit to the doctor if it gets any worse.

    • Blocked or Stuffy Nose All the time.
    • You catch a cold very easily.
    • Consistent headache and pain in the eyebrow region.
    • If you have any swelling in your eye or any sinus related part.
    • If you have difficulty breathing.
    • If you have a fever for more than 10 days.

    Few Other Remedies to Cover Sinus

    Above I’ve mentioned about Sinus pressure points and how to stimulate them and now I’ll explain about few other Remedies that can help you to relieve some pain from Sinus related problems.


    Steam is so far one of the best remedies on the list, in this simple method, it loses the mucus and relieves congestion. Most health experts suggest steam most of the time due to its effectiveness.

    To have Steam, having it with only water is good, you can add menthol or eucalyptus oil if you are comfortable with that. Nowadays mostly everyone has a steam machine at their home, but if you don’t have it you can take a vessel instead and continue the process using a towel or thin sheet.

    Hot Fluids

    Consuming hot fluids has been followed for centuries. It is way before from the Sinus Pressure Point method. Consuming Hot Fluids is adapted in every cold related illness or you can say problems having nose, lungs, throat, and fever problems.

    Consuming Chicken Soup, Herbal Tea, Tomato Soup, or Vegetable Soup are some of the Hot Fluids which Help Reduce Inflammation and Congestion. Only having Hot Fluids won’t give you that type of result you expect, but along with that having steam would help you a lot.

    Stay away from Cold

    We all love Ice-cream but it’s sad news for those who have sinus problems, they have to avoid having Ice-cream as much as possible especially during winters. Along with ice cream, they have to avoid all the products which are frozen like cold drinks, frozen yogurt, or anything directly from the fridge.

    It’s important for those people to avoid having cold or frozen stuff, you never know what thing will trigger the sinuses and will create more problems. Lastly, if you are comfortable with avoiding the air conditioner, so please do avoid it.

    Cessation | Sinus Pressure Points

    So, this was all about the sinus pressure points and everything you need to know about it. The acupressure therapy can help relieve some symptoms but if you feel you have a serious problem then it is always best to consult a doctor.

    I hope by the end of this article, you are now aware of a lot of things related to sinus, the sinus pressure points, and also some extra remedies. So, to wrap up, take care of yourself and visit the doctor when necessary.


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